Nickelodeon – The Haunted Hathaways

Nickelodeon – The Haunted Hathaways

The Haunted Hathaways is a new ?Nickelodeon live action series that just began airing this past summer. The 1/2 hour sitcom is created by Robert Peacock, who is known for his TV comedies, most notably, Reba and The Jeff Foxworthy Show.

The Nick television series is about a family, an all female family that moves into, you guessed it, a haunted house. The new residents of the home are a single mom and her 2 daughters while the old occupants of the home had not completely moved out (ghosts) and are a single father and his 2 sons.

The show begins with single mom, Michelle Hathaway, played by Ginifer King moving to New Orleans with her daughters, Taylor and Frankie (Amber Montana and Breanna Yde). The family opens up a bakery and move into a house that is haunted. The home they live in is haunted by Ray Preston and his sons, Miles and Louie ( Curtis Harris and Benjamin Flores Jr.). The family quickly realizes that the house is haunted and the families need to learn hos to live together. Yes, life in “The Big Easy” will not be so simple as the Hathaway family tries to understand the supernatural and ghostly powers of the Preston family which is haunting their home.

Nickelodeon Haunted Hathaways

Other than the main cast in the 2 families, there are also some recurring roles which include

  • Lilly, a girl who goes to school with Taylor Hathaway.
  • Emma, also a schoolmate and in gymnastics with the other girls
  • Clay Bannister, a food critic who visits the bakery
  • Penelope Pritchard, a schoolmate of Frankie Hathaway
  • Madame Lebeuf, the exorcist who is a spiritual woman who has a reputation for removing unwanted ghosts
  • Sophie, a girl on Taylor’s school’s gymnastics team.
  • Nina, a good friend to Frankie

The Haunted Hathaways is also on Nick in other countries. In the UK as The Haunted Hathaways. The show airs in Poland as Nawiedzeni, in Portugal it is called Hathaways Assombradas, in Germany it’s called Voll Vergeistert. It also airs in the Netherlands and Belgium where it is called De Hathaways: Een Geestige Familie.

The show is filmed at Paramount Studios and produced by Nickelodeon Productions. Extras, featured extras and guest stars are cast as the show films. Keep an eye open for any auditions or casting calls for the new season of “The Haunted Hathaways” in 2014.

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    I really love this show, the haunted hathaways. It would be a great opportunity to play the role of Lilly.

  2. Ruby g+

    Hey I’m ruby and I’m 11. I was wondering if y’all can give me an audition to be on Every witch way season 4. To play Jessie Novoa. So please if y’all can give me an audition, let me know.

  3. nikeria paynenikeria payne

    Hey my name is Nikeria and I’m 12, about to be 13. I would like to be on the haunted Hathaway’s.

  4. Rajawn Mason

    My name is Rajawn Mason. I am five foot two and an African/american, 12 year old male who acts and raps.

  5. travis moon

    Hello my name is Travis Moon. I am 11 and I would like to play the part of Ray, nephew to Devin and mile’s cousin. I would highly appreciate it if I was able to play that part.

  6. Destiny nunez

    Hi my name is destiny nunez. I’m 14 years old and always wanted to be an actor since I was 7 and I know I have the potential to be one.

    Hair:black and brown

  7. Staci

    Hi my name is staci, I’m 15 years old and I wanted to do this since I was 12. I love The Haunted Hathaways, it’s funny and is every different from other shows with ghosts. I think this show can really help me make my dream come true. I love to have fun and joke around and this show brings that to the table.

  8. jovan

    My name is jovan coriolan, I am 9 years old and wanted to be an actor ever since I was 5 years old. I live in Atlanta GA and I would love to be on the thundermans.

  9. Vanessa

    My name is Vanessa. I am 15. I am from Colombia and I speak fluent English.
    I would really like to be part of this. It would be a great opportunity.

  10. Vanessa

    Hi, I am Vanessa. I am 15 years and I would really like to have an opportunity like this one. I am from Colombia, and my dream is to be a really great actress.

  11. Deshawn Thomas

    Hello I am a 12 year old girl who would love to be on The Haunted Hathaways.I love the whole cast. I am an only child and I would be truly honored to play a role on The Haunted Hathaways.

  12. mahogany

    I’m 11 and I would love to play any part! I’m friendly, can sing and act. I have been singing and acting since I was 3. I love food people and drawing. My height is 5’2, I have dark brown hair and I have brown eyes.

  13. evelyn

    Hello my name is Evelyn and I love to act one day I wanna become famous and wanna be on all the nickelodeon shows, so please email me. I’m 9, have 2 brothers, 1 sister, have 3 dogs and 1 cat. My favorite hobbies are ice skating, roller skating, basketball and soccer.

  14. Danielle Chavez

    Hello , I’m Danielle Chavez , I’m an aspiring actress. I am not a professional or signed with anyone but who said acting has to be spot on correct. You just gotta put your self out there. Top -Billing Actors and Actress’s take chances everyday. You have to chase your dreams and never second guess, just prove to yourself and everyone else you’ve got it. Let me show you I have what it takes to be the actress you are looking for. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    Contact me by email. Hope to hear from you soon.

  15. Rania Chawiky

    Hey Guys,
    I am a big dreamer of being an extra on a show or a nickelodeon film. I live in Philadelphia, it would be great some time Disney and nick could be doing movies here. There are a lot of people with talent, but there really aren’t any good auditions here. I am 13 and love to act.

  16. Michelle Cervantes

    Hi! My name is Michelle. I’m 13 and I love the show the haunted Hathaways. It would be an honor to play the role lily or get an audition for the part. I’m outgoing and a really easy person to talk to.Please if further information is available, please let me know. Thank you for your time in reading my message.

  17. Domenica

    I sing, dance, act, play guitar and piano! Love nickelodeon and will like to be in such a special tv show!

  18. Lesli

    Hello my name is Lesli, am 11 but turning 12 in March. I would like to work with the Haunted Hathaways. You should pick me because I love to act and when it’s time to act I take that serious. I wish you will give me an opportunity to show you. You could call my dad if I will be able to get a part in the show.

  19. Karla Moreno

    Hi my name is Karla Moreno, I am 15 (almost 16). I live in Miami, Fl. I speak both Spanish and English fluently. I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old and singing since I was 11. It will be a privilege,dream, and honor to be considered because all I ever wanted was to be an actress since I was 4. I love singing as well, it’s like my escape away. And I know I can reach my goal and dream to be and actress or artist. I’m not just saying this to win your vote but to show that I am able to do this. This is all I ever wanted honestly it is , I’ve never desired something this much before. I will do ANYTHING to live my dream. I’m extremely devoted in this and I will do anything the director tells me to do. And that’s all I have to say. Thank you 🙂

  20. Emily Hernandez

    Age: 13
    Birthday: July 7 2000
    Can look: 15
    Hobbies: dance and acting
    Hope to be in: Every Witch Way
    Look like: brown eyes and hair
    I am Mexican and have pailish skin.
    Please reply
    Do not care if I have to go to Miami.
    Every Witch Way.

  21. Emily Hernandez

    I am from the united states. I am Mexican. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have light skin. My hobbies are dancing and acting. I am 13 turning 14 in July. I love all of nickelodeon shows, I have always dreamed of going on nickelodeon. I want to be on the show Every Witch Way. I am 5 feet something I can look 15. If you could please let me go on the show Every Witch Way. I do not mind going to Miami thanks.

  22. Makayla cracco

    I am 9 years old and I can play 8 and 7 year old. I’m four foot one, I have blonde hair and I have blue eyes.

    1. Makayla cracco

      I live in Chicago

  23. Christian Spring

    I would like to join the show bro. We will be united. Ghost out people or scare.

  24. Natalie DeHueck

    Hi there, my name is Natalie DeHueck and I live in Ontario Canada. I’m 13 years old and about 5 feet with longish brown hair and braces. I have light skin and a bubbly personality, but that can be changed once I’m given the personality of my character. I’ve always wanted to pursue my dreams of being in the acting/modelling business. I take a musical theatre class, art class, I play hockey and skii. I’ve just been trying to get into the industry for a long time. I love acting and singing and preforming. Considering that I am small for my age, I could play anywhere from a 10 year old to a 15 year old. I know that this industry takes a lot of hard work and effort, but I’m willing to do so! This is what I love and have a passion for. It’s not for the fame or the money, it’s for the love of art. Please just give me a chance to show you what I can do. I would really appreciate it if you are interested in me, to email me, thanks so much, Natalie DeHueck

  25. My name is Laura Stone, 19 years old….I can look 15-25 years of age.
    I am Japanese American, and yes I can speak Japanese.
    I was on a show called “Reckless”, on CBS.
    I work with StoneWhite production, I film, act and produce.
    Acting is life, I do not want to live with a regular 9 to 5 job, I want to travel, work late nights and early mornings during the day and all day. I will not lie, I am shy at first but when I know my surroundings and my job I am good to go! This doesn’t seem normal to “comment” on a audition site, but I’m willing to follow the instructions. Hope to hear back soon! -with respect Laura Stone

  26. Olivia Kean

    I’m so sorry, I keep saying Disney Channel, I mean Nickelodeon (:

  27. shavana walker

    Hi my name is Shavana Walker and I would love to be on this show because I watch it all the time. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a actor and a singer.

  28. Olesya Deineka Igorevna

    Hey, my name is Lesy and i’m 11 years old. I’m from Russia, but I can speak English very well. I’m thin, with long blond hair and blue-green eyes. My height is 1.57. I love have fun with friends. I love dancing and singing. I played in many school productions. My hobby is to write poems and songs. I love sitcoms and movies on Nickelodeon, I always dreamed of playing in them.

  29. Natalia Cruz

    Height: 5ft 3in
    Hair: dark brown
    Skills: cheer, dance, sign language
    I hope that you will recommend me
    Thank you

  30. Diana Lucia Riaño Espinosa

    Age: 15
    Birthday: February 14, 1998
    Height: 1.62
    Hair: brown and smooth
    eyes: brown
    experience: few theater works
    skills: roller skating, races, swimming, and dance.
    I’m going to be waiting, thank you.

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