New Disney Shows and 2014 Cast

New Disney Shows and 2014 Cast

Every year Disney creates new shows and 2014 does not seem to be any different. So far 3 new shows have been announced for the coming year. Keep reading to find out who got the auditions and landed the roles.

Disney has 3 new shows scheduled for their 2014 lineup. “I Didn’t Do It” started production this summer and will be a new 1/2 hour comedy series to air in 2014. The series is created by Tod Himmel and Josh Silverstein who also did “So Random”. Olivia Holt won the casting call to play Lindy Watson. Austin North will play Lindsy’s fraternal twin, Logan Watson. Olivia Holt also starred on Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It” and was cast in the Disney movie “Girl Vs. Monster,” Austin North has appeared on “A.N.T. Farm,”and “Kickin’ It” also.

The show is about Lindy and Logan Watson entering high school, along with their best friends. Casting for their best friends includes Piper Cutda, Sarah Gilman and Peyton Clark.

Olivia Holt new disney casting
You can see Olivia Holt talk about the new Disney show in the following video:

Another new Disney series coming up in 2014 is “Star and the Forces of Evil”. This new show is not a sitcom, it is actually an animated series that will air on the Disney network in the fall of 2014.

The animated story revolves around an alien who has battled some monsters. The alien, Star Butterfly comes to

Sabrina as Maya

Earth and moves in with a family Diaz family. Star has no interest in living a normal Earth life and still continues to battle monsters and villains… as well as go to school.


“Girl Meets World” – New Disney Channel show

The most anticipated Disney show coming in 2014 is “Girl Meets World”. The show is a spin-off of the show “Boy Meets World” from over a decade ago (’93 – ’00). It continues the original story of Cory and Topanga from “Boy”. In the new show it is years later and Cory and Topanga now have a teen daughter of their own, Riley. Rowan Blanchard must have aced her audition and landed the starring role of Riley.

Sabrina Carpenter got the casting of Maya, Riley’s best friend. Sabrina has appeared on a few shows in the last few years including a guest spot on Law & Order.  Sabrina also recently appeared on “Sofia The First” and “Austin and Ally”. Sabrina is 14 years old and began acting about 4 years ago. Sabrina also sings and once performed  “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” on stage for a Chinese TV station.



Here is the current casting of “Girl Meets World”:

  • Rowan Blanchard(Spy Kids: All the Time in the World) as Riley Matthews. She is a 7th grader and the star.
  • Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, Riley’s father and the lead character of Boy Meets World. Cory has taken a job as a middle-school history teacher, whose class will consist of his daughter and many of her friends.
  • Danielle Fishel as Topanga Matthews. Topanga was pursuing a law internship at the end of Boy Meets World, she has since changed careers. Like Cory’s parents eventually became in the original series, Topanga is now  the owner-operator of a restaurant that specializes in pudding.
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Maya, Riley’s best friend.
  • Peyton Meyer as Tristan Friar, a boy that Riley likes.
  • Corey Fogelmanis as Shamus Farkle, Riley’s friend, he’s a bit on the geeky side.
  • Leon Sparks as Troy Matthews, Riley’s cousin.
Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

The old crew is back as well because Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have been cast to play Cory and Topanga. They originally played the same characters as teenagers in “Boy Meets World”. There is also information that casting has chosen others from the original cast to reprise their roles again.  The original show first aired in 1993 and this new spin-off is the teens, now adults, 20 years later with teens of their own.

Extras casting for these shows and other Disney shows now filming will most likely be done by Central casting who handles many of the Disney Channel casting calls.

118 thoughts on “New Disney Shows and 2014 Cast

  1. Maeve Taheny

    Hi all,
    My name is Maeve Taheny and I am 12 years old but will be 13 on 25th April. I love to act and sing. I play an instrument called tin whistle (it is a Irish version of a recorder.) I have been in quite a lot of school plays and mainly always got the main role. Everyone tells me that I am the only person who can make them laugh and say I have a funny sense of humor. I have brown hair but it sometimes looks ginger and I am quite tall for my age. I look about 14 even though I am 12. I would love it if you could get back to me.
    Many thanks from Maeve Taheny

  2. Isis

    Hello, My name is Isis and I play in a lot of schools plays.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 105
    Height: 5’1
    Grade: 8th
    Ethnicity: African American
    ( I will love it if you picked me)

  3. Jesse James sagarese

    My name is Jesse, I am 4 yrs old and male. I love to talk and love to dance, my hair color is brown and so are my eyes. I am not Shy at all and very out going. I would love for somebody to give me an audition to show my natural acting skills. I am very cute.

  4. justyne long

    Hi my name is Justyne long I am 11 years old. I was born in Thomaston, Georgia on Febuary 12, 2003. I have straight dirty blonde hair. I am 4’7 and weigh from 100-110 lbs. I watch disney all the time and would love to get an audition to show you how talented I am. I also sing:]

  5. sasha

    Name: Elijah
    Age: 1 turning 2 August 6
    Hair: black
    hobbies: playing, dancing, loves taking pictures,has lots of energy.
    hope to hear you from you!

  6. sasha

    Name: Amaya
    Hair: Dark brown very curly
    weight: 42 pounds
    Age: 6 turning 7 September 23
    Hobbies: loves taking picture, making videos, dressing up, acting, love spending time with her baby brother!
    Amaya is very excited hoping to hear from you soon!
    Thank you in advance!

  7. Ella Kurban

    Age:10 and a half
    Birthdate: January 5th 2004
    Height: 4’11”
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dirty blonde
    Hobbies: reading, singing, softball, acting, swimming and making my friends laugh.

    Hope I get a chance ~Ella

  8. c.f

    Hey ya

  9. piper

    i am about to be 11 years old and I have been acting since I was 4. It has been my life goal to be on tv. I hope I can audition for a show.

  10. Eleanor Sophia Kurban

    My name is Eleanor, Ella for short. I love reading, writing, singing, acting, swimming, playing softball and chilling with my bffs. I’m half Irish and half Arabic. I know a little Chinese and Arabic. My favorite color is blue and my favorite show is Liv and Maddie.

  11. Jasmine Kane

    By the way, I am 4 ft. 10 3/4 in. and 68 lbs.

  12. Jasmine Kane

    Hi, am a 12 year old girl (13 on November 5th) and I have ALWAYS wanted to be a known actress on TV. I decided this when I was about three and was watching the movie: Click. It would mean the WORLD to me if I got a role in this show. Besides, everybody has their first time at everything so, to whoever is in charge of who gets this role, give me my first time acting. PLEASE!

  13. Isabella Torres

    Hey, I’m Isabella. I am 13. And I decided I wanna do acting just like my dad. Also I want to prove a point to the people who doubt me now and don’t believe I can do this they don’t believe I can make it to the top but when I do they will remember me and be amazed of what I am capable of, the will be the ones saying “I know Isabella”. I don’t wanna be a boring normal person who works in a cubicle shredding papers all day with her coffee, No, I wanna act, I wanna be important.

  14. Ronnae Murray

    Hi my name is Ronnae. I am an 18 year old African American female.
    I love Reading, writing novels and poems, acting, sing, dancing, choreographing, playing piano, writing music, designing, and just having fun
    I m currently a fresh at California state university monterey bay
    I am 5’3″ and 135 pounds with short brown hair, and brown eyes.
    I have been in every school play since kindergarten. I was even costume designer one year. I was a part of the Sacramento Ballets Nutcracker four years in a row, i attended the Sacramento Theater company summer camp for three years and even worked with one of the specialist after the camp in a monologue production in San Francisco. In the summer of 2013 i was the lead role in A Star Aint Nothing But A Hole In Heaven in a community theater. I portrayed Carol Burnett in our drama tribute to her. I can do multiple accents and voices, I also know stage combat, and sword fighting. I was also a member if my high schools inaugural dance team.
    I took 2 years of drama in high school and was in drama club all four years.

    I have the experience and the passion to keep acting. I love doing it, and will always work as hard and harder than you need.

    I grew up watching this show and i would love to be a part of its legacy.

  15. tamia

    Hi my name is Tamia Campbell, some people call me Mia. I am looking forward to my dream, I hope it can come true.

  16. hector cabrales

    Name~Hector (:
    I’m Very Good.
    Talents~I’m Very Funny!
    Iv’e Been Acting Since I could Remember. I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Actor On Disney Channel Or Disney Xd.
    I Think It Would Be Very Nice If You Added A New Character In Jessie, The Show. Just To Add A Little More Comedy In To It?… (:

  17. Anja

    Hi my name is Anja. I was wondering if people that are under 11 could still be on kickin it. Like be a younger brother or sister to Jack, Milton or Jerry. Please tell me if that could happen. I hope my dream will come true to be on Kickin it as a younger sister to Jack, Milton, Jerry, or one of them.

  18. Franccesca Feola

    Hi, my name is Franccesca Feola. I’m 11 years old.
    When I see Disney movies or Disney shows I say…
    “I would like to be there with the wonderful editors and directors.”
    I’m in piano and singing lessons now because I also love music.
    I was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA and I have lived in South America since I was 3 years old.
    I would love to be an actress and a singer at the same time.
    I love Disney Channel.

    Thanks so much for any information regarding any castings you will have in the future.

    Best Regards.


  19. Rania Chawiky

    Hi Directors,
    I am Rania, a super smart girl, loves to act and sing. I love Watching disney channel everyday. so I I want information about all the new shows. I am 13 and very interested to work with you guys. I want to work as an extra because I don’t really want to move to L.A. I live in Philadelphia and I also speak french, English and German. I have a lot of friends there. This is my dream and I am gonna fight for it.

  20. Chloe

    I have always participated in my school plays since I was in 3rd grade and I have always loved doing it. I have blue eyes, blond hair, I’m 4’11, I will be 12 in August, I am a female. I play soccer, love art and am willing to try and do anything. I love to sing and dance and I think that I will be the best person for any of the roles that have to do with fun and creative people or the exact opposite! I hope I have a chance to get in to any slot you have available. Thank You For Your Consideration.

  21. Haley

    I am Haley a 17 year old and I want to work on this show because it seems easy enough… for me. I love to have fun. I have never worked on camera but I have been in plays and have worked behind the camera.
    black hair(long)
    hyper,funny, outgoing

  22. Miladie

    Hi my name is Miladie Vinson, I am 17 year’s old about to be 18. I like to dance and sing and act. I would to be on your new Disney Channel show, if you can please contact me on Facebook @miladie mk Vinson.

  23. Le'Shaun Davis

    Hi I would love to auditions for one of the roles. Also would it be okay if you send me the script cause I am going to audition online, so here is my info.

    age: 13
    color: black
    eyes: brown
    hair: brown
    height: don’t really know

    1. Le'Shaun Davis

      also I am a female.

  24. Nadine (Nadean)

    Hello! I would like to apply as an actress for Disney movies and series.

    Date of birth: January 8, 1998
    Age: 15
    Range: 13 – 17
    Height: 5ft 4in
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Hair: Brown, curly, long
    Eyes: Brown

    Experience: movie “7022 – Moves & Stories” in 2013/2014, workshops from 2005-2011, musicals 2005 – 2010

    Hobbies: Music (piano, drums, guitar, singing, violin), horse-riding, skateboarding, dancing, archery, surfing

    My parents support me and would drive or fly with me to auditions.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  25. Victoria

    Hello I’m Victoria Gary. I’ve got a lot of rewards for singing. I’m nine and very tiny, very dramatic, so close to being on one audition but they didn’t call back to come.

  26. jasper ambriz

    I am 13 yrs old. I sing, dance,and act.
    I would love to pursue my career of being either one.

  27. Alyssa Allen

    Name: Alyssa
    Age: 10 turning 11 in June 2014
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: blonde
    gender: female
    weight: 75lbs
    height: 4ft. and 4in.

  28. chrysla

    I love to act

  29. Chiara McNerney

    age: 10
    hair: brown
    eyes: brown
    height: 4 foot
    gender: female
    I was told a lot I should always follow my dreams and my dream is to be an actress. I have lots of experience, hope I get a chance for my dreams to be reality!

  30. Diana

    Age: 15 years old
    Heigh: 1,62
    Gender: female
    Hair: brown and smooth
    Eyes: Brown
    Birthday: February 14, 1998
    I hope I can hear from you.

  31. Sally Pham

    Name : sally
    age; 12
    from Vietnam
    Live in Canada moncton NB
    Skill: Dancing I guess
    Hair colour: Black
    Need to improve my English
    School: Evergreen park school
    I hope I can get this chance. Thank you

  32. Shaquoria Gabrielle jennings

    My name is Shaquoria Jennings. I’m age 10 and I know every one has a dream and my dream is to accomplish my goal and live my dream. I’ve been acting since I was 8 years old in plays so if you could give me a chance to accomplish my goal I would be honored. I can act, sing and dance. Thank You shaquoria

  33. Nadine Lighting

    Name: Nadine
    Age: 15
    Weight: 121
    Hair: Brown, curly, long
    Eyes: Brown
    Experience: workshops, musicals
    Hobbies: Music (piano, drums, guitar, singing, violin), horse-riding, skateboarding
    My parents support me and would drive or fly with me to auditions.
    Looking forward to hear from you!

  34. Makaya

    My name is Makaya, I’m 13 years old and I really admire all the disney channel stars. They taught me to never give up in what you believe so I’m not going to. Im going to keep filling out auditions forms for modeling, acting and dancing three things I love a lot besides my family.

  35. cameron

    Hi my name is Cameron. I live in Madera CA. I’m African american. I weigh about 80 pounds. My eyes are brownish. I’m a male. I would love to be on a series. I wouldn’t want to be on a movie because its so long. Hair is black and cut. please email me back, I love disney channel, so please let me have this chance.

  36. haven pennington

    Hello I am in 7th grade and am very good at singing, acting and love to play sports. I am not shy at all. I love to be on the stage or spotlight. I would be good at acting cause I love to sing. My parents always have to tell me to stop. Talking is another thing I could do. I can start a conversation and if you tell I cant laugh, I wont. I can straight out say anything you want me to without being shy. I can change tones of voices or moods while acting. Thank you for your time. I love acting and singing.

  37. victoria

    Height – 5’5
    Age – 15

    Hair colour – Dirty blonde
    Eyes – Hazel
    Experience – junior projection
    Ethnicity – Caucasian
    Weight – 135
    Gender -Female

  38. Nicolette

    Hi I am Nicolette Graham
    Gender- Female
    Height- 5’7
    Weight- 100
    Grade- 10
    Experience- high school productions
    Ethenticty- White
    Eye Colour- Hazel
    Hair Colour-Brown

  39. Desirae Ausbrook

    Hi , My name is Desirae Ausbrook .
    I am 5’4 have brown eyes and live in Charlotte north Carolina . I am 13 years and was born September 18,2000 . I am a gymnast , boxer and comedian . I have been watching Disney for along time now I am also good at acting . I have been doing it since I was 9, in the 3rd grade, please contact me. It’s a good choice if you do. I am sure a lot of kids are good also. well thanks.

  40. miranda

    Hello my name is Miranda. I was born and raised in the beautiful sunshine state in the year 2000, 13 YEARS AGO, to my american mother Diane and my Hispanic father Genaro. I have hazel colored eyes, fair skin, I’m 5’4 and weigh 118 pounds. My mother always tells me, if I want something real bad not to sit on my butt get up and grab it, So what I am trying to say is I would be delighted to work with y’all. I ask you to give me the chance to show my true potential and for me to shine as well. I am a joker, a impersonator and so much more, thank you for reading this.

  41. Amber Calloway

    Hi, my name is Amber Nicole Calloway. I Act, Sing, Dance, and Model.
    Hair ~ Brown/ natural curls
    Body ~ Curvy
    Age ~ 12
    D.O.B ~ 12-28-00
    Experience~ “I Do” for modeling, Corus for singing & Acting. Drama club for acting & singing.
    B ~ 34
    W ~ 27 in
    H ~ 33 1/2
    Height ~ 3’4
    Weight ~ 115-125
    Eye color ~ blue sometimes green. Mainly blue
    Female and I live in Florida.
    Thank You for you time, and for this opportunity to make my dreams come true.

  42. Nicholas

    Hello my name is Nicholas White. I am 12 years old. I would love to be an actor and I also play guitar. I love to sing and I also love to act. I love drama in school. I have also been part of many school plays. I am very talented and I would love to meet the cast of Austin and Ally.

  43. katiusca

    Name: katiusca Salas
    Age: 15 years old
    Weight: 102
    Experience: in high school
    Heigh: 1,47
    Gender: female
    Hair: black and wavy
    Eyes: Brown
    Hello, my name is Katiusca Salas Zambrano. I am really interested in working for DISNEY CHANNEL.
    I hope to hear from you, 🙂

  44. june daisy rodriguez

    Hi my name is June, I’m 13 years old, my birthday is June 30, ha so funny my name is June and my birthday is in June. Pretty much every audition I go to is a scam, hopefully not this one 🙂 I always pretend I am famous, my friends laugh at me, some people tell me I’m never gonna be actress. Even one time my teacher told me that it was harsh, of course I cried but I just believe in my self oh and I have brown eyes with soft wavy hair. My height is 4’11. Please give me a call, thanks hope to here from y’all.

  45. june daisy rodriguez

    I always wanted to be an actor, each year I go to auditions and there mainly all scams but I am going to try it this year. I will never give up on my dreams. I am a very happy person when someone is down, I cheer them up, I pretend I’m famous sometimes all my friends laugh. I still believe in my self.

  46. katiusca salas

    HI, I’M 15 YEARS OLD, MY NAME IS KATIUSCA AND ALL MY LIFE I wanted to be an actress on disney channel. It is one of my dreams. I would like to be picked to audition for the role or cast! My mom always told me to follow my dreams, and that’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m a nice DISCIPLINED person.

    Born from : South Bend , Indiana
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: black, white
    Birthday : February 2, 2000
    Hair : black and WAVY
    Height : 1.47
    Eyes: brown
    Weight: 105
    Grade : 7th
    Hope you pick me, I would be great ACTING.

  47. Blanca Rivera

    Age 13
    Height about 5’5
    Weight 100
    Hair type, brown curly hair
    Acting is what I would love to do. I would love for you guys to consider me in being part of the show or any upcoming ones. I don’t have much experience but I am determined and willing to give it my all. I would love to hear from you guys soon. For more info on me or pictures or any other specifics questions please email.
    Thank you

  48. Name: Isabella Avila
    Age: 12
    Height: 5’1″
    Experience: None
    Gender: Female
    Hi my name is Isabella Avila. I am a 7th grader at Coke R. Stevenson Middle School. I went to John Casablancas MTM in Oklahoma and graduated in Acting and Modeling. I love acting and would do anything to live my dream.

  49. Stephenie

    Age: 14 turning 15
    Birthday: March 26, 1999
    Height: 5’6?
    Eye color: Hazel/Changes color
    Hair color: Brunette/Brown
    Ethnic background: Caucasian
    Other: I have freckles and I wear glasses but i can also see with out them
    I am in high school currently a freshman. I take drama and fashion marketing. I also take an improv class,been in two plays, and sang in a talent show. I love singing, modeling, and acting. I love Disney Channel! I have been watching Disney channel all my life and it has taught me so much. I would absolutely love to be part of Disney. It’s my dream and I have challenges that I go though that make it harder to live my dreams but I wont ever give up. I want to play Claire but if I cant I can be an extra too. Whatever can help me get my start. However, if you don’t think I’m right for this role I have a friend named Sydnie. She has been in a few commercials and takes the improv class with me. She has more experience than I do so I’m OK if you pick her. She is one year older than I am and she is shorter than me. If you cant make my dreams come true, make her dreams come true.

  50. Manunika Mukes

    Being an actress has always been my dream! And being on disney was part of it. A lot of people want to make it to the top for money I want to be able to change people lives and make a difference in the world. I am a also a dancer. I am a 15 years old female and a sophomore who does online school and I am very positive and dedicated to do what I do. My passion is acting and dancing. I am determined to do what it takes to get the part whether its a little part or big, I would be grateful! Do I have any experience: yes I played in a sitcom and and 1 movie. I am willing to learn whatever it takes. I am very teachable and catch on fast. Please give me a chance I wont let you down.

  51. Rachel Thompson

    Hello! My name is Rachel Thompson, I am a 15 (almost 16!) year old from Oklahoma. Acting is my passion, and I have been interested in auditioning for Disney for some time now. I am from a small town, where no one really makes anything of themselves. I am determined to make it big with my acting. I do have acting experience, I’ve been in a beauty pageant, and I am taking vocal lessons. Here is a bit about me.
    Name: Rachel Thompson
    Height: 5’8/5’9
    Weight: 185 or so
    Age: 15
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: natural brown, but it is a bright blonde right now
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Special skills: I play a few instruments; ukulele, French horn (very badly), trumpet.

    I hope to hear from you, 🙂

  52. Taylyn Smith

    All my life I wanted to be famous and rich and be known as some one . My whole life I always wanted to be a singer. I been singing since I was about five. I also wanted to be an actress. I always wanted to be like my favorite star / idol Arianna grande she inspires me. I would like to be picked to audition for the role or cast! My mom always told me to follow my dreams. And that’s why I’m trying to do now. I’m a nice sweet person to be around, I’m very smart.

    Born from : south bend , Indiana
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: black, white
    Birthday : February 2, 2000
    Hair : black and curly
    Height : 5’2
    Weight: 135
    Name : Taylyn Andrea Smith
    Grade : 8th
    Hope you pick me I would be great to play in the role : )

  53. sarah

    Gender; female
    weight; 12
    hair color; black pure
    eye color; brown
    hope I get a chance

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