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singing auditions 2012
The Star Next Door - Queen Latifah

New singer competition coming in 2012!

A new Singing show is holding tryouts for singers nationwide. The new televised singing competition is called “The Star Next Door”. The new show is hoping to find talented vocal artists looking for their big break. The competition will also feature mentors that will help the singers get prepared to ‘knock ’em dead’ on national television.

Queen Latifah’s new show is planning a summer 2012 launch and the CW has already ordered 10 episodes from the series. This singing competition doesn’t quite follow in the footsteps of American Idol or the other newly launched singer reality competitions like X Factor and The Voice. “The Star Next Door” will focus on exactly that…. what is next door to the stars home. Rather than flying the singers into Hollywood to be mentored, the mentors will fly over to the singers home. The mentors will meet the vocalists and explore their surroundings and their home towns. They will immerse themselves in local culture.

Two mentors for the new show have already been announced. “The Star Next Door” will have Gloria Estefan and John Rich engaged as 2 of the mentors. The show is still in talks with others that they will also use as mentors, however the names of the other stars has not yet been announced.

Queen Latifah and the casting directors for “Star Next Door” are planning a nationwide search for singers. They have announced that they will be coming to New York, Los Angeles, Orlando and Chicago very soon and more cities may be announced as the nationwide search for talent continues. At this time the show is accepting applications from singers through email. Singers must send a link as well as their information to the email address provided for consideration to be on the show and perform on national television.

To apply to be on the show or to request more application or casting call information, please send links to you performing (live and/or in studio) and your name, age, contact info, the city and state to: Let producers know why you are such a great undiscovered talent and why you need this big break so much.

Are you the next shining star? Are you a very talented singer who has had a hard time getting discovered? Do you desperately need that big break? If so, apply to be on “The Star Next Door” and maybe Queen Latifah will give you that big break you have been dreaming of.

25 thoughts on “Singing Auditions – Queen Latifah New TV Show

  1. ichelle jones

    I’ve been singing since a little girl and it’s been my passion. We were raised up almost like the jackson 5, we put on play and other events for the family. We been at this since being little kids, please don’t hesitate to hit me back, it’s been my dream since I was a little girl.

  2. Jennifer Mayberry

    first let me just say thank you lord..
    My daughter and I have been on the web for months in search of a contest that is in search of singers.. came across a few but either for me it just didn’t feel right or the deadline for entries had already expired

    my daughter just turned 16 this month. she is an excellent student and has a passion, or shall I say lives to perform.
    she has performed in school talent show, the community talent review, for family and whoever wherever.. I mean, when it comes to singing and performing, the girl is TTG and that stands for TRAINED TO GO! (Hahaha.)

    I completely understand that one of your goals for this new show is to set it off with some mad and unique talent so that the show stands out on its own from other singing competition shows.. therefore I would love to present to you my baby girl- Jennell Wadell Davis. I wish she was awake so that she could have done this comment section on her own but enough is enough we wait no more…
    is there somewhere we can enter a video submission??

  3. Dianne B Garner

    I am a 62 years old black female who has 3 great artists, My studio is in my house. Their music needs to be heard. I promise you will love their music. Pop, rock, r&b, country, blues,rap these boys are aged 24 to 26 and they are humble.

  4. Tia-Monette

    I’m a 15 your old R&B/Jazz singer/song writer in Everett WA. I would love to show you my talent if you could come to my town.

  5. Jane Anyaudo

    I’m 18 years old and I live in New Jersey. I would really love to audition for Queen Latifah.

  6. Vonshea

    I am 24 years old who is musically talented with a wide range of vocal skills. All my life, I’ve wanted the chance to show the world that dreams can come true as an artist. I feel as if I have what it takes to become the next star. I am just a well driven, ambitious, and motivated female who wants her dream to come true.

  7. wendy

    I love Queen Latifah when I met her at the airport in Michigan a lot of years of ago. I knew one day I will meet her again. I want to audition for her show so, I can show my versatility having the pleasure of being from the beautiful Twin City Island of st. Croix, United States, Virgin Islands, where my mother first aspire me to sing alongside beautiful artists like Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, Mary J Blige, Deborah Cox , Vesta,just to name a few. I now reside in Orlando. Someone told me about the show so I looked it up online. This has been my dream. I have been patient for 17 years and my time is now. I have never did anything with my music but I’ve tried and never got anywhere with it. I’m not perfect but I am trying. I’m willing to listen, learn and from the experience, I have put that with the experience they’re going to give me to try and make it work. Love you Queen, call me. your girl Wendy

  8. Tiffany Arterberry

    My daughter is a star. She is has auditioned & been in numerous musicals, talent shows, etc & is currently in college . She is a part of the Butler College Headliners Show Choir and they are awesome!! She is 19 yrs old and a genuine performer/entertainer not just a singer. It would be fabulous if she could audition for the Kandy Factory.

  9. danielle

    I would love for my dream to come true. I’m from tx. I sing from r & b to country. I am a single mom and still continue to pursue my dreams. I want to show my son to follow your dreams and you shall succeed .

  10. tavonia banks

    Well I’m 15 years old from a small little town called Emporia,Va . Just trying to show everyone I vould make it into this acting and singing buisness. Just a normal girl from a small town with big dreams.

  11. nerissa

    I am 14 years young. I go to a performing arts school for dancing. I also draw, sing, and write my own music. I hope my comment is seen, because I know this would be a great opportunity for me.

  12. christy rosello

    Hi I am sending this link regarding my daughter Diiamond Royalty who sings and raps. She writes all of her own music and has the star look. We are looking for someone to give her a chance to showcase her talents because we are confident that she will get a record deal once the right person hears her. We just need a audition and a chance thank you:)

    A proud mom,

  13. Jennifer

    I would so love to be on the show. I can really sing and I am a heavy set woman and I want a shot to show my talent not my body. It is not my fault I am heavy. I work out all the time. I have P.C.O.S and with the disorder you can’t lose it. I grew up in an abusive home and I always found peace and comfort in music. It always made me feel better. All I can say is if you hear me you will see I have a way of connecting with people on a personal level and they can hear my story through my song. And Queen Latifah you inspire me!! 🙂

  14. sherline

    Miami in the house, I’m the one to win.

  15. richard

    Wow this is my dream and my reality please help it come true.

  16. Ashley Liverman

    I am the perfect person to win this. I can sing as high as beyonce. I have a passion for singing and I have to make it for my daughter. God knows I can sing. Please consider me. God Bless

  17. FINALLY a show that seems right for me. I am 23yrs old and have been singing since the age of 3!Coming from a small town (Florence, SC) there’s not many outlets to pursue a career in the entertainment biz. I’ve auditioned for Idol 3x’s , AGT twice and X Factor once. Someway Somehow I will make my dream a reality because I know was born to do this and hopefully this show could give me that opportunity!

  18. gwalk

    I have had a dream of being an entertainer since I was a little girl. Though I am much older now, I still love to sing, to dance, to write music, books, poems and songs. Being in church has been an excellent place to learn my craft and realize that I have gifts that would Bless the body. I have many sisters in Christ that would also love the opportunity to sing on Ms Latifa’s show as I would. We will we sending our links in and praying this is the right path for us. thank you and To God Be the Glory!

  19. krista roberts

    A dream come true

  20. E'vonne

    I’m 19 yrs old with a passion for singing so deep I’m willing to give up anything for this opportunity..#Recognize dedication when you see it…

  21. Reginia M. King

    I have been singing since I was about 7. I would love the opportunity to sing for the queen. I usually sing for weddings and some funerals. I have experience singing with church ensembles. I was also under the leadership of Lil G from Silk for about 5 yrs from 1987-1992, here in Nashville, Tn!! Hopefully you will choose me.

  22. kayla

    I know that’s gonna be a great tv show and I really would love to be on that show I have been singing since I was two years old I also write my on lyrics everything I write about is how I feel, seen, or what I been through I also write plays for my charch I always been the type to give up at everything I start but not any more I’m going to keep my head up and keep the faith I will live my dreams

  23. Lyric Stephens

    I would like for my dream to come true to become a singer. Thats all I ever think up. When it comes to my music, I get serious reguardless if I am in front of people or not.

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