Nickelodeon – ‘House of Anubis’ Casting

House of Anubis just came back for a SECOND SEASON

See who got cast in season 2 of the Nickelodeon teen mystery show

‘House of Anubis’ is a teen mystery / soap opera that airs on the Nickelodeon network. The show is a joint production between American, Belgian and British production companies and is the only Nickelodeon series that is not filmed in the U.S.

Nick House of Anubis 2012‘House of Anubis’ is based on the Belgian show called ‘Het Huis Anubis’. This is also the first soap opera for kids type of show that Nickelodeon has ever produced.

House of Anubis is about a group of teenagers who live in a very elite boarding school overseas. The house they live in is a 1900’s ish building that is named after the Egyptian God, Anubis. They live in a house that they call Anubis House.

The cast of ‘House of Anubis’

  • Nathalia Ramos
  • Brad Kavanagh
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten
  • Jade Ramsey
  • Eugene Simon
  • Tasie Dhanraj
  • Alex Sawyer
  • Bobby Lockwood
  • Klariza Clayton
  • Burkely Duffield

About the show and plot:
Nina Martin (Nathalia Ramos), an American girl who had been living with her grandmother since the death of her parents, leaves the States to attend and move into the school; at the same time, another resident, popular student Joy Mercer (Klariza Clayton), suddenly disappears without warning and the school’s strict caretaker, Victor Rodenmaar (Francis Magee), attempts to eliminate Joy’s existence from the school.

338 thoughts on “Nickelodeon – ‘House of Anubis’ Casting

  1. Jadyn chandler

    I’m a 13 year old girl that would love to audition for a role in house of anubis. I model some and do pageants. I would love to be a part of the show/Sibuna gang. I live in America but it would be no problem for me to travel to the uk, thanks.

    1. Jadyn chandler

      I am also about 5’5 and 130 lbs

  2. Tanja


    I am a 17 year old girl, and I absolutely love acting! I would really like to be a part of this show. Acting is my biggest passion, along wirh singing and dancing! It would mean the world to me if I could get a role in this and to do what I love!
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 120 lbs


  3. diamond

    House of anubis is the best show ever. I wish I could be on it. At my school I have a group but there are only two people in it though. I say I look like KT but my favorite person is Nina. I think no one can ever replace Nina. Some people think house of anubis is a dumb show but they are dumb. If y’all think I should be on house of anubis then please let me know. Also am 10.

  4. Amy

    Hey,I love watching house of Anubis, I’m 15 and I’m from Liverpool!:D I think the show is great an whilst I can’t speak any other language, read hieroglyphics or have any amazing talents like some of the people here I would still love to play a part on the show, my acting would progress whether giving the chance and whilst mine isn’t strong I know the accent isn’t easily understood and quite scallyish but I’m sure my accent could be a great asset and if not, it may clear up over time. Please give me a chance!

    1. Amy

      And just in caseyou wanted to know…
      I am five foot four, my skin colour is white, my eyes are quite the mix of colours and my hair is died purple and black.

  5. Brianna Kary

    I’m 11 and I love house of anubis! It’s so amazing. My friends always say about how much of a good actor I am so email me back. I live in Colorado.

  6. Olivia

    My name is Olivia but all my friends call me Liv. I’m 12 years old. I’m a good actress and love mysteries. I’m taking this TOTALLY serious. I’m really Random and may go mental at 2pm :D. But I think that House of Anubis needs these crazy people. Ok, I did not play in anything yet but I will. I want this to start me off. I’ve got a slight Irish accent which could be useful. I could play ANYTHING if you can find me a role please let me know.

  7. oreoluwa

    Hi my name is Ore and I’m 13 going on 14. I’m a big fan of House of Anubis and I really hope I could be on the show. I’m not exactly sure of how tall I am but people say I’m tall for my age and they say I also look older than my age.

    HEIGHT: not sure but maybe 5’5 or 5’6
    SKIN COLOUR: black
    Eye colour: brown

    I hope you read this and please get in touch with me I LOVE SIBUNA and I hope to be a part of it.

  8. Lorraine Mulhaire

    Hi πŸ˜€ I’m an just a big big BIG fan of House of Anubis! I’m 15 and from Ireland! I have been watching the show since it started and I just love the plot. I really want to be an actress so badly and I would love to be on the show! I would be thrilled if you chose me πŸ™‚ Please respond to me! I’d be the happiest person in the world! πŸ˜€

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’4
    Skin colour: white
    Eye colour: blue
    Hair colour and length: long and between blonde and light brown

    Please reply, you don’t know how much it would mean to me! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Mylee

    Hi,Im Mylee. I am 12 years old. I am really tall(5’7) people keep on asking me if I am like 14 through 16. Really annoying but, I am trying to become an actress becase I love acting and my faher and mum keep on saying for me to become an acress. I try to apply for become and actress of an extra on like Victorios(american show)good luck charlie(american also)and so on, and they don’t like me. I love this telly show and I wold like to make my parents proud. I Dont care where I have to go to make them happy. They dont care either. If I make it I would be he happiest thing ever. I would just have to say goodbye to my boyfriend(oh well haha) if I make it….Never Know..thank You

  10. skyler

    I am 10. I want to be on the show do badly!!!!!
    I want to be Patricia’s sis.

  11. Nathan

    I would like to audition for house of Anubis.
    I have had professional work but my agency is not linked with Nickelodeon and I would like to audition. I am 13 and am black. I am 5 foot 6.
    please get back in touch

  12. Olivia

    I love House of Anubis. It’s by far the best show ever. My biggest dream is to play in it one day. I’m pretty good at acting even thought I am only 11 years old! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN AUDITIONS ARE TAKING PLACE FOR SEASON 4 BEGGING!!! πŸ˜€ THIS IS SO IMPORTANT FOR ME!

  13. lexie

    I’m Lexie, ten years old and from washington. I have been singing since i was little and am a great actress. I am scared to sing and act in big crowds but the camera is no problem. I am the presedent of a house of anubis club and I would LOVE to be on house of anubis. I love mystery and suspence please at least consider letting me act.

  14. Jessica usman

    Sorry,i am 14 years,and kind of short

  15. Jessica usman

    Hi, my name is Jessica, I am from Nigeria. I love house of anubis and I will love to feature in it. Don’t decline me because of my nationality. Ever since I started watching house of anubis, I found the true meaning of acting. I can also sing.

  16. Charlotte

    I am 16 years old in October and have loved this show from the beginning. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and would love to play Amber’s sister or cousin more than anything. I have had experience in theater.

  17. Courtney

    I Love House of Anubis. I Love Sibuna. I would do anything like Ana’s little sister or something.I aim 12 and very small, so I hardly get noticed by anyone.
    Please email me and tell me if i can do anything.

  18. Hannah Lomas

    Hi, my name is Hannah and I recently won the competition to go to the fruit shoot skills awards. I am 5ft, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, an english rose skin complexion. I am 11 years old soon to be twelve in February. I am from the United Kingdom, England, Manchester, Droylsden. I watch Nickelodeon everyday, my favourite shows are Icarly, House of Anubis and Spongebob. If you think you would be interested in helping me follow my dreams please email back.
    p.s I know it is late but I would be devastated to know I had missed my chance.

  19. Sophie Mamoany

    Hey there! My name is Sophie Mamoany.I am 13 years Old, I come from Near Brighton! I would absolutly LOVE to be in House Of Anubis.I have had a dream to be an actress since a very young age. I take this extremely seriously and I get told I’m great at acting. I am very prepared to work as hard as I can and I don’t mind what part I would play. I am good at learning scripts! Please email me to tell me about any parts available! Please take this into consideration! Thanks, Sophie xxxxx

  20. Ana O'Sullivan

    Hi my name is Ana O’Sullivan. I LOVE house of Anubis and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be an actress. To be in house of Anubis would be a dream come true!!!!! I’m Irish but I can talk with an English accent. thanks.

    Age: 12 but I look kinda older
    Height: 1m 56cm
    Hair: chocolate brown
    Eyes: chocolate brown
    Skin: golden tan

    Thanks so much
    From Ana

  21. Shannon A

    Hi ,i am a big fan and i know everyone says this , but i literally saw every episode like 7 times on, and i made my own cup of ankh and my own locket and my own story and test thingy , and i drew everyone in sibuna no one else does that unless they’re the biggest fan ever!!!
    and i <3 brad!!! (fabian) so please pick me , i would appreciate it very much. i have an american accent so i can be either eddie's or nina's little sister , i also have a very believable FAKE british accent so i can be brad's little sister , they totally buy it we have the same hair color and stuff , i can also be patricia's or joy's or mara's , any part would be fine , everybody says i'm a great actor and i would love to be on house of anubis!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! This is my dream!!! and i would love to meet the cast, i would also fly all the way to uk to star on a part of the show , even if its small , or a big part
    thanks , HOUSE OF ANUBIS'S BIGGEST FAN (and brad's ), shannon A

    1. Shannon A

      by the way , i’m 13 years old

    2. Shannon A

      also, I can be the perosn’s little sister that skipped grades to their grades because her grade was too easy and she was too smart for it and stays at the anubis house

  22. Shannon

    Or Eddie’s little sister, I’m american.

  23. Shannon

    I would love to be on House of Anubis!!!
    I am a great actor, i have been in many plays at my school including wicked, annie , wizard of oz … and etc.. i would like to be either fabian’s or nina’s little sister , OR ANYONES ELSES. They will totally buy it!!! I’m 13 and a BIG fan!!! This is my favorite show and if i could be on it , i would be the happuest girl on earth!!! NO JOKE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE ACTING!!!1 AND SINGING!!!!!!!! please consider me being on this show for season 3 or atleast a few episodes on them , like i’ll be visiting my sibling , or in nathalia leaves the season (as i heard but i wish she doesn’t , because shes one of my favorite characters) but if she does , i can be the new chosen one . i know everything about this show if you test me on everything , i will get everything right!!!! PLEASE!!!! I WILL COME ALL THE WAY IN THE UK TO BE IN IT!!!! if somebody finds this please tell me HOA IS MY FAVORITE SHOW ON THE EARTH AND NOTHING EVER WILL CHANGE THAT. its my dreak to act on it.

    1. Shannon

      dream* not dreak.
      please someone find this. I would be so excited and I love to be mostly Brad’s (fabian’s) little sister, if not then anyone elses or any part in the show

  24. Sophie Mamoany

    Hey there! My name is Sophie Mamoany.I am 13 years Old, I come from Near Brighton! I would absolutly LOVE to be in House Of Anubis.I have had a dream to be an actress since a very young age. I take this extremely seriously and I get told I’m great at acting. I am very prepared to work as hard as I can and I don’t mind what part I would play. I am good at learning scripts! Please email me or add me on facebook to tell me about any parts available! Please take this into consideration! I would be GREAT in SEASON 3! Thanks, Sophie xxxxx

  25. Madison

    My name is Madison. I live in the USA but I could fly to the UK if I am held for auditions or get on the show. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am almost 5 feet. Im 10. House Of Anubis is my FAVORITE show ever. I don’t have a brittish accent but I can do a really good fake one!!
    I could be somebody’s Little sister or something. I am like a tan/peach color. I hope you consider me for an upcoming season!!!

  26. Ebony

    I am 13 going on 14. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am African American and I am 64 in. tall. I would love to play Alfie’s little sister in House of Anubis season 3. I am very fun and a very good actor. Please contact me.

  27. Samantha

    Hi, I’m Samantha, my friends and family call me Sam. I would really enjoy being on this show:)
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Brown
    Height: 5’6
    I’m 14 years old
    My birthday: June 19, 1997

  28. Elliot

    Please email as soon as possible about possible parts. Please. Please.

  29. Elliot

    I am 12 (13 soon) and would love a part in house of anubis. It is my favourite show and I am an actor who REALLY WANTS A CHANCE and I think I would be perfect for a role in season 3.

    1. Elliot

      Maybe related to Fabian? because he’s awesome.

      1. Elliot

        Forgot to say that I go to a club, usually get the main role and memorize lines very well so hopefully I have all the qualities that an actor needs.

  30. Amelia Barker

    hello my name is Amelia Barker i am 14 years old, brown hair, brown eyes and a white British actor.
    house of anubis is fantastic!
    I would be a perfect character for season 3.
    please consider me!!

  31. Faizah Arooj Awan

    hi i’m a total freak of this show. I would love to be part of house of anubis!! i just really want to join. everyone says i’m great at acting and i think i could be right for the show since i love it. im 14 and only if some one could notice my talent!!!!
    i could be Mara’s or Joy’s little cousin or sister!!!!!!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  32. Olivia faith Wilson

    Hey I’m 14 and I absoulutley love house if Anubis! It’s the best thing ever! I love mystery shows and nick shows….and House of Anubis COMBINES BOTH!
    Love it! I’ve always wanted to act and I would LOVE it if I could get a part in house of anubis! Thanks for reading this! BYE!!!!!!!:)

    1. Olivia faith Wilson

      I would love a part in season 3

  33. Amy

    hi im amy this is my favourite tv show on Nickolodeon. I thought it would be a kiddy show but it’s not. Its more for older kids like me. I love it so much my fav character is Pratricia !!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to audition for a part but couldn’t pluck up the courage to do it. thanks its amzing c ya’s

  34. Joanna Brown

    My name is Joanna. I am 17 years old from Dereham, Norfolk. I am currently studying music and drama at my local sixth form college and will hopefully be taking them on to year 13. I have taken part in many plays and musicals both in and out of a school environment. I am a huge fan of the show and would love the chance to be in it, even if it was a very small role. Thank you.

  35. Rachel Phillipson

    i heard that there is a season 3, please could you consider me for a part in season 3

  36. Rachel Phillipson

    Hi. My name is Rachel Phillipson and i am 13 years old. I would love to be in houe of anubis and it has been my dream for so long to do acting. I have been in a couple of drama schools and have done some shows at school. I would work really hard and i am good at remembering lines and put all my effort into the things that i do, and i have been told that i am good at acting. I also do horse riding which i have been doing for many years. People say that i am confident , funny and very nice, please could you take this into consideration! Thank you so much, Rachel xxxxxxxxx

  37. Sophie Mamoany

    Hey there! My name is Sophie Mamoany.I am 13 years Old, I come from Near Brighton! I would absolutly LOVE to be in House Of Anubis.I have had a dream to be an actress since a very young age. I take this extremely seriously and I get told I’m great at acting. I am very prepared to work as hard as I can and I don’t mind what part I would play. I am good at learning scripts! Please email me or add me on facebook to tell me about any parts available! Please take this into consideration! Thanks, Sophie xxxxx

  38. Sophie Mamoany

    Hey there! My name is Sophie Mamoany.I am 13 years Old, I come from Near Brighton! I would absolutly LOVE to be in House Of Anubis.I have had a dream to be an actress since a very young age. I take this extremely seriously and I get told I’m great at acting. I am very prepared to work as hard as I can and I don’t mind what part I would play. I am good at learning scripts! Please email me or add me on facebook to tell me about any parts available! Please take this into consideration! Thanks, Sophie xxxx

  39. molly rose

    i am the biggest fan of hoa. I knew the collector and was gonna be ruphas!

  40. Mollie

    Heya, My name is Mollie and I would love to audition for HOA, I have past experience in acting, I was given a main role in the past.

    I would love to have a part working with Eddie <33333
    I am 12 and from the UK and I would love to be on the HOA.
    Please do E-Mail me, can't wait for the finale ;D

    Yes I came across a spoiler by accident grrr…

    1. Mollie

      I am a huge fan of the show and heard it was coming back for a 3rd season, I would love to be able to join it.

      I am a very confident actor, I can sing and much more, I would love to just have a few lines or be involved as a sibling as one of the main characters.
      Thank you~

  41. Emma F

    My name’s Emma. I’m 12 but tall for my age and do look about 14. I love house of anubis with all my heart, I love acting too so please give me a chance! My sister and I act out scenes from house of anubis and many people think we are good actresses so please email me back, if you have any auditions we could come in for even just as extras we would just love taking part in the show! Thank you

  42. Emma F

    I am also a twin! If you needed or wanted twins for series 3! My sister also loves hoa!

  43. Emma F

    Please please let me be in season 3 I”d love to.. Its my dream!

  44. Emma F

    Hi, I’m emma and honestly I LOVE house of anubis even though I’m 12 and nearly 13! and it would mean the apsolute world to me if I could appear on it! My favorite caracters are either fabien or amber (brad or ana)but if I could appear on the show I wouldn’t mind doin anything I would just be so happy!

  45. abigail foston

    i absolutely love house of anubis, i can never miss an episode. i would love to have a part in this show, it would be a dream come true. i have had some experience in acting at a stage school but have never had a chance to show what i an do. i am 11 years old and i have a big brother so i would like to be fabian’s little sister and think i would make a good little sister as i have experience from having a teen big brother please please please let me have the part…… xxxxxx

    1. abigail foston

      sorry about the mistakes i didn’t mean for that. Please email me saying i can audition for house of anubis. thank you, its good news!

  46. Beth

    Hi, i’m a really BIG Fan,i love house of anubis… i never miss the show and if i do i record it!
    I’m 12 years and i have a cute face, long natural straight brown hair, i would love to be someones sister on it, ninas, ambers or fabians! i have a cute,little voice i would love to be on this show and i can cry without any stuff to put any eye thingy under to make me cry. I’m also in a drama club outside of school, i’ve been in it for 5-6 years and all the older 1’s have left so i’m getting some main parts! please get back to me, thanks i hope i get on! xxx

  47. Tanya Finemore

    I LOVE HOA THIS IS MY FAVE TV SHOW I CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTION ABOUT IT AND GET IT RIGHT and im into egyption mythology i really want to be in it as mara’s Little cousin or sister because im more like mara but a little like patricia im the biggist fan i loveeeeee HOA PLEASEEEEEE LET ME ON THE SHOW AND I have been writing my own script for my own tv show soo please and my friend peter said i have really high ambitions but i might not reach it but i know i will if i try harder and i want to prove him rong on hoa but i will understand if i dont get chosen in season 3 but hopefully i get chosen in anything eles i will be anything as long as im on tv as a carictor and If sooo i really wNT TO BE IN SIBUNA!!!!!

    1. Tanya Finemore

      Email meeee plzzz!!!!!

  48. Hi guys it’s me again and I hope you guys pick me for season 3 as i can’t wait.I’ve been practicing my acting skills as hoping one day I’ll be able to show them to the my friends helped me in the process.I enrolled in a play called macbeth.
    My acting skills are crying,being shocked,hyperventilating,coughing,confused,
    blind and more.
    My talents are speaking Portuguese fluently, abit of Japanese abit of french plus spanish.
    I’m abit of a comedian like Alex sawyer and I know that I’ll make friends with all cast very quickly.P.S looking forward to meeting you guys sibuna.P.S again I live in manchester not far from Liverpool.

    1. Plus I go Karate as I forgot to mention. I’m a yellow belt almost at orange belt my style is shukokai.

  49. Ok iv’e already done this before. Im 13 and i was born next to London Im a really good actress i love to be the center of attention Im very loud and ive allways dreamed of being on house of Anubis and i look a lot like jade Ramsey . and if you can please email me back id love it thanks bye.

  50. Miriam Tshihamba, Maiya Laliberte, Lily Provenzano, Kayla Vang, Annika Van nest

    We Know you may not want to pick up because we have no experience but it’s are dream to be on the show and we love the show. Miriam Tshihamba is a gymnast and Lily Provenzano is an amazing dancer and so is Maiya Laliberte and Annika Van Nest is an amazing figure skater. Kayla Vang is an amazing texter. Miriam Tshihamba can be Alfie’s Little sister. Maiya Laliberte can be Mara’s little sister. Lily Pervenzano can be Amber’s little sister. Kayla Vang can be Joy”s little sisster. Annika Van nest can be Patricia’s Little sister. but please give us a chance please Email me back

  51. Bethany E

    I am a really good actress by the way and love this show it is the best!! I can role play any character really good!! I am a really big fan

  52. Bethany E

    I love house of Anubis!!!! Can I please play a part in it, I am perfect for whatever role you would give me. I am a 12 year old so I would be perfect to be a little sister!!! Please can I be on this show

  53. Sophie Mamoany

    Hey there! My name is Sophie Mamoany.I am 13 years Old, I come from Near Brighton! I would absolutly LOVE to be in House Of Anubis.I have had a dream to be an actress since a very young age. I take this extremely seriously and I get told I’m great at acting. I am very prepared to work as hard as I can and I don’t mind what part I would play. I am good at learning scripts! Please email me or add me on facebook to tell me about any parts available! Please take this into consideration! Thanks, Sophie xxxx

  54. katie :)

    Not feeling to good but when are the audistions? please tell me, thanks
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ <3

  55. Tala Younis

    well im in love with this show im 12 years old but i look like a 14 years old cause im a tall girl i love acting im acting all the time in school (around the school)
    and i love English,Spanish,Arabic,Hebrew im an arabin girl who lives in Israel.and my uncle lives in USA so its not gonna be a prob to fly to USA cause im not gonna be alone thanx for listening LOVE XD TALA

  56. Ada

    Hi! My name’s Adrianna (Ada). I love mysteries!!!!!! I’m turning 13 soon. I live in Ireland and I think HOA is the best show in the universe. I just can’t stop watching it. I like listening to music, singing, dancing, sneaking around, talking, laughing, learning new interesting things and of course drama/ acting. I know there are many people trying to get a part and I know that I might not get in , but if you will give me even the tiniest role it will be my biggest dream come true. I would work my best on the plan and listen to the director and no mather how many times I would get something wrong I would never give up. I have brown, straight hair which nearly go past my waist, I have browny-greenish eyes, I wear glasses but I can see without them, but I still think I’m quite pretty. I’m patient and understanding. I know this speach is very long and all but I’m just writing as I go along. I can speak english very well and aswell I know Polish, and a bit of irish and french. I was born in Poland but I moved to Ireland a few years ago and people say my english is perfect. I beg, beg , beg you give me a role, any role at all. I just really badly wish my life would get more interesting as I don’t have many friends but that’s only because no one really knows me. And this one very popular girl doesn’t like me and it is thesame with her little gang so most of people just want to stick by her. Oh! Who am I kidding this what I’m saying about my life has nothing to do with HOA. Once more PLease Make My Biggest Dream Come True!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!!:) Once move I love HOA and the Sibuna gang. I would love to play one of the main roles like maybe one of the gangs sisters or cousin. Just please give me a role. Thanx for reading Bye. I LOVE HOA!:)

    1. Ada

      Again please give me any role….. I would love to be Patricia’s younger sister or any of the Sibunas youner sister. I’d love to be Patricia’s younger sister most likely because I love her character and I think I can be a lot like her (not in look though but in character.)And if I can’t be any character, please let me atleast meet the Sibuna gang and see the place you film HOA. PLEASE LET ME BE IN THE MOVIE:):) please:)!I love HOA.

      1. Ada

        Oh yeah please email me if you decide I might be good enough for any part or to audition at least……..please, please, please:)

  57. I’ve always wanted to be on HOA i always watched it, never missed an episode. I would like to be a sneaky person who does things that are really sneaky! In real life i am really sneaky, can do things with out getting caught. But it happens very rarely. But if it does happen or if i do something its easy for me to get away with it so it would be easy for me to act it, very easy because I’m a good actor so it would be easy and i do love acting so, yeah.

  58. Im Alfie’s Skin colour πŸ˜€ I also repeat i am veryy goooooood at ACTING! and “House Of Anubis”! I am also very smart and good at stunts and things, good at technology I can fix things like computers and things.

  59. I’m Zac i would also like to be Alfie’s little brother who gets sneaked in to get in places where they cant reach, it would be awesome! I’m 10 years πŸ˜€ I Can Imagine It

  60. Hazel

    Hi My name is Hazel smith and i would love to be on HOA. I would love to be a girl named lauren whos sneaky but innocent little girl who has also been involed with the concept of sarah fobasher smythe and Victor and tries to find the mask of Anubis before the Sibuna Gang does! plz let me come on the show.

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