One Direction TV Show

One Direction TV Show

1D is taking the world by storm and you can check out their audition in a video below, just in case you missed their original audition for Simon Cowell and friends.

Nickelodeon has recently announced that One Direction or 1D as they are sometimes called will be getting their own TV show on the network. This will not be their first stint on Nickelodeon since the band has already appeared on Nickelodeon’s hit iCarly this year and has toured with Big Time Rush.

One Direction seems to in fact have joined the Nick family. They have their own page on and are listed on the Nick Stars page of the site.

You can check out the one Direction Auditions in this video below:

One Direction seems to be the new “British Invasion” that is making young girls swoon across the globe. With such a huge fan base, this new show will no doubt be a huge hit.

The group has been burning up the pop music charts and tickets sales for their 2013 tour is rumored to be worth millions. Many sites have said that One Direction is the most popular boy band since the Beatles in the 60’s receiving the same type of fan attention.

1D also has a documentary in the works that will follow the band around to capture their loves both on tour and off. It will let their millions of fans get a glimpse into their daily lives and personalities.

“What Makes You Beautiful” is their hit song and a TV show about 1D will no doubt cement their stardom and keep their momentum rolling.

One Direction gets new TV show

For anyone not familiar with 1D, they are a British-Irish boy band whose members are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records after appearing on X-Factor. So X-Factor, did indeed make these boys stars and their talent and popularity has brought about a new age of the classic Boy Band. The One Direction craze has now found its way to America and the gang is working on projects in the U.S.



Members of 1D are

  • Niall Horan
  • Zayn Malik
  • Liam Payne
  • Harry Styles
  • Louis Tomlinson

The boys already have a huge audience and a new One Direction sitcom or docu-series seems like a natural next step that will expose them to millions more and create some huge viewership numbers for their show and the Nickelodeon network.

Since the new show is still in the making, we can maybe expect filming to begin later in 2012 for the show to begin airing in 2013.

Besides their new TV show, One Direction has tons of other projects in the works which include collaborations, tours, promo deals, guest spots and some ads. Yes, these boys have been very busy lately. 1D is taking America by storm and that storm is about to get larger.

The new 1D TV show is still in development so no word yet as to where they will be filming or if they will holding any casting calls for extras or others. I am sure many fans are waiting in anticipation to get more details about the new show and if there is even a chance for fans to attend any casting calls or see a live taping for the new One Direction TV show.

229 thoughts on “One Direction TV Show

  1. Erika

    age: 17
    eyes: brown
    hair color: dark brown
    height: 5’5″-5’6″
    weight: 101
    gender: female
    ethnicity: caucasian
    country: united states
    My name is Erika, I love singing and having fun. I’m a very outgoing person which is why this is something I can see myself doing and enjoying. I love one direction, I’ve been a fan of them since right after they left the x-factor. I’ve wanted to do something along the lines of modeling, acting, singing etc my entire life so I think this would be perfect. The boys changed my life so much, in fact they saved my life. They really are my everything which makes this way more than any old acting job, tv show, etc to me. The boys are my world, even if it’s not acting I would love to be involved with this show in any possible way!

  2. Jasmine Walsh

    I’m Jasmine Walsh & I’m from Las Vegas NV. Acting/music is my number one priority. I have 27 songs written by me and I also play the guitar. I’m very passionate about Acting/music. I’ve done short skits, been to many auditions and I’ve also played one if my songs at the town square mall. I will drop everything that I have to get into the entertainment world. I’m a hard worker and I’m very reliable. I won’t let anything stir me away from what I truly want. Just the opportunity to audition makes me feel as though I always have something to look forward to. I’m friendly but I do know why I want and I’m not afraid to speak up for myself. I know there’s always another door when one of them closes, so no matter how many times I get “no” I will never let that stop me.

  3. darielle martin

    Hi, my name is Darielle, I am 11 but I can pass from ages 10-13.

    Hair-short and dark brown
    Eyes-dark brown
    Height-4 11 1/2 ft tall
    Race-african american

    I am a very committed person and I realize many many people would love to work with them because they are inloved with them but I personally would want to be on the show because I think it would be a great experience even if I’m just on 1 episode and have 1 line. I think it would be a great way to make new friends and be on t.v. thank you for reading my comment and I hope you choose me.

  4. Rebecca Daghian

    I know I probably have a one in a million chance, but I’m taking it! so I could tell you all about myself but I prefer sending it to an email.
    I’m 14 and am a huge 1D fan, but I’m certainly not the type that screams and faints when I see them NO WAY! but I’d really want to be close buds with them:) I’ve been posting on a few casting calls recently, but this is the one I want the most. I won’t let you down if you hire me, I promise. I’m a perfectionist and I won’t do anything if I won’t do it perfectly, so I’ll work my butt off if I get applied…email me for details..thanksxoxo

  5. leah nicole leake

    Hi, my name is Leah, i am a BIG 1D fan, I love their music and I love acting and Nickelodeon. I am 14, and will do anything to become an actress on Nickelodeon. I am a british fan. Everytime I’m sad I will listen to their voices and become absolutly happy and. If I’m angry, I just act something out and I will let my anger out into my acting! It’s the best way to express my feelings and when I dont feel beautiful, I sing What Makes You Beautiful.xx

  6. Ashley Leal

    Hi I’m Ashley, I love to act all the time I always join school plays when there is one. I’m out going and very energetic. I also do dance and sports. I would love to play a role in the show. Hope to get an email soon and Thank You!

    Age:16 (but can look younger than 16)
    Height: 4’11”
    Weight: 107 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown/ Wavey/ Curly
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female

  7. Grace Magstadt

    Hey I’m grace!
    I’m 13, Blue eyes
    I want to be an actress and a singer.
    It has been my dream to have kids just like I was, sitting there watching me, I need a chance, without this I won’t get a chance. So far I think this is all I have left, maybe luck will come, and hopefully if I get a audition, it will be my day to shine 🙂 please, your my last hope.

  8. Todd

    My name is Todd Wood and I am 10 years old. I would like to try and get the role, but I have not had any experience. I also do yearly school plays.
    You can email or phone me.

  9. Hallie Fitzelle

    Name: Hallie
    DOB: 3/30/1996
    Height: 5’4
    Hair color: Redish
    Eyes: Blue
    Gender: Female
    I love acting and I hope to make it my life’s career.I have been in drama since I started highschool and I am now in 11th grade, I wasn’t really good when I started but I have improved a lot. I’m very dedicated and I can do anything I put my mind to. I’m a very good listener and I have a very good memory. I also work really well with others.
    Thank you!
    I hope you cantact me soon.
    Hallie Fitzelle

  10. Makayla

    I can’t wait for their show to start but it would be some much better if I were on it.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’8
    DOB: April 16, 1996
    Ethnicity: African American
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: wavy, Dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    School level: 11th Grade
    Talent: Acting, Singing, Some Dancing, modeling

    I’m up to learn anything that I don’t know and am not very good at. I’m a hard worker and hope to make it somewhere someday soon. This is something I am really dreaming about!
    Thank you
    Hope you contact me soon 🙂
    Makayla Fuller

  11. Josue Galindo

    T.V. show for the boy band One Direction? I bet its gonna be a amazing and I would like to be part of it. The name is Josue Galindo. I’m 5’9, I weight 156, 19 years old and I’m mexican-american. Wanting to be an actor for nickolodeon is one of my desires. I got talent, charisma, and the looks. Give me a chance and I’ll make it worth your time.

  12. Cathy Gonzalez

    Hey I’m Cathy Gonzalez, I would love to be an actress in any of the Nickelodeon productions. My dream has always been to be an actress and you can make my dream come true ! A little more about me is I’m Spanish, but born and raised in California. I’m 14 and of height of 5’7 I have dark brown hair. I love sports and play on teams . Please contact me , it would make my world, thank you for your time goodbye :)xx

  13. Cathy Gonzalez

    Hey I’m Cathy, I’m 14 years old. I’m 5″7, I’m Spanish but born and raised in California. It’s been hard for me to find an acting career that can work for me and nothing can be better then working with ‘the boys’ of one direction 🙂 contact me ! xx

  14. Cathy Gonzalez

    Hello ! I’m Cathy I’m 14 years old. I’m currently living in napa California. I’m Spanish but I’m born and raised in California 🙂 I’m lovable as my friends said I’m funny and a great actress. I’m happy all the time but when it gets to work I can be sassy and serious cause first work then play time. Always serious on set. Funny, out of work, I’ve been looking for opportunities every where but there never are any where I live! It’s awful really . This will be my opportunity of a life time 🙂 especially with a new lovably British / Irish boy band . Help me out and I’ll be your girl on the set ready to work ! Thanks goodbye xx

  15. Laura

    Hi I’m Laura… I’m 11 almost 12 and I LOVE
    One Direction!!! <3 I would love to be on a Tv Show. I love acting, singing, and dancing!
    I'm short… 4 foot 5 1/2

  16. Omarri Vargas

    Hi! Im Puerto Rican and Italian, 5’5 and a half, I’m 14 1/2 years old and I’m in 9th grade. My first semester in 9th grade I took an “Acting 1” class which prepared me for A LOT of things! I also performed monologues and SNL skits in front of an audience. Now (second semester) I am home schooled which gives me more time to do things. I have always wanted to audition before but haven’t had the chance. (The pictures in my website were taken last summer. I haven’t changed much but my hair is shorter.)

  17. Travis Broadway

    Hello I’m Travis and I have been looking for an opportunity to do an acting career. I really want to become an actor. If I get a role in the TV show I will be so happy. I have been in drama club for 3 years. I think I would be good for the TV show.

  18. paula

    Hello my name is Paula Garcia and I’ve always loved acting. I’m on high school in a drama club and I love it. Also in my free time I act. I know a lot about what is going behind the scenes. Because my date is a creative producer and makes TV programs. I’m hanging around there a lot and I completely feel at home. Also my uncle is a director and had one time won a Bombay award. I’m making movies with my little brother who’s great with the camera. We’re making reportage or we’re having interviews. I love being in front of the camera and I feel completely home like I said. I’d hope you will give me the opportunity to do this. It would be great! Well I’m 16 years old. I dance on a high level and I sing. I’m really social and I’ve got respect for every single person on Earth. I want to go to the film academy and write scripts, what I’m doing now also, is making movies of it. I will hear from you if you’re interested.

  19. Genesis Marie Muniz

    Age: 14-15 next month
    Birth Date: Feb 20 1998
    hair color: black
    hair color right now: black *blond highlights*
    ethnicity: Hispanic *puerto rican*
    raised in new haven ct since I was 3
    I live in a small town in PA
    Love one direction <3 & I love acting
    dark eyes
    about 5'2.
    I really don’t know but I weigh 100 pounds
    I’m tan about zendaya coleman's color or lighter and I’m fun ^.^ Thank You . <3

  20. Fiona


  21. Fiona

    Hi my name is Fiona I would love to star with these amazing, talented boys.
    Hair: Dark Brown (Can be dyed)
    Eyes: Harzle
    Skin colour: Tan
    Talent: Acting and singing
    Ethnic: English,Irish,Scottish,Australian and New Zealander(Kiwi)
    Skills: Good sense of humor,Give 100% in everything I do, Good memory, Photogenic, Persistent and I think out side of the box.
    Year:6 in Primary

  22. Serena Brunoehler

    HI! I am Serena Brunoehler
    I am 14
    I am born on April 6 1998
    I am 5’3
    I have natural Blonde hair its dark brown right now.
    I have hazel eyes.
    I am really funny so I been told.
    I can dance a little bit but I can’t sing.

  23. Sabrina harris

    Age 13
    Date 1/3/1999
    Hair: brownie blond
    Eyes: blue
    Gender : female
    Talent : singing / acting / play guitar
    I am nine and this is a dream to someday become an actress. thank you.

  24. Destiny Ramos

    Thanks for the news. I will be waiting for the location of the auditions.
    Name: Destiny Alexandria Ramos
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    DOB: July 02, 1998
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: wavy, Dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    School level: 9th Grade
    Talent: Acting
    Thank You,

  25. Elizabeth Garcia

    I am in eighth grade, almost graduating and I would really like for you to pick me for this show. I am a very dedicated and hard worker. I can sing good and in school I get all A’s and B’s. I like singing songs by one direction, miley cyrus, selena gomez, justin bieber, bridget mendler, shane harper, katy perry, one republic, bruno mars, the wanted, and many others.

    I would just LOVE to be on this show with my idols and fave singers. One Direction is just a wonderful, awesome boyband. Their singing is great and I hope that someday I can meet them and maybe work with them. My favorite one direction member is Zayn Malik, but I really LOVE them all. If you pick me I will not scream in their faces and go all fan girl on them.
    height:like 5’6 or 5’6 1/2
    weight:119 pounds
    hair:dark brown, curly, wavy
    eyes:dark brown
    skin:light tanish color.. I guess

  26. Rania chawiky

    Hi my name is Rania and I’m 12. This is very cool that 1d will have a show. I act very good and I’m in a theater group since 3 years old. I have curled brown hair and I’m so pretty. I’m a strong mademoiselle and I think that I can have a role.My friends say that I’m nice and very funny. But……1 problem, I Live in Germany …. email me . thanks

  27. Carlie

    Hello, my names is Carlie and I’m 15 years old. I work very hard to succeed and I’m willing to try new things. I am funny, outgoing, adventurous and smart. I’m friendly but at first I’m shy. After I know who I’m working with I feel more comfortable and I open up and just have fun. I’m not that good at singing but I can act. I would be honored if you picked me and you’ll be glad if you do.

  28. Summer

    I really don’t want to do this just because I get to meet 1D. That’s why most of the girls are wanting to do that. I want to do it for fun.

  29. Destiny Ramos

    Thanks for the news. I will be waiting for the location of the auditions.
    Name: Destiny Alexandria Ramos
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    DOB: July 02, 1998
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: wavy, Dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    School level: 9th Grade
    Talent: Acting
    Thank You,

  30. caitlin holeman

    Just saying this is my life dream.

  31. caitlin holeman

    hey I love one direction and acting. Acting is my life’s dream and I hope you can help me accomplish that dream.
    eyes: hazel
    hair:straight, natural dark brown
    likes: one direction, music, ACTING, singing, friends and family
    dislikes: bullies
    (love HAVING FUN)
    hope you can help me live my dream.

  32. caitlin holeman

    Acting is my life’s dream.

  33. caitlin holeman

    I have always loved acting, singing, and dancing, and I’m really hoping to get the chance to be on a t.v. show. and to meet one direction, I love the crazy, fun, stuff they do.
    eyes: hazel
    age: 12 almost 13
    hair:straight, dark brown
    likes:acting, singing, friends and family
    (I am nice, and I LOVE BEING INSANE AND CRAZY. having fun is what I do.)

  34. faith

    I love your bad, I have a twin. I’m Faith and his name is Gabriel. I hope you pick me because I would love to help. Please pick me for a role.

  35. Jacqueline

    Leilani Jisele Flores
    hair color : brown
    age : 7 DOB: 3/31/05
    Very girly and would love to be a tv show. I love 1d!

  36. Deziree Martinez

    Name: Deziree Martinez
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10th
    Height: 5’2
    Weigh: 116 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: brown
    Race: Hispanic
    Language: English and some Spanish
    Location: Stockton,California
    Skills: acting
    About me:
    My name is Deziree Martinez and I live in Stockton,California. I live with my grandma and my two uncles. I love to act and sing and I think this would be a great show to make my “Big Break” on. I LOVE One Direction and I was tickled pink when I was looking for television show auditions and found this. I have an amazing personality. I am amazing at acting I can go from silly and hyper to sad and serious like that! I spend lots of time and practicing my acting skills. My favorite subject is writing. One Direction has helped me through a lot too so it would be an honor to be on a show with such talented and amazing people! This would be an outstanding show to be on for many reasons and thank you for giving us all this opportunity.This would mean the whole universe to me. I might not make my “Big Break” on this show but congratulations to whoever does!

  37. Tyra Sierra Riedemonn

    Hi my name is Tyra Riedemonn! I am 14 years old and I live in Manhattan, New York, I would however be able to fly out to any location that I am needed at. I think I would be a great asset to the cast for this project because I am very comedic which is something I know Nickelodeon is all about, so I would be able to bring my funny and love able side of me to the table. I am a light skin African Americn female which I believe is another thing I can bring to the table considering Nickelodeon does not have many African American actresses or actors, that being said I would love to follow in the footsteps of the wonderful Keke Palmer! I am a very talented teen actress and very attractive! I have long (back length) black hair and brown eyes. I hope you consider me because I would love to be part of the Nickelodeon network and part of the cast of the soon to be hit TV show!

  38. emma silverman

    hi my name is emma rose silverman
    hair color:brown
    talents:modeling, singing, acting, gymnastics, dance
    I love one direction and I would love to be on a show on Nickelodeon that’s one of my favorite channels and I would love to be on a TV show .

  39. Allison Sudia

    Hi, I’m Allison and my IDENTICAL twin sister and I are 14 years old.
    Talent: DANCING,acting, modeling

    We’ve been doing competitive dance for 9 years. We are trained in all styles of dance. We also have done ACTING and MODELING. We would LOVE being on the show.IT WOULD BE AMAZING!!We have been one direction fans for them and WE LOOOVVEE their music. Our goal in life is to get ourselves out there!! We would be sooo happy if we got to do this! THIS WOULD BE OUR DREAM!! WE WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!!

  40. Danielle R.

    I would love to be on TV doing what I love, and if I was on a show with one direction, I would be with the people I love, dream job!

  41. folabo

    My name is Folabo ,I have a dream of acting and you know you guys had a dream of singing and Simon helped you make that dream come true. I hope you could do the same for me for acting. Love you guys keep living the dream and remember me … my story has only begun <3 i live in UK Southampton
    find out more, email me thxs

  42. Pamela

    Hi, I would love to work with one direction they are my idols.
    name: Pamela Estrella Rosales
    height: 1.60
    Birth : October 23 1996
    Ethnicity: Latin
    gender: female
    music: i´m a good songwriter, I know and sing all kinds of music and I´m learning to play guitar.
    eye colour: Dark brown
    hair: Black
    high school: TecMilenio
    Now living: Mexico,City
    acting:Never been in professional acting classes but I act very well and I am so creative and funny in front of the camera.
    About me: I know speak Spanish, English and a little french. I am relaxed and I enjoy being with my friends but sometimes I prefer to be in my house with my family. I love to smile all time and I love to say funny things
    My favorites hobbies are:
    -Watch movies with my family

  43. Kelsi Byrne-Brown

    Hi my name is kelsi I would love to star with these amazing, talented boys.
    Hair: Light wavy Blonde (Can be dyed)
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin colour: Olive
    Height: 5″2
    Talent: Acting and singing
    Ethnic: English,Irish,Welsh,Australian and New Zealander(Kiwi)
    Skills: Good sense of humor,Give 100% in everything I do, Good memory, Photogenic, Persitent and I think out side of the box.
    Year:9-10 at high school

  44. Julia Aguayo

    Hello I’m 18 and I would love to work with these boys they seem funny and nice , I would like to know more information about the casting when it’s being put together
    Hair : dark brown
    Height :5’6
    Eyes :dark brown
    Ethnic :Mexican American
    Talent :acting

  45. Samantha Leonard

    Name:Samantha Leonard
    Age:10 1/2
    Hair color: Brown
    Skills:Ballet, Acro and Acting

  46. Anna Hakes

    Name: Anna Hakes
    Grade: 10
    Height: 5’0
    Look range: 14, 15, 16
    Hair: Brown on the top and blonde on the bottom
    Eyes: blue/green
    Race: Caucasian
    Skills: Acting, Dancing, Cheerleading, aNd I love taking pictures.
    About me: I’m Anna, I’m a sophomore I used to play soccer, I do cheerleading. I’ve done about 6 plays and have performed in front of large audiences for cheerleading. Acting is my favorite thing to do.

  47. Michaela Bedard

    Name: Michaela Bedard
    Age: 17
    Grade: 12
    Height: 5’9 1/2, 5’10
    Look range: 17,18,19
    Hair: long to my butt dark brown hair that is naturally blondish brown, and is wavy on top and slightly curley on the bottom and underneath part
    Eyes: change from hazel to brown,to dark green to light green
    Race: Caucasian
    Language: English
    Location: Wisconsin
    Skills: acting, singing,dancing, color guard, poi, I play bass clarinet and clarinet and I am trying to learn guitar, artistic and Love taking photos
    About me:
    My name is Michaela Bedard, I am a senior and I do marching band (color guard) and winter guard, and I also love music and many different types, I am always doing new things and love to meet new people and I was the one of my friends that got them into One Direction, and I have acted in a few plays and have performed in front of large audiences for competitions.

  48. Alexis Pearson

    My name is Alexis Pearson and I am 15 years old. I have brown eyes, sandy brown medium hair. I can can sing, dance and act. I take an acting class at my school, Manassas High. I been in a lot of plays and also sing and dance in them. I won’t be a waste of time if you need me I’m there. Also I can do a modeling gig. If I can just audition for a role in this show I would be so happy and my family will to. They been helping me and always told me never to give up on my dreams so I’m not. I just want one chance.

  49. Alessandra Griffith

    Hello my name Is Alessandra and I love singing and acting. I have not had much experience, but I have been in plays talent shows coras since I was in 4th grade and if i get the chance I sing for people. I am 13 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m not just trying to meet one direction, I actually want a acting and/or singing job. I admit I love one direction as much as everyone else but I’m not super super crazy to meet them it would be great if I got a part. I live in Sanford Florida I am a mix between American and Brazilian but I am mostly American. I don’t know any other languages but English but I’m trying to learn Portuguese though. I’m in 7th grade at Sanford middle shcool. and I just love to sing an act.

    1. Alessandra Griffith

      And also if you get the chance to hear me sing, I swear you will probably fall in love with my voice and my personality 🙂 thank you!!

  50. Jordan Haley

    I live in Texas! I have dirty blonde hair, sort of golden and wavy, mostly straight. I have baby blue eyes with a golden ring around my pupil. I’m 14, about to turn 15. I’m outgoing & have plenty of experience in acting. My dream is break into stardom & become a household name. I’m roughly 5’2 or an inch or two shorter. I am Caucasian & I look like I’m about 15 or 16. Thank you!

  51. Cheyanne Desjarl

    I Love Acting and I am really fun to be around. I love being wired and I am out going. I Love one Direction. I am 15 years old, my hair is short and black, from Canada and I don’t go fan girl when I meet people. I am 5’6″ tall but I Look like I am 17 years old, grade 8, got held back,Language: English.
    Skills: I love cooking, acting, singing and being crazy. My eyes are brown/Green. I Learn really fast 😀 Birthday May 24 1997. I Play dumps, and I Really Love Niall Horan <3 😀 THANKS. I HOPE I GET IT ;D

  52. Andrea

    OMG ! I love one direction , My name is Andrea , I’m from Mexico , I know that is so far , but I love one direction and I love acting. I’m 18 years old and I have brown hair , I’m Hispanic and I speak English and Spanish.
    If I had chased the opportunity to work with 1D , I would have the honor and make my dream come true to meet them.

  53. Amy Perez

    Hair: short and brown
    Eyes: brown
    104 pounds
    5 feet tall
    16 year old

  54. Elena Herreros Haro

    I’m Elena I’m 11 years old. I love singing , dancing and acting. This is my life. I remember when I first saw one direction. I live in Spain but I go often to the United Kingdom. I am almost bilingual in English and French. Please contact me, I would love to audition.

  55. Kathryn

    About me:

    Hello. I’m thirteen years old. I have brown eyes and brunette hair.
    I play guitar and sing.
    If I may collaborate with One Direction, that would be a great honor for me.
    The five guys are my idols, because they are left on the ground and they are crazy and totally funny. I come from Europe, but I always hope that I can come to America. One Direction comes also from Europe and that would be totally great if we could work together. I thank you and I hope I can come to you.

  56. Mary Ward

    Name: Mary Ward
    Age: 12
    Grade: 6th
    Height: 5’2
    Weigh: 93 lbs
    Hair: Blonde, short (I can still put it in a ponytail!)
    Eyes: Crisp blue
    Race: White
    Language: English
    Family: Mom and Dad
    Location: Laramie, Wyoming
    Skills: acting, singing, Musical abilities (I play stand up Bass, Violin, Ukulele and a little Piano)
    About me:
    My name is Mary Ward and I live in Laramie, Wyoming. I live with my mom and dad and I take music lessons. I love to act and sing and I think this would be a great show to make my “Big Break” on. I love One Direction and I was tickled pink when I was looking for television show auditions and found this. I am bubbly, free spirited and sometimes serious. I am amazing at acting, I can go from silly and hyper to sad and serious like that! I spend lots of time with my instruments and practicing mt acting skills. I have honor rolls in music and in state tests I have always gotten above average in my favorite subjects, reading and writing. One Direction has helped me through a lot too so it would be an honor to be on a show with such talented and amazing people! This would be an outstanding show to be on for many reasons and thank you for giving us all this opportunity.This would mean the whole universe to me. I might not make my “Big Break” on this show but congratulations to whoever does!

  57. Natalie Castaneda

    Hi my name is Natalie and I am 12 years old. I live in chandler,Arizona with my mom and two brothers, Jared (10 yrs old) and Charlie (10 months). I am in 6th grade. I love One Direction! I think the boys are so funny and confident for who they are. I am confident of who I am too, I am a very energetic, silly, and totally a daredevil! All of my friends say I am so funny. I have lower back length brunette hair. Dark brown eyes that sparkle when I am happy or excited. I weigh 78 lbs. I am 5’1. I am Mexican American, I am also bilingual. I speak English and Spanish. I am good at acting because I have a silly personality that can take me places. I am not usually shy so I think that helps me on stage a lot. My friends tell me I am a great entertainer and a great singer. I love acting like as if I was on a tv show.When I first heard One Direction I instantly got the One Direction Infection!! I hope this inspired you to consider me as a cast member on The One Direction Sitcom. Thank you for your time.:)

  58. Natalie

    Name: Natalie Castaneda
    Age: 12
    Grade: 6th
    Height: 5’1
    Weigh: 78 lbs
    Look range: 14 or 15
    Hair: dark brunette with pink ends and curly
    Eyes: dark brown
    Race: Mexican American
    Language: English Spanish
    Family: mom,brother,brother
    Location: chandler Arizona
    Skills: acting, singing, flexibility, dancing, and acting silly
    About me:
    Hi my name is Natalie and I am 12 years old. I would love to be working with One Direction because I love them and acting. I’ve always wanted a acting or singing career since I was a little girl. When I first heard One Direction I instantly got the One Direction infection!! I am a very funny an confident girl. I live with my mom and two brothers, Jared (10) and Charlie (10 months). I really super duper hope I can be a cast member on the One Direction show.

  59. Aleejha Mitchell

    Hello my name is Aleejha Mitchell. I am 17 years old and I have always wanted to be an actress sometime in my life. I live in a small town called Madisonville Kentucky and out here we never get exposed to do anything or show our real talents like ones who live in bigger cities and states. This would be a perfect opportunity to start my acting career.

  60. Marina Castillo

    Hi,my name is Marina Castillo. I was born on July 21 1996, so I am 16 years old. I know who one direction is, and I just want to say that I love them, their music is so inspiring. I would be honored to be apart of their show. Thank you for letting us have an opportunity to be a part of this.

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