Nickelodeon ‘Big Time Rush’

Nickelodeon ‘Big Time Rush’

How to audition for Big Time Rush and tryout for a Nickelodeon show!

Big Time Rush is a popular Nick show that was created by Scott Fellows and revolves around the lives of 4 hockey players who form a boy band. The Nickelodeon show features their antics and lives as they work on becoming famous. The boys live in a hotel called the Palm Woods in Hollywood and they work on their music at Rocque Reco

Big Time Rush stars:

As the band:

  • James Maslow as James Diamond,
  • Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell,
  • Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight,
  • Carlos Pena, Jr. as Carlos Garcia,

Also Stars:

  • Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight,
  • Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright
  • and Stephen Kramer Glickman as Gustavo Rocque.

There is a lot of music incorporated into the show because Big Time Rush is a real music group. The group had a debut album entitled B.T.R. in 2010. The group later released another album called Big Time Rush: Elevate. More music is planned for 2012 and more singles should be released in 2012.

The group has done other projects as well. Big Time Rush performed at the teen choice awards and the Kid’s choice awards. They also sung the National Anthem at a Cowboys game. Big Time Rush has a movie in the works. “Big Time Movie” will be released in March 2012 and will feature the group doing a cover of a popular Beatles tune.

Big Time Rush premiered in 2009 and has aired for 2 seasons. It was recently announced that the show will come back for a third season in 2012 and shooting of the show will begin in January 2012.

When the show was cast some years back, a nationwide casting search was done to find the perfect teen actors to fill the four roles. More than 1,500 teens and young adults auditioned for one of the four main roles. Supporting roles, featured extras and extras are cast as needed.

To get onto Big Time Rush or any other Nickelodeon show, you will need to audition first. Auditions are done as the network creates new characters and requests actors to fill the role. This is usually done through an agent, so to get onto Nickelodeon, you will need to get yourself a good agent that can send you out on auditions for Nickelodeon Big Time Rush or other shows.

Big Time Rush is filmed in Hollywood and auditions for the show , other than the initial nationwide search, are done in the Los Angeles area.

Tryout for Big Time Rush

If you want to be an extra on Big Time Rush, you will need to register with a Los Angeles extras casting agency such as Central Casting. Central Casting in Los Angeles provides extras for many TV shows and series.

Big Time Rush has been nominated for various awards including the 2011 Kids Choice Awards for Favorite Music Group ‘Big Time Rush‘. In Mexico, the show won the Kid’;s Choice Awards for Favorite TV show.

Big Time Rush is broadcast all over the world on such Nickelodeon networks as Nickelodeon Latin America, Nickelodeon UK, Nickelodeon Germany, Turkey and Southeast Asia.

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96 thoughts on “Nickelodeon ‘Big Time Rush’

  1. derell lawless

    January 2, 2013 at 1:12 pm
    Name: derell lawless

    Age: 13
    Gender: male

    Language: English
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

    Talents: Acting and am a singer.

  2. David Nastase

    Hello Nick! I am David from Romania, a big country from Europe. I know that I am not from America but I know very good English and I am at a school where you talk only in English. I know how to sing and I learned a Big Time Rush song in a half day. I take some acting lessons. My dream is to be like Big Time Rush. Nickelodeon, you can make my dream true and choose me for the audition.

  3. Rania Chawiky

    Hi directors,
    I really wanna have a guest role in big time rush. I went to a theathe group and was really good at it. I also have pretty good ideas for big time rush. I am 13 and really love it. I am a fighter for my dreams and am never gonna give up.

  4. Lisa

    Hey! My Name is Lisa. I love to act and to dance. I want to come to the castings but I’ve got a Problem: I come from Germany! My biggest wish is that I can come to America and work as an actor! I hope you read this comment. Bye! P.S. Sorry my English isn’t the best!Oh, I forgot to say I’ve got red hair (but it’s a Special red, the People in Germany call it ,,Kastanienbraun” 😀 ) My eyes are Brown and I’m 13 years. I hope you text back!

  5. kayla

    my name is Kayla. I am Italian and am 5’6. I am 17 years old I should be carols girl because I love corn dog. I am a really smart. I know about science and love Logan, carols, James, Kendall.

  6. Drummer

    I am 11 years old and am a drummer. I want to drum for big time rush.

  7. Sander Verhoeven

    Hi, I’m Sander Verhoeven. I am 14 years old, born on 13 March 1999. I’m blonde, 1 meter 60 and weighing 40 kg. I love acting and everyone says I’m good at it, I can also articulate well and I can also sing a bit. I always do my best at school. I hope I get a role in Big Time Rush. And I do this not only for myself but for the fans and the viewers and I will always be 100% committed.

  8. Gladys Gabriela

    I’ve already presented theater performances like Mamma Mia, Fame, I was at the film ‘I brake for gringos’ and also at a television program ‘La mujer del vendaval’. My English education started since I was 7 years old, so it became my second language. I would have no problem with relocating to anywhere, my purpose is to focus on this career.

  9. reem almasaoudi

    hi my name is Reem Almasaoudi. I can sing, I make my own songs and I sing with my cousin Nour. We have a band called drop the beat, also we can act and dance. We hope you pick us and WE LOVE NICKELODEON.

  10. Chanruu

    My name is Chanruu Sivamanoharan. I am twelve years old, very interactive with other people and friendly. I go to a school in Croydon,UK called The Archbishop of Lanfranc School. If I do not get my first career choice (robotic engineering), my second choice would be acting and this would be a good opportunity to give my acting career a head start. Thank you and I hope you pick me.
    My friends and family say I have a good chance of acting. I would love to take part.

  11. Hope Rhynas

    My name is Hope and I am 13 years old. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I currently attend Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, and love to sing and act. I have two distinctions in my grade 3 & 4 LAMDA exams. Also, I have been told by professionals that I have a Disney look and am particularly good at playing Disney roles. I can do a British and American accent. But, overall I am a bubbly and confident person and would love to be on the show. please could you send me some information on how to apply for an audition.
    Many thanks Hope.

  12. Hannah bell

    Ya just like everybody else said I would love to be on a tv show, as an actress on disney channel or nickelodeon. I’ve always wanted to meet Ciara Brovo since she was discovered, she is like a role model to me. I hope to get an addition soon when my dad gets back from a training in the military and talk to him about it (I would now but he can’t have his phone for a whole month 🙁 sadly, so I can maybe get a role as an actress!

  13. NICOLA bullock

    I’m NICOLA, I’m 25 and I absolutely love my idols, it would be amazing if I got the chance to star along side my boys, like Kendall said ” this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime” and he’s right, I’m a hardworking, team player and throw myself into it, take inboard anything that is said to me and I give 110 % all the time,
    I have a lot to give and prove to you what I have.

    My email hasn’t worked for a while so if you can’t get through I’m on twitter and would love to hear from you it’s @bigtimenicola THANKYOU

  14. Josue Galindo

    If you guys are seeking talent, I’m sure you guys will find it in me. My name is Josue Galindo and I’m 19 years old, height 5’9, and I weight 156. Give me a shot at a show in nickelodeon and I promise I will make it worth your time. I find myself funny, attractive, and with an eager to shine bright.

  15. Cathy Gonzalez

    Hey I’m Cathy Gonzalez, I would love to be an actress in the nickelodeon productions . My dream has always been to be an actress and you can make my dream come true ! A little more about me is I’m Spanish , but born and raised in California, I’m 14 and my height is 5’7 . Please contact me , it would make my world, thank you for your time goodbye 🙂 xx

  16. Augusta Alie

    I would like to Auditions for BTR because I strongly believe that I have what they are looking for, I can sing, rap and also act. Singing and acting has always being a part of my life so it a responsibility that I would like to take on during life. Acting and singing are my life if I don’t act I can’t speak right, if I don’t sing I feel empty because singing makes me happy.

    1. Augusta Alie

      i live in Australia by the way and iI would do whatever it takes to be what I wanna be.

  17. rocio

    Hola me llamo rocio me encanta la actuacion y amo cantar tengo 14 años vivo en mexico y tengo muchas ganas de salir en un show de nickelodeon llevo clases de canto gracias.

  18. Maddison

    Hello my name is Maddison, I have watched btr heaps of time! I am extremely interest and would love to be on the show. I have had experience acting and drama before and I always wanted to do acting and really hope you consider me! I may be from Australia but if you consider me for the part I would move anywhere! Please consider me.

  19. Angeles Campos

    Hello! My name is Angeles, and I live in Los Angeles. I am 100% Mexican but was raised in California since age 5. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I am Fourteen years old but look like 13, because I am kinda skinny. My height is 5’0, and I weight 100. I have brown hair and eyes. My skin color is fair. I would love to have a role in this show. Thanks.

  20. Joshua Pogosa

    My name is Joshua Pogosa. I am a Filipino. I’m 16 years old and I really want to be a part of Nickelodeon. I love to sing and dance.. Those are my Passions. If you will give me a chance, I will give it my All.
    Thank you.

  21. Hannah Hemmen

    Hello, My name is Hannah Hemmen.
    I have always loved to act. I think it would be the best thing ever. I am 15 years old. I have a light shade of blonde hair and blue eyes. My weight is around 101/102 pounds and my height is around 5’3.

    My brother and sister also really love to act. They are always trying to do online auditions for anything. My brother is 17 his name is Siah and he also has really light blonde hair and brown eyes. My sister is 12 she has very dark jet black hair. Her name is Star holiday. They are both very out going and have a lot of personalty. We would love to be put in anything. Thank you- Hannah <3

  22. Thea Finestone

    Name: Thea Finestone
    D.O.B: April 2nd, 1999
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White
    Language: English
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Green

    Talents: Acting

  23. Thea Finestone

    Hi I’m Thea Finestone, I have been doing research on how to be an actress. I’m 13, I really want to be an actress so please give me a chance.

  24. Josue saavedra

    Hola soy de Peru, Se actuar y un poco de bailar, cantar no lo hago tan bien pero voy en camino.!
    tengo 15 años mido 1:75

  25. Chris Mandiratta

    Hi I’m Chris

    I’m from Switzerland and have a darker skin colour because my mom is from Malaysia.
    I am 13 Years old and would love to be acting in a Show like this. My height is about 1 m 62 cm.

    Thanks, Chris

  26. Hello!
    I am a Mexican girl living in Coahuila, I measure 1.64, I am 14 years old and weight 55 kilos. Bilingual and I like singing, I won 7 national singing competitions, I can do cartwheels. I have brown eyes, tanned skin, chestnut brown hair. I love swimming and I love to laugh hehehe … that’s all please call!.

  27. Elijah

    In case you haven’t realized, I’m the new kid.

  28. Elijah

    Hi my name is Elijah. As you can guess by my name, I’m a boy. I’m a ten year old African-American who’s 4’11. I live in Hollywood,Fl. I’m a really good singer and actor. I’ve been in alot of school plays and BTR is one of my favorite shows and bands. My favorite song is Windows Down. A crazy idea is a new kid comes to the Palm Woods and ends up getting a suite on BTR’s floor. He annoys them at first, and always tries his best to the get on their last nerve. Once he gets to know them, he realizes their a cool band and they start to become friends.

  29. My name is Jocelyn Luna. You can call me Josie. I LOVE to sing And Act, live in Tolleson, Az, born in Los Angles, CA in May 14, 2000. I love to watch Big Time Rush, They are really funny. I would love to be part of big time rush. I would fit right into this great show because I love to sing and love to act. I’m auditioning because I feel if I get this chance to become a actor my dream will become true and counting on you to make it come true.

  30. Charlotte Pablo

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 114 lbs.
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Birth Date: May 28, 1999
    Hobbys: I like to sing, dance, and hangout with my friends.
    Experience: Sadly I have no experience yet.
    I’m outgoing, energetic, spontaneous, and I memorize things quickly. If you put me on your show you would not regret it, I promise you that. And I’m absolutely in love with Big Time Rush I’ve seen every episode and have heard all their songs. My dream has always been to be an actress/singer, so please please please make my dream come true and put me on your show. I would love to be on Big Time Rush.

  31. Michaela Bedard

    Name: Michaela Bedard
    Age: 17
    Grade: 12
    Height: 5’9 1/2, 5’10
    Look range: 17,18,19
    Hair: long to my butt dark brown hair that is naturally blondish brown, and is wavy on top and slightly curley on the bottom and underneath part
    Eyes: change from hazel to brown,to dark green to light green
    Race: Caucasian
    Language: English
    Location: Wisconsin
    Skills: acting, singing,dancing, color guard, poi, I play bass clarinet and clarinet and I am trying to learn guitar, artistic and Love taking photos
    About me:
    My name is Michaela Bedard, I am a senior and I do marching band (color guard) and winter guard, and I also love music and many different types, I am always doing new things and love to meet new people. I have taken a few theater classes and I have acted in a few plays and have performed in front of large audiences for competitions.

  32. Athena Priftakis

    Hi my name is Athena Priftakis I am fourteen years old and I live in NYC! I am caucasian I have brown hair and light brown eyes. My passion is music and acting… I have lots of experience in musical theater!

    I have played Horton in Seussical
    I also played the role of Ado Annie in Oklahoma
    I starred again in Seussical as Mayzie
    In Cats I played Gus
    and I have plenty more experience just performing in choirs or doing solo work or just being in the ensemble

    It has always been my dream to be on TV and make people laugh! I LOVE BTR and it would be an honor to work with the guys they are my inspiration! And I will be up for anything! If you give me just background work I will give it my ALL, even if I am only in one scene and have no lines it would still be a HUGE deal to me and I will seriously give it everything i have!

  33. Yayabell Debay

    My name is Yayabell Debay. I’m African American and 5’3″, I’m 12 and going to be 13 soon. I could be kendalls little sister’s new friend, please consider it.

  34. Gabrielle roe

    Hello I am from Britain (essex), my name is Gabrielle Roe (female) but every one calls me gabby. I am 14 years old I have blonde/brown hair and blue eyes and I am 5.6″ tall. I have stared in two school musicals and I’m learning sign language. People have told me I’m a good singer but if we have a interview, I will let you decide. I would call my self creative as I love art and designing, also I love to be different. Finally I can horse ride and scuba dive and I was a scout. I am now a explorer and a leader for cubs. I have won the jack petchey award for scouts and scout of the year award. It would be a amazing to be apart of this show as I love Nickelodeon and I have promised my self I will be on Nickelodeon one day soon, thank you. Please email me soon to let me know. Plus I love big time rush soooo much and it would be a great opportunity to start my career.

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