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The Teen Model Search 2014 is on!

Make sure you check out the newest info on this – Please see the update for this year on the Seventeen Magazine Model Search.


Have you always dreamed of being a covergirl? Well here is your chance to join the teen modeling contest for Seventeen magazine and take a shot at being picked to be a “real girl” covergirl.

Seventeen magazine is now running a model contest called “Pretty Amazing”. Models and non-models alike are all welcome to enter. The magazine is looking for an “Amazing real girl” who is passionate, creative, cute and well, amazing!

The casting for this is being done online and aspiring models can submit their applications and photos online. Yes, these are online auditions for models and no traveling is required.

Seventeen is looking for the ultimate real girl and the real girl that is picked will have a chance to be on the very coveted cover of the trendy teen magazine. Plus, even if you do not win the top prize and the cover shoot, you will have a chance to win some fabulous prizes just for entering.

This is the “Real Girl Covergirl” modeling competition.

Teen Model Competition 2013



The contest prizes are as follows:

Five finalists will be chosen and those finalists will all be flown to New York city or Los Angeles along with a friend. The model contest finalists will get a 4 day stay at a hotel in the city and will participate in a photoshoot and a media event.

A winner will be chosen from the finalists and the model who wins will get a $10,000 scholarship and the chance to appear on a future cover of Seventeen Magazine.

The entries are already being taken online. The contest opened this month and the deadline to apply is April 30th 2013. When you enter, please be prepared. You must submit 2 very recent photos of yourself that are not edited and very clear. That means that you will not be able to use blurry pics, those taken in a mirror with a cellphone or low quality webcam photos. The modeling contest also expects the entrants to be well spoken with good writing skills. Along with the photos and the application, potential models will have to submit an essay which will tell the judges why she is “pretty amazing”.

Seventeen Magazine Model Search

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The judges will weight appearance (the photos) as 50% and passion as 50% (the essay). In late May 2013, the judges will pick the finalists. After the finalists are picked. Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite girl online.

The judges of the modeling competition are the Editor in Chief of Seventeen, other fashion and beauty editors, a Neutrogena brand ambassador, and Carly Rae Jespen will be a guest judge.

To qualify for this you must be a legal US resident who is a 15 to 22 year old female. If the winner is under 18 years old, they must have their parent’s permission to participate and if they win, will have to travel with an adult.

To submit your entry you must go to the website at and follow the onscreen instructions to get your entry in.

Good luck ladies!

27 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine model casting and contest

  1. Morgan Roberts

    Hi my name is Morgan Roberts. I don’t have any background in modeling but I love taking photos.
    5 foot 7
    Hazel eyes
    Dirty blond hair
    125 pounds
    Wear glasses

  2. Morgan Roberts

    Hi my name is Morgan. I’m 13, 5 foot 7, hazel eyes, I weigh 125 pounds, and have dirty blond curly hair. I love to take photos but I never thought someone would be taking my photos. I do wear glasses because I have strabismus in my left eye but I can take my glasses off without my eye crossing. Thank you.

  3. Talisa

    I am 16 years old, live on my own, very independent. Been through a lot in life, but this is my dream. Go big or go home. I want to be in high fashion. I know I have what it takes. I am very strong willed and tough. I am used to rejection every day of my life. I just want to give this a shot, there is always hope. (5’9 dark brown hair and eyes) curly hair half black part white and Mexican. I have confidence that I am the teenage model your looking for

  4. shailynne stark

    My name is Shailynne, I’m 16 years old and I am half black / half white. I have brown curly hair and brown eyes. I am a serious dancer and have modeled for multiple photographers. I’m very toned because of dance, I train every day and I am a scholarship winner for NYCDA. If you are interested please contact me!

  5. America

    Hi my name is America Perez and I love modeling. I used to model for 3 different photographers and for miss Fontana.

  6. Jakayla

    Name; Jakayla Brooks
    Age; 15
    hair; Short,brown
    Weight; 150
    I really would love this opportunity. I been trying to start my modeling job for a long time. I’m very dedicated and open to anything.

  7. lanesia long

    Birthday: 05/19/96
    Beyond average teenage girl trying to make it in the modeling world! 🙂

  8. Zoe sone

    Hi! My name is Zoe Sone. I love animals, and drawing.
    Race- Chilean
    Weight- 130
    Eyes- green
    Hair- Dark brown
    I just want to be what other girls want to be in the magazine and try out for something new In their lives. I come from a small town in Chile, I have modeled before for a magazine. I speak Spanish and English. Well what inspired me to try out modeling was my sister, she is a model and I haven’t seen her since 4 years.

  9. Paige Robinson

    Hi! My name is Paige Robinson. I love animals and school.
    Race- American (Freckles)
    Weight- 130
    Eyes- Hazel
    Hair- Medium dirty blonde
    I just want to make everyone feel like they are one of a kind! I have modeled before, but not professionally.

  10. Lottie crase

    Hey, my names Lottie Crase, it’s been my dream to be a model since I was 7 I love being in front of cameras. I take a lot of pictures. I would love to have a shot at his amazing opportunity. I’m 14 years old!
    Hair- light brown
    Race- white – Ivey with freckles 🙂
    Eyes- hazel
    Weight- 114
    Personalty – I’m a joker I love having a good laugh even if it’s on me.


  11. Natalie

    Hi my name is Natalie. I’m 16 and a junior in high school, 5″7′ and 115 lbs, have long curly/wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and I am also, puerto rican and Cuban. I’ve always dreamed to be a model. I love being in front of the camera. I am very dedicated and determined and always try my hardest. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. thank you!

  12. shatasha sykes

    I would love to be casted for this. I am a 14 year female. A freshman in highschool.
    Race : African American
    Weight :107 lbs.
    Hair color:Dark brown
    Eye color :Dark brown
    I am very talented. I have always wanted to be a models ever since i was 3. I love being in front of cameras. It have always been my dream to become a model. I Hope I am one of the 5 finalist. So my dreams can come true.

  13. Chelsea Adams

    Hi my name is Chelsea. I am 18 years old. I have been modeling for four years now. I just started college to pursue a teaching career. I love modeling. I am very going and a people person and I am a very hard worker. I am 5’7 113 lbs. I would love the opportunity to be your next cover girl.

  14. Morgan Chan

    Hi my name is Morgan and I’m 22 years old, 5.0″, I’m Asian, 32c 26 34.. 115 pounds.

  15. Kevinneah Mckinney

    My name is Kevinneah. I’m 15 years old. Everyone’s telling me that I’m model type and that I should become a model.
    Height 5’1
    weight: 99.1 lbs
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    And I think this would be a great opportunity for me.

  16. Emani Zion Formeus- Marsahll

    I’m a 15 year old sophomore in high school now. I play high school basketball(varsity). I have a talent for singing and song writing but would like to get into modelling, my mother was a model in her twenties but didn’t go as far as she wanted to go.
    -Haitian American
    -5’8 1/2
    – Dark Brown Skin
    -Black Short Hair
    – Dark Big Brown Eyes
    – And a big smile to share with even one
    ~ All I want to do in life is entertain people. Either singing, modelling or acting,its what I want and what I’m going to do in life. I’m going I go to college for vocal arts and live my life in the public eyes, then put smiles on people’s faces.
    You can see some images on Instagram @emaniqre

  17. kelsie calloway

    I really want to get in the business.

  18. Christine Milan

    Sorry I was up too early in the morning, I couldn’t sleep.

  19. Christine Milan

    Hi, I have always wanted to become a model ever since middle school. I am very confident and also very passionate that I will win! My talents are dance, art/drawing, and singing. My hair color is dark brown and I have light brown eyes. My age is 14 and I will never give up never…. Next competition I will never let go of my confidence and I will keep my head up high. No matter what, if I don’t win still getting that scholarship will matter but I know I can get one on my own anyway.

  20. Mariama Diallo

    I am 12 but I keep trying on everything. I love seventeen magazine, my favorite one is the Ariana grande one I love fashion, cosmetics, modeling and acting. The most I have a lot of magazines mostly express but I really want to be on the cover and have an article. I am a cheerleader and an excellent student. My hair is brownish black, very long in the back and the front is medium. I don’t have modeling experience but I do have modeling pics of me and I might be young but I want this a lot. You might look at this like she’s to young. I might be young but I would love this opportunity.

  21. Josie Chisholm

    Hi my name is Josie. I am 17 years old, I will be a senior and I am from West Virginia. I’m 5’4 and 125 lbs. I have white skin, blue eyes, blonde, medium length hair. My talents are acting and modeling and playing sports. I am very dependable and ready to work I am very fun to work with, this would be a amazing opportunity.

  22. Mihya Weber

    Hi my name is Mihya. I am 18 years old, so just graduated about to start college therefore the scholarship money would be very helpful! I am 5’6 about 105 lbs size 0/1 have light even skin tone, green eyes, medium/long brown hair. I have been told by many that my look is very marketable. I am extremely eager to pursue a career with modeling and commercials.
    I have plenty of pictures if you would like to view any and thank you for your consideration:)

  23. Brianna Kent-Peden

    Talents- Model, Act, Sing, Anything with horses(western and English), Softball/baseball
    Thanks, I would love to have a chance for this wonderful opportunity.

  24. Brianna Kent-Peden

    Hey, My name is Brianna. I am a grad from John Casablancas in OKC. If need be, you can get my info from them.
    Thanks, Brianna

  25. My name is Nakita Williams, I am 16 years old, and I am a model. I do many different kinds of photo shoots, and I am always prepared and ready to work. I have a lot of fun modeling, but I am also very dependable, and determined. I would love so much to be in your magazine.
    Waist: 19.5
    Height 5’7
    weight:114 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown

  26. Eroby Mota

    Hello , my name is Eroby Mota and I’m at Barbizon Modeling/acting School in NYC. When I turned fifteen, I did a few small productions. I was also a model for a clothes line in Dominican Republic. Years later I was an actress and a dancer in a international tv show called ” Sabado Chiquito De Corporan”. I also did some small theater shows.

    Age- 21

    Height- 5’4″

    Skin color- light skin

    Gender- Female

    Weight- 115

    Eyes- Dark brown

    Hair- Long length/Dark Brown

    Ethnicity- Latin American

    Language- Spanish/English






    fashion designing

    Training: Barbizon NYC

    Thank You!

    – Eroby Mota

  27. Amelia Lemke

    Hi my name is Amelia Lemke and I am with Exxcel Model and Talent. I would love to have a shot at this wonderful opportunity. I am very dedicated and determined. I also have some experience in the modeling industry. Thank you for your time!

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