Shake It Up – Disney 2012

Shake it UP is a Disney Channel show that casts extras and guest stars to appear on the series.

This is actually the 3rd Disney channel show to follow the format of a show within a show. The others are ‘Sonny with a Chance’ and of course, ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’. Both those shows are about another show just like ‘Shake it Up’.

Shake It Up is about BFF’s CeCe Jones and Raquel “Rocky” Blue. The pair makes their dreams come true when they land on Shake it Up, a popular dance show that they really wanted to be on.

Now, the fame of being dancers on ‘Shake It Up’ puts their relationships to the test as they juggle their friendship and new found fame on a dance set.

The show just began airing its second season and we all hope they get renewed for a third so more people can get cast as extras, background actors and guest stars.

Shake It Up! casting information:
The show cast the following actors as starring and recurring

The following are the main cast:
Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
Zendaya as Rocky Blue
Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones
Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue
Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez
Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer
Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer

The following actors are recurring roles that may not appear in every episode:

R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde
Anita Barone as Georgia Jones
Carla Renata as Marcie Blue
Buddy Handleson as Henry
Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia

The show is set in Chicago and Disney even did a crossover episode with their other hit show ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

The show was very well received at its debut and it was said to have the highest viewership of any Disney TV show for a premier.

The ‘Shake it Up’ album is also available with songs from the series, Shake It Up: Break It Down. The album for the show was released on July 12, 2011.

Selena Gomez sang the title song ‘Shake it Up’.

Stay tuned for the next season of ‘Shake it Up’ to find out where casting calls and auditions for the show will be!

249 thoughts on “Shake It Up – Disney 2012

  1. Allyson

    My name is Allyson Ramirez I am 9. I would love to be on shake it up i am even doing the make your mark contest just to be on…. Just please send me an email or something! i would just love it! I am a great actor i took drama classes i dance on the side walk i know a lot about acting. I am a hip-hop dancer also. and that’s about it you need to know about my life. Just send me an email or anything! Thanks if you do…..

  2. skyi

    hi my name is skyi i want to audition for shake it up because i love all the cast and i just cant stop talking about rocky and cece this has been my dream

    love skyi

  3. Autmn Toney

    Hi, I’m Autmn Toney. I would love too have a acting job, just like everyone else on this website. I’m a decent dancer, and a strong singer. I’m a Good fake crier, with good Grades. Thanks. For reading, and considering!

    1. Autmn Toney

      I’m 11

  4. ally

    also i love to sing and dance im 11 years old so please pick me

  5. ally

    I love to dance. Me and my friend dance everyday. I would love to meet zendaya and bella

  6. iysis

    my name is Iysis. I’m 9 and my birthday is coming up. I’m so talented, I can sing,dance,and I got style. I’ve always dreamed I would be on tv, so heres my chance

  7. My name is Jenna Calandra I’m 17 years old and I’ve been watching Disney Channel since I was a little girl. I’ve always wanted to be on the show “Shake It Up” and “Jessie”! Those are my two favorite shows on Disney Channel. I would love to be on my two favorite shows. I would practice acting with my family in the living room. I love to act. I also sing too. I’ve been singing since I was 11 or 12 years old.
    Thank you for your time and I hope you can contact me soon! Follow me on Twitter:

  8. Hello,
    My name is Marquis Wiggins and I am a 16yr old male. I have brown eyes, black hair, I weight about 145lbs, i’m 5’9″, and I have an athletic body type. I dance and Ii look forward to acting as well. My two dance styles are dubstep/popping. My primary dance style is dubstep. I would love to become a part of “Shake It Up” and I have an online video link below as well for your consideration. Thanks

    Dance Video Link:

  9. Cierra

    I’m an actress, I’ve been on “Victorious” and “I carly”. I have been dancing my entire life and my mom has been really pushing me to audition for shake it up so I can show my dancing skills and acting skills. According to all my acting teachers, I’m great on camera and such a natural actor so I hope I can make it (:

    1. Christy

      how did you get on those shows?

  10. Emily

    I will love to be a famous dancer becuase I love to dance and and act. I always wanted to be in a tv show. It was always my dream to become a famous dancer and actor. My name is Emily mercado and I’m 12 year old. I have 4 sisters on my moms side and on my dads side.
    My sister from my dads side loves Disney. She is day and night. Her name is Naomi and she is in a wheel chair. I need that money to help her so if I can audition please call me. My mom’s name is Dennis and my father is Hector. I speak two languages, English and Spanish.

  11. Regina

    Btw, Eyes: hazel brown. Hair: reddish brown, little wavy, long. Weight: 99 lbs. Height: 5 feet. Good body shape. Good clothing style. I can do anything you need, I’m easy to teach, and I had experience in many different things (mostly art). 🙂

  12. cj.h

    hey guys! i dance and sing ALL day long! the guys at my workplace actually call me chris breezy! haha. I’m always joking around and real fun 🙂 Need an xtra dancer/singer/actor??? i’m available! lol cj.h 17yrs old

  13. Hi, my name is Ademi but call me Bella cause from my language to english it’s beautiful and from english to italian Bella , I created new name its Anabella Stewart so it’s not to long,hard,complicated to say. My real name is Ademi Turegeldiyeva but it’s doesn’t really matter so I have brown eyes,brown hair, 163cm height, weight 37kg, 21 february 2000 year
    I wanna be a disney channel star. I really like to act , dance , sing, and modeling:) Everyone says I am really good at acting, dancing, singing and modeling:) If anyone says I am not good at my hobbies, I don’t care about them. I don’t wanna waste my time on them just one word “well look at yourself” . I wanna be a superstar from 5 year old!!! Anyways I believe that one time I am going to be superstar. I have been on TV already but I’ve danced there and that was shown everywhere, so I know how hard it is to do a TV show or something like that. I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!! Contact me anytime. I am waiting just for you. Oh yeah and I am 12 years old 😀 If you need any other information then ask me.

  14. Trisonia Smith-Kelly

    I am 10 years old, about to turn 11 in June. I love shake it up and am kinda flexible. I love to design and have my own style like Rocky. I am a straight A student and like Cece, I am playful and fun to be around. I hope you choose me. 🙂

  15. Domeno

    My dream is to be an actor. Haven’t had much experience yet, but I’m willing to try. I can dance I’m not great at it, but I’m not bad. I am 14, 5’4, brunette, not skinny,but not fat. I know I’m a little late but please email me back if there’s a possibility I can be on this show. I love shake it up.

  16. Eavie

    Hi , I’m eavie.
    I dance because it is passionate.
    I’ts what I do . Sometimes I don’t like to dance in front of others but I realized what to be afraid of .So if auditions are not over, I would love to be on shake it up ! my favorite show !!! please pick someone who can really show you dancing . thank you !

  17. chelsesa

    hey, I am chelsea and I am 13 years old. I love your show and your choreography is really great. It would be a dream to audition. I think you guys are great too 😀

  18. Froggy

    I always wanted to be a dancer. when I hear music, I start to dance. I think I can be as good and as famous as Michael Jackson!

    1. Marico Colbert

      Sorry, you might be a great dancer but Michael Jackson is King Of Pop

  19. kashind


  20. Chloe Thompson

    hi , im chloe, im a good dancer.. funny and act just like yaw. i always dreamed of being famous. i hope you guys choose me . it would be a blessing. i just wanna be famous and do my wish in life as acting. i could act very good and i can also act like a drama queen . please pick me . i love your show and i would love to be on it one day . and btw im 14 , african american , brown skin , and wear glasses , i have my own style . and im skinny i wear a 00 in jeans . but im not really flexible. any more info ? just email me. and i promise you wont regret choosing me for your show (:


    I love shake it up


    Hi I’m tiffany I’m 7yrs old, I am in love with dancing Im a quick learner, I would love to audition, just to opertunity is amazing. I dance just like rocky, is she had a twin it would be me thank you. 🙂

  23. Gabe

    I’m here again and you’re probably wondering why I don’t put all these messages in one parahgraph but hopefully this will be the last one. I just wanted to say that I can play the guitar Ok and that I am very talented in acting.

  24. Gabe

    Hey it’s me again I forgt to say that my parents recently went through a devorce and I have to spend one week at my dad’s house and one week at my mom’s place.

  25. Gabe

    Hi my name is Gabe and I am about to turn 10 years old and I love dancing.My favorite music is pop and I love dancing to the music whenever I get the chance.

  26. kyle camilo

    i am 8 i already wrote a reply but i forgot to write some other stuff. I am practicing dance moves for shake it up . Please choose me . I am going to practice my dance moves everyday.

  27. kyle camilo

    dear shake it up, i think i will be on shake it up because I am a good dancer and i am so good at gymnastics. This has been my dream since I was 3 or 2. Please choose me , I have been dreaming this , I want to remember all the good times on shake it up. I want to be on all the episodes of shake it up like you guys. Can you call me and tell me if i am going to be on shake it up.

  28. Name: Hannah Washington
    Age: 13
    Hair: Brown, used to be blonde, can go back if needed.
    Skin: Fairly pale, can easily get tanned.
    Acting experience: Yes
    Dance experience: Yes
    Info: I am 13 but everyone that I know says I look much older. I will be happy to play any age or character. I am from England but I can change my accent if needed. I can get over to the set easily when filming is on and stay in a hotel near by for how ever long it takes. I have acting experience through many plays and big performances.  I can quickly get into character and get along well with others to ensure I am getting the job done well. 
    I have danced with schools and classes and performed in front of audiences.
    I have dreamed since I was little that I could be an actor, and my uncle is a major male model and my auntie is the lookalike Duffy who does many of her performances for her. I want to be big and out there just like them.

     If you want any part done well, I will make sure it is done perfectly.

  29. Briana Spinks

    Hi you guys !! My name is Briana but everyone calls me Breezy . And I am 14 years old about to turn 15 on June 11th . And love Shake It Up . Everyone says im bubbly and super actress like . I see it in myself too . And hopefully you can too . I know all the girls say something like what im saying now but I just wanna show what Im really made out of . 🙂
    Love, Briana ‘Breezy’ Spinks

  30. Savannah

    I have always loved too dance! Im a HUGE fan of Shake It Up and It has been my dream too be on it for a while! I would love too get the opportunity to work with fellow dancers who had the same dream I have. It would change my life in SO many ways. Im 13 years old and want too be on the show!

  31. this is naiquaan again if you like the copied url i attached to the message please contact me.

  32. Well> this is my lil brother dancing and just fooling around doing differnent moves…although he his fooling around he is still serious in his future dancing career….
    also im a big fan and he is too and we’ll like to be a special guest star or just even a background dancer to just be on the set

  33. Jemmah Crighton

    hello my name is Jemmah and im 14 years old and i am a dancer, i dance for a studio and am an amazing dancer, i put alot of effort and enthusiasm in my dancing, i would love to become famous and dance on shake it up, i watch this show all the time and really want to meet and dance with Bella and Zendaya.i would do anything to become famous and be on shake it up, please consider me being on the show i will be a great person, thankyou, love Jemmah(: xo.

  34. Jemmah Crighton

    Hey my name is Jemmah, and I am a dancer and would love to be on Shake It Up, it would be my dream come true, I always watch Shake It Up and think to my self why can’t k be on that show, I would do anything. I love Bella and Zendaya they are beautiful and I would love to dance and meet them, I do now for a studio and put alot of effort and enthusiasm in my dancing, please give me a email or let me know if I could be on the show I would do anything, anyway thank you, Love Jemmah.(: xo

  35. Jemmah Crighton

    hey my name is Jemmah and I’m 13 years old, and I am interested in becoming famous and dancing on Shake It Up, I Dance and am very good at it, I put alot of effort in my dancing and enthusiasm, I would do anything to be on Shake It Up, please consider me being on the show, thank you(:

  36. Eryn G

    My name is Eryn and my hobbies are singing, dancing and acting. I am 12 years old. I think that I dance just like Rocky and Cece. I also dance ballet, tap and jazz.
    Talents: dancing, singing, acting
    I live with my mom and my dog, Baby. I feel like I have the most in common with Rocky. We lead similar lives. I would love to have a chance to live my dream 🙂

  37. Malcolm

    My name is Malcolm and I am 9. I really want to be on Shake It Up. I always watch Shake It Up and really want to meet Zendaya and Bella Thorne. I am good at acting and i never took dancing lessons but I can learn.

  38. Malcolm

    My name is Malcolm and I would love to be on TV. I always watch Shake It Up and really want to meet Zendaya and Bella Thorne. I am good at acting and i never took dancing lessons but I can learn.

  39. jalyn

    i just want to be an extra

  40. janiese

    zendaya is totally awesome and i wish i could do an interview with her online

  41. Please let me be in shake it up Chicago! i really want to hang out with Zendaya and Roshon and even Bella! i’m not really great at dancer or sing, but please let me be in shake it up Chicago! please and thank you!

  42. jason lopez

    my name is jason lopez and i would love to be on this show i am 14 and i love to sing and dance i hope to audition for this show.

  43. Beatrice segura

    Hey hey hey! Well my name is Beatrice and im 13 years old i dont mean to brag lol but im really talented, i go to a conservatory of the arts i have dramma classes,dance classes,and chorus. I have always been interested in acting i am a good fan of disney channel i love it, since i was a little girl ive always wanted to be in it.My roll model is Selena Gomez shes awesome great person, everyone is always telling me that i look like her lol shes beutiful so im flatered i look like her.Well i just wish u could messege me i put in my email please if u can inbox me and i will be so happy.I guess i said to much well bye ttyl. Love Beatrice

  44. alina pruitt

    Hi my name is alina and I would like to tell you that I would be an honor to be part of shake it up. Dancinging had been a passion to me in the world. I really hope you can put me on shake it up in California. I love shake it up,it has always been my dream to dance on tv expescially on Disney channel with Bella thorne and zendaya. I have been dancing scince I was eleven. Please help me and my sister dreams come true

  45. Stella Anasis

    And I’d love to be on shake it up 🙂

  46. Stella Anasis

    And I love dancing I can do ballet jazz hip hop tap old school and modern 🙂

  47. Stella Anasis

    I looooooooooove shake it up and always wanted to meet Bella thorne 🙂

  48. Rachel

    Hello my name is rachel raymore. I am 12 years old and will be turning 13 on october 17th. I have performed in front of people since I was 5.I also have performed in front of crowds as big as 1,000.I wrote an essay for an essay contest that was a hit and I won.I was asked to read my essay publicly many times which I did.I also wrote my own easter poem that I read in front of all of my church. I have a passion for acting and I am not afraid to go on stage. I assure you I am ready for the cameras.I really hope I get cast on disney.I have been wanting to be an actress for a long time now and I am willing to chase my dreams.I hope you consider me and send me an email back. Thank You

  49. Erin Hardnett

    Hi. I live in Georgia, I am an awesome dancer and I adore and love to dance any day I can. In fact, I have learned every single dance on all of the Shake It Up! episodes. I actually think that I would be an important asset to the show. I work hard and I learn easily. I can’t sing well though. My acting is really good, but I am mainly a great dancer. I have always dreamed that I would be able to dance right with Bella and Zendaya.

  50. giuliana

    im a large size have size four feet

  51. giuliana

    i live in miami hopefully i will get to see zendaya and bella my name is giuliana i love dancing i was watching videos on you tube looking for ttylxox dance moves i almost got all the dance steps i just need to practice in my opinon i think i sing good some of my friends discovered my singing talent im just shy i dont like to sing in public and if zendaya and bella see this comment i hope they chose me i am writing this from my heart if you dont belive me then fine dont but i am being sincere ps: im ten years old

  52. Amber Williams

    I love to dance and I really want to be on this but i might not be a good dancer but i could practice please let me be on it i love this show i watch it all the time

  53. mackenzie

    Hi, my names MacKenzie and im nine years old. i now u probably won’t pick me to be a guest star on the show with my friends Alyssa and Julia. But its ok because at least im a great singer and dancer.i hope i at least have a chance to be on shake it up chicago. i look up to you bella and zendaya.

  54. Deandre Graves

    Hey my name is Deandre graves.I am 13 years old, i love to dance, and love to play basketball, But most of all i love being with my friends and family.I am a loving person withsrong abilities. My dancing skills are unbelivible. I have played in a lot of my schools play. I am currently in a High School Musical 2 play. My character is Chad Danforthd. I would love to be on Shake it up Chicago with all the fantastic cast. THank you for your time and i hope i can Shake it up with Chicago.

  55. Lucy

    Hiyaa, Im Lucy and I am posting this because well I would love…Not only love but would be the happiest person in the world if you picked me to be part of shake it up.Im from the Northampton shire area and do alot of drama singing and dance. I am in many dance groups mostly street dance and go to a drama and singing school. I do also watch sha it up and love it so bits!! So please pick me. Thankyou.:)

  56. I would love to be part of this show. I dance, I play 12 instruments (specialized in woodwinds), I grew up singing in the church choir and I also teach dance classes in Arizona and teach dance clubs in a high school. Also I run my own dance crew called Phusion that I created on June 1st 2011. I love to dance, I love music and of all Disney shows on now, Shake it up is my favorite, Although I am 22 years old, I love the show and how it inspires young dancers to really reach for their goals and work hard for it. Being a part of the show would not only be beneficial to me but will give me a bigger chance to inspire young people to do what they love and to always go for it. Young people are my passion and I have so much experience with kids. Thanks for reading my post and if this post ever gets me anywhere with this show or Disney in general, I will always remember this and work hard to keep doing what I love and helping others get there as well. Thank you.

    -Xavier Patten

  57. skylah

    i love shake it up and everyone on the show so please pick me i love to sing and make people laugh im really a good dancer though but i still would love to be on shake it up so would you please pick me

  58. Jacqueline Angelina Longhurst

    I Luv all Disney Productions.

    Hi Disney.
    My name is Jacqueline Angelina Longhurst 
    My Nickname that some of my friends call me all of my family call me are: JQ and Princess
    (I am a female)
    Information about myself:
    I am 12 years old and from Port Credit, Ontario, Canada 
    Ever since i was about 5 years old, I’ve always wanted to get into a career of acting. I especially wanted to become a disney star, then move on to be a film star with much experience of this department of ocupations.
    Description of myself:
    -I have thick long black hair (slightly down to my shoulders and a little of my back)
    -I am tall (5foot 1)
    -does enjoy singing
    -can follow instructions
    -does figure skating well (incase you needed to know that)
    -i can make people laugh
    -can do accents very well
    -can cry by force
    -use to do Karate 
    -Luv to play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and Much More
    -Can take really good photos (modeling, also know how to walk the runway)
    -I can speak French, Portuguese, Japanese (not completely) 
    -I Luv to Dance, Act, and Sing
    -can do Comedy,Drama,Action, Adventure, and Much More 
    THANKS FOR READING  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hi, Im Kaitlyn
    I love Shake it up!!
    I would love to be part of Shake it up.
    And for this year at my school I am doing the talent show, and i had to audition first ,and i got in.!.!. And I am singing TTYLXOX!!!!
    And here is a little luck when I was a baby.
    My mom enteredme in a baby buety pageant, and I won. I got a trophy and I was called Cinderella!!!
    Also I take dance classes.
    I do cartwheels, Spins, and a bunch more.
    I love to dance. It is my DREAM to be on Shake it up!!!!
    Shake it up is my one and only favorite show!!!
    I have the CD live 2 dance!! So good!!!!

    Peace out!!!
    And remember Dance and……..
    Kaitlyn out!!!

  60. and people on youtube are always saying I look, act, and dance like CeCe. again, just saying. and it would truly be a dream come true and such an honour to be on Shake It Up. To be able to say I made it, would just be amazing. If you want to check it out, my youtube channel is: smileysammy04

    it has a lot of views and I have a bunch of subscribers. I know pretty much ALL of the Shake It Up dances, and pick up choreography pretty quickly. Thank you. 😀 If I get picked, I would be the happiest, thankful person in the world.

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