Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Auditions for 2012

Tryouts for Breaking Dawn Part 2 2012 and ‘The Host’

Many people are looking for information on the auditions and casting calls for the final installment of the Twilight Saga.

Here is how the casting has worked for previous Twilight movies.

Extras are cast to fill in as background extras,  stand ins and featured extras. The casting calls for extras usually go out a few weeks before the shoot for the film will take place and extras are cast within the local community or in the city that they will be shooting in.

Twilight is a huge hit in theaters and on the book shelf. Twilight Breaking Dawn is the latest installment of the franchise and will be a 2 part movie. Breaking Dawn part 1 has already been released and Part 2 will be released for the 2012 holiday season.

Breaking Dawn was shot this past spring and hundreds of actors and extras were cast. The film has now been shot but and is scheduled for a November 2012 release date.

Twilight Breaking Dawn was shot in multiple areas including Canada where many extras were cast. Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight Saga and other books. Even though Twilight Breaking Dawn is a wrap, Stephanie’s other novel, ‘The Host’ will be casting soon because the big screen version of the book will become a movie with a scheduled 2013 release date.

The Host is currently in pre-production and being cast now.

The following roles have been rumored to have been cast already

Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder
Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea
Max Ironsas Jake
Bradley Steven Perry as Jamie Stryder

‘The Host’ is about an alien race called the Souls, who take over the Earth. One soul, the Wanderer, is fused with a captured human named Melanie Stryder, in an attempt to locate the last pocket of surviving humans on Earth.

So if you missed out on extras casting for the Twilight Saga, you still have a chance to be in a movie based on a Stephanie Meyer novel.

The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be out soon in 2012 and production for ‘The Host’ should also take place in 2012. We will keep you updated about the extras casting notices that go out for ‘The Host’ as well as anything that may come around for the final installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn part 2.

41 thoughts on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Auditions for 2012

  1. kiara

    Please, I’m open I wanna play RC.

  2. amberlyn samm

    My name is Amberlyn and I’m ten years old. I’ll be 11 in July 2013 and the reason I want to audition is I have acting experience and I love to act, dance and sing. I know how to show emotion and I love every thing about your movies. I am a big fan.

  3. Heather

    My daughter is 5 and looks very eerily similar to Mackenzie Foy, maybe a little babier faced, since she is 6 years younger, ha! she loves to act, dance and sing and makes her own songs with my musician husband. Her preschool teachers announced during the preschool graduation that she will be famous one day. wish i would have known they had casting calls for 5 year olds… i’m tempted to go to page parkes in houston and see if they snag her up.

  4. Nikko Smith

    Good evening! My name is Nikko Smith and I would love to be featured in any film! Please let me know if I could be of any use.

    Kind Regards

  5. noemi

    I live in Austin T

  6. noemi

    Hello I am 12 years old and when I was 7 years old I saw these move and I love the movie. I love robert pattenson. I have black hair and I have black eyes. I have the breaking dawn book and the twilight book. I’m funny and I love to audition for the twilight breaking dawn move part 2.

  7. Tiian brown-smith

    Age:13 years, Hair color is brownish red
    I am kinda funny, cute, and I have seen almost every twilight that has been out. I live in Arizona and I love to act out like drama,plays,and ect.

  8. TJBS

    Hello my name is Tiian Brown-Smith, I’m 5″4. I’m ready to play any role and be the amazing actor. Would like being Taylor Launter ‘s girlfriend in this one.

  9. Kimberly Kyle Gonzales

    hey. I’m Kimberly Kyle and I’m 16 years old. I’m 5’3 high and I have tan skin, and a dark brown hair and eyes. I really like to play the role of renesmee cullen, but i know someone had gotten that role. so i’m open to any roles. I live in the Philippines, and I know it’s hard for me to get in auditions like this. so you can just contact me. please, i really wanted to be in twilight, it’s one of my greatest dream… It’s my pleasure if one of you could reply…thak you sooo much and may God Bless you :*

  10. tyler

    i was a part of a play when i was 7 and i will be the best actor and i would like to be the little girl and i am only 10 years old and i will do my best and my name is tyler i have the same colour of hair as bella

  11. Adraina

    age:16 however i can look younger
    eyes- brown
    hair- brown
    i am a model
    i have some acting experience
    i am dramatic, funny , serious, energetic
    i travel so i can go anywhere
    i live in San deigo
    it would be a great exsperince to be in or somewhat in the movie 🙂
    thank you

  12. Iconjennifer

    I will be ready 4 a part any time any were i am a perfectional i could act,dance,sing,and do any thing.i actually i won trophes.i am i am ready.

  13. Anja

    I am from Norway and want to have a small role in breaking doawn. I’m from Norway. 14 years, 160cm high and dark brown hair.

  14. Summer Trudeau Roman

    Name- Summer Lynn Trudeau Roman
    Age- 21yrs
    Height- 5’2
    Weight- 120lbs
    Eyes- Hazel
    Hair- Brown, wavy/straight
    Appearance- Caucasian
    Born- ottawa,ON Canada
    Raised- Florida
    Currently- New York
    Audition- Open role
    Personality- Loves to work with others.

  15. Tiffani

    i love the twilight series!! it’s an amazing book and movie. I would love to audition for the final days of breaking dawn part 2 as any part of it. I’m 15 year old Asian female with brown eyes and black hair. I’m bubbly playful but also hard working and determined. I’m currently at Houston, Tx. thanks for reading(; contact for any detail of the auditions or to learn more about me thanks.

  16. Elizabeth D.

    Hii, My name’s Elizabeth, and I’m 11yo. I’m open for ANY roles. I’ve got a bubbly personality, and I LOVE acting. I can be very dramatic, and I can act older. I’ve got collarbone-length blonde hair, and gray-blue eyes. I’m 4’5″ and I come from a family of 6 boys, and no girls. So pick me, and I won’t disappoint. 😀 Thanks a lot! :3

  17. Shalisa Mitchell

    Hi , my name is Shalisa Mitchell. I a 21 year old student just looking for the right opportunity to be a part of something great. If I am chosin I will not let you down.

  18. shamara Williams

    Hello my name is shamara williams
    age:13 (but can get away with 16 or maybe 18)
    appearence: medium body size white skin.
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 5’5 , 5,6
    Hair: Brown , straight and up to my shoulders
    Personality: funny up for a good laugh takes things seriously when needed very understanding kind and caring.
    Thank you for reading this..

  19. Tahira Najib

    Hello, my name is Tahira Najib (pronounced as Tyra).I am 15 years old and will turn 16 in November the 18th. I am totally in love with twilight, i could watch them all over and over again and never get bored. i really cant wait for breaking dawn part 2 to come out. i love acting, i have chosen drama as one of my GCSE’s because i love doing it. Being on twilight would be the best thing ever! i’m good at learning lines quick too, if this is the way to get an audition for twilight then i hope i’ve written enough for myself to get an audition, if you would like to know more about me then please contact me, facebook me at: Tahira Najib thank you very much or reading this!i really hope this gets me an audition!!

  20. alicia

    I’m 15 I love twilight im a big fan I’m 5’7 african american I would love this shot when I watch twilight I always act like I’m actually in the movie lol this would be a chance of a lifetime for me and I think it would be cool for me to be in tbe movie because I have a mohawk and there is native americans in the movie and a native american tribe were named the mohawks pleaseeeeeee give me this chance I will not let you down

  21. starla vaughn

    Hi my names is starla vaughn. im 15 i will be 16 in october. im 5’2 im mixed. i have long black curly hair. im a big fan of the twiligt saga. im good with remembering lines. im in 9th grade ill be in 10th grade soon. i played in 2 little plays when i was younger. i would have to say jacob and booboo are my fav characters. i would love to be in a movie like this it wold be a dream come true. alot of people say i look like i could play as jacobs little sister. so thats really cool. contact me soon thank you

  22. Hi, my name is starla. i love the twilight saga series. im 15 now ill be 16 in october, im 5’2 im mixed, long black curly hair. ive always wanted to perform in a movie like this. i love reading, i was in some little plays when i was younger. im a BIG fan of reading. i can remember stuff easily. if i were to be picked for this kind of movie some things people have told me is that i could play jacobs little sister casue alot of people say i look like him. just contact me as soon as you can please thank you

  23. Marianna Hibbard

    My name is Marianna Hibbard
    I am 12years old I am very good at acting I’ve always wanted to act in a movie especialy breaking dawn
    I have a great personality im a fun person when it comes to what I have to do I take it seriosly were I know what im suppose to do I speak english and spanish I speak perfect english

  24. Hello there , my name is Jennifer Gonzales and im 17 years old. Im originally from the Philippines but i have lived here since i was 1. I have a beautiful nature and a fun loving personality. I have been in many leading roles throughout high school i’ve played roles such as lady Macbeth and the head cheer leader in not another teen production. please consider me. i would love to be apart of this amazing opportunity.

  25. Steven Borges

    My name is Steven Borges and i am trying to get audition here in Alaska it is very hard. I would love to be in the twilight movie or your next movie. To tell you the truth i do not have experience in actin but that is what i want to do that is my life. please contact me if i can get auditioned.
    Thank you God Bless

  26. Artesia Turner

    Hello my name is Artesia Turner i am here to audition me and my Friend elizibeth. i am 14 years old and she is 13. we are open for ANY parts!
    appearence: Light Skin
    Eye color: Changes; Dark Brown, Brown, and Hazel
    Height: 5’5′
    Hair: Dark Brown/ Black wavy/straight
    I have a nice slender body i am very adventurous and kind.
    Now time for Elizibeth
    Eye: Hazel
    Skin: Peach/Pale
    Hair: Dark Brown/ Curly
    HEight: 5’2
    Personality: funny, nice, LOVES VAMPIRES
    if you choose me or her, we come together.
    Thank you for reading this.. if interested please contact me or Lizzie (863 242 7815) Thank you sooooo much!

  27. iyanla durbin

    hello my name is iyanla durbin, i am 12 years old and my birthday is june 6th, i have longish ginger hair and blue eyes, i wear glasses and am around 5 foot i weigh around 8 stone.i am mixed race but i have pale skin. i am a big fan of twilight as i have watched every single one in cinema so far and i am really excited about ‘the twilight saga:breaking dawn part 2’i would love to be apart of it as i am good at musical theatre (singing,acting and dancing) i think that this would be a great oppertunity to show my talents. if i had to choose a team out of ‘team edward’ or ‘team jacob’ i will choose ‘team edward’ another reason why i would love to be a part of breaking dawn is because i loved to act as a child and i have dreamt of being in a stupendous film like twilight. i would like to do this because i need to build up my confidence to perform, so maybe i could be an actress in later life.i am also a well behaved child because i have never had detention, sent out of class or been told off before at school. i am a fast learner and would try my best as i am very deturmined to do things. i am very stong mentally and physicly as i work out in the school gym and i can run fast.i hope that my entry is not too late because it would be an honor to have a chance to audition, thanks anyway.

    1. iyanla durbin

      ps i live in the uk and i also go to drama classes. please get back to me as soon as possible

  28. Taylor hubbs

    I mean I can act really reall good I play on plays at school 2 most of the time I play the lead please pick me to be in the twilight movie

  29. Taylor hubbs

    Hi my name is Taylor im a girl umm I love twilight and Robert pattinson I love to act for me acting is just me I’m 13 and I have always wanted to act and what could be better then acting in twilight the best movies ever I have brown and blonde hair brown eyes. I can’t act really good… I would to act in a movie with Taylor,Kristen,and Robert.. Please please please let me be in this movie I have wanted to act almost all my life.. Please let me in this movie I really really would love to play In this movie cause I really think I could be good at this and I love to act and I would love to meet Robert pattinson…. Please please

  30. hi, my name is Selina and i would really want to be a actor in breaking dawn because i have been interested for many years know. i can tell you that i am a very good actor and not a bragger i can tell you that i am a hard worker and know that if i dont get this roll it was a very good try to even respond to this. i have been a very big edward and bella fan because they inspire me to become an actor and nor be afraid of my apearances. they let me know that acting can be fun but is a very seriuos thing in life. if you may give me an audition i will never regret this and i know i have what it takes to become bellas daughter in part 2. thank you and please know that you will never regret the words and sayings that i have told you thank you very much. sincerly Selina O’leary
    p.s.- i live in rochester ny and am wondering if i can get an audition here thank you very much and please get back to me thank you so much ( Selina O’leary.) (13 of age.)

  31. laura

    hola mi nombre es laura y mi sueño es poder actual soy muy buena al menos eso me dicen pero lo soy..quiero tener la oportunidad de demostrarles que soy la persona que buscan aparte seria una muy buena loba tal vez..muchas gracias y espero su respuesta con muchas ansias

  32. Hey my name is allen, I’m 18 years old and senior In highschool, a lot of people say I could be part of twilights “wolf pack” because I look a lot like jacob and the other wolves because of my skin tone, muscular tone, and facial structure. oh and my pretty detailed wolf tattoo, because wolves are my favorite animal. I dont have any acting expierience but I’m a very nice guy and extremely talented, so i think i have what it takes.

  33. shania

    I’m shania persaud, Christmas is coming and I’m in Columbus Ohio. I would be greatful to hold any part in the world. Even if I just run in and out of each scene as a water girl, I would still be greatful just for meeting new people and expierencing, and seeing new things. I’m 13 years old. I’m athletic, very spiritual, and friendly. I love pretending I’m in movies and singng. I swear if you meet me you will not want to let me go. Because I’m not like other girls. You can contact me on my email at Please give me a chance.

  34. hello im putu,my skin color is not too white (like a boo boo stewart)
    in the acting I’m not so experienced but I followed the theater at school. my weigh 45 and tall I’ am 164 i’ am 17 years old. I follow from the first episode where the twilight I always watched the film. wish I had a role in Seth Clearwater team
    thanks you’re reading this, always waited for the opportunity and hope from you once again thank you

  35. ec

    I would like to get a role in any of the upcoming movies, I’m an ambitious girl, who loves to act.

  36. Destiny Robinson

    I’m Destiny Robinson Christmas is coming and I’m in Columbis South Carolina. I would be greatful to hold any part in the world. Even if I just run in and out of each scene as a water girl, I would still be greatful just for meeting new people and expierencing, and seeing new things. I’m 12 years old. I’m athletic, very spiritual, and friendly. I love pretending I’m in movies and singng. I swear if you meet me you will not want to let me go. Because I’m not like other girls. You can contact me on my email at Please give me a chance.

  37. ariana

    i am very interested to be apart of any upcoming movie you have……

  38. Desmonique Campbell

    Im open for any roles.

    1. aazierra carter

      i would love to be in a movie i am open but i really prefer breaking dawn part2

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