Universal Studios Auditions

Jobs for dancers, singers and actors at Universal Studios

If you’re looking for a fun job and enjoy the performing arts, Universal Studios may have some great opportunities for you. Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando and Japan all hire actors and dancers for their shows and attractions all year long.  This week they are holding auditions for actors, dancers, roller skaters, drummers and other performers.

Universal Studios has a multitude of live shows that employ singers, dancers, stunt men, drivers, athletes, musicians and acrobats. Universal Hollywood and Orlando hold tryouts locally at their parks and Universal Studios Japan does an annual audition tour that travels to many cities in the U.S., Canada, Australia and The UK. Casting Directors for the theme park shows have gone to MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, GOLD COAST, LONDON, ORLANDO, NEW YORK, TORONTO, LAS VEGAS and HOLLYWOOD. The Universal Studios Japan Theme Park is in Osaka, but unlike the other 2 parks, Japan holds casting calls in many cities thereby allowing people from all over the world to audition.

The theme park puts on many shows all year long like the popular Waterworld stunt show and Terminator 2 3D. The park also has opportunities for holiday specials and parades.

Working at the Park has it perks. Here is some of what Universal offers to its performers:

• Exciting Assignments, Up To 13 Months In Duration
• Free Round-Trip Airfare
• Fantastic Pay
• Potential For Quarterly & Contract Completion Bonuses
• Daily Living Allowance & Free, Private Housing
• Furnished Apartment With Kitchenette & Washer/Dryer
• Paid Utilities, Gas and Water & Basic Medical Insurance
• Passes to Universal Studios Japan®
• Dining & Retail Discounts
(Universal Studios Japan® & CityWalk)
• Onsite Support Team & Much More

Universal Orlando is currently looking for actors for a DC comics themed show needing such characters as Wolverine, Captain America and Spiderman.

Here is the casting call below:

Seeking male and female actors with comedic interactive skills for Wolverine™ (Male Actor athletic in stature 5’5-5’7), Captain America™/Cyclops™ (Male Actor athletic in stature 6’2-6’6), Spider-Man™ (Male Actor athletic in stature 5’10-6’1) and Betty Boop (Female Actress 5’-5’4). Please prepare a one-minute comic monologue for the audition.

If you are interested in working for Universal Studios, you can register and get information about all of their upcoming casting calls by visiting their site here.

4 thoughts on “Universal Studios Auditions

  1. Feon

    Hi I am 10 and I want to work for universal studios I feel like I have the rights information to work for universal studios email me for more info:)

  2. Alishia

    Oh I also have long brown hair and brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. I am around 5ft 2 in height.

  3. Alishia

    I would love to work for Universal Studios.

    I am 13years in May and called Alishia Young. I take drama lessons and have modelled once before when I was 11. I have always been interested in the Performing Arts and it would be my dream to work for Universal Studios. I have experience for horse-riding since I was riding from the age of 5. I can speak some Spanish and French and I take dance lessons. Please email me if interested.

  4. Joanne

    I would really like to work at Universal Studios. It sounds like a lot of fun and a great place to be at.

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