Tickets for Disney XD ‘Kickin It’

Disney Channel and Disney XD often film in front of a live studio audience and when they do tickets for the filming

Casting Kickin' It
Kickin’ It!

are usually available free of charge for people who live in the area. If you do not live in the Los Angeles area you can still get tickets for ‘Kickin It’ but you will have to find your own transportation to the studio to take part. One thing people from out of the area do is get tickets when they plan a vacation to Los Angeles and they come down to see the taping when here. You will also have to find and pay for your own parking in Hollywood if you want to be a part of the studio audience.

Disney’s Kickin It is filmed at:

Kickin It is a live action comedy for DisneyXD set at the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, a strip mall martial arts studio and worst dojo in the underperforming nationwide Bobby Wasabi chain. There, a ragtag crew of lovable misfits welcomes a hotshot skateboarder named Jack, who will teach a group of neighborhood goofballs about life, karate and how to just plain kick it.

  • Kickin It stars Jason Earles (“Hannah Montana”) as Rudy
  • Leo Howard (Disney Channel’s short-form series “Leo Little’s Big Show”) as Jack
  • Mateo Arias (“Cold Case,” “Hannah Montana,”) as Jerry
  • Dylan Riley Snyder (“Life During Wartime”) as Milton
  • Alex Jones as Eddie
  • Olivia Holt (“Black & Blue”) as Kim

Tickets are available for guests no more than once in a 30 day period due to high demand and they are not always easy to get and you must get them early rather than later. Taping dates and times as well as ticket¬†availability¬†are announced 30 days or less prior and you need to reserve those tickets as soon as they become available to insure that you and your group get seats. Sometimes large groups can make special arrangements for the group to insure that everyone in the group will get in. Also many episodes are filmed without a live studio audience and tickets for the filmings will not be available. To get tickets for Disney’s Kickin It please go here and look at the schedules. If tickets are available the dates for the filming will be listed.

Please be aware that Disney XD wants to get as many fans as possible into the shows and they have a limit on how many tapings or shows people can attend in a certain time period. Please check with them for more information about the Kickin It event and other live audience participation events.

Good Luck!

6 thoughts on “Tickets for Disney XD ‘Kickin It’

  1. Johnathan Gardner

    I want to audition for the show kicking it. I’m 10 years old and very athletic. Please reply as soon as possible

  2. DeVante Williams

    If there are any tryouts for the show. I would love to audition for the show.

  3. Aaron Thor

    I want tickets and to be in kickin it to tryout.

  4. kyleigh

    If there are any tryouts for the awesome series called kickin it I would love to tryout!

  5. Katiepaige Richards

    Hi my name is Katiepaige, Kickin It is my favorite TV show. I would love to have tickets for it. Also if there are any auditions for Kickin It, I would love to try out.

  6. Sam

    I really want to get tickets for a live Disney show. My family and I are going on vacation in the spring to Los Angeles and I hope that we are able to get to see one of the shows being taped. I think that would be the coolest vacation ever if we got to do that.

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