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Trying out for America’s Next Top Model cycles 18, cycle 19 and cycle 20 are all coming up for the new year of 2012.

Before trying out for that dream modeling job and becoming the next Tyra Banks you may want to look at the modeling opportunities that are available to you as a model.

When someone thinks of a modeling career they usually think high fashion runway, but there are many other opportunities for models that may not fit the standard body profile of high fashion runway.

Fashion Model Vogue Cover

So lets take a look at modeling opportunities that may be available in 2012 and the types of Modeling many people can do without having to go on a hit show like ANTM.

The biggest thing a model can do for her career is determine what market models are needed in and what market your look, height, weight and style will fit.

It is important to understand the type of model you want to be and what type of model the market will accept you as.

Once you understand where you can market yourself you will have a much easier job targeting those markets and landing the jobs that pay you for what you want to do.

Stand in front of a mirror and be honest with yourself. Set aside any ego and try to see things from a casting directors point of view. By understanding the type of modeling you are not only interested in but you actually fit you will be on your way to meeting your goals and dreams.

Knowing where you fit will help you protect yourself from the so called scouts and photographers that want money from you for things that will not help you and not even fit you. Wanna be models get ripped off because they allow high pressure sales tactics to convince them that they are ‘perfect’ for jobs that they will never get, not because they aren’t gorgeous, but because their bodies may not fit the standard.

So lets take a look at what is available then you can take a good look at you and see if you fit EVERY criteria.

High Fashion / runway:
Unfortunately you must be very tall and very slim without many curves. These models are basically walking hangers and it is what most people think of when the hear the word ‘model’

  • 5’8″ or above
  • no visible body fat
  • small breasts
  • long legs and less torso
  • A great walk in stilettos
  • not a curvy or hourglass shape,boyish, beanstalk figure
  • a unique looking face
  • Focus must be on the clothes and not the model

If you are not 5’8″ and a size 2, then your chances are not good to do this. Most models that do high fashion start out very young, many girls start doing runway before their bodies even fully develop. If their bodies get too curvy for high fashion, they can move into another modeling realm such as swimsuit, lingerie, etc.

A good example and maybe the most famous is Tyra Banks who became too curvy for high fashion runway as she aged and went on to do Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.

Editorial modeling

Editorial V Magazine

Think – Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmo, 17, etc. Unfortunately the requirements are about the same as above with a few exceptions such as you may be able to be a bit curvier, however you must be very photogenic, more so than you need for runway. The magazines want perfection and of course no one is perfect so what ends up happening is a good amount of touchup work goes into the shots. Some magazines do take shorter girls, but not much shorter, maybe 5’7″.

Catalogs and commercial models
This is where most models may fit into. Catalogs sell to people and therefore use many types of models. The age ranges and weights of the models are diverse depending on who the catalog is aimed at. In catalogs you may see models that are in their teens to 50’s depending on the line. They also take different body shapes as well as plus size models. Regardless, you must be in great shape and very toned. Even plus size models are very toned and plus size in the fashion world may be as small as a size 6 to 8. The height requirements are much more relaxed since this is not live, but the models must be very well proportioned. A well proportioned girl who is 5’5″ can look just as tall in photos if her proportions do not show her height.

Makeup ads, beauty products and other parts modeling
Height does not really matter here, what matters is perfection on the part of the body used – think nail polish ads with perfect hands, shoes on perfect feet, eye shadow on a flawless face. These types of ads do not focus on clothes but rather the manufacturers product being sold. Some of these models make great money because usage can be national such as boxes of hair color that is distributed nationally. These types of companies also have many lines designed for different ethnicities and require models of all races and skin colors to appeal to the masses.

Showroom models
normally same restrictions as high fashion but can be more flexible. Many of these can be full time jobs but will not pay as much because there are no usage fees and you will be showing what a garment looks like to buyers.

Lingerie and swimsuit models
This works for curvy girls because those garments look horrid on the boney high fashion girls. You must be toned and fairly tall but a larger butt and bust line may be a plus. Many high fashion models look horrible in swimsuits. I remember some years ago there was a huge uproar when a high fashion model wore a swimsuit down the runway and looked like a starved concentration camp victim with protruding ribs and all. It was gross and actually brought a good amount of attention to size 0 fashion models.

Fit models
Usually an hourly rate but long term work. You work with the designers and they have very strict restrictions on proportion, height and weight. The garments will be fitted to you as they are made and this is only a good gig for models whose weights and proportions do not fluctuate at all. You will need to match the requirements exactly to the inch, as in bust, waist, hips.

Glamour models
This will be modeling oriented towards mens magazines, alternative areas, private collections, calenders, pin-ups and other materials geared towards men. Think girls in skimpy outfits or lingerie spread across a Ferrari. There usually are no height restrictions or requirements but some of this type of modeling work may require nudity. Glamour modeling is a name for a very broad field that covers modeling for no other product other than a woman’s own assets for the enjoyment of men.

Some models do very well in it and even make 6 figure salaries. Many men’s magazines hire these types of models and unlike high fashion, height, age and size restrictions are lax. What matters is how sexy a model can look. Unlike the high fashion world that likes very ‘unique’ or exotic beauty, Glamour models are normally pretty with a classic American type of beauty.

There is a division of Glamour which is Alternative Glamour modeling

It is the the same as above except instead of the blonde girl next door in lingerie, you have a curvy girl with tattoos, piercings, etc. There is also a large market for that as well as one for a mixture of the 2.

Fitness Models
You’ve see the incredibly fit girls in health and workout mags. These girls pose for athletic related products, exercise products, etc. To be a fitness model you not only need to be toned, but your body muscles should look well sculpted. You need to look like you work out.

Tradeshow models
Go to any tradeshow and you will see the girls working the crowds, talking to potential buyers and basically trying to attract attention to a booth or product. These are tradeshow models and there is a huge demand for them in cities that host many conventions such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. These modeling jobs pay either an hourly wage or a day rate. Not a high paying modeling job but it can be a start. If you have ever gone to a large convention such as a major car show, you will see these types of models everywhere. Depending on the show you can be dressed in anything from evening gowns to lingerie.

Night Club Models
There is a market in large cities, or cities with a large club scene for models that do nothing but simply come into the club. These ladies get paid and there are agencies that specialize in events and clubs. The point of it is that the clubs believe having hot girls inside will attract clients and if they have to pay for the hot girls, they do. Also, these paid models interact with clients and the club ends up getting more liquor sales as the men all try to buy these hotties very expensive cocktails. These are not high paying modeling jobs but they do come with the perks of getting VIP access to the hottest clubs in the city.

Lifestyle modeling

Copyright Jack Young

Lifestyle models set a mood or a theme such as a couple pictured relaxing on a beach, an elderly couple holding hands, family at a picnic, etc. They are not selling garments or a particular product, they are selling the lifestyle a certain product or company can offer. Many insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, banks, resorts, etc. use these types of models. Think an ad that shows a young couple on a boat for a ad for an investment bank. They want the people seeing the ad to believe this could be their life if they used that same bank to manage their investments.

There are divisions within lifestyle modeling and the work you can get depends on your look and what the ad agency can do with it. Can you pass for a nurse in a hospital? How about a lawyer or banker. The looks they need can be oriented towards so many areas and it works for almost all ages, heights and weights.

Child modeling / Baby modeling
Yes, children can also model. Children and babies are needed many times for lifestyle ads, catalogs and other campaigns aimed at other children and their parents. To get your child into modeling you will need an agent that deals with child models. Since children grow up so quick, agents who deal with child models need new ones added to their roster all the time because the toddler who did the baby Gap catalog last spring certainly will no longer be able to do it next spring.

The Gap hires many baby models and child models for the GapKids and BabyGap lines. They sometimes even do BabyGap Contests and Baby model searches

Other types of modeling
There are divisions for petite models which are 5’6″ and below as well as plus size models who are tall 5’7″ and above but wear a larger size. Depending on the client and brand a plus size model can range from a size 8 to 16. It all depends on the clothing line.

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  1. i am goin to be 18 on febuary 21, ive been in pagents… modeling is my ambition, ive always wanted to b a young model. im very smart an ill give 110% if u give me a chance.. u wont regret it.. thanku…

  2. alexandrea

    I am 19 is that a good age to become a glamour model ?, oh and I also have tattoos not big but I would like to know if that would effect my chances on becoming a glamour model ?

  3. what’s the email to send our information?

  4. Brittany Mallard


  5. Kimberly smith

    I have been told that i should try out to be a model every snice i was a lil girl,today i still get told that.i would love to do it.But dont know where to start!!:-(

  6. Ive been sending in applications after applications, and all i asked for was a chance, its not easy to take rejection with no feed back on how to improve. this is a dream and im not giving up, with out connections its impossible especialat 21 years old.

  7. Ciarra Monte

    I really want to model. I want to tryout for ANTM but I may be 2 short because I am just a little under 5’7″. I am 5’6″ and 3/4, without shoes. Modeling is my dream and I really hope to get a modeling job soon. I really need to build a portfolio but my mother will not let me do TFP jobs for people because she thinks it may not be a great idea so I need to build it in other ways.

    1. Ciarra Monte

      One more thing, I am ethnic looking with very unique features. I am 1/2 Indian and 1/2 black so I look very, very unique for modeling with long straight black hair, black eyes but light skin which everyone says looks very good. I take really good pictures and have perfect skin.

  8. Willow Ronco

    Modeling is soemthing I Consider a passion, I have not done much in the modeling field, but I can gurentee I have the drive and ability.

    1. i understand i see my self moddeling with out any experince and thats what you call dedication to what you want to be i want to be a model and i also want to be on disney channel and i have an awesome website to help me become what i want to and thats why i love websites like this because they help us what we want ily cattlecallauditions

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