Vampire Diaries Auditions – CW

Vampire Diaries Auditions – CW

Get on Vampire Diaries!

The hit CW show The Vampire Diaries may be looking for extras and background for the show.

The Vampire Diaries is a huge hit with teens and has received numerous Teen Choice awards and nominations. “The Vampire Diaries” won 7 Teen Choice Awards in 2010. The show won awards for its stars with Choice breakout star awards and and also won Choice TV show. The network and show creators have also mentioned that a spin off of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ may be in the works for 2012 and 2013.

The supernatural drama is set in the town of Mystic Falls where vampires walk among the humans. One teen girl runs into one of these vampires and falls for him.

Vampire Diaries is based on a series of books written by L.J. Smith. The TV show was created by Alex Lloyd, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec and is currently in its 3rd season having premiered in 2009. The current season will end in May 2012 and we are hoping that a season 4 of Vampire Diaries will be announced soon.


The small town of Mystic Falls has a good amount of supernatural occurrences. The series revolves around the relationship between Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Elena is the seventeen year old girl who falls for 162 year old Stefan. Damon is Stefan’s brother and is also fond of Elena. The characters change over the seasons. In the beginning, Stefan was the nicer of the vampire brothers as the show progresses Stefan finds his darker side and Damon becomes more caring.

Vampire Diaries shoots in Atlanta and is currently casting extras in the Atlanta area.


Vampire Diaries Auditions

Extras and background actors VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Please email a recent photo along with your age, height, weight, all clothing sizes and phone number to:

If you are chosen to be an extra on Vampire Diaries or any other project, you will be contacted by the casting director.

By The Way, “The Vampire Diaries” now has a Spin-off show called “The Originals” – Both shows are casting right now for the new 2014 seasons.

31 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Auditions – CW

  1. Soraya Pour Mohammadi

    I’m a 14 years old girl born 14.03.1999 who discovered acting for herself not so long ago. I want to be honest. I have no “real” experience in this work. I didn’t visit any class on acting and I didn’t perform on any stage. But, I have a good reason for that. Acting is something you have to be creative and real in. If I would learn how to act perfectly and exactly, it would neither be creative nor real anymore. To learn how to act perfectly would be false. It takes away the inevitability and it’s not what I would intend to do. To say that I wouldn’t be able to act by the script and the lines, would not be correct. I can learn fast, I can implement the instructions of the director, I just do it.
    The reason it is so easy for me to act is that I don’t feel like acting. In this one moment, I just forget who I am. In this one moment, I’m the person in the script. I can’t really explain it. Actually I’m a really shy person but when I’m in my role, I forget about this. There’s no shame because I got into another world. The world in the script. I already performed in front of the class and I had no fear. That’s the wonderful thing in acting. They told me I’m good and I think I am too.
    I have dark hair, brown, and I’m 1.57 meters tall. I have a slim figure and good proportions. I also do a lot of sports and other activities. My father is from Iran and my mother is German.
    I see that as the chance to change something.
    Thank you.

  2. Victoria marques

    Hello my name is victoria,

    I would love to be an extra on the show.
    I love Vampire Diaries and I watch every episode.
    I also love acting and I would be so happy to be an extra:)

    Thank you and have a nice day

  3. Bertille Eya Maffo

    I love this show and want to be part of it. I have brown skin, 5’3 ft, 100 pounds and sexy.

  4. tabatha ann myers

    I love The Vampire Diaries! I watch the show every single day and I swear I know almost every word. My favorite characters are Caroline and Jeremy. I would love to work really close with them. I am really good at acting. I can make myself cry and I can look like I hate something or someone and I can be funny when you want me to. I can act like I hate you and I can act like I love you even if it is not true. So I think this would be a perfect opportunity to work on my favorite show and work with my favorite people. thank you!

  5. lea


    I would love to be a part of this film. I love acting, I wanted to be an actor since I was four years old. I think I could be a good actor. I LOVE vampire diaries and I am willing to work hard. It is my dream to become an actor and be a part of vampire diaries.


  6. Jaida moorer

    my name is Jaida and I’m 12 years old. I would love to be an extra.

  7. Brianna

    I would really love to be in vampire diaries. I love that show and I have a lot of talent when it comes to acting
    Let me tell you a bit about my self:
    Hair: brown with blond high lights
    My hair is straight
    Eye: blue but changes from light to dark blue
    Height: 5’4
    Age: 14
    Weight: 114 skinny
    Skin color: white
    I live in Rochester,New York. I know in Rochester you really don’t find talent but that’s because it’s hiding and I’m sure you’ll find talent in this person. Thank you for your time and please contact me at my email address thanks.

  8. Brianna Delorey

    Hi, my name is Brianna. I live in Charlotte, new york
    here’s a little about me
    gender: female
    skin color: white
    age: 13 soon to be 14
    eye color: blue
    hair color: brown
    I’ve always loved Vampire Diaries. I am with a modeling/acting place called barbizon/ passport to discovery. I would love to be in vampire diaries. It would be a dream come true. I really don’t care what part I get as long as I’m in it. 🙂 I love the actors as much as I love the show.
    thank you for your time:)

  9. Sabrina

    Hello, My name is Sabrina Bostwick. I was born in Laconia Newhampshire. I am sixteen years of age and will be seventeen this September. I can even begin to explain how excited I was when I say this. I am a major Vampire Diaries fan, I am seen every episode and watched every season at least 4 times now. I am a major Vampire fan in general. I don’t have a ton of Acting experience but I have some and it would be the biggest honor of my life to have the chance to Act in the Vampire diaries. I will send you an Email with my info right away. Thank you.

  10. Elissa

    Hi my name is Elissa Matthews and I was born in Indianapolis,Indiana in Wishard hospital on October 9,1998. I am 14 years old and I’m going on 15 this year,So my mom’s name is Alicia Herod, My dad’s name is Melvin Matthews. The reason why I like the vampire diaries is because it’s better than the other shows and I would be so happy to be on the vampire diaries because I really have a lot of experience of acting and I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old. So really hope you can pick me, please and thank you.

  11. Lisa Mangiapane

    Hi my name is Lisa, I went to acting school at Robert Powers in Manhattan. I am very interested in being as one of the cast, I’m very funny and bubbly but serious when I have to be. I promise if you were to give me a chance I would not let you down. This has been my dream since I was 13 yrs old. I’ve had opportunities but a lot of things happened horribly in my life, so I never really didn’t get a chance to fulfill my dream. I did do some side work and I would be honored and it would be a privilege and a dream come true. And my dad can look down on me and say Lisa you finally did it.

  12. Ine De Vlaminck

    Hello, I’m Ine and I am 12 years old.
    I live in Belgium and speak pretty good English.
    I’ve never had English lessons. So now and then there are small flaws. I’ve always wanted to be one to the actors, directors etc. I should therefore like this series. The special effects are well done and the scenes are always fun to watch. I take drama lessons. I like to record invented stories. It would be really super if I get an email back.
    I have brown hair and Brown eyes. Thank you! Ine

  13. Cady Johnson

    My name is Cady Johnson, I am 19 years old. I live in Charleston Arkansas, a small country town. I am 5 ft and I weigh 126 pounds, blonde hair, mid back length. I am outgoing, love to make people laugh or smile. I would love to be on the show. I think its one of the best shows I have seen, great actor’s and keeps you wanting to watch more. Yes, I have no acting experience but if someone would give me a chance I can promise you wouldn’t be disappointed.

  14. mercedes gordon miles

    Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite shows and I’ll love to have a part on it. I’m a 27 year old african american male, but can pass for a 17-18 year old. 5’4 slender{slim} It’s been my goal in life to be an actor/animator/writer kinda like Jonah Hill.

  15. Elie Kadoury

    Hi, i’m from Lebanon, but I really love Vampire Diaries. You have no idea how much I’m interested to be on it as an actor. So it would be amazing if you accepted me; it’s a dream come true.

  16. Mckebian Lee

    I honestly have never missed an episode of this fantastic show . It’s all so appealing to me . I love watching the Vampire Diaries and would be honored to act on the show . I’m 13 but I am extremely mature . If you don’t believe you can meet me in person . I think it’s an amazing show , Nina Dobrev , Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are phenomenal actors and to meet them in person would be amazing , but to meet the director who started it all would be off the wall incredible .

  17. Jordana kuri

    hi my name is Jordana and im 14 years old
    Date of Birth: February 4, 1998
    age: 14
    height: 5’8
    Lives: San Antonio, Tx
    Talents: Acting, Modeling
    Gender: Female
    Body Size: Skinny
    Weight: 122 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Size: Medium
    Hair Type: Wavy and kind of Curly
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Kind of Tan
    Language: Speaks fluent English and Spanish

    I really hope there is a part for a 14 year old girl like me so if there is please contact me. Since i was 7 years old i always knew I wanted to become an actress but my dreams haven’t come true yet because I live in Miami, Florida and no one comes to Miami to have open calls. I want to get the chance to show you guys what I can do so give me that cance and I promise you won’t be dissapointed.
    Please contact me back ASAP

  18. Jordana kuri

    Hello my name is Jordana Kuri and I live in San Antonio, TX. I’m 14 years old but Vampire Diaries is my favorite show. I will love to be there because it’s my dream. Thank you

  19. Thomas McQuillan

    Hi I’m From Northern Ireland,Uk. I’am a huge fan of the show and would be so honored if you accept me to be in the show. I am willing to go to Atlanta, maybe not this year but the next, due to money shortage.
    I acted for 2 years in The Crescent arts centre and still currently act. I signed up for my local extras company, “ExtrasNI.”
    So I will have experiance to do it.

    Hope you Reply

  20. anna

    my name Anna. I am ,nice, funny, pretty, smart and I love to be a part of the wonderful cast of vampire diaries. I was watching from the beginning, so I will be in it till the end. This will be something I love. I can take directions very well and I am every thing that will make the part so just give me a chance and I will.

  21. anna

    my names Anna, i am pretty, smart, and take directions really well. i will love to be a part of my favorite show that i watch every night on thus days which is vampire diaries. i have all ways wanted to be an actress. i would love to work with the cast members and my favorite episode is 1 season 1 when Damon comes to town. please please pick me and i would rock your world (said by Damon in episode 11) please contact me thank you

  22. Daine Cerda

    hi my name is Daine and im 13 years old
    Date of Birth: December 11, 1998
    age: 13
    height: 5’2
    Lives: Miami, Florida
    Talents: Acting, Dancing, Comedian, Can play flute
    Gender: Female
    Body Size: Skinny
    Weight: 96 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Size: Medium
    Hair Type: Wavy and kind of Curly
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Kind of Tan
    Language: Speaks fluent English and Spanish

    I really hope there is a part for a 13 year old girl like me so if there is please contact me. Since i was 7 years old i always knew i wanted to become an actress but my dreams haven’t come true yet because i live in miami, florida and no one comes to miami to have open calls so i want to get the chance to show you guys what i can do so give me that cance and i promise you won’t be dissapointed.
    Please contact me back ASAP

  23. To almost all the responses above, they are mostly searching for background actors… so if you are ready to travel from the UK or any other country apart from the USA just to play in the background.. this is your chance..

  24. Carmen

    Hi!! I live in Romania!! Is there any chance that casting directors would be interested in foreigners?

  25. Julie


    I live in Denmark. Would that be a problem?

  26. Hi!
    I only started reading vampire diaries last year Christmas and finished all the ones that are out so far, sometime in janurary. I’m Australian, and I have not had any tv work experience but, have had some drama experience. I have been in new papers, for a dance group I participated in. I’m 13. If had the opportunity would like to travel. I have a sporty, fun, crazy, geeky, shy, confident, friend making personality sorta mushed into one. I have watched every single episode and am up to date. I have dreams every once in a while that I’m a new character and Ive lost my parents somehow and sheriff Forbes asked Damon to look after me. Abd it all turns weird as things from her past come n haunt her. Well that’s some basic general knowledge I think u should know about me. Oh I wrote songs. Website somewhere above.
    Hope to be in Contact.
    Rachael (notice spelling of name)

  27. Zachary Ockenden


    I’m London, UK based. Willing to travel. I’m aged 18. Can do British, American and Australian accents. Previous tv work, Disney tv Australia, channel 7 Totally Wild and Andre Rieu Australian tour. I have represented Australia twice in sports. Looking to grow as an actor. I can be contacted through Famestreet, Starnow, email or via google.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Please and thank you.

  28. Aween Aziz

    Does it matter what type of picture you send in? Does it have to proffesional or just a nice picture?

  29. Ashley

    I seriously have never missed a episode of this show and call me crazy but I love to reenact things from the show. It’s great acting with a great plot and together it amazing.

    1. pearle

      me too… practice makes perfect though.

  30. Jody

    Vampire Diaries is one of the shows that I watch all the time. I really like the story and I also like to watch other vampire shows and movies like Twilight. I am an aspiring actress and someday hope to audition for and actually land the lead in a fantasy type show like Vampire Diaries. I would love to audition for any part, even as an extra. I do not live in Atlanta but if I could be guaranteed an audition or a part I would find a way to get there so that I could tryout.

    BTW, Did I mention I am a HUGE Vampire Diaries fan and I hope that the show keeps going for many more seasons because I would be really bummed if it got cancelled.

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