New Auditions for Disney Movie

New Auditions for Disney Movie

Disney Talent Search for Unknown Actors for Lead Roles in “Star Wars” new trilogy for 2014. Movie will be released in 2015!

Han Solo and Chewy
Han Solo

Walt Disney pictures has just announced a nationwide casting call for the U.S. and the UK for 2 teen to young adult actors to play 2 lead roles in Disney’s Star Wars 7 which will be filming in 2014 and coming out in movie theaters in 2015.

Do you feel you have the talent to be the next star of a Disney movie?

Here is a chance to be in one of the most anticipated Disney movies ever…. “Star Wars Episode 7”. The Disney company has bought the Star Wars franchise and is currently casting for the new Star Wars trilogy that follows where Return of the Jedi left off.

Casting directors are looking for 2 new characters which are described as a teen girl and a late teen to early 20’s young man. You can see the 2 character breakdowns below.

Earlier this year Disney had announced new characters for Star Wars that they would be casting and 2 of those roles are up for grabs now.


Was quite young when she lost her parents. With no other family, she was forced to maker her way alone in a tough, dangerous town. Now 17 she has become street smart and strong. She is able to take care of herself using humor and guts to get by.

Always a survivor, never a victim, she remains hopeful that she can move away from this harsh existence to a better life. She is always thinking of what she can do to move ahead.

Seeking: Young woman to play 17-18 Years old. Must be beautiful, smart and athletic. Open to all ethnicities (including bi- and multi-racial).


Has grown up without a father’s influence. Without the model of being a man, he doesn’t have the strongest sense of himself. Despite this, he is smart, capable and shows courage when it is needed. He can appreciate the absurdities in life and understands you can’t take life too seriously.

Seeking: Young man to play 19-23 years old. Must be handsome, smart and athletic. Must be over 18.

Disney Auditions and Casting Call information for “Star Wars”

More open casting calls have now been announced for the New Walt Disney Pictures production of “Star Wars Episode 7“.

Disney casting directors will be meeting with talent in St. Louis, Chicago, Troy, Austin and Nashville. There is no word if more cities will be added to the tryout schedule but they will also take online submissions for Disney.

If you are interested in trying out for a role in a Disney movie, this is your chance!

We wish we knew exactly how these new characters fit into the Star Wars franchise but Disney has been fairly tight lipped about the plot of the new trilogy however, there have been lots of rumors floating around.

Disney Star Wars VII Casting Call

The Casting call is scheduled as a meet and greet with casting director MARYELLEN AVIANO

Whose casting credits include… Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Inception, Transformers 1-4, Thor, Man Of Steel, Oz The Great And Powerful, The Avengers, Hangover Part III, Django Unchained and many others.

Here are the cities that have been scheduled for the U.S. casting calls. Also, there will be UK casting calls for the same roles.

November 7, 2013
Ramada – Minneapolis Airport Mall
2300 E. American Blvd.
Bloomington, MN 55425
3pm – 8pm

November 10, 2013
Sheraton – St. Louis City Center Hotel
400 S. 14th St.
St. Louis, MO 63103
12pm – 5pm

November 14, 2013
Park West Theatre
322 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
3pm – 8pm

November 17, 2013
Somerset Inn
2601 W. Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, MI 48084
12pm – 5pm

November 22, 2013
Hilton – Austin
500 E. 4th St.
Austin, TX 78701
3pm – 8pm

November 24, 2013
Sheraton – Nashville Downtown
623 Union St.
Nashville, TN 37219
12pm – 5pm

There is also an open casting call schedule for the UK. You can see those locations and times on the flyer below.

Star Wars UK casting call



Star Wars Episode VI came out decades ago, here is the trailer:



Think you have what it takes to be in a Disney film, especially the new Star Wars? Let us all know in the comment section!

32 thoughts on “New Auditions for Disney Movie

  1. Rohit Bohra

    Good Evening
    I am Rohit Bohra, age 17 years from Delhi(India). I love Acting very much and really want to work in Hollywood Movies. My height is 7’8 feet.
    Please give me a chance to prove myself.
    Hoping for quick reply.
    Thank You

  2. Rohit Bohra

    Good evening
    I am Rohit Bohra from Delhi(India). I am very interested in acting, my height is 5.8 fair looking and really want to come to Hollywood to be in a movie.
    Please give me a chance.
    Hoping for quick reply.
    Thank You

  3. Height: 5’8
    Age: 19
    Race: mixed black/white
    Eyecolor: brown
    Hair color: blonde (naturally brown)

    Hello my name is Ashley Dekker and I’m 19 years old. I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands but that will not stop me from following my dreams! My dream is to be an actress and I’ll do anything I can to make this dream come true. I graduated high school and I’m in college right now. I’m also doing a bit of modeling. Ariana Grande and Beyoncé are my role models, they motivate me so much! I think I deserve this role because I’m super confident and an outgoing person!

    For pictures and more information please e-mail me.

    This is an interview from examiner where you can see what i’m doing:

    Hope you’re interested!

    Kind regards, Ashley

  4. jada

    Hey my name is Jada. I’ve been acting since I was 3. I would love to be in star wars, it’s a good opportunity. I don’t want to miss it. I’m 13, I’m 5,4 and I’m outgoing. I’m not shy at all, thanks for reading.

  5. Desiree Chisam

    My name is Desiree Chisam. It has been a dream of mine to act my whole life. I love to sing and dance and be a little goofy at times. I have watched Disney my whole life and I still do. It would mean a lot for me to do this role, I promise I wont let you down!

  6. Desiree Chisam

    I am 16 years old and this would be a complete dream of mine to do. I would really love to except this challenge!

  7. Joshua Smith

    Hi I saw the audition and was instantly hyped for it…… cant wait!

    1. Joshua Smith

      I am 15, almost 16 and have no acting experience; I love acting though, and star wars. please take me into consideration.

  8. Estefania tejeda

    I’m Estefania Tejeda and I would like you to consider me. I’m 15 but people say I look older for my age (some think I look old enough to be in college). I’m tough, rebellious and athletic. I play basketball, soccer, volleyball and tennis. This role kinda fits me really well.
    Hight: 5’7
    Skin: tan and clear
    Body:skinny but muscular
    Hair: brown, long and curly
    Eyes: brown
    Age: 15
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Estefania tejeda

      I’m also fluent in both Spanish and English (I know a little Italian)

  9. bryan farrell

    I am a 40 yr old star wars fan that would love an opportunity to play ANY part in the upcoming Star Wars films. I have not acted before, but would love to see if I can be background player in the film or films that shaped my life. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Rania Chawiky

    My name is Rania. I am 13 years old. I think it would be great to play in this movie. I could be a little jedi. I really like star wars. So when do you need pictures, a headshot an audition video, or the number of my parents?

  11. Nadean

    Hello! I would like to apply as an actress for Disney movies and a series.

    Age: 16
    Range: 12 – 17
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Hair: Brown, curly, long
    Eyes: Brown

    Experience: movie “7022 – Moves & Stories” in 2013, workshops from 2005-2011, musicals 2005 – 2010
    Hobbies: Music (piano, drums, guitar, singing, violin), horse-riding, skateboarding, dancing

    My parents support me and would drive or fly with me to auditions.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  12. giulia

    hi! I’m Giulia, 13 I’m Italian! I’d like to be in disney channel because I LOVE that program. I dance and sing very well, this is what my friends say… I’m blonde and I have blue eyes. I’d like to become a star because my parents don’t believe in me so I want to say and explain to them that I can be an important person. I’m a simple person, not ambitious and not shy, but I’m a person that believes in disney channel and I want to become like my idols. I hope so much that this could make me what I want to be.

  13. Morgan Knowlton

    My name is Morgan Knowlton. I am 17 years old and have been acting since I was six years old. My passion is in acting and I give my all to roles I am given. I am on the Florida State Thespian Leadership team. I have been dancing and singing since I was young too. I never give up on a task given to me. I am hardworking, have a GPA of 4.8 and I’m often related to look like a Disney princess.
    Height; 5,5
    weight: 115
    Hair color: Brown
    Please contact me if any more information is needed. Thanks

  14. Nadine

    Hello! I would like to apply for the role of Rachel.

    Age: 16 (I can play 17!)
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 121 lbs
    Hair: Brown, curly, long
    Eyes: Brown

    Experience: movie “7022 – Moves & Stories” in 2013/2014, workshops from 2005-2011, musicals 2005-2010
    Hobbies: Music (piano, drums, guitar, singing, violin), horse-riding, skateboarding, dancing

    My parents support me and would drive or fly
    with me to auditions.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  15. Mingus Veal

    To whom it may concern,
    I hope you all are doing well and are in high spirits. My name is Mingus Fitzgerald Veal. I can sing very well and have a great speaking voice. I am 17, about to turn 18 and I believe I would be perfect to play this part. I have had extensive acting training and played a few major parts in plays and small movie productions. I have four years of training in Television and Broadcasting. I love the Theatre, I am strong, athletic, and can relate to the character Theodore. It would be an honor to act as this character in my favorite movie series of all time.
    Height: 6’0
    Age: 17
    Skin: Dark and Fair
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Body: Bulky, Athletic
    The best way to contact me is through my personal email. I look forward to reading your response

  16. Ty johnson

    My name is Ty Johnson and I have acted all through my freshman year of highschool. I would love to be in a Disney movie especially if its a star wars movie. I grew up watching action movies, so you can say I’m an action type person someone who becomes their character very well. I’m apart of a South Coast grouo of actors well known as AME (Alvin Moore Entertainment). I’ve always loved movies and I would be a very blessed person if I became apart of one.

  17. Cussondra Jackson-Powell

    I am 15 years and 10 months old. I am unique, athletic, ambitious, intelligent. I am a well rounded individual with a great personality. I love acting and modeling. I like to try a variety of sports, clubs and anything that will help me on my journey in life. I am open minded and get along with everyone. I articulate well with anyone. I have high expectations for myself and my parent. (mom) She has taught me to be the best, and if you don’t plan to be the best; not to start it. Thank you I know you had the audition but I just came across this website and wish to audition. Thank You Cussondra.

  18. Halee Hedgpeth

    Dear Disney,
    I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I can sing, I have been acting since the second grade in my drama class and I’m also in all the sports my school provides. I was the of many leads in or school productions at least 5 out of the 6. I am also actively in choir at my school. I have been on sports teams since my freshman year of high school; I played volleyball,basketball, softball,cheer,and track & field. I can learn pretty fast to. Please let me know if there are online auditions.
    Halee D. Hedgpeth

  19. Halee Hedgpeth

    Hello my name is Halee Hedgpeth. I have always been a Disney fan and space nerd. Now that Disney has taken over star wars, it is even better. I had gone to Disneyland not to long ago and saw it there the “star wars” ride. I was like a little kid in a candy shop not to mention the fact that I was in Disneyland. I truly wish to audition for this and many other parts but I live in Oregon. It is to far and I don’t have any money to get there.
    Halee D. Hedgpeth

  20. Samantha Marquez

    Hello my name is Samantha Marquez. I am 16 and a junior. I have been doing acting classes since I was little. I took classes at the playground in Hollywood. Last year I played volleyball, basketball and swim. I was very athletic ! I would love to be a part of this movie! I have always wanted to be in a Disney movie! Please let me know if there are online auditions! Thank you!

  21. Lacey C.

    I would love to try out. I’m only 13, but I definitely look older. I do some acting camps with my school, and I’ve gotten a few call backs for commercials and movies. Also, can we send our auditions online if your interested?

  22. courtney boudreau

    I am very interested but I am in school so is there any way I could send in a audition video? I am very familiar with star wars and enjoy watching them. I would love to audition for this!

  23. courtney boudreau

    I am interested but I’m in school so is there any way I could send in video audition?

  24. alaa

    Hey, am 14 years old and am very talented but leaving the country might be really hard so can I send you my audition online? If yes, how and where. thank you.

  25. makayla

    I love disney so much!

  26. Ellen Klasing

    My name is Ellen Klasing and I’m finishing up my final year of college prep high school. I’m on student council, NHS, the head of the Thespian Troupe, and captain of Varsity Swimming. I’ve been in love with acting and being on stage since I was young, and I would love the chance to be involved in this production! Thank you so much!

  27. vivian

    I am very interested in auditioning, however, traveling to auditions may be a complication. Is there any way I would be able to send in a video audition? If so, who and where can I send it to?

    Thank you!

    – Vivian Gutierrez

  28. Alyssa Wilson

    I would absolutely love to be in this movie. I grew up on the Star Wars movies and know quite a bit about each one. George Lucas did an amazing job on all of these. I will definitely be going to the audition in Troy with my friend. I think I have what it takes to be Rachel. I’m quite smart if I do say so myself and I am quite skinny and athletic. I think I could totally pull it off. 😀

    1. samsara

      How do you audition by online submission?

  29. Ellen Klasing

    My name is Ellen Klasing and I’m a senior. I have been acting all throughout and before high school. I am in an honors choir with my school and I would love the chance to be a part of this film. I’ve grown up with Disney films and I have always dreamed of participating in one. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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