Tosh.0 Casting audience – Comedy Central

Tosh.0 Casting audience – Comedy Central

Get Free tickets to Tosh.0

Get on Tosh.o! The hit comedy central video show Tosh.0 is now filming and free tickets are available for people in the Los Angeles area who would like to see Tosh.o live and in person. The show will begin filming again in the Los Angeles area coming up in February 2014.

Tickets for the taping are free but demand is high and there may be a waiting list that you will have to join.

Tosh.0 came out on Comedy Central in the summer of 2009 and has quickly caught on. Daniel Tosh focuses on internet videos and features videos that have gone viral on Youtube.  As the videos are played, Daniel Tosh comments and jokes about the videos and the people in them.  Tosh also does a “Web Redemption” segment. In the “Web Redemption”, Tosh brings the person in the video onto his show where they do a prank or some kind of sketch making fun of the original video and its creator.

Tosh.0 is one of the most watched cable network shows in its late night time slot in the male, ages 18 to 34 demographic.

Tosh.0 is a weekly show that features kind of a “best of the web” type format where host Daniel Tosh shows funny, absurd and stupid viral videos from the web. Other than the viral Youtube clips, Daniel Tosh also does some sketches, and a “Web Redemption” segment which gives the star of an infamous viral video a chance at redemption.

Comedy Central’s hit comedy show, Tosh.0 starring comedian, Daniel Tosh is back and filming. To attend a live taping you will need to click here and follow their instructions. Please note that you must be 18 or over to get tickets to Tosh.0.

Join Tosh.o in the studio and get in on the laughs. Tosh.0 films in the Los Angeles area and you must provide your own transportation to the studio.

4 thoughts on “Tosh.0 Casting audience – Comedy Central

  1. This show can’t get more awesome without my sexy presence. My aura is the only thing that’s keeps this epic man alive.
    He should want me to have those tickets. I guess I will accept the tickets just so his eyes will light up in joy.

    Who is who’s biggest fan you ask.
    Daniel Tosh you are my biggest fan.
    I’ll take you to my leader.

    -Justen Kurtz

  2. Freddy

    Tosh is great. Would love to go see his show live. Seems like it would be a really great time.

  3. charlene

    TOSH is the best and funniest person, ever. I want to go see him do his show and be cheering in the audience. That would be such a great trip. I am going to try to get tickets so that my brother can go see Tosh.0. My brother really likes the show also. Unfortunately I am not 18 yet or I would go see him too.

  4. Joanne

    I Love Tosh.0! I really want tickets for this show. That would be so awesome to see him live. Tosh is sooooo funny. I hope that we get tickets for his show because it would be such a great experience.

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