Soap Opera Auditions – Y&R

Soap Opera Auditions – Y&R

Y&R casting Call
Soap Opera new cast 2014

Young and the Restless just released news that they are going through a casting call for a new character. It appears they are looking to cast a role of Josh Williams!

The new soap opera leading man would be somehow related to the character Paul Williams, well, we assume who is played by Doug Davidson.

The site soap opera digest confirmed that the search was on and auditions for The Young and the Restless will be taking place soon.

So here is what they are looking for….
The role of Josh Williams who is a sexy, handsome and successful man who will be somewhere in his 30’s.

The Young and The Restless is set in Genoa City. The cast has included the likes of Tom Selleck and David Hasselhoff back in the day and also spawned `The Bold and the Beautiful’ soap opera.

Here is the current cast of The Young and The Restless:

  • Kristoff St. John
  • Michelle Stafford
  • Peter Bergman
  • Jeanne Cooper
  • Eric Braeden
  • Melody Thomas Scott
  • Joshua Morrow
  • Amelia Heinle
  • Billy Miller
  • Marcy Rylan
  • Angell Conwell
  • Bryton James
  • Tracey E. Bregman
  • Christian LeBlanc
  • Lauralee Bell
  • Doug Davidson
  • Sharon Case
  • Michael Muhney
  • Jessica Collins
  • Steve Burton
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Lamon Archey
  • Judith Chapman
  • Elizabeth Hendrickson
  • Greg Rikaart
  • Christel Khalil
  • Robert Adamson
  • Melissa Claire Egan
  • Redaric Williams
  • Hunter King
  • Jess Walton
  • Ted Shackelford
  • Blake Hood
  • Jessica Heap
  • Daniel Goddard
  • Ignacio Serricchio
  • Kate Linder
  • Marco Dapper
  • Max Ehrich

According to a casting breakdown the role of “Josh Williams” will be a shrewd business man who can “who can out-manuever even the shrewdest”. Does this read like another conniver? maybe so. We will have to wait and see what the new role will bring to the Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless or Y&R has been a long running staple in the CBS daytime lineup, the show runs on TVGN and is syndicated worldwide. The shows popularity is still as strong as ever and the series has won multiple daytime Emmy’s. The show has gone through 40 years of daily broadcasts and has had a giant cast over those years. You can see the list. You can also get more information about soap opera casting calls here.

The show first aired in 1973 and has just marked it’s 40 year anniversary. Over the years the characters have all changed but the original concept of feuding families is still a strong theme.

So who do you think would be perfect for the new role? Comment below and let everyone know!

10 thoughts on “Soap Opera Auditions – Y&R

  1. Preeyaah

    Hello, my name is Preeyaah and am 19 years old. Young & the Restless is my favourite TV show. I have a passion for acting and acting on my favourite TV show would be a dream come true! I would love to audition!

  2. elliot burgos

    Hello my name is Elliot. I’m 16 years old.

  3. David Harris

    I should be the new Malcolm Winter. I have a plot for him to return and help his family. I also physically favor the family as well.

  4. Shawonnquir

    Her name is shawonnquie, I’m 18 years old and I love the show. I’m pretty, smart, funny & outgoing. I know I have what it takes, email me when you all are doing castings calls.

  5. Jake DeBellis

    I’m 19, and a watcher of the show. I have a lot of acting experience and would love to be in The Young and the Restless. I’m about 6 foot, have an athletic body type, brown hair, and blue eyes. I would love a chance, you can contact me through my email.

  6. heather snyder

    My son will be 3 on the 15th, he has long blond hair and is very cute. I think he would be a good stand in for kids or even someone’s kid on the show.

  7. Bertille Eya Maffo

    I’m Bertille Eya Maffo and I’m interested in any role in anything from reality TV to movies. I’m about to finish my Associate of Art. I’ve been doing local plays for the past two years. I currently speak French and English, I can read Dutch and Spanish. Thanks!

  8. Matthew Patafie

    I would be interested in any role…I am 21 years old Italian – 6 feet tall, brown eyes brown hair

  9. Jazmine Weatherspoon

    I’m interested in any role available.

  10. justin butler

    Justin Butler should be your next actor for someone’s kid on there he’s 18.

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