Tryout for Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is holding auditions for contestants for the 2012 season of the show. To get onto Jeopardy! contestants need to take an online quiz / practice test then if they pass the online quiz, they can schedule an online test that will be held in January 2012.

Jeopardy! usually administers the exams a few times a year and everyone has to take the test within the time frame that they set-up.

Jeopardy has two separate tryouts, one for adults and one for college students. This year the adult test will be in mid January and the college tryouts will be held in February 2012. There is also a teen version that will open in late January.

The adult tryouts for Jeopardy will go from January 17th through January 19th. Before you can take the exam, you will need to register with the shows website.

The Eastern Time Zone exam is January 17th

Central/Mountain Time Zone exam is January 18th

Pacific Time Zone exam is January 19th.

The tryouts / testing is scheduled to begin at 8pm for all time zones.

The test will be 50 questions that will need to be answered and you will have 15 seconds to to answer each question.

To tryout for the show please visit their website

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