Shake It Up – Disney 2012

Shake it UP is a Disney Channel show that casts extras and guest stars to appear on the series.

This is actually the 3rd Disney channel show to follow the format of a show within a show. The others are ‘Sonny with a Chance’ and of course, ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’. Both those shows are about another show just like ‘Shake it Up’.

Shake It Up is about BFF’s CeCe Jones and Raquel “Rocky” Blue. The pair makes their dreams come true when they land on Shake it Up, a popular dance show that they really wanted to be on.

Now, the fame of being dancers on ‘Shake It Up’ puts their relationships to the test as they juggle their friendship and new found fame on a dance set.

The show just began airing its second season and we all hope they get renewed for a third so more people can get cast as extras, background actors and guest stars.

Shake It Up! casting information:
The show cast the following actors as starring and recurring

The following are the main cast:
Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
Zendaya as Rocky Blue
Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones
Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue
Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez
Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer
Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer

The following actors are recurring roles that may not appear in every episode:

R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde
Anita Barone as Georgia Jones
Carla Renata as Marcie Blue
Buddy Handleson as Henry
Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia

The show is set in Chicago and Disney even did a crossover episode with their other hit show ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

The show was very well received at its debut and it was said to have the highest viewership of any Disney TV show for a premier.

The ‘Shake it Up’ album is also available with songs from the series, Shake It Up: Break It Down. The album for the show was released on July 12, 2011.

Selena Gomez sang the title song ‘Shake it Up’.

Stay tuned for the next season of ‘Shake it Up’ to find out where casting calls and auditions for the show will be!

249 thoughts on “Shake It Up – Disney 2012

  1. Jessica Giddens

    I love Cece cause she’s my fashion icon and I am the hottest dancer.

  2. Julieanne

    Hi my name is Julianne, I’m 15 years old and I’m in Grade 9. I do Traditional dancing. I am Native. I was dancing since I was 8. I’ve danced for pow wows, and I also sing Traditional music.
    I live in Canada Quebec
    <3 <3

  3. Shaniqua

    My name is Shaniqua Ramsaran, I’m 16 years of age. I’m currently a senior in High School and I’m in dancing academy. I am 5’51/2. I am black, Indian, Portuguese, Guyanese and Jamaican so I think I have something different to bring to the table. I have been dancing since I was 2. I’ve danced for parties, singers and other things.. I’m also a dancer and was recently in a dance group and I would love to have a part in Shake It Up to show my talent. I’m also good with people and have great communication skills.

    AGE: 16
    HEIGHT: 5’61/2
    HAIR COLOR: Light Brown
    EYE COLOR: Light Brown
    BODY TYPE : Slim


  4. Paul

    I have seen Kenton Duty and I love shake it up

  5. Stepfan Banks

    My Name is stepfan and I’m 15 yrs old. I would love to be on shake it up add me on facebook @ stepfan russo. I want to become famous, its my dream.

  6. Hi I am a girl. I will 15 this month. I am Chinese-Thai. My father is Chinese and my mother is Thai. I love acting and singing. I always practice and improve myself in front of mirror. I usually sing a song if I can. I like to play guitar,piano and violin but I can not play yet,now I’m learning how to play it.
    height; 158 cm
    weight: 59 kg
    Thank you!

  7. latera

    I hope I really get in. This has been a long life dream for me also I can act very good and you will love to have me on your show. I am really talented, I know how to act and dance and plenty more stuff. I hope you take the time to read this.

  8. Kayla Gantz

    I am 10, I have a passion for acting. I have wanted to be an actress for my whole life. I have a great personality. I live in MI and I am willing to go to LA. I would want to be Rocky or CeCe. I am a good dancer\singer. I think I have enough confidence for the part. I have my own sense of style and I am unique. I am african american. Music and acting is my life so please consider me as a maybe at least.

  9. Christinair

    Oh, and did I tell you I’m the best actor in my whole class. I am also taking dance lessons now, so PLEASE email me and get me on the show! I’m serious about naming my child after whoever gets me famous!

  10. Christinair

    Hey guys…so my names Christinair but people call me Chris for short. And I absolutely love Shake It Up. I am 12 but turning 13 on January. So, here’s a lil’ info ’bout myself:
    I could totally be Cece’s step sister or something. Me and her are like so alike. I am dyslexic like her(But I am so close to overcome it)
    I am like 5ft 6.
    I would do ANYTHING just to get on the show.
    I am a HUGE fan of Cece.
    I am from a small country next to Vietnam.
    I will relocate just to be on the show…

    So guys, please support me! And whoever gets me famous, I would totally name my child after you. And thanks for reading!!!

  11. khalin rivenbark

    My name is khalin and i love to dance. I have seen every episode of SHAKE IT UP. I was offered a modeling and acting job but financial issues held that back but anyways my life is all about music and dancing. Everything I do revolves around them. I’m very athletic, been playing soccer for years and if you would please give me a chance you will never regret it. I really believe I deserve this.

  12. Alexia

    I always wanted to be famous.
    I always wanted to work with Zendaya and Bella.
    It would mean a lot, please email me if I give you the email.

  13. Lander Antonio

    I have a dream of one day being on TV. I am a very good singer, actor and singer. I have lots of experience in acting I have been in 3 musical productions and once has played a leading part. I have danced once in a Talent Show and was second place. I really hope I will be picked for atleast just an extra. Thank You for this WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!!

  14. Dahyana

    Hi, I’m Dahyana Romero, I’m 17, brown hair and brown eyes, my height measurement is 1.60 and would like to say I have experience in acting, singing and dancing as part of various musical workshops. I participate in works such as “Dracula,” “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “The Canterville Ghost”. I am experienced in front of the cameras. Many specialized players have given me their returns and have always been satisfactory. I love dancing, singing, modeling and I also rode horses. Of course, thank you very much. I’m 17 but could pass for 14 or 15.

  15. jonee page

    I would love to be part of the cast of shake it up. I can sing, dance, and act. I would love this opportunity. I have brown hair, brown eyes. I’m average in body. I hope I get this chance some day.

  16. Gothard izabella

    My biggest dream is to act 🙂 call me. I don’t live in america, I live in romania 🙂 please call me 🙂

  17. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily,
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    DOB: 11/24/99
    Hight: 5’3’’
    Hair Length: Long
    Talents: Singing, Dancing, ShowJumping (HorseBack Riding), Modeling, Great Leadership Skills, Sales Person- I can sell my image as well as any product.
    2003- Spring 2011 (Ballet) Walnut Hill School For The Arts Community Academy
    2007-2009 (ShowJumping) August Farm
    2009 (Acting) PAC Hairspray Workshop
    2010 (ShowJumping) Shadow Fax Stable
    2010 (acting) Boston Casting’s Nail That Audition Taught By Angela Perry
    2010 TCAN’s Television Workshop Taught By Rex Trailer
    Summer 2011 Boston Ballet’s Summer Dance Program- 5 Week Intensive
    Fall 2011 Boston Ballet School
    2004-2009-2011 Walnut Hill Ballet – The Nutcracker
    2011 The M&M Story (Musical) Lead Singer/ Lead Role at Celebration International Church
    2011 Veritas Christian Academy – Model for Print Ad
    2011 Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker
    Fluent in English and Portuguese (Brazil)
    And Limited Fluency in Spanish
    Lead Singer at JAM Kids
    Choreographer for JAM Kids
    Worship Leader for Children’s Ministry
    3/4 brazillian-1/4 Japanese- Born in Framingham MA USA
    after a couple hours learning the dances…

    Thank you for your time,

  18. nanie

    I want to be on shake it up. I like zendaya, she’s the best and I am a good dancer.

  19. Telisha

    My name is Telisha and I am a small town, 12 year old girl. I would like to be apart of the great opportunity you have stated above: Being on the hit show “Shake It Up”! Being on “Shake It Up” is a wish I could only dream of coming true, but you can make it happen if you think I’m worthy. I know I do! Here are a few things you may want to know about me:
    I am a straight A student at my school.
    I’m a great listener.
    I’m committed to what I do.
    I love trying new things and meeting new people.
    I do make mistakes.(Nobody’s perfect)
    I’m told I’m very honest.
    I’m hardworking.
    I admire Bella and Zendaya.
    I love to dance and sing.
    I’m shy at times, but I love to be funny.
    My race is mixed White and African American.
    I have brown,shoulder-lenghthed,naturally curled hair.
    I have dark brown eyes.
    I have a golfball sized birthmark on my knee.
    My height is 5’2.
    My weight is 85 lbs.
    I am also on my school’s cheerleading team.
    I’m skinny, but I have upper body strenght.
    I was in gymnastics for 2 years.
    Thankyou for taking time out your busy schedual to read this post. You have the power to make mine and many other kids’ dream come true. I’m sure you will read many posts much like this, but please take mine into consideration.If I am chosen for such a responsability I promise I will give it my all. If you would like to know any more information about me please email my adress. Thankyou for reading my post, and with whoever you choose I am looking forward to a great “Shake It Up” season!!!

  20. Chaela

    I love shake it up and dance is my life. Dance is amazing. I love it. I dance at two dance places. I am 11 about to turn 12 and have 2 step brothers. Bella and Zendaya are amazing at singing acting and mostly dancing. I memorize all of your songs and it would would mean everything to me, thx

  21. Hello my name is Bryanna,
    Age:11 going on 12 in Febuary 2013
    Weight:97 pounds
    Talent:Singing,Acting,and Dancing
    Size:Tall,and Skinny
    Hair:Short,Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark brown
    My dream is for me to be on Disney Channel.I am always talking about how when I am famous im going to be big and im going to be someones role model.I might just be a begginner in all this but i still believe in myself.I would like to get my own show but if not its still going to be okay.Please let me be on your show just give me a chance the way you gave Bella Thorne,and Zendaya a chance I promise I will be great.

  22. Maureen Furigay

    I love shake it up. I love CeCe and Rocky. I’m 7 years old and turning 8 years old in July. It will be fun and perfect if I was an extra in Shake It Up:)

  23. Jordyan Horton

    Hi, I have dance experence in “bring it on”. I am 9 and I live in hazelpark in MI.

    1. Jordyan Horton

      Go girl

  24. Samara

    Hey… I’m Samara I Am 9 Years Old And Im A Good Actor. I Love To Sing, Dance And Mostly Act. I Will Love To Be On Shake It Up Because I Know I Got The Skills And It Is My Favorite Show In The Whole World. I Dance Like You Guys Do And I Act Like You Guys And I Love To Sing Your Songs Too.

  25. Guilherme Mourato

    I am 14 years old, I live in Portugal, in Coimbra and I want to be the 1st Portuguese person who famous all over the world. I want to appear in the Shake it Up, the best program on disney channel.
    I really want this. This is my favourite program with music, acting and dance.

  26. zsane wicker

    Hi,i am Zsane’ Wicker and 10 years old i am a great singer and a great dancer i live in a small town ,kentwood where britnay spears grow up i am a great student and have a honor roll average and would love to show my talent i have been on 2 dancing teams and alot of cheerleading and dance camps i have been singing every since i was 3 and i have been dancing every since i was 8 i always wanted to have fame and right now is a big shot to have that dream again i am Zsane’ Wicker and 10 years old and would love to shack it up for u if i get that time to shine….

  27. Norman

    Yo! How are you all doing? Well.. I want to be on any disney channel show! Talented teenage singer here, male and brown skin. I’m 15.

    I love performing arts with a special talent for the singer-songwriter role. I also play guitar and the piano.
    I Would love to be on Disney channel because I have a genuine passion for what I do. I am an extremely dedicated guy who just loves to entertain others. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure which would of course be awesome for my upcoming career as a singer! 🙂
    Thanks, really appreciate this great opportunity.

  28. kushma

    I think I should be in shake it up because music is my life and I want to show the world who I am really:)

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