Singer Auditions for Kids

2012 is around the corner and with the new year 2012 will come many new auditions for singers of all ages.

Many kids see their idols like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on TV and want to be just like them. It’s no wonder, who wouldn’t want to be rich and famous doing what they love to do – Sing!

The biggest problem most kids have these days is finding auditions for singers within their age group. Yes, there are reality TV shows such as America’s Got Talent and American Idol that have given many their start, but getting onto those shows is not always easy and competition is beyond fierce. Not to mention that those shows may or may not be holding casting calls for singers or acts in your area. If you live in a small town or a rural state, you most likely will not be close to any of the audition locations.

So kids need to find singer auditions elsewhere – Community theater groups, community choirs, local schools and churches all hold auditions for singers and many do take kids into their groups.

Once you establish yourself in your local community, then you can start gaining a larger fan base.

These days, the best way to get noticed by record companies and producers is by already having a solid fan base. With the force of YouTube and many followers behind you, it will be much easier to get noticed. Don’t believe me? Well just ask Justin Bieber.

singing-for-kidsJustin Bieber was discovered from his Youtube video and was tracked down through his theater group that he was performing with.

Basically, you can’t just sit around and hope to land an audition for some big name producer. You need to keep doing what you do which is sing, establish a fan base and work on gaining more and more fans by doing more and more shows.

This shouldn’t be about the money because most small groups such as church choirs will not pay you a dime, but you’ll gain experience and be able to hone your craft.

You can find auditions for singers in many places such as local newspapers, bulletin boards, your school and at local theaters. Many community theaters do shows through the year and have auditions a few times a year for parts in those shows. Late summer is also a great time to find the singing gigs for the Christmas shows that most theater groups and churches put on.

Remember, you have to start somewhere before hitting the big time because most large productions that employ many singers such as Broadway shows, will only hire experienced singers that have already proven themselves onstage in smaller productions.


36 thoughts on “Singer Auditions for Kids

  1. sophia morris

    My name is Sophia. I’m 12 and I am a great singer. Someday I would like to give voice lessons to children or be a singer. Ive heard from many people that I’m talented.

  2. alexander


  3. Katrina

    I am an actor and model at Cincinnati and I love singing and really would want an audition. Everyone tells me how hard a pop stars life is. I wanna take that challenge and I want the publicity. I have always had this dream and I am confident that I will live it some day!!! email me please for an audition and in sub title put singing audition!!

    1. Katrina

      I am also 12 and in oct., I’m turning 13 !!

  4. Leticia victor

    I really want to become a singer, it’s been my dream since I was 2 years old. Now I’m 12 years old and I know that I’m very talented to sing.

  5. Britney Cordova

    Hi my name is Britney Cordova. I am nine years old and I live in Brooklyn New York. I want to be a singer because I really want to sing really bad. I want to be famous. I have a great voice. I love to sing and my talent will be famous. I wanted to sing you a song, you will like my song. I want to go to la voz kids to be proud of myself. I will try and try to get it good:)

  6. Emily

    I am 11 years old and I am a really good singer and really want to become a singer! Pls, it’s what I’ve wanted since I was 5, give me a chance I’ll blow your mind with my voice! Thanks,emily

  7. Richard

    Hi! My name is Richard and I’m 11 years old. My dream is to become a singer or an actor. I join a lot of plays in my school. Taylor swift is my favourite singer!!!!

  8. Hi im ReGina, Im 13 years old. I love to sing, many people tell me I sing very well and I believe I’m pretty good. One Direction and Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato are my idols. I just want a chance to show the world what I got!

  9. Ben

    Hey peeps, I’m Ben Hashemi. I love to sing Justin Bieber songs and I have learned most of his songs by heart and I mostly perform in School, Talent shows even in parties. I live in Irvine California.

  10. Ana

    I love singing and am ready for anything. I took singing classes for 7 years.

  11. Ana

    My name is Ana and I am 11. Its been my lifes dreaam to be famous. I’m a really good singer and I practice singing everyday. I always get roles in school plays.

  12. Caitlin darling

    I am a 14 year old singer. I have been taking singing lessons and performance from the school of rock. I can sing any genre. I would love to know when local auditions are available. I live music. I love music and I love to entertain. Please call when something comes up. I am always ready!

  13. lyric

    hi my name is lyric and singing is my life. I’ts all I wanna do. Many people think singing is so easy, well its not. It’s a job as you already know. I auditioned at this agency called barbizion and passed for singing and I still have my certificate. I hope you contact me a.s.a.p please and thank you.

  14. Haylee

    Hi, my name is Haylee. I’m 10, & my dream is to become a singer, & famous actress. I feel I am a good singer, & would like the chance to prove it:)

  15. Stephanie Galicia

    Hello as u all know I want to be a famous singer I am only 11 but please send a message if there is any auditions.I want to be star. please!:*)

  16. Kiara

    Hey my name is kiara.Im a 13 yr old girl with a dream to be a singer.I have a great voice and everyone who hears it says the same.I’ve been singing ever since I was 3 and I hope you guys take this note. I really want be a singer. :)Send me a date or any singing auditions to my email and i’ll be happy to sing for you any time:)

  17. Kayla

    Hey I’m 11 years old…. Really almost 12, and I’m a singer… Or at least really focused on trying to be.
    I really want to be a part of something amazing.
    Thank you.
    Ps. I’ve been singing ever scince I was 5 please take this as I note of my hopefully soon to be future

    1. Kayla

      I’m begging anyone who reads this!
      I live in NJ, and really want this, please!!!

  18. Mariah Shedd

    I have been looking for a place to show off my singing for about 3 years.And I think I would be perfect for this!

  19. mercedez

    ive been singing since i was like four or five and i want to be a singer i think i have a good voice and people say i can sing and i emote and i just want to be known im 13 now and im about to be 14 april 17

  20. devon andrade

    my name is Devon. i am 12 i love to sing i am really good. when i was 4 i started to sing and want to share it with the world

  21. Laura

    My friend plays piano to songs that I love to sing to. My name is Laura and I have been humming a song I would just hear. Music and singing is what my life is made up of,

  22. iam a good singer and i dont know where i can sing i what to be on tv can somebody help me thanks

  23. Mikayla

    Im Mikayla and I’m 13 year old in new jersey. I love to sing and I love music. Whenever I can I will listen and sing to the music. Im not like all the other kids my age, I don’t want to be famous just cuz Of fame… I sing because it helps me show my emotions and my feelings. I have never taken vocal training and I practice the best I can on my own. I have been singing alone in my bedroom by myself since preschool. I was in my middle school talent show. I just to show people who I am and what iv got!

  24. Breanna B.

    Hello there! I’m Breanna and I’m 15 years old. I’m currently in New York, USA. I sing a lot, and i love it. I would love day be able to sing whenever and be happy about it, and not embarrassed. Thanks for reading!

  25. bella

    hi i am bella! i am 10 yrs old, i love to sing and act. my mother was on broadway, and my dad was in a rock band! ever since i was 2 i started to sing and harmonize songs. my dream is to share my music with the world. i have been in lots of school plays and have had lots of different voice lessons… and selena gomez is my idol!!!!

  26. lyric

    Hi I’m lyric and let meeh just say singing,dancing and acting is my dream I hope you may give meeh the chance thank you for reading

  27. lyric

    I hope to accomplish many goals in life with my singing and dancing thank you for reading 🙂

  28. lyric

    Hi my name is lyric I have been singing since I was four I’m fourteen now I have been singing everywhere I go an many say I have a greater voice I also sing at school infront of the whole school my dream is to be a famous Singer and a role model for many kids out here I have my own style in what I do and I hope to show the world with your help 🙂

  29. i love to sing a lot.i want to be a singer so bad and im 10.


    i am only 13 i live in ky but i want to beacome a singer and acter but i dont know where to start can anybody help me

    1. caylee w.

      call disney! your never too old or young to chase your dream, go for it! good luck!

  31. Simply Divas

    Hi we are the Simply Divas. We consist of 3 people. Ashanti, Gabrielle, and Shenique. We have opened for many place by sing the National Anthem. Recently we won a singing fest and ranked first place. Are dream is to share our talent with the world.

  32. Simply Divas

    Hi we are the Simply Divas. We consist of 3 people. Ashanti, Gabrielle, and Shenique. We have opened for many place by sing the National Anthem. Recently we won a singing fest and ranked first place. Are dream is to share our talent with the world

  33. Shawn

    My name is Shawn and I am 13. My dream is to be on a big show or to be a singer. I sing very well and have taken voice lessons for 2 years. I would also love to be on Broadway

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