Sony Pictures Open Auditions for Teens for a speaking role in  “Goosebumps”

Sony Pictures Open Auditions for Teens for a speaking role in “Goosebumps”

Goosebumps” is now being made into a movie and teens can tryout to be in it!

Have you ever wanted to be in a horror move, well, not too scary of a horror movie, here is your chance because the classic short story series ‘Goosebumps” will be holding movie tryouts for speaking roles and extras.

The movie has issued a casting call for teens 16+ to be featured in the film and also there is a speaking part available for a boy. Those interested in trying out for the movie will have to make it to the Atlanta open call coming up this weekend.

Jack Black will star as the king of all that is creepy. He will reprise the role of R.L. Stine, the author whose horror filled books have a way of bringing their characters to life. Back in the 90’s “Goosebumps” was a popular kid / teen television series that ran on Saturday mornings…. just after the cartoons if memory serves me right. Each episode of the show featured different characters and a different creepy story ripped from the pages of R.. L. Stine’s teen novels.

Sony Pictures is resurrecting the series which will probably be back funnier (thanks to Jack Black) and creepier (thanks to better CGI and effects) than ever! This was an awesome show and I am so happy that it is coming back, certainly about time. Back in the day, “Goosebumps” ran for 4 years and produced around 70 episodes. Some of the episodes were comical, some creepy and some actually scared their target audience on those Saturday mornings.

If you are too young to actually remember what “Goosebumps” was all about, you can check out this video clip of the best “Goosebumps” moments for some real nostalgia:


Slappy for Goose bumps casting call for kidsSony Pictures will begin production of the feature film this coming April. At the moment the movie is only looking to cast teens for future roles, after production begins. Once the cameras do start rolling, hopefully we will see more casting calls for extras of all ages. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play a zombie in such a classic.

The movie is about a kid, or more so, a young man who happens to move in next door to Jack Black who is playing the author. We all know that the teen should not snoop and snooping never led to anything good but of course he will and learn that the monsters in his neighbors book may not be what they seem as the stories do have a way of coming to life.

Filming begins April 2014 and most of the production will be taking place in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The film is casting the speaking role of Dwayne – a naturally funny young man whose size is that of a football star.


At the moment they are not going to be considering anyone who is not at least 16 years of age. They want to cast extras who are 16 or older yet look younger.

Please read all the information carefully, they have different call times for general extras and those who would like to tryout for the speaking role of Dwayne.

All teens MUST BE LEGALLY 16 years old or older to play younger – NO exceptions.
We are looking specifically for the role of DWAYNE a naturally funny young man whose size is that of a football star. Teen boys of any ethnicity, who match this description should bring a current, non-returnable photo to see us from Noon until 2 PM on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

Speaking Role for the Goosebumps remake

Here are the details of where to go and what to do:


Courtyard Atlanta Airport West
3400 Creek Pointe Dr. at the CREEK VIEW ROOM
Atlanta, GA 30344

All other teen boys and girls who are interested should bring a current, non-returnable photo from 3 PM – 5 PM.

Extras will be paid. As an extra you can expect to make about $65 for the day. Travel expenses will not be covered.


Leave a comment and let’s hear your take on this TV classic coming to the big screen!



11 thoughts on “Sony Pictures Open Auditions for Teens for a speaking role in “Goosebumps”

  1. Serena Semere

    Hi my name is Serena. I have a dream to become an actress and singer for the love and passion of it. I have blonde with faded pink in my hair. I have bright blue eyes and I’m 11 years old, born March 30th,2004. I’m 5’4, I’m very tall for my age. I love the goosebumps series. I watch it all the time, and I think this would be a great opportunity.

  2. Gabriela Armstrong

    Hi I am Gabriela. I have loved Goosebumps since forever. I would love to be apart of this, so yeah.


  3. Olivia Kean

    Hi! I’m Olivia & I am 3 years old. I understand that you are only interested in teens 16 years or older but I have played older roles before. I go to Stage Right for acting classes every week. I have played roles even up to 20 years old. I have seen the series being that my grandma has seasons 1&2 on DVD. I’d be very interested to read something for you. Feel free to email me back. Thank you!!

  4. Alia Akeel

    Hi I’m Alia Akeel, im a 13 year old girl who looks up to Chloe Moretz more than anything, I have dark brown hair that reaches to my mid back and honey brown eyes (I have been told that one eye is darker than the other but I don’t really notice it). I’m a rather on the plump side but I’m not sure, maybe I’m just self conscious. I’ve always wanted to be a writer if my acting career doesn’t turn out well. I’ve read the goose bump books and I really do like them even though they’re not what I would pick to read. I’m outgoing if I get to know you but if I don’t, I’m that awkward girl who clearly is trying to make an effort to get to know you. I’m not the most athletic person but i could do some pretty hardcore stuff do to my flexibility. id really like to pursue my acting career and if not now then maybe one day 🙂 please email me back.

  5. janee riley

    hi, I am janee and I love goosebumps. I have always wanted to be in one of their movies or shows. I would always go and watch them late at night for a frightening scare. Also I love Jack black, all of his movies are funny. His cartoon Kung Fu panda is my favorite show. So I hope you see this and email back if I’m not late.

  6. Breyelle

    hi, I’m Breyelle Gupton. I love the show goosebumps and the book.
    I would love to be cast in this movie. It’ll be a dream come true. I’m a light brown caramel skinned, I have brown eyes (turn lighter when the light hits them) I’m about 5:5 or 5:6, I have dark brown hair (purple in my hair now), I have a body of a model and I’m very beautiful.

  7. Trinity white

    Hi, my name is Trinity White. I’m 5’11 and I’m 14 years of age. I love to Sing, Dance, Act & model. I have been singing since I was 8 years old and acting since I was in kindergarten doing little Christmas & thanksgiving plays… As for dancing, I have been dancing since I was in the 6 grade and modeling. I have not really been on a stage but a lot of agents have contacted me to do them and I love it. About school, it’s amazing I’m in honor role and leadership so school always has been a main priority for me. I have an agent and she is amazing.
    Being in this new casting call audition will mean a lot to me and I promise I will not let u guys down.

  8. Nadine

    Hi I’m Nadine.
    I would love to be an actress or extra in “Goosebumps”. I turned 16 in January, but look younger. My hair and eyes are brown, my height is 5 ft and 4 inches and my weight 121 lbs. In 2013 I shot the movie “7022 – Moves & Stories”, I took part in workshops from 2005 – 2011 and musicals from 2005 – 2010.
    I live in Stuttgart/Germany but my parents would fly with me to the auditions.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  9. Elysse

    Hello I feel I have a great personality and will try
    Hard with some talent to become an actress in a movie like goosebumps.
    I know I can do it I just do 🙂

  10. Nick Buhse

    Hey I’m almost 15 and I’m just looking for a place to launch my acting career. I would not mind being a extra so I hope you will condenser me thank you.

  11. Marci Rodriguez

    Hello I’m Marci, I’m 12, I know you have to be 16 and up but please let me in on this. I have been looking and looking and I want to chase my dreams. I’m really outgoing fun active and many other things but please may you give me a chance to do this. I wont let you down. I watched like every episode of goosebumps and I will love to see me in one so please email me back(:

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