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Brainsurge slimed

Are you a huge fan of Brainsurge and Family Brainsurge? The good news is that Brainsurge has casting calls and auditions for kids, teens and families that want to be on the show.

In BrainSurge,  families compete in quick-moving, mind-bending challenges.

BrainSurge is kids game show on Nickelodeon. Brainsurge is hosted Jeff Sutphen and has completed 3 seasons. If Brainsurge is renewed for another season, the show should be casting for 2012 shortly for its 4th season. Brainsurge is based on a successful Japanese game show called Brain Survivor.

The 2011 season (season 3) was a family version of the show and called ‘Family Brainsurge’.

BrainSurge is designed to test what else, the brain. The show goes through a series of rounds that are designed to test comprehension and memory.

The gameshow has levels which go like this… Level One: Brain Tease which has the contestants playing a series of puzzles. The contestants all get some seconds to key in an answer and the top scoring contestants will move on to the next round called Level Two: Brain Fart.
During the second round, the four remaining contestants/teams are told a story from a book read by the host and are asked questions in turn about the story.

In Level Two the contestants use chairs to lock in the answers to the puzzles and the chair makes a farting noise if the answer is not correct.

BrainSurge Slime

Those that make it past level two move on to the knockout round. In the Knockout round, only 2 contestants or teams are left. The two remaining contestants or teams have a few seconds to memorize a grid that has images on it. The images are taken from a story and then the contestants need to match up pairs of images.


The bonus round is called Brain Trip – contestants trace out paths on a grid to win prizes.

Losers of the rounds go down the Brain Drain and the winners are slimed.

The “mind-bending” isn’t just for kids and their families, last season saw celebrity editions as well where top Nick Network stars from such hit shows as  iCarly,” “Victorious,”  “Bucket & Skinner,”  “Big Time Rush,” andHouse of Anubis,” got in on the action as well and partnered up with other contestants.

Nickelodeon offers the following warning: Watching this show may make your brain explode!

Sound fun? Stay tuned for any new casting information about Nick’s  BrainSurge. Check out Nick’s new show, The Thundermans.

17 thoughts on “Nickelodeon Brainsurge

  1. Bratty

    I’m 15 and love Brainsurge, I always try and guess with the people on screen. My name’s Brittney. pick me, I am always up for a good laugh.

  2. caleb garner

    I luv nick! I want to act on Victorious.

  3. Brain surge is a great show I always wanted to see how it felt to win something or even to be on the world great slime show other then firgure it out. I’m in NYC, I’m 11 and I would love to be on the show brain surge.

  4. Evan

    I am a male, 13, 5’8, and I am very smart. I would be perfect because I am exciting. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. Please choose me!

  5. nikole

    I am nikole and I love brainsurge, i am 13.

  6. Daunte

    Hi, I’m Daunte. I’m 16 and I have been watching this show on tv. When are the finals. I will make it to the final round just give me a chance.

  7. sarah olivia quirk

    i love brain surge and i am 11 i hope u pick me i play piano and i write songs

  8. Madison


    1. Madison

      I am thirteen, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I really want to be on the show i can totally make it to the final round!!!! GIVE ME A CHANCE. I love acting so much and i would love to make my carrer start on brainsurge!!!

      1. Madison

        :0 🙂 😀 😛 <3

  9. Madison

    I can totally make it to the last round on brainsurge. Me and my brother watch it all the time and we are really good at it. We would love to be on the show.

  10. Carly T.

    brainshow is an AWESOME game show. I have an awesome personality and it would be awesome if I could be on it! I needa get the slime of my life!

  11. PJ Romano

    I really want to get slimed and be on brain surge.

  12. mamidoky

    i really want to get slimed

  13. Lyle

    Brainsurge is a great game show. My little sister and I watch it all the time. I really like how the contestants get slimed when they win. It’s pretty cool. I would love for me and my family to audition to be contestants on BrainSurge. My sister and I are great at puzzles and we are both A students so I think that we would do really well as a family. We are planning a trip to Los Angeles and I hope that I can tryout to be on Brainsurge when we are down there this summer. I really do not know what the Nickelodeon audition schedule is for the shows but can find out. I hope that we can fit that into our time when we are in L.A. I’ll see everyone when I get on Brainsurge in 2012.

    1. mamidoky

      hello i would love to be on brain surge. it’s an awesome game show. ps.mamidoky is not my real name.

    2. robby

      It Has Bean A Dream of Mine to be on BrainSurge!!!

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