Nickelodeon – ‘House of Anubis’ Casting

House of Anubis just came back for a SECOND SEASON

See who got cast in season 2 of the Nickelodeon teen mystery show

‘House of Anubis’ is a teen mystery / soap opera that airs on the Nickelodeon network. The show is a joint production between American, Belgian and British production companies and is the only Nickelodeon series that is not filmed in the U.S.

Nick House of Anubis 2012‘House of Anubis’ is based on the Belgian show called ‘Het Huis Anubis’. This is also the first soap opera for kids type of show that Nickelodeon has ever produced.

House of Anubis is about a group of teenagers who live in a very elite boarding school overseas. The house they live in is a 1900’s ish building that is named after the Egyptian God, Anubis. They live in a house that they call Anubis House.

The cast of ‘House of Anubis’

  • Nathalia Ramos
  • Brad Kavanagh
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten
  • Jade Ramsey
  • Eugene Simon
  • Tasie Dhanraj
  • Alex Sawyer
  • Bobby Lockwood
  • Klariza Clayton
  • Burkely Duffield

About the show and plot:
Nina Martin (Nathalia Ramos), an American girl who had been living with her grandmother since the death of her parents, leaves the States to attend and move into the school; at the same time, another resident, popular student Joy Mercer (Klariza Clayton), suddenly disappears without warning and the school’s strict caretaker, Victor Rodenmaar (Francis Magee), attempts to eliminate Joy’s existence from the school.

338 thoughts on “Nickelodeon – ‘House of Anubis’ Casting

  1. Elchadai Paulo

    I’ve got yahoo now also please contact me as soon as you get my reply for the part.

  2. Natalia

    Hi my name is Natalia I’m 14 turning 15 in june I love the house of anubis and it’s my biggest dream to be part of the cast. I speak english and Polish. I’ love to be in that show its the only thing I wach on nickelodeon . I want to be an actress when I’m older so please e-mail me!! I’d like to play an individual carachter in the house of anubis or be somebody’s little sister! please e-mail me Nathalia, Brad or Ana. Thanks so much!!

  3. Lillie

    Also I love house of Anubis and I am quite small I have brown hair I have blue eyes and I think I would be good being besties with poppy (drones sister) and could be joys sister or something and I live really close London it will be easy to travell for me and by the way I do ballet, tap, modern and jazz!!!

  4. Lillie

    Also I am 10 years of age and going to be 11 in August!

    1. Zac

      I’M 10 and i’m a great at acting šŸ˜€ Very good at it! I am a bit small for my age but only by a bit. Acting is also one of my favorite hobby is also acting! I just love acting!

  5. Lillie

    Hello really like to be on the show House of Anubis because acting inspired me when I was the main part in my school play which was Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and I was Lucy and I had to sing a solo and this year we are doing Alice and wonderland and I am Alice. Also I do acting classes and if you do not pick me then I will try my hardest to do something else. Thank you!

  6. Elisha

    im 13 years old nearly 14,this is my favorite show!i cant live with out it!the cast are amazing,i would love to be part of the show and sibuna!its a dream of mine to be on the show,im English and the plot of the story is amazing the people in the show go with there character so well they fit there part!again i would love to be part of the cast its a big dream of becoming and actor!i’m really kind, and not the smartest of people but i can have a laugh but i can be sensible when it comes to acting!please make my dream come true!please and thank you so much!!

  7. Loren

    i would love to be on the show im 14 years old,and im from England. I watch it all the time i love each and every one of the characters but especially Jerome because we have a lot in common. We are quite devious but hate it when other people blackmail us. I love Liverpool,where they film it and the house is just a gorgeous typical english house. Ive done quite a lot of acting before but never on tv which i would love to do. My family are all in the media business and my uncle made a little bit of the armour for Game Of Thrones which Eugene Simon is in as well as House Of Anubis and at the moment im currently writing a story based on House Of Anubis and the characters. Also ive never missed an episode. Ive watched the episodes so much i can nearly say nearly every single word off by heart. I know all the characters personalitys,im good at learning lines really quickly,im not shy and ive got a great personality,if i was on house of anubis i would be a great addition to it plus my 3 friends and brother would be thrilled if i got to be in house of anubis. Plus i would be able to work with my idols every day which i would LOVE to do. Also im interested in Egyptian History so thats really good because its about Egyptian History. I would get on well with ALL the characters. I wouldnt mind what part i would play because i would be there on the set with the HOA cast. Im a typical English girl which would be great considering its set in England. please contact me it would mean alot to me.

    1. Loren

      also my name is Loren Quirk did i say i was 14 if not then im 14 years old. Date of birth is 2nd January. I wouldnt say i was average height for my age but i wouldnt say i was small for my age,im in between. I have lightish brown hair and hazel eyes. Im devious,cheeky,loves to have a laugh. Im always making up a joke. I get on well with everybody and im slightly smart. I love acting and singing. Im from Devon in England and i love Egyptian History. I love House Of Anubis,the cast of HOA and i love the boyband One Direction

      1. Loren

        also i would like to add,my stepaunt is studying to be a director and she is hopefully going to be using me to act for her exams. My great uncle makes armour for all the massive directors and producers like Stephen Spielberg and has made armour for Russell Crowe because my family is in the media business i want to follow in their footsteps and make my whole family proud. Im auditioning for Britains Got Talent 2013 and im going to be singing,i have a massive fanbase. Just thought i should add that on

  8. i really want to be on the show my friend could be nina’s little sister and i could be her bestie!

  9. A

    I would love to be in season 3

  10. Jessica odonegan

    Hello its Jessica Odonegan again i just want to say im really good at acting. I am a house of anubis biggest fan ever and all of you are so pretty especially Mara jaffray. Please, i will be good as Maras sister,that is my only dream thank u so much:)

  11. Elchadai paulo

    Plus I’m really good at acting and it could start to help me out on my acting career and inspire me.I’ve also enrolled in the play of Macbeth.I think House of Anubis will be a great show for me as I worked really hard who likely friends like christian who helped through the process.Again please get in touch on my email by replying if I got the part please.Sibuna

  12. Katie

    ok i am practicing my acting (i hope that doesnt sound stupid) but anyways so i am practicing my acting and i think i have talent!!!! My friends leah and joelle do to! We all have what it takes

  13. Katie

    omgosh i love this tv show. Its the best show anyone could ever put on nick!!!!! Me and my friend leah and joelle all love this show and we desperatley want to be on it!!!!!!

  14. Shannon

    Also i’d love to go to a foreign country and learn about Egyptian gods and facts just by being on the show and I don’t think I have stage fright

  15. christian fotang

    and i will be 12 this oct

  16. christian fotang

    moreover i know Shakespeare and speak 3 languages

  17. christian fotang

    i really want to be on the show

    Firstly i have a great talent for acting and go to classes

    i have done plays like oliver twist and more
    house of anubis could and may give me a great chance to start my acting career which i started since i was 3 i am very hard working and great friends who have helped me through continuesly it wil be a great opputunity to be on the show

  18. Joelle

    i love this show so much!I’ve seen every episode, I am 9 years old but i could pass as a 11 year old, all my friends think i look like Nina(- the bang’s) and i’m american,I really want to be Nina’s little sister!!!!!!!contact me if you think i would be good!

    1. Joelle

      i’m almost 10!!!!

    2. Joelle

      i will be 10 this october

  19. leah

    i love this show so much i’ve seen every episode,i’m 11 my friends say i look kinda like nina and i’m also american………i wish i could be her little sister……email me if you can!!!

  20. Elchadai paulo

    Hi guys my name is Elchadai and I’m 11 years old and I really hope you pick me to be part of the sibuna gang role.I can speak Portuguese fluently and abit of Japanese, French and abit of Spanish.I can also read abit of Egyptian hieroglyphics,I’m abit of a comedian like Alfie(Alex sawyer)and courageos like all the the other characters.I’m funny fast and good at acting.I can act out a scary scene or get hyperventilating or running out of breath and coughing and moaning.I’m an energetic boy who is hoping to meet you guys so please get in touch I’ll be checking my email everyday so add me on the show please.PS looking forward to meet you guys Sibuna.

    1. Elchadai Paulo

      Plus I live in Manchester not far from liverpool

  21. jessica kavanagh

    My name is jessica kavanagh.I am 13 years old.I would really like to be on ‘House of Anubis’.It would a dream come true as it is my favourite tv series.Im quite tall for my age as i am 5ft 9inches,ive got natural red hair,Im a slim build and often told Im very pretty.I am good at learning scripts. I take direction very well.I also have a beautiful singing voice.I speak with an Irish accent but can also speak with an English accent.I can act the part of anything asked of me.I am a good time keeper and am willing to work hard for the good of the show. I work well with others and would consider myself part of a team/family.I am looking forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards
    Jessica Kavanagh

    1. Shannon

      Are you the sister of Brad Kavanagh or (Fabian) -to Jessica Kavanagh

  22. I would love to play the part of being the little sister of one the leads! I am experienced and love to act. I live in Hollywood šŸ™‚

  23. Elise

    oh and i was born next to wear jade ramsey was born so we kinda have something in common plz contact me im taking henthorne acting camp this summer

  24. Grace Adesina

    hi my name is Grace im 12 and i would love to be alfie’s little sister and if she gets the part of being sneeky or mean or annoying to alfie then i think ill be gr8 for the job i love acting. i even convinced my friends from skl that i lost my memory and they believed me and i some how managed to cry. i would love it if i was alfies sister and have always dreamed of acting in house of anubis(my fav show)so please email me if u can thank you

  25. taylor o.

    when i said i would cry i meant if i didnt get it

  26. taylor o.

    hello I’ve always wanted to be on hoa, all of you are my role models.i’m their #1 fan. im very good at acting. the day before a play i had to learn her part and i did by the time school was over.I’m very interested in Egypt,and i look like Nina. i’m 10 almost 11, but you might think why a 10 almos t11 year old girl, because i can act older than my real age. i am going to cry for days no weeks no YEARS maybe. if you put me on hoa you wont regret it. i am very talented, i can sing, sorta dance, play piano, and act. i wrote one very important and it didnt take it. if you pick me(please please please please please please) please contact me.

  27. taylor o.

    please pick me i sent 1 before so look at it. I’m 10 almost 11 but i am like a 12 year old or i could act older or wear high heels

  28. Taylor O'Hara

    Hello I’m a 10 year old girl who heard that there would be auditions.You might think she’s only 10 she can’t do this but I could act like a 12 year old. Since Nathalia Ramos is leaving and a person plays as her sister about the same age as me.I can memorize lines, i once had to learn part of my friends part in a play and i did it in a day, wich was the deadline.
    I really would love to be Nina’s sister,thats what I’ve heard. I’m sure a lot of people want this,but if you pick me it will be a lot more easy than others. I look a lot like Nina wich would help. I’m good at other things if there are any. I like to sing, act, and play piano or I could learn something elese. If you want me to play another part like amber’s sister I would,but since Nathalia left I could do it. If you ask some of my freinds they will say I love hoa but wouldn’t scream if I saw the caracters, Thank you.

  29. Israa

    I lov this show to!

  30. Emilia Evans

    Hello my name is Emilia and I’m African American I’m not sure if you guys are looking for a black talented female that has great facial expressions and can memorize a script very well. I know if you hire me it will open the door for more viewers as well. Its a very awesome show and I love the plot. I’m very pretty and I love people. I have a great smile and just want a shot.

  31. Elise

    I look alot like jade ramsey and i wish i could be her little sister on her im 13 and i love hose of anubis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Tanya Finemore

    i really want to be nina’s sister or relation i love house of Anubis ask me anything i will know it.please make my dreams come true!

  33. alex adri and sabs :)

    Hi house of anubis casting people! its me alex, adrianna, and sabrina we are all 13 and we love HOA and would love to be in it! we all act pretty good and we would probobly get along with the other cast because we have done so much research on them!! so if you have any open spot we would all be very glad to audition!!! thanks for reading šŸ˜‰

  34. Mandy

    Omg sooo sorry I used emoji icons and they all turned out as question marks. šŸ™

  35. Mandy willard

    Hey sibuna??? i am your number 1 fan and I literally am dying to see the next season of house of Anubis good luck to the cast and may god bless you i love ambers style in the show ?????????? i????? sibuna and If you ever need an extra or a new character please contact me?????????????????????????????????????????? aren’t these animals sooo cut well gtg don’t want to drive you insane i luhv u

  36. Jessica O,Donegan

    Hello my name is Jessica,i am 10 years old. I watch every single episode of House of Anubis.Its my favourite series. Im doing modelling and my dream would be to be in House Of Anubis as Maras sister as she is the same skin color as me. Please contact my mum on the email above. I entered the House Of Anubis competition and won it i go to see the second season of House Of Anubis and the cast i enjoyed it so much. As i said please contact my mum.

  37. Francesca. A .S

    Age:13 Birth:30/10/98 Hair:dark brown/reddish
    height:Average (I don’t know the exact measurement)
    Hi, I am Francesca a lot of people call me Frankie I have been singing and in dramas in school since I can remember I am not that bright but I am not dumb (I am in the middle sets). I do take direction really well. I know it sounds like I am boasting but I need to say this and I am being honest when I say I do this or that well. I have been told by my teachers that I have one of the best voices they have ever herd they even made me sing in front of the head of school it was so funny all their mouths dropped!! lol! Anyway I have a good voice really good acting abilities also i have an amazing memory so learning a script is a piece of pie. Ever since victorious came on I wanted to be on it I can pass for older if I dye my hair and wear make-up. This is my dream Ariana Grande is m hero well idol and I would smile every minute of my my life and even dead you would make me so happy nothing would stop me being happy.

    thank you so much!
    Francesca .a.S
    I take this seriously so please don’t reply to this as a joke.

  38. Lisa

    Hi, my name is Lisa, I’m 13 almost 14, I live in Belgium . I’m ready to go anywhere to play in this series, I’m looking for a role no matter what the series in the House of Anubis. Contact me if you are interested.

  39. Tolani Odeyemi

    My Names Tolani Odeyemi And I Live In UK London I Would Love To Star In House Of Anubis! Iā€™m 11 years old Turning 12 Next Month Iā€™m Very Talented I Can Sing Learn Simple Dance Routines And Currently Learn Guitar I Can Learn Instruments Very Quickly I Recently Started Taking Vocal/Singing lessons and Iā€™m A Very Talented Actress I Have Only Just Joined Year 7 and I Have stared In The school Production Bugsy Malone And Appeared In various Scenes I Have Afro Hair And My Skin Is A Brown You Will Find I Take My Acting Singing And Dancing Very Seriously But Iā€™m still a Fun Energetic Person who gets the job Done And Laughs Along The Way Iā€™m Always Bursting Of Ideas I Could Be The Next Victoria Justice Selena Gomez Or Miranda Cosgrove Even The Next Nathalia Ramos! I Have Always Looked Up To Those For Actors and Adore Dan Schneider Iā€™m Confident And Any Role you Give Me I Play Perfectly!Im Very Determined! Thanks For Reading This

  40. samantha marie spurlock

    hi….. im 13 years old and i am ADDICTED to house of anubis. i would love to be on the show to just be somebody on the show. this is my favorite show. i can be funny but serious and i think you guys are fun, pretty or handsome, and can act! please reply with a yes or a no. nothing can rain on this parade!

    1. samantha marie spurlock

      i could be like victors daughter or something like that….. it would pretty cool if you could make my dream come true! šŸ™‚

      1. samantha marie spurlock

        i could be another american….. i live in indiana! ima hoosier :DD

  41. Iyanna

    Hi House of Anubis Cast I’m couldn’t be more interested In being In this show! Im 13 and I’ve watched every episode In season 1 & 2 . I’m very Humorous , stylish , Happy , fast-learner , and very attentive . My family says Im an excellent Actress and I should audition for House of Anubis . I told them I was working on It !! And they didn’t need to tell me TWICE . I absolutely love Nathalia Ramos she’s my absolute IDOL!!! All the shows and movies she’s been on I’VE SEEN. I take my acting tips and reconizations from her acting . I watch the movie bratz that shes been in and I rehearsed everyone’s line in the movie Merideth( Played by Chelsea Staub ) I thought It would be nice to see rehearse different characters Exspecially mean characters and Jade ( played by Janel Parrish ) helped me be very free and secretive also Cloe ( Skyler Shay ) I played the klutzy side really well and Sasha ( Logan Browning ) I used to b a gymnast and I’m continuing again and Finally Yasmin ( Nathalia Ramos ) I love her happy smile and excited and lifting spirit plus Im an Excilent Singer!!! So If you are setting up auditions I’m definitely ur Gal !! See you guys later šŸ™‚ Sibuna!!!!

    1. Iyanna

      P.S I could be a mysterious student that sudden appears @ the school for some random reason . And victor is being nice to me and everyone’s trying to figure out why? They call me weird and stick to herself since I exclude myself from everyone . Think about it I have a lot to offer šŸ™‚ I learn lines very quick šŸ™‚

  42. natasha kunkel

    hey im 13 and i would totally play Eddie’s sercret sister, so that him and Patricia have something in commom.

  43. Alexa

    Hi i love this show. Im Very dramatic and would be great for this.

  44. Donald Crippen

    Hey I am Donald. I love this show and I want to be part of it. I could be Eddie’s little bro. I am 11 and I would be honored to be on this show. I would be a really hard worker and a really nice person. That would be easy because I am. =}.

  45. Mia

    OMA (oh my anubis) Hi i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be patricia’s sister or something i have straight brown medium hair with hazel eyes and i am 9 years old so PLEASE consider me or i could be nina’s cousin that they try to keep out of danger LOVE YOU HOA LOVE Mia btw i can talk in an english accent im 4ft 5in I LOVE YOUR show i know its a one in a million chance but dreams come true if you try hard enough SIBUNA FOREVER!!!!

  46. Mia

    OMA (oh my anubis) Hi i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be patricia’s sister or something i have straight brown medium hair with hazel eyes and i am 9 years old so PLEASE consider me or i could be nina’s cousin that they try to keep out of danger LOVE YOU HOA LOVE Mia

  47. Nat

    Hi nathalia i TOTALLY luv the show and im a really good actor and i could be ur sis or cousin!! Please Reply

  48. Adna

    I am 13 and of course I love house of Anubis. I am 13 but I thought I could be some smart kid who skips grades up to high school and I get suspicious of the sibina gang I would be so happy of you would accept me thank you. Bye!

  49. Adna

    I am 13 and I looooove house of Anubis I thought I could play sOme smart girl who go to high school and I would become suspicious about sibina please please please tell me if you are interested

  50. jonathan Martinez

    my bad if i wrote it twice

  51. Amanda

    Hi my name is Amanda. I love music and acting. I’m that person no one really knows. So it would be awesome to be picked! I’m 5 feet tall. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, I’m 10 but I look 11 to 12. Hope you pick me! I love house of Anubis!

  52. jonathan Martinez

    want to be on this show i will do anything to get the part of house of anubis also a fan of the show it would be pleasure to be in it i hope we can get something done. i am a good actor,singer,play instruments. i’am mexican and the show needs a mexican in me on twitter or facebook i’m 17 years old thank you for your time.

  53. jonathan Martinez

    want to be on this show i will do anything to get the part of the show also a fan of the show it would be pleasure to be in it i hope we can get something done. i am a good actor,singer,play instruments. i’am mexican and the show needs a mexican in me on twitter or facebook i’m 17 years old thank you for your time.

  54. Mandy willard

    Hello my name is Mandy I live in California and I would b willing to go anywhere I really want to take my acting career to another level. I totally resemble fabian nova and amber please contact me

  55. Mandy willard

    Hey I have literally dreamed about being on this show and being a younger sibling!!!! I know this is a 1/100 chance of getting a part like this however if u even considered me it would be the best choice ever made. Please contact me if you know any thing like time date ect about auditioning. I have had years of experience of acting singing and even dancing. Oh yea and before I forget where do u film the show??? Please get back to me as soon as u can !!! Please tell everyone on the show Mandy Willard has the best English accent and loves all of the cast u have watched the entire season of house of anubis more than 12 times.. Please tell me if any roles open thank u so much I luhv u Xoxo sibuna mandy

  56. Ashlee murillo

    Hi im 14 years old I would really like to be on this show.i have some – experience but I would be good on this show for the reason im not shy and would just do about any thing so please pick me for house of anubis.

  57. Ayanna.T

    I would love to be in house of anubis as a little sister i would love to be ninas little sister even though i dont look much like nina im really good at acting i put shows on for my family my favorite is mystery if you let me audition i will work very very hard please contact me!!!

  58. Cece

    I am 13 years old almost 14 and it is one of my fave shows and I have the same hair color as Nina and it curls the same way any way I love to act and I sing if there is any way I could ever be on house of anubis I would be sooo happy . Its not like I have no experience I was a duckling at the delaware children theatre and have been in many other plays and just because I have not been on tv before dose not mean I am not any good please just think about me please

  59. ayanna

    i love house of anubis im 11 turning 12 iv been in alot of plays and wrote 2 i love acting i act evry day so please choose me acting is my life i would love to ninas little siter please contact me!!!

  60. X Levy

    I am 16 years old, female and 5 foot 3. I am currently studying Drama at AS level and would love to be considered for the role. I live in england and can easily take the train or be driven to auditions or filming. I plan on become an actress because I am truly happy and confident on stage and cannot think of anything else I could do to feel the same rush. I am well spoken but also good at accents. I can memorise lines quickly and act any situation.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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