“The Wizards Return” New Disney Show

Disney is bringing back their old hit “The Wizards of Waverly Place” as a new special called “The Wizards Return”.

“The Wizards of Waverly Place” went 4 seasons and it’s finale last January garnered over 10 million viewers. A year after the finale, Disney is bringing the return of the Wizards as a Disney Channel 1 hour special.

Right now the new “Wizards” is being produced as a special and there is no word yet if it will turn into a new TV series. Fans of “Wizards” should be excited to see the cast coming back at least one more time.

Wizards Return will reunite the Wizards of Waverly place cast, this time in a new country.

The cast of Wizards of Waverly Place included:
Selena Gomez as Alex Russo
David Henrie as Justin Russo
Jake T. Austin as Max Russo
Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle
María Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo
David DeLuise as Jerry Russo

The entire cast except for David Henrie will be doing this project and we can expect to see them on screen soon since the show will premiere in 2013.

In the “Wizards” special named ‘The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex’, Alex goes to Tuscany to meet relatives from Jerry’s side. During this visit she creates a copy of herself which ends up being her evil side and ultimately leads to a ‘good vs. evil’ battle on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. That good vs. evil motif is what gives the show its subtitle ‘Alex vs, Alex’.

Here is Disney’s promo for the ‘Wizards Return’

The special will be a 2 part series and filming of the show just wrapped.

Selena Gomez is one of the executive producers of the new Disney special. Selena Gomez even shared pics and tidbits from the set as they filmed. She even shared a picture of the top page of her copy of the script.

For those that wanted a small part in the “Wizards return” or wanted to get in on the act as an extra, it may be a bit late since extras casting has already been done and filming has wrapped. But, Disney may do another “Wizards” special or movie and you may still get your chance.

198 thoughts on ““The Wizards Return” New Disney Show

  1. Emma haddock

    Hi I’m Emma. I am almost 12 years old. I have done some acting before but I haven’t been in anything major.
    110 pounds
    Dark brown hair
    Greenish-blue eys

  2. Haley

    Ok I am going to be honest. I have never been a lead in any play at school. I am however a good actress. I watched wizards of waverly place and liked it. I love alex’s character. and in love with David Henry. Anyways, I just want to be on this show to have fun. Like “why the heck not” This is a one in a lifetime chance. so I guess that i’ll try.
    African American
    black hair (long)
    always hyper, nice, funny, can take direction well.

  3. sofia

    Hi I’m 12 years old and I love to act and I will love to be in a tv show.

  4. Samantha marquez

    Hello acting is my dream and I used to love this show! I would love to be a part of this I am 16!

  5. Gry Nystrom

    Hi I’m 12 years old, I speak English and Swedish and Italian fluently. I am Swedish but when I was 6 I moved to Italy. I am soon moving to Japan. Ever since I was little I was loving all the acting business. I really want to be an actress. I love singing, acting and being with friends. I can dance a little. I would do anything to be in this show, I love it and I love the Alex character.

  6. jessie

    hi I’m 14 nearly 15 and acting is my dream. I would love to be on this show.

  7. Christian Spring

    Hi I’m Christian, I am 12 years old and I would really like to be in the show The Wizards Return. I’ve always wanted to some were I can act and show people spectacular things when you act.

  8. haley smith

    Hey I’m a 14 year old girl and I’ll be 15 in March.
    I am a red head and i mean like bright red but i naturally have brown hair. I’m 5’7 and I’m not skinny but I’m not fat lol.
    I would love to be a part of this show. I have always loved this show and I have always wanted to be on Disney. I have been in a play before and got a kinda big part so I am a pretty good actress. It would be amazing to be on this show, please consider me. If I consider me and want to get a hold of me reply to this and I’ll give you the info to get a hold of me.thanks:)

  9. Haley Smith

    Hey I’m Haley and I’m 14 and will be 15 in March. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and I’ve been in a musical before and gotten a kinda big part. I have always wanted to play as someone on Disney. Please consider me as a part in this it would be amazing to be a part of this. Thanks.

  10. Aurora

    Hi I’m Aurora! I am 12 years old and 5 feet tall. I love to act all the time. I have been in 2 plays and 1 talent show which I sang in that talent show. I love to sing and Selena Gomez inspires me to act and sing. I hope you like me. Thank you!

  11. Tyler King

    I’m just trying to prove my school wrong, I’m 13.

  12. landon lloyd

    Hi my name is Landon Lloyd (Landon Miles Lloyd). I’m 12 years old and I have always wanted to be an actor on Disney channel. I can act, sing and dance and I hope to work with some of the directors of Disney channel or to be on a show.

  13. Hello
    Name: Kayla Lucas (Kayla Bam Lucas)
    height: 5’7
    body: plus size
    I’m not going to say I am the best actress because I’m not. Me and my friends play around all the time and I’ve been in plays before but that’s about it. I love the show and I would love to just get the chance to be a part of the show. I can act if I get the chance and I give 110% when given the chance.
    Thank you for your time.
    -Kayla Lucas

  14. Clajanique Thames

    I know that I can Act if given a chance. I am a Freshmen at Mililani High School in Hawaii. I have a beginners Acting Class this semester. I am a A/B Honor Student. A Military Child who has been all over the world. I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1998. I love meeting people and can adjust to any situation. I am Afro-American (Black), 5’5, 122 pounds, slender built, black hair and dark brown eyes. I will give 100 plus 10 to the 10th power. Give me a chance.

  15. Sam

    I’m a really good actress and it would be a good opportunity for me to be an actress on the show. I have some experience. I have done plays and have been in drama a lot.

  16. Yo!…:),its Pascal, I’m 13 and a half, my dad said it would be a good opportunity for me to be on disney channel. I rap sometimes for fun and I have a fun and funny personality.

  17. Tamsin

    Hi my name is Tamsin. I have always dreamed about acting and looked up to the people on Disney channel at school acting is great for me as I am dyslexic. I find things like acting so much easier than working with a pen and paper. I think I could bring something unique to the show.



  19. alina sadberry

    I’m 13, 5’5, mixed with Puerto Rican, white, Irish, Indian and black. I have long dark, curly hair, hazel eyes. I’m light complected. I sing, dance, act and model. I have had lots of experience in auditions.
    I would always pretend that I was in a movie when really in reality. I have good grades and my mother tells me me to never give up. I’m trying so hard to find a show that would be good for me. I was wondering if you could contact me if you have anything available, please.

  20. Emma Enstrom

    Hi I’m Emma Enstrom, I’m 13, I’m 5’4 and I am extremely passionate about acting and I have been really considering auditions I have been offered by nickelodeon if I wanted to do a show but at that time my mum thought I was to young so I decided I would try now I am wanting to get my singing and acting career going and I wanted to start it with Disney channel, I am very confident in front of the camera or so I have been told haha but yeah…. So I hope my application will be considered.

  21. Jessica vasquez

    Hello my name is Jessica , I’m probably way to late but it’s never to late to try. I’m 14 years old, I live in Chula Vista California and I would love to be a part of the cast of the wizards return.

  22. Zoie Collins

    Hi, my name is Zoie Collins. I am 14 years old my birthday is November 14th. I am 5’3 and I have auburn purplish hair. I have a modeling portfolio. I have loved to act since I was little. Please contact me back for more information about me, thank you for your time.

  23. dionne

    I love wizards of waverly place it was one of my favorite t.v shows. I would love to work with them. I’m a great actress. I love to act especially if its going to be on t.v. You will like me for this, please contact me if you like me for this part at my email.

  24. Sydney England

    My name is Sydney England. I’m 5’4 and weigh 106. I’m 16 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’ve been in several public theatre productions and dramas. Give me chance and ill show you what I can do. I learn quickly and I am great with people. I am not shy of the camera. I know I can pull off any role you’d give me. I’m from West Virginia. I’m a junior in high school. I’m white and I’m willing to play any role.

  25. Chris

    Hey, I am Christie, I am a girl of 16. I get along with everyone even the meanest of people. I am energetic, funny and happy. I have a photographic memory. I can laugh at anything at all and I am good at staying in character, please email me back thank you.

    I am 5’7 and blonde and weigh 102 lbs 😀

  26. jasper

    I would really love to have a chance to show how great(in my opinion) I am in my hobby which is acting. I dance, act and sing and would love it if I got put into the sequence, thank you very much:)

  27. Autumn Hurley

    Hi my name is Autumn and I know that this is a late notice, but I would love to be apart of The Wizards Return , or just about any show on Disney Channel, such as jessie, good luck charlie, or any new shows, here is some things about me:
    -hair: brown, but I dye my hair sometimes.
    -eyes: brown/hazel
    -height: 5ft 1in
    -weight: 107 lbs
    -experience: none- begginner
    -Age: 13 yrs old
    Any additional information, email me!
    Thank you for your time!

  28. Brianna Kent-Peden

    Hey, My name is Brianna. I am a grad from John Casablancas in OKC. I have worked hard. I have put all my life and effort into acting.
    Hair – auburn
    Weight – 98
    Height – 5’1
    Age – 15-17
    Talents-act, model, sing, cheer, softball, horses.

  29. I am 21 years old on may 10th. I just moved to Nashville to pursue my career. I’ve been singing since I was able to speak. I have been recording in the tracking room and using Brent Mason, Buddy Hyatt, and Joe Spivey, some great musicians that play for Alan Jackson, Toto, Shania Twain and many others. I live to act and dance as well and would love to play a lead role on Disney to get myself started. You can check out my voice at http://www.youtube.com/alexisgabriellehart. I’m also being featured on a few episodes on a new reality show aired on TNN this year (2013) called highway to fame! Check it out!!!!

  30. Mahogany

    Age: 17
    Height: 5’10
    Bust: 33B
    Waist: 24
    Dress size: 2

    Hi, my name is Mahogany Stapleton. I’ve been wanting to be a professional model and actress since the age of 7. I’ve done a Mary Kay runway show and some other events. Honestly, I couldn’t never see myself doing anything else because modeling and acting is in my heart. I have a deep passion for it and I take it very seriously. This is my last year in high school so now I have more time to be focus on pursuing my modeling and acting career. One thing I can say about myself is that it isn’t about the money. The money is just a plus. I want this so badly to show the world me,MAHOGANY. I’m so unique in my own way, I have a different perspective of life, I’m most defiantly not your ordinary girl that has a dream of being a model and actress. I have a personalty that will make you look at me and say “wow” this girl is absolutely amazing. I’m so talented. I can also sing,act, play the clarinet, paint, and I’m a great comedian. I enjoy making people laugh. I really would love to be a part of this company. I know I have what it’s takes because I’m the type of person who will do anything in my power to be the best model, actress and person I can be so at the end of the day if I don’t get a callback or a certain position that I wanted at least I know I’ve done everything I could do. I’ll rather take a chance and put my all into it before I’ll do nothing about and have regrets thinking what if I would of this this or that. I’m very out-going and I know what I want in life so I would love to show you all that I have what it takes. Please contact me.

  31. Lauren-Marie Delon

    I am 12 years old. I love to act,sing and dance and I would love to have this opportunity to show my ability. I have brown hair and brown eyes, just in case your wondering.

  32. Nina Egbutah

    Hi I’m nina yes like Nina Ricci and Nina and the neurones. I am eleven. I have black hair, dark brown eyes that turn hazel in the sun. I live in Engand-luton and I’m addicted to Disney channel but not in a mental health way. I’ve always wanted to be on Disney channel, all my drama teachers say I have a gift and so does my family. It’s my dream to go on Disney.

    1. Nina Egbutah

      I can also sing and dance and I’m African British 😀

  33. Patricia F

    I´m Patricia.
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: green
    Skin: light
    hobby: rhythmic gymnastics

    I’m just an ordinary teen whose dream it is to be an actress since I was 8.
    Thank you!!!
    (I love Selena Gomez. She is an big idol for me)

  34. jemma

    I don’t know if I’m to late but I would love to be apart of this show. I am 13 and think I could bring something to this show 🙂

  35. Edward Melnyk

    I am also 10 and live in edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  36. Edward Melnyk

    Hi. My name is Edward. My parents and family members describe me as funny and very dramatic. It has always been a dream to be an actor and I will start in whatever possible way.

  37. Aumonnie

    Hi I’m Aumonnie I’m 15 I’m a freshman so I know how hectic high school is! I’m biracial, I have black hair and brown eyes, I’m pretty outgoing and am not afraid to be myself. My biggest dream is just to become known but not just for the money but to also inspire other people to follow their dreams and that’s why I’m not gonna give up and continue. I follow mine! I love to sing, very social, so yeah thanks for your time!(:

  38. magarette bates

    I am also 11 ys old.

  39. magarette bates

    Hi, I am Magarette, my nickname Maggie. I love disney channel and I watch it everyday. I would really love to be apart of disney channel. My talents are… SINGING! acting, and laughing.. 🙂 If you need a creative colourful and confident person I am the one. Brown eyes, height 146 cm. I am from the Phillipines but I live in Australia all my life, kinda.

  40. Sara

    Hi my name is Sara, I am 12 years old, live in Spain. I would like to live a new experience and go to the United States for the auditions, I don’t have any problem because it is a new experience for me, thank you.

  41. Ashley Leal

    I think I’m a bit late but it is worth a try.
    I’m Ashley Leal, I’m 16 but can look younger. I always wanted to be an actress, I join my schools plays all the time. I wanted to be on Disney channel ever since I can remember watching it. I have good memorization and can have a lot of character. Friends and family have told me I used be an actress because I’m outgoing and very energetic and not shy. Hope I can audition. Thank You!

    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’11”
    Weight: 116 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    State: Arizona

  42. Cheyenne Burns

    Hi my name is Cheyenne and I’m 15. I have been acting since 6th grade. I’m 5’6, brown hair and pretty talented.

  43. Nina

    I think I’m too late but it can’t hurt to try.
    I am 13 years old about 5’5 tall and about 40 kg. I think I love acting and singing. I am also a superb student when it comes to school . I’m talking about straight A’s all year. I would love to be on this show. I live in Africa and I’m dark skinned and I have long black hair with brown highlights. Please this is a big dream of mine it would absolutely fantastic to be on this show. Please get back to me.

  44. Georgia Pearce

    L, I’m Georgia, I’m 12 turning 13 this year and I live in Australia. I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel and I watch the Wizards of Waverly Place all the time! I love to dance and I can sing. When I’m older I would love to be an actress and work on my dance career. My friends always say I’m funny and I would be good as an actress! When I was younger I would pretend I would have the glowing stick in my hand and I would draw the Disney sign and say “hi I’m Georgia and your watching Disney Channel!”

  45. Tanya Ivanova

    Hello , I am Tanya. I’m from Bulgaria. I like disney chanel and I would like to participate in this film.

  46. sharleen Theuma

    Hi, my name is Sharleen Theuma. I’m 19 years old and live in Malta. I always took part in school productions including, singing, dancing and acting. I also directed my own church choir for a couple of years. I recently started writing my own songs and performing them. I would really love to take part in wizards of waverly place, since it was always a dream of mine! 🙂

  47. Andrea

    Hello I’m Andrea! I’m 20 years old but I look like I’m 16 and I would like to become an actress. I’m not in school so you would have all of my time. I do not have any experience but I catch on quick. I’m willing to play anything I just want a start in this industry.

  48. Josiah Fickess

    I am Josiah and I am eleven years old. I love acting and singing, my dream has always been being on disney. My favorite shows are wizards of waverly place, A.N.T farm, and good luck charlie. I have sang and acted in a musical and sang for people in my church. I also write songs. My eyes are a blueish green like turquoise. My hair is brown and I am very tall too.

  49. Adam Fairhurst

    I am a 14 year old boy and I may be a little bit late but I wish to be on Wizards of Waverly place considering I’ve always wanted to be on a film or TV series where I have magic powers (A bit childish yeah, I know 😛 ). I also think my personality could be formed into a character were he is fun and never fails to make a bad situation happy like ‘Alex Russo’ but he could be serious when in a situation needs it. I am red haired and light skinned, I have hazel eyes. thank you for your time 🙂

  50. Sierra leclerc

    Hi, my name is Sierra Leclerc, I am 14 and 5’6 1/2. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am an actor and possibly a singer. Not really sure. I love the show wizards of waverly place. It has always been my favorite show ever since I was little. I haven’t been in any talks or shows but I think this would be the best part to start in!
    Thank you 🙂

  51. Jason harbut

    Hey my name is Jason, I’m 18 and I’m trying to get into acting. I love watching Disney. I watch it every day. I know it’s a one in a million chance that I will get picked but It would be great to get a chance to be on TV.
    Height 5’7.5
    eyes. Brown
    Hair. Brown
    Weight. 235

  52. Sarah

    Hello my name is Sarah and I’m 11. I am 5’1. I live In Canada and have always wanted to star on TV. I have some experience on acting, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing, and I can Dance, but I would just love to star on Ant farm or Wizards of waverey place or How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory:)

    Call me Eavan

  53. Diana Romero

    I would love to be on wizards of waverly place because when I first saw the show It turned into my favorite show. I am also a HUGE fan of Selena Gomez. I am only 4’10” but I have been practicing acting just to make sure that if I get an opportunity like this, than I will be good. I am 12 years old and I will be 13 in a few months. I also live in Fresno California. I know I’m to late but it was worth a try

    I speak English, Spanish and I am learning how to speak French.

  54. Mary Lowther

    Hey! My name is Mary, I’m 12 years old, I’m 5’4 and a half. I love the wizards of Waverly place! I’m in all the school plays. I was in drama, I have a kind side and a funny side 🙂 I love to act , sing and dance. I’m from P.E.I , Canada !<3 I have brown hair and hazel eyes.

  55. natalie kyriacou

    My name is Natalie Kyriacou, I am Greek (no accent) I have brown eyes, brown hair and braces. I am turning 13 in august. I have loved acting since I was small and I also do public speaking, Eistedford. I dance and I love drama. I would love to be an actres, thank you.

  56. Liam Macdonald

    My name is Liam Macdonald and I love disney channel. I act, sing and dance. I have done a lot of musicals and shows. I started acting when I was 8 and I have been going to acting school for 4 years now. I haven’t done anything on set before but I’m a very fast learner. I am 12 years old, I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, tanned, about 5’3. I hope you pick me because it would really help me live the dream I’ve always wanted.

  57. Kaazua

    Hi my name’s Kaazua and I’m fourteen. I have always been told that I am a great actor and I feel confident in myself as well. I know that if I get picked I will work harder than anyone. I hope to be a great companion if I get picked. Kinda begging here.

  58. ecco

    hi, my name is Ecco and I live in Kauai. I also do an act and a dance called GK (gamekids). I have always been wanting to be on tv and that’s my dream. I want to become an acter. Not just because I wanna be famous, but because I love it and it’s my passion!

  59. Janae Waldron

    I’m 12 and live in Michigan. Me and my friends love to hang out at the movies and parks. I love to sing,dance and act. I was in 4 school plays.
    P.S. I don’t mind if I am an extra either. Whatever you got I’ll take. 🙂

  60. Maryana Hunter- Gasperini

    I’m 15 years old, and I’ve always enjoyed acting. I’ve been told by several people that I’m actually really good at it. It’s always been a dream of mine to be on tv. I’ve been in a bunch of plays and have always had a great time.

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