Online Auditions for Teen lead roles Accepting Nationwide submissions

We Play Dead“, a feature film is looking to cast 2 lead roles for teens 17 to 21. These are 2 male leads.

The film will be shot in Canada this coming fall, however they will be taking online submissions for the roles from the US and Canada. You must be willing to travel to Canada this fall for production.

The film’s producer’s are seeking talent that is ages 17-21. The role is actually that of 17 year old boys so they are looking for people who actually look like they are 17.
All levels of experience are welcome to apply!

The movie is about….

Best friends, Curtis and Bernie, go off and do a bit of a silly prank to fake their own deaths, but of course, it doesn’t go as planned and they end up meeting a real serial killer. The night does not go as planned and the 2 buddies friendship gets tested ans they end up running for their lives.

Breakdowns for the characters:

Soulful, steady, the rock of his group. Not at all “pretty”, but a very handsome kid in an  non self conscious, working class way (Think River Phoenix in Stand By Me or Brad Renfro in The Client — but older obviously).


Bernie is not handsome necessarily, but you can’t take your eyes off him. He’s like a magic trick. Fascinating, ugly/beautiful, hypnotic and magnetic and upsetting.

Bernie is unpredictable, a wild card, like a loaded gun in the hands of an idiot. You’re never sure what he might do from moment to moment, and it’s worrying. There’s just something “off” about him. Bernie is wild-eyed. He reacts emotionally to everything, without thinking. He is prone to violence and often a victim of his own rage and self-hatred – though he does not understand these things. He is grandiose, a fantasist, and sees himself at the center of events. But he’s also FUN. His fierceness and fearlessness are his best and also worst qualities. Style-wise, Bernie is a Skater with a Hip Hop edge.


We Play Dead” will be produced by Susan Cavan and Robi Levy.

The film will be directed by Josh Levy and Steve McKay is writing the screenplay.
Casting by Rich Mento

US and Canadian will be considered for the roles only. If interested you can apply online via a video audition and other info that can be found at

April 18, 2014 is the deadline for all submissions, so make sure you get your info out ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Online Auditions for Teen lead roles Accepting Nationwide submissions

  1. richard

    My name is Richard. I’m a linguistic person, I’m 17 years of age and I like acting. I even act on Broadway, with my experience of acting I’m sure I could bring down to the table. I want to be an inspired actor, I follow myself, I dream one day, hoping to have this opportunity to work alongside with the biggest company of all time. Its my dream to shine and be a star of my own generation. Excelling is what I do best. I focus on my pathway to success, what I have always dreamed about. I hope I get this casting role and I meet the genius that wrote the play or even directed it.
    I would be so happy to be part of the industry and expressing myself or feeling by performing is what I want. Acting, which comes in the heart not mind, if the heart is there the mind supports it. It’s a ring of life.

  2. Leslie Sosa

    I’m 16, will be 17 in 2 months and yes I’m willing to travel. I have my passport and I have been to many places out of the US.

  3. Sena Atadja

    Hi my name is Sena Atadja. I am a R/B soul pop singer. One day I want to be the next Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Whitney Houston. I really believe in myself. It would mean the universe to me if you gave me this oppurtunity. Thank You

  4. Beatriz Segura

    My name is Beatriz, I’m 15 years old, I live in Miami Fl. When I first decided I wanted to be an actress I was 3 years old. Ever since I’ve been taking modeling classes, and acting classes. Acting is a big part of my life, I am very ready to start acting on TV. I never doubt my self and I know that my dreams will come true, because I believe in myself. I believe that I can get a part on this film and do the best that I can do, which is amazing.

    I would be so so happy if you give me an opportunity, I promise I won’t let anyone down. I am very responsible, and creative. Everyday I wake up with the need to fulfill my dreams, and I am certain that they aught to come true.

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