The casting call is going on now and looking for kids

Is your child the next face of a top baby line in 2013? Do you think that your baby or toddler has that special ‘it’ factor, that adorable face that no one can pass up?

Does your baby have the smile and charm to be a baby model? If so, then The baby and child model search may be perfect for your precious bundle of joy!

Every year The , Company has its annual model search where a few lucky and adorable kids get a chance to win some fabulous prizes as well as a spot in a photo shoot.

2013 is coming up real quick and with the new year will come new casting calls for America’s hottest kids brands.

The company is one of America’s most iconic clothing brands and over the years The brand has expanded to include some other brands.

They are a specialty retailer that offers clothing and accessories for children, babies and adults. The stores are so popular that in 2011 net sales were $14.5 billion.The line of popular clothing is available all over the world in around 90 countries. The brand owns 3,000 stores worldwide with another few hundred that are franchised.

The model search gives away some great prizes which include being featured in a marketing campaign, a $1000 gift card and a charity donation in the models name. Last year each of the 4 winners got a $10,000 grant in their name from them to Communities In Schools. Communities in Schools is a non-profit organization that empowers students to stay in school and achieve in life.

The model search has 4 winners in 2 categories, baby model and child model. A baby boy and a baby girl are chosen for the  line and also has a boy and a girl winner.

The model contest is organized into 2 sections, a baby / infant model search for ages newborn to 2 years old and a toddler model search that is ages 1 to 5. Each of the age categories has 2 winners, a boy and girl model. Besides the winners there are many finalists, 20 of which also win a photo shoot and a gift card.

The way the contest works is that parents upload a photo of their child to the contest website. After the upload period, the public has a chance to vote for their favorite toddler or baby model. The votes get tallied after a certain period of voting and then the finalists are announced. The finalist all participate in a photoshoot for the brand wearing clothing. The finalists are flown to the shoot location. Of the finalists, four children are chosen as the winners and the final winners are announced and have their photos published online and other promotional materials for the clothing line.

Besides the winners, the finalists also get prizes including a trip to New York or California, wherever the photoshoot will be taking place. There are 20 finalists that will participate with each finalist getting in the picture wearing Gap clothing items. Every finalist will also get a $500 Gift Card.

The 2013 baby and kids model casting call has not yet started but you can browse the winners for 2012 and see hos your kids cuteness factor compares to the kids who won. You can see the 2012 winners here. Also, you can check out last years baby casting call.

For those of you that live in the New York area. Sometimes, the Gap does local casting calls that are held in neighborhood store. Last Christmas The store in New York City held a special Christmas model audition for a Christmas promo.
Baby, toddler & kids modeling

So, if your baby has that special look to be a baby model for The brand, keep your eyes peeled for the next model search in 2013 or check out your local store to see if they are doing any casting calls of their own for special promos. Last year, they brand held its annual modeling contest in the spring with voting taking place in April and the winner announcement in May.

102 thoughts on “The casting call is going on now and looking for kids

  1. Nasheema Payne

    My son is 4 months, loves to smile a lot, has a nice personality, has a lot of charm.

  2. Sama

    My daughter is 7 years old and has a graceful personality. Where ever she goes, she is always a point of attraction for every one. She loves dancing and fashion. She has a dream and determination to go to Hollywood. I believe kids modeling would be the first step for her dream. If you see her once, I am sure you will see the potentiality on her. Please,let me know how can she be in contact with you.
    Thank you

  3. Nikki Silviero

    I have a one of a kind baby girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and the cute chubbiness that people look for.
    She gets attention in stores all the time due to the fact that I’m her real mother and I’m African american.
    She looks like she is a fully white baby, Blonde hair, blue eyed baby. She is outgoing and energetic,
    loves to dance, and smiles all the time. She has the cutest smile. Here are pictures of her.

  4. Emily

    There isn’t a day that my 21 month old isn’t wearing a fedora or hat if some shirt! He’s not shy and loves rocking his outfits! Full of laughter and smiles! I truly wish I had a dollar for every time we are complemented on his blue eyes smile and outfits! A solid comment he always receives … Wow you are looking dapper today!”

  5. Bertha


  6. Clara Bryant

    I have a soon to be 5 year old daughter named Asia. She is African American-Mixed, brown cruly hair with hazel/green eyes. She is currently in acting class and next will be modeling classes with John Robert Powers. She loves to take photos and model clothing. Very fun to work with and lovable. I must see!! GAP is a popular store for her fashion. When will you all be having your next GAP auditions? I would love for you all to look at her fashion prints and resume. Thanks again.

    Best Regards,
    Clara Bryant

  7. Rachel

    MaShya Naomi Rayne Seefeldt my beautiful 6 year old daughter is a star at home and everywhere she goes. MaShya is always explaining to me how she wants to be a star, with her bubbly attitude and her beauty. I figured I would try to see if this would become true for her. I have other children as well but MaShya is the only one that expresses interest. When we are out everyone complements MaShya in her beauty, including her blue eyes, blonde hair, and her awesome attitude. MaShya is a star in my eyes and she does her best including being a zombie and playing the part to a key, playing dress up, etc. MaShya is a great listener and a leader. I know if MAShya is chosen she will do her best and I hope this dream of hers can come into reality. Thank you for your time.
    MaShya’s Mother Rachel

  8. Rita Lawrence Cueva

    My son, Britan Cueva will be 1 year at the end of December 2013. He is absolutely adorable, as all say. He has a bright and beautiful smile, showing his 8 teeth. He can also do the good serious stare 😉 He is full of personality and wears basically only Baby Gap clothes. I take monthly photos of him myself and he already does so well and they are not professional, so imagine! He has a great complexion, beautiful big brown eyes and long lashes. He is half American, half Peruvian, so he is a good blend of cultural backgrounds. He is unique as they come, his name is both his mother and father’s name combined, Rita & Brian, makes Britan. We would be honored for him to be a Baby Gap model.

  9. Jenna Bueno

    Liam John age 3 is perfection. Amazing personality for a little boy!! Full of fun, love and happiness! Mixed with Irish, Puerto Rican and Mexican.

  10. Carla

    Hi, my baby girl is only 7 weeks old, she is pretty, very photogenic, and a calm baby to work with. I know that when you see her pictures you would like to work with her. I really hope that you give me the chance to show you how adorable she is.

  11. greisa torres

    Hello I have a 3 year old that is beautiful, is a mini rastaman. I want it to be a model because he has an incredible personality.

  12. Latonya Seymour

    Hi my daughter Jah’Mya is 11 months. She has one of the cutest round faces, big bright eyes that light up any room and a big personality. She loves to smile!! Mommies ‘lil cupcake 🙂

  13. Anna W

    I have been told by several people, including strangers at stores, how beautiful my 5 month old baby girl, Anika, is. Little Miss Anika was born May 7, 2013. She is absolutely gorgeous! Light brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin tone. She is the sweetest little princess you will ever meet! She will win over anyone with her smile. I have never met a baby so happy. She smiles at everyone. She has the biggest smile! Whether she has had a 5 minute nap or a 2 hour nap she wakes up full on smiles. She is adorable in her Baby Gap clothing and would be perfect little representative on the amazing clothing line. One look at her adorable smile and you will be sold 🙂

  14. Toya

    I have two beautiful kids that would make GREAT gap models. A son almost 4 and a daughter almost 10! BOTH have great personalities and smiles that will light up the world and I love to dress them both in Gap Apparel!


    Hello my son Tre, short for Wayne III, would be perfect for the gap. He is half Mexican and half African american and will be 4 in December. I think that he would be perfect because he has the dimple and is always smiling to show them off. Loves to laugh. WE always get stopped to tell us how cute he is! Not to mention how verbal he is for a three year old!!!

  16. Patricia Woney

    My daughters name is Sophia-Michelle (SoMi) for short. She’ll be 2 months Oct. 9th. I’m always getting stopped when going out with her because of her beautiful features and UNIQUE Golden Blonde patches of hair she was born with. I’m Black, Irish and West Indian and the Dr. said its very uncommon for African American people to be born with blonde hair but I Love It and she’s been such a blessing in my life. She’s just under 2 months but she’s very alert and beautiful.

  17. jasmine

    Hi,my 3yr old e’mani jai is a serious head turner/traffic stopper. She’s naturally gorgeous, funny, energetic, very smart & for some strange reason she already loves fashion. She’s been dressing in majority gap clothing since birth. Sometimes I think she was destined to be in front of the camera we can’t go anywhere without being stopped over & over. She lights up, pose & follows direction amazingly well. We would love to represent your awesome brand. This is not your ordinary child!

  18. wan barth

    Hi, I have 2 girls, 5 and a half and 6 mos old. The older one had been in a commercial here, we’ve been told that she should be a model by many people. I would love to enter her and her sister into GAP modeling contest. What do I have to do or how I can enter my daughters into GAP modeling contest? I came across a couple of scam websites, hope this is the right place to get to the GAP staff. Thank you!

  19. Elizabeth Robbins

    Hi my name is Elizabeth Robbins and I have a 7 years old son whose name is Nicolas. He’s very photogenic, has a beautiful smile and very talented, 90% of his wardrobe is from Gap. We will very happy to represent your brand. Please feel free to contact me. I do have a portfolio for him.
    Thank You,
    Elizabeth Robbins

  20. Jessica

    Also interested in knowing more about your casting call for kids. I have a daughter turning 5. Cute, Asian, photogenic and loves to strike a pose.

  21. B Henry

    Interested in entering both My boys in the kids gap 2013 contest. Both are energetic and full of personality and it shows in their pictures. My 4yr old has blond hair & big blue eyes and 10yr old dark brown hair & big brown eyes. Both boys are Very photogenic with faces that light up when they smile and they both have the longest eyelashes ever.
    would like more information start date of contest and where to post photos. thank you for your time . 🙂

  22. Damaris Melendez

    Damien is 5 yrs old boy with a huge personality and is flirtatious as well. He has swag with the ladies and girls and starts conversations with anyone. He has big brown cat eyes that smile every time he smiles and has beautiful curly hair that women wish they had. He is outgoing, smart and charismatic. He draws attention from everyone everywhere he goes with his funny remarks and comments. He is mainly dressed in GAP clothing making him the ideal model for your clothes. I hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Ramona

    Hi my name is Ramona and I have a 5 years old son that could also wear size 6. He’s with option model in Portland Oregon. He’s very amazingly cute. He has beautiful curly hair and hazel eyes and he’s very talented. He’s done a Nike photo shoot at which he got picked at a casting call out of hundreds of kids and he also got direct booked to model some clothes for a online boutique. Everywhere I go people say he would be a gap model. Can you please give us the opportunity to submit his photo in. He is Romanian. Thank you!

  24. linda

    I felt my son Jah should be a model for Gap Kids because he is very handsome, when we’re out in public people are always surrounding him admiring him. He got big curly hair, his mix Asian and black. One lady said why is he here, he supposed to be in a magazine (we were at the doctor’s office at that time), all am saying is he is going to be a perfect model for gap and he told me he is excited and looking forward to the opportunity. He is to cute to pass on.

  25. cathy

    Where can I sign both of my adorable boys up for this???

  26. Rita

    Hello my name is Rita. My daughter Reina is 10 months old. She is very alert and interactive baby and has been the center of attention where ever we go. She has brown hair and big charming brown eyes. She is tall and has a modeling body. Kindly give us the opportunity to be part of gap casting call 2013. Thank you!

  27. Astarrisha VanCuren

    Hello my name is Star and I have a 3 year old daughter whose name is Londyn and who is full of energy and very photogenic! She has super curly hair and mixed with Caucasian, Hispanic and African american. She is always being told she is just beautiful and of course me being her mother I agree! I have been told by Gap workers all the time to have her audition for your casting calls….so here I am! We would love an opportunity to show you that she could definitely be the next Gap model. Thank you for your time.


  28. BK

    Hi my name is BK and I have a 20 months old daughter by the name of BREEZY. Breezy is very happy, out going,smart and quick to catch up on things. She is really an amazing baby. She loves to play dress up and take pictures. we will love if you can give her an opportunity to be a part of Gap casting call of 2013. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to this.

  29. Joanna Marie Bautista

    Greetings! I am a mother of a 23 months old boy name Archimedes. He has long black shiny hair. Everybody loves him because he has a unique smile and adorable face even though he is NOT smiling. He has an attitude towards the camera and the camera loves him too. Kindly give us the opportunity to show how charming our child is and we really love him to be a part of Gap casting call 2013. Thank You!

  30. irma Oculi

    Hello i would like my son Ryan turning 3 in October to audition for baby gap because he has the face of a STAR and, he will represent the future face of the company. He is a very interesting toddler. I am sure you’re going to like him :). Ryan is very active and friendly. I will be waiting for your email thank you.

  31. Sindy

    I know I have the cutest boys ever. I got comments all the time from strangers that my baby boy is so cute. Sometimes I wonder is he really? My oldest is 6 years old, he is gorgeous and my baby boy is 8 months and he is adorable! They are Thai-African American. So, you be the judge.

  32. judith

    Y’all should check my beautiful kids out.

  33. Zoe Lee Bryan

    My daughter Zoe Lee is Gap Kids. She loves fashion and dancing.

  34. Lisa

    My daughter is 7. She loves gap clothing and is always asked if she’s a gap model. She loves fashion and gap clothing.

  35. Shaquell truesdell

    My daughter Danielle Glover is five months old and for months she has been the center of attention everywhere we go. We can’t go out grocery shopping without a crowd of people crowding around just to hold her or want to take pictures of her. A lot of people, not just family think she looks like the gerber baby. She’s very photogenic, she smiles a lot and makes very unique facial expressions, you and the world would love her!

  36. June Mareddy


  37. Yvanna Baktidy

    Hi my name Yvanna Baktidy. I’m 8 years old I would love to be a Model.

  38. christina adamo

    I have your future star waiting to lighten up the room when she walks in. She is a blonde curly hair with big blue eyes out going photogenic 4 year old who loves to have every ones attention. She is funny and playful loves to be a lil character while take photos. She has an amazing portfolio you will not was to miss out on. Feel free to comtact us and we will send u head shots. Thank you.
    Lots of love your future mommy.

  39. Heidi

    Hello my name is Heidi. I have a brother that’s 6 years old and a sister that’s 5 years old. My sister always likes to take pictures. She gets my close and tries them one and pretends to be modeling. I think my sister is adorable. She has long brown hair and she’s pretty tall for a 5 years old. She also has bangs. Thanks for reading this .



    1. Missy Allen

      My daughter is barely 11 years old and is already 5’5″. She loves fashion! Several of her teachers have commented that they can’t wait to see what she will wear. She is extremely confident in her choices. She has that southern, Duck Dynasty charm and attitude. With her height, incredible smile and long curly hair, she is an awesome and unique choice to represent the faces of Gapkids.

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