MTV FriendZone

Are you stuck in the ‘Friendzone’? MTV’s hit show FriendZone is now holding auditions and casting for 2012 episodes!

Are you and the person you like stuck in that ‘Friendzone’ and want a way to get out of it?
Do you want to be more than friends and finally prove to that special someone that you are perfect for them, not just as a friend.

Do you believe you are perfect for each other and need to convince your ‘friend’ of that?

MTV and the shows casting directors are seeking people who are 18 to 25 and ready to tell their crush how they feel.

You’ve been the shoulder to cry on, the voice on the other end of the phone, the first to comment on every Facebook post, and the only one who REALLY understands. You think you’re perfect for each other, but there’s just one problem. You’re totally stuck in the Friend Zone!

Here is your chance to tell your crush that you’re sick of being just “buddies” and let them know it’s time to get out of the friendzone on a TV reality show.

We’ll help you pull out all the stops and get you ready for the date of a lifetime that will finally prove once and for all you were meant to be more than “just friends”

If you’re at least 18, appear younger than 25 and have a friend you’re totally crushing on

If the above sounds like you and your relationship with your ‘friend’ then you can apply to be on the show and maybe MTV’s Friendzone can help your friend see you in a new light and prove that a relationship is possible.

To apply for Friendzone you can go to the website and fill out the online application. To apply to be on the show please go here and follow their directions.

2 thoughts on “MTV FriendZone

  1. Bindu Zawolo

    I am a great actress, dancer, writer and entertainer. I believe I can bring my best on the show. I am live on youtube as Bindu zawolo and all my hard work and talent is out there. Hope America can see my talent one day.

  2. Christina Borges

    I would like to share my Story on FriendZone & See if i have a Chance….How do i do so the Link Above isnt bringing me to the application

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