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Bon Temps is a fictional town where strange and supernatural things tend to happen. Vampires are among the towns citizens and walk among them. A new scientific invention called Tru Blood, a synthetic blood, allows the vampires to drink the Tru Blood and live amongst the humans.

True Blood has a huge cast of dozens of actors that all interact with each other and the show in intertwining plots. The main character is Sookie played by Anna Paquin.

True Blood is now filming new episodes for the latest season and have put out a casting call for the following characters:

[JOE BOB] CAUCASIAN, EARLY 30s, White trash. An anti-vampire terrorist wearing an Obama mask to hide his identity, he shoots one vampire with a hunting rifle and takes his victim prisoner. Recurring.

[FEMALE NURSE] 40s. This polite but authoritative female nurse attempts (but fails) to stop a conversation between two upset patients. Co-star.

[MALE NURSE] This male nurse politely attempts to restrain an agitated patient on a gurney. Co-star.

[UNSAVORY VAMPIRE] Male, 30s to early 40s. An unsavory male vampire feeding in the alley behind Fangtasia, he’s chowing down on a victim whose heart is slowing to the point of near death. Co-Star

24 thoughts on “True Blood Casting Call – HBO

  1. Tabatha

    I’m a southern belle executive by day and work with animals by night. I’m 42, female, and would love the opportunity to try out for a role on True Blood.

  2. Monique Robins

    Hello, is it too late to request an audition for the nurse in “True Blood”? I do not know how long this post has been up.

  3. I am a 30 year old Caucasian originally from Louisiana and think this would be a awesome opportunity and that I could fit this role well. I can bring focus and personality to the character if given the chance, let’s try it out!

  4. Dolores

    I’m 22 yrs old, 5’2, slim, dark hair, pale complexion. I have a daughter and I live in southern California. I graduated beauty school with medals and I would love a chance to fulfill my dream. I have no experience in acting but I know I could do this if I was given a chance. I know I wouldn’t blow it 🙂

  5. Anthony Clark

    Black male
    Age late 40’s
    Brown eyes
    5’11 220lbs
    A professional voice actor

  6. Lakima Anderson

    I am a 31 year old Mom who loves true blood and has been a fan since the first season. I would love to be a part of this Great show, I have a rare skin condition that my skin looks like snake skin and it sheads as well . I would be great to play a shifter or a vampire or even a witch , medium , etc. I live the cast snooker, bill , Eric and Lafayette & Tara , Sam too I just love the show and would do anything to get in the door with hbo. Thank you

  7. I recently started watching True Blood on NetFlix and find it very interesting. I’ve always been a fan of Vampires, Wolves and other classic monsters since I was a kid. I am currently 39 yrs of age and throughout life life I’ve been told I should act based on my look. I believe i would be a great candidate for the MALE NURSE and/or the UNSAVORY VAMPIRE. I look forward to hearing from you soon and ceasing the opportunity to show how I can be an asset to your brand.

    Best Regards,

    Omarr Salgado

  8. Madison

    This auditions are for 2013? or it already was for 2012?

  9. kayonda Patterson


  10. Latoya johnson

    My name is Latoya and I would love to audition for any show that is coming up. I’m brown skinned and have brown eyes.I’m 21 years old.

  11. JM

    About BEN in TRUE BLOOD: How about Chris Salvatore? He is actually sexy, ultra charming and ultra handsome.

  12. Aaron Jefferson

    I live in Oklahoma City and I’m 5’10 African American. I would be the perfect part for Jackson a hybrid vampire werewolf summoned by Lafayette for protection!

  13. Rashad Rahim

    I am 18 5’7, I have an athletic body type, African American,160 lbs short haircut and waves, I speak english fluently,I am located in Orlando or Jacksonville,Florida

  14. Gary kiplyn Nutt

    I’m 5″11. I have lived in Carthage Texas my whole life, a small town about a hour from Shreveport. I love the show and would like a part. Vampires amaze me and I would love to be one!

  15. sarah espinoza

    Name: Sarah Espinoza
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 170
    Hair: Brown & Blond (naturally curly shoulder length)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Ethnicity: White
    Language: English
    Location: Adelanto, California

    I am an outgoing person who is looking to do something with her life that my sons can be proud of. One is disabled. I wanna show him that you can do anything you put your mind to no matter who you are and the way you look and that if you want something bad enough you just have to go after it and accept the outcome and to be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there and trying something new.
    This is the first time Ive done something like this so I will be a fresh new face.
    I listen very well and take direction extremely well. If you decide to use me I cant wait to get started and work with some extrodinary actors and actresses. If not then I was to thank you for taking the time to review this.

  16. Elizabeth Garcia

    My name is Elizabeth Garcia I am 19 years old and i live in Temple,Texas. I would do Very well if I got a chance to Audition and get a part in the hit TV series True Blood. I’m Hispanic/Mixed, I am 5’1. I attend Texas State technical community college in Waco. I love people and i Get along with just about anyone i start a convocation with and I am a very outgoing person. I would love to experience the acting career.

  17. I attend john casablancas for acting and modeling in NC I would love the chance to be on true blood

  18. Bernadette

    True blood is the best show on t.v. It would be an honour to get an audition.
    All the best!

  19. Enoch

    Where are the auditions to be held and where do we submit our credentials?

  20. Brandon

    Where do you email résumé and head shots to?

    Or are you just supposed to post that all here?

  21. Laura Pinter

    Hi my name is Laura I’m ‘5’5′ from Brooklyn New York. I’m 20 years old. I would love to be part of True Blood.

  22. Kimberly Dolphin

    I live in New York City i’m 5’6 black hair dark brown eyes would love to try and be a vampire or just be a extra if i can love film i can sing, model.

  23. Jason Elmore

    I live in Lincoln Arkansas 6″1′ 225 lbs blonde hair green eyes would love to try for unsavory vampire or male nurse. 15 yrs experience DJ, musician, acting, writing,

  24. samantha fisher

    My name is Samantha Fisher i am 18 years old and i live in Fayetteville North Carolina. I would do well if i got a chance to Audition and get a part in True Blood. I’m African American , 5’5 and I’m a drummer (12 years). I attend Fayetteville technical community college. I love people and i would love to experience the acting career.

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