Nickelodeon Figure It Out / Figure This Out

Nickelodeon Figure It Out / Figure This Out

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Now casting contestants and audience members for a new Nickelodeon game show – Get free tickets to a Nickelodeon show and see all the action live or tryout to be on the show!

Figure This Out is a show where kids try to guess what a contestants talents are. Kids with special skills and unique abilities are cast on the show then a panel has to figure out what that talent or ability is by using a series of yes / no questions and some hints that came in the form of an object in the old series.

The Nickelodeon show first aired in 1997 and the show ran 4 seasons until 1999 when it went off the air. Last month Nickelodeon announced that the show is being revived for the 2012 season. Figure It Out is set to film 40 episodes in 2012 and most of that filming will be going on this spring.

We are not sure if Nickelodeon will stick to the old format of the original show or create a whole new one for the new series. Guess we will have to wait and see!

Check out the video for the casting

The original Figure It Out used Nick stars as panel members. The panel was made up of actors from other Nickelodeon shows. If the new show keeps that same format, Nick fans may get to see more of their favorite Nickelodeon stars.

Each episode had two sets of three one-minute rounds, in which the panel took turns asking yes-or-no questions to try to guess the contestant’s talent. Each time a panelist mentioned a word that was part of the phrase that described the secret talent, the word was turned over on Billy the Answer Head, a game board that displayed a puzzle.

Nickelodeon is bringing back an old game show Figure it Out / Figure This Out for the 2012 season and you can get in the live audience! Nickelodeon is casting audience members and tickets for the live taping are free!

To apply for the tickets you can go here and follow their instructions. Figure it Out will be filming all through April and the beginning of May and there seem to be plenty of dates left open for fans to join in the fun and get to see some Nick stars live.

Please note that the show is filmed in Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. Those applying for tickets must live in the Los Angeles area or plans to be in Los Angeles during those dates.

Paramount Studios is located at:

Paramount Studios
860 N. Gower Street,
Hollywood, CA

You must be at least 10 years old to be cast in the audience for Nick’s Figure This Out and you must be at least 18 to apply to get the free tickets.

Want to tryout for the show and be a contestant? Nickelodeon is holding tryouts for Figure It Out right now!

100 thoughts on “Nickelodeon Figure It Out / Figure This Out

  1. Benjamin Dale Carver

    Hi, I am Ben Carver! I am 11 years old turning 12 in a few months. I have been acting since I was about 5 and I’ve took part in over 15 Prairie Fire Children’ s Theatre playing big roles almost every time. I can act very good and love doing it too. My dream career is as an actor involved in Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows and movies. I can act ages 9 to 13 and can memorize lines and scripts really well. I am about average height for my age (about 5 feet tall). I am home-schooled so my family and I are very flexible with travel. I promise I am a perfect fit for your acting needs! Please consider me for auditions for your upcoming shows and movies.
    Thanks You.
    Height: 5
    Hair color: Auburn
    Eye color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: white

    -Involved in over 15 Prairie Fire Children’ s Theatre productions playing big roles
    -Received An A in Theatre Arts class (Lasted a year)
    -5 (week long) summer drama camps
    -self performance acting scenes in 4 talent shows

  2. Cailey Staggs

    Hey !! I am a fun 12 year old girl and LOVE LOVE to sing, I went to my 6th grade camp and did a “skit night” and during my groups skit I sang One Direction you don’t know your beautiful, then afterward almost EVERYONE from my camp said I was an AMAZING singer. I am also a cheerleader. I am a flyer and if I actually get onto Figure It Out, I will do either Sing, or Fly. Thank you so much <3

    1. AJ

      Wow, Cool !! I really really hope you win Cailey !!

  3. Kylee Lambert

    I would love too be on your show but sadly, I’m 9 maybe next season…..

  4. DeAnna Harden

    OMG! hi my name is Deanna. I just turned 12 years old June 11th!! My special talent is that I can hold both of my legs behind my head and roll like a ball. Being on figure it out would make my birthday wish come true so please pick me to be on figure it out.

  5. Hailey litteral

    I’m 8 and I would love to be on the show. If you want me to be on the show send me a message on facebook and I will give you the rest of my information then. Hope I make it. I know that I’m not old enough but will you let me be on the show please?

  6. Thomas

    Hi, I am Thomas and I been playing chess for one year and I am amazing.

  7. Travionna


  8. Luke Sawyer

    Hi I always wanted to be on figure it out. It would be so Awesome if I was on it.

  9. Sharon

    I love acting, my whole family says im really good and thats why I’m trying so hard to try get an audition to be able to show my special talent. If I could get an audition you will agree with me too.

  10. Maddy

    hey I’m Madison, I am 14 year old and my talent is that I am a really good field hockey player.

  11. kayla

    I am kayla and I can put my foot up near my hip, do the clover whith my tongue and cross my eyes.

  12. madyson

    I want to be on the show.

  13. taylor

    My name is taylor and I can talk super fast please pick me !!!!!!!!

  14. emma wilkinson

    Hi I’m Emma Wilkinson and I stand on my hands and. shut sliding doors with my feet. I am 11 years old and would not miss your show for the world. I have type 1 diabetes so if my blood sugur drops then I will feel bad but I can still cheer, tumble, do softball and do my talent. I hope you enjoy my talent and will accept me on your show.

    1. emma wilkinson

      I can also pull my foot behind my head while standing up

  15. emma wilkinson

    I love your gameshow and I would not miss it for the world. I am the one who stands on her hands and shuts a mirror door.

  16. emma

    Hi I’m emma and I have watched every figure it out, even guess with the stars. My talent is I can stand on my hands and shut a sliding mirror door with my feet. I can also stand on my hands squatted on a mirror.

  17. Shelby Donovan

    I’m Shelby and I’m 14. I can make a popping noise with the palm of my hand! It would really be a dream to be on this show.

  18. Skyla Darby

    Hi I’m skyla Darby!! I would love to be a singer. I love to sing. I write my own music and one day would like to dance and sing on tv. I hope to be on the show or even in the audience..

  19. claudia

    hey :{) my name is claudia gutierrez and mt hidden talent is singing and impersonating famous female singing vocies and i would love to be on the this show but i live almost like 1,395.9 mi and im twelve

  20. katarius allen

    My name is Katarius Allen but call me k.t. I am ten turning 11 in sept. My special talent is playin the birthday song on the piano.

  21. Chloe Siena and Mackenzie Droll

    Invented rainbow rollercoaster trick with slinkys. We are both 9 years old and would love the opportunity to be on your game show.

  22. Jaylah

    i make bracelets out of tape

  23. Shannon

    hi i’m Shannon . I have an amazing singing talent , I have won many talent shows , and have gotten compliments everywhere , like I randomly sing out loud and people say I’m awsome . I’m a talented natural singer

  24. Reid

    I can do weird things with my body
    That most boys can’t do it’s weirded

  25. Emma McCailey

    Hi my name is Emma and I can do martial arts while skating on rollerblades

    1. Cailey Staggs

      Cool !! My name is Cailey to.

  26. lyric

    hi, I am Lyric and I’m 14. I woulld love a chance to show my talent which is singing and acting. I’m like no other. I would love a chance to show you what I mean, if you dont mind I hope.

  27. Blake McCauley

    I have a world record pending for being the only kid to play basketball one handed

  28. jacy campbell

    I think I have a rare talent it is pole volting I am pretty good at it I can do tricks!

  29. Sarah

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I am 13. I started my own accessory business. I make magazine bags, magazine collage, picture collage, duct tape phone cases, pencil cases, change purses, wallets, bracelets, bookmarks, flowers, flower pens and much more ! Most of it is using duct tape ! Please pick me ! It would be an amazing oppurtunity !

  30. Destiny

    My name is Destiny, I am 13years old and I can touch my foot with my head while holding a puppy and balancing a book.

  31. Azeem Jonson

    Can shoot glass with slingshot

    1. Destiny


  32. Azeem Jonson

    Hi I’m azeem and I can shoot glass with sling shot.

  33. Alia johnson

    Hi I am Alia. I am 7 years old and I can put my toe in my mouth.

  34. Hii I’m Kasey. I’m 12 and I can twist my tongue ALL the way around. PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!!!! (:

  35. Leslie ANDRADA

    I have a talent of making specific animal noises. I started when I was 8.

  36. Marlei Knox

    Hi my name is Marlei and I am 8 years old. My talent is that I can contort my body in many different ways. I hope I can be on figure it out to show my talent.

  37. Jordyn Beasley

    Hey, my name is Jordyn Beasley. I am from a small town in Texas. Not a lot of people know of my town. I’m from Bowie, Texas. It has almost nothing in it and I have always dreamed of being on Figure it Out. Its been a dream of mine for so long. My talent is very simple but I love to sing and I love to act. If you would please just pick me to be on the show. I would be the first one from my smalll hometown to be on T.V. please pick me, if you do e-mail me, my dreams would all come true!

  38. christina ligaris

    I do not want to be on the show please don’t pick me.

  39. Ian Knox

    I am 10 years old and I have an amazing talent. I can shoot a lot of basketballs while bouncing on a pogo stick. I hope Jeff can really find my talent special enough to be on this show. Being on this show would be a dream come true.

  40. James Marcus Serra

    Hi my name is James Serra my talent takes a lot of time.I make solar wood burns. Solar wood burning is when you make a design on a plank of wood and use a magnifying glass lens to permanently burn your designs on it. What I do to change it up is sand down the plank, and even some times pant them so they look better. I think I would be good on figure it out because I want other people to figure out my talent and to stump Nickelodeon actors. I want to get slimed so bad. I hope way down in your heart, you will pick me to be on figure it out. 🙂 P.S i have entered many of my art workings in my county fair and have gotten first.

  41. Andrew Sprague

    Hi, My name is Andrew! I am a friendly kid, and I have a really awesome talent! I can make balloon animals! I can make swords,dogs, octopuses, swans, flowers, hats, giraffes, fishing poles with a fish on the end, and many other creations! In fact, I have made balloons at a day camp, picnic, and at a local pizza parlor called “Ollie and Jax”! I am also involved with academics at my school! I have participated in the spelling bee, speech meet, and math olympics, and have won first place numerous times! I am also very lucky to be able to apply for Figure it Out, because when I was 2 and a half years old I was diagnosed with T-cell Leukemia, a type of cancer. The rigorous treatments and radiation ( a treatment that kills the cancer ), were supposed to make me unable to ever read. But, Here I am, Happy and Healthy! I also talk publicly to organizations about my cancer. I am now a survivor! I would be honored to be featured on your show! I told my friends I wanted to try out for the show, and they said that it would be cool if I did, and that they would watch me if i was featured. I live in Southern California, so the drive to Paramount Studios is no issue. I am 11 years old, and I am going into 6th grade. I used to watch Brainsurge, which was also hosted by Jeff Sutphen. When I first saw the show, I made sure we had all the showings recorded. I think that the show would be a huge honor, for so many reasons! 1: There would be cool Nick stars that I get to compete against!
    2: I could win some AWESOME prizes!
    3: I’d be on TV!
    4: I’d have the chance to get SLIMED!
    5: My talent could be shared, and I would teach the Nick stars and Jeff and the viewers how to make a balloon animal!

  42. Yianni Livanos

    Hi, my name is Yianni Livanos and I have a very interesting talent. I can speak/sing with my mouth closed. I can do any song if I know it or I have lyrics in front of me. I really hope you pick me. I want to be on the show so bad. Thanks

  43. David P.

    I think you should pick me because My talent is awesome. I am a state champion for shooting flying targets with guns. But that’s not my only talent. I also carve and can identify any duck in the US. If you like any of my talents contact me;)

  44. Blake McCauley

    My kids name is Blake and he has been begging me to sign him up. So i am going to suprise him if he makes the show. He will not miss a show on TV. He loves the show. He has an arm injury called “Brachial Plexus.” he only has one arm to use. He won a singing championship at the county fair out of about 50-60 people, he is amazingly good at basketball with 1 hand winning the county championship with his ball team. He is very close to breaking the record for most posters in a room, and has won 11 championships on video games 1 handed. He went 38-0 before losing. So he has been begging me to sign him up.He tells me that the kids and the parents get free tickets to get flown out. I think that only the kids get the free tickets and we have to pay. So if he makes the cut he will be amazed and surprised. Hopefully we will be talking soon with my son. Thank you very much for this chance for him.

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Good Luck Blake!

      1. emma wilkinson

        Oh that’s amazing. GOOD LUCK BLAKE!

  45. Nina I.

    Hi, I’m Nina, I’m 11 years old,I have a strange ability! I can put both my legs behind my head at the same time, and pull myself up so that I’m balancing on my butt. It looks really weird and is really cool to do! I am a good actress, nothing professional, but I love game shows and I was in the audience for BrainSurge once. Please choose me!

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Wow, sounds cool, hope to see you featured!

  46. josh hernandez

    hi my name is josh and I’m 12 years old my talent is origami.

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Cool, what kind of things can you make?

  47. Nadeen Abuqubo and Dina Abuqubo

    Hi! My name is Nadeen and my name is Dina! We are sisters. Nadeen IS 13 YEARS OLD! Dina IS 11 YEARS OLD. We would like to audition on Figure it out because we have a great talent! Our talent is belly dancing! Nadeen started belly dancing since she was 4 years old. Dina started since she was 5 years old. Not a lot of people can do belly dancing cause it kinda hard! Belly Dancing requires skill from the body! So i hope you pick us! We would make a great show because nobody done belly dancing and it is new on the show.

  48. mkaya

    i love figure it out. I totaly want to show everyone my talent. I can dance flamingo and bollywood

  49. Jesus Rodriguez

    hi my name is jesus I would like to be on Figure It Out. My talent is doing a soccer trick called the 360. I hope you will be intrested in my application, THANK YOU !!

    1. Andrew Sprague

      I play soccer too! Can you do a rainbow?

      1. Lily hope

        I can, I taught myself how.

  50. Lily Mae

    Hi, My name is Lily Mae. I am 10 years old and my talent is being a self-taught acrobatic. I can do all things like ariels, and difficult dance moves. Thank you for letting me leave this comment. Please pick me and I will not let you down.

    1. Andrew Sprague

      WOW! you coached yourself? sounds cool, hope to see you on TV!

  51. Hannah Beil

    Hi my talent will blow your minds! If you pick me we will have alot of slime going on! My talent is stacking the most dice on a stick in my mouth! So please pick me it is awesome!

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Wow, I havent heard of that before, but I want to get slimed too!

  52. meghan kertis

    i am not kidding my talent is really great please pick me !

  53. David

    hi, i’m David Allen, and I DO NOTHING FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE just so you know the bold letters are my secret talent shhh

    1. David

      make sure ciara bravo is a figure it outter

      1. Andrew Sprague

        HAHAHA! Good Luck!

  54. Iyses Terrell-Mccullum

    Hi my name is Iyses and am 11 years old. I can hula hoop, world best hula hooper. I won 1st place at school in a contest. So if you put me on maybe I will show you how I won 1st place.

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Whoa, cool, I need some help learning how to hula hoop!

  55. Emily Szczuka

    Hi, my name is Emily. I’m 14 years old and can lick my elbow.

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Sounds cool! you must be flexible! Good Luck!

  56. Tatum

    Hey im 12 years old and have a tricky talent, well sort of, i came second in a pi compitition saying about 200 digits of the square root of pi!

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Wow! you must be a math Wizard! Good Luck!

  57. Mathew Johnson

    Hi my name is mathew and I can play the guitar with one hand

    1. Nathan Buschmann

      cool i make webcam videos while driving a golf cart

      1. Andrew Sprague

        One hand? sounds awesome, I play the drums! Good Luck!

    2. matthias

      I think it is cool you can play the guitar with one hand. And could you please tell me how to sign up for figure it out.

  58. Moneja

    Hi my name is Moneja im VERY TALENTED & would love it if you picked me as the winning star 🙂

    1. Andrew Sprague

      What talents do you have? And whatever it is, Good Luck!

      1. natasha

        Are you very talented? I am digging it.

  59. Autumn Andres

    I really wish I had a chance to show everyone what I can do, oh well, maybe next year

    1. Nathan Buschmann

      same here autumn

      1. Andrew Sprague

        Hope to see you next season, good luck for next year!

    2. Marcaylus Carey

      Hi I am an inventor and invented a helmet to make picking up
      things with your mind easier and they are already selling.

  60. Erica Mattingly

    Hi, my name is Erica Kaye Mattingly. I am 10 years old. I have blond hair, and hazel eyes.I think House Of Anubis would be a good show for be becouse it is mysterious!Nina is an awsome character! I would die to even touch the set. My special tallent is acting.Everyone in my family says im should be an actress when I grow up. But I relly don’t know yet!My acting skill is lying!Thanks for letting be leave this comment send me an email and let me know how it goes. Bye.

    1. Andrew Sprague

      Maybe you can lie to the judges? JK JK, Good luck, and I love House of Anubis too!

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