Model Search 2012 & 2013

Are you looking to be a model and looking for the top model searches and ways to get yourself noticed? Well look no further there is a good amount of modeling competitions and model searches that are scheduled for 2012 as well as 2013.

Many companies use model searches and model competitions to find new talent as well as bring some great publicity to their company.

There are some very famous model searches such as America’s Next Top Model – A hit reality series that travels nationwide to find the models. Also there are some less known model contests that take place in clothing stores and online such as ‘The GAP’ model searches, BabyGap model contest, Rip The Runway 2012, Baby Phat and ‘Torrid’ model contest.

Modeling contests are just that. They are a contest that potential models enter in hopes that they get picked to be on the show, the commercial or the photo shoot. Usually hundreds to thousands of aspiring models enter and a few will win the huge prize of being in the shoot, the catalog or the reality TV show.

Some of these modeling contests are local where you have to attend an open casting call or audition within a store or other venue to apply, while others are actually nationwide, travelling to different cities or taking submissions online.

No matter which type it is, it is always a great event to attend, especially if your goal is to be a professional model because many times like in past Torrid Model Searches, even some of the runners up got modeling contract with large agencies. It is a great way to be seen by the people that make the decisions on who to cast for what show and actually get yourself out there to do something about your dream and hope you get noticed. Truth is, if you don’t get out and only dream, most likely you will never get noticed. If you enter a modeling contest in 2012 you have a shot and with the right look, the right attitude and a great bit of luck you may in fact land your dream job of strutting down that runway or appearing in the catalog.

We keep the modeling page updated with the latest in modeling competitions and opportunities, make sure to check them all out!

Also, If you hear of any not listed, be sure to add a comment and tell us about it. We would love to hear from you and find out about anything we missed or any contests going on that others can check out and enter.

Remember, models come in all shapes and sizes and many modeling competitions take plus sized models, child models, petite models and many others. Please check the rules for every contest to see who can enter since many have physical requirements such as height or weight.

50 thoughts on “Model Search 2012 & 2013

  1. micheku aiko farrell

    I really have the greatest passion to be a model. I really want to join in your modelling agencies. Give me a chance and a opportunity to pursue my dreams. I will do my very best. thank you.. by the way I’m Micheku Aiko Farrell from the Philippines and I am 16 yrs of age.

  2. Victoria L

    My character :
    Age: 13 turning 14
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 119 pounds, my bones are big, LOL
    Hair: black/brown and wavy
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Asian, but my friend and many other people think I’m Asian-American

    Hello, my name is Victoria. I don’t have much interest in modeling, I like acting. But I don’t hate models, I love it!! When I was 11 and younger, my mom, my sister, and me usually took pictures in a photo studio, so probably I’m comfortable in taking pictures. My mom says I’m very photogenic :). Please email me of you are interested in me :D, I would appreciate it a lot if you would give me this opportunity.

    Hope you’ll email me soon!!
    Thank you very much……….

  3. journie

    I love taking pictures. I love photo shoots. It my dream to be a model that everyone knows and I want to be the best .

  4. Jacelyn W

    My smile starts in my heart and that can be seen through my eyes. What makes my beauty unique is the victory and triumph that it conveys. I am 5’11 and know that I would be a good face for Torrid because my beauty would encourage the beauty in others and I would have it no other way.

  5. molly g

    I would love to be a model. I am very petite for my age, I am 14 yrs old, 4″10 and weigh about 98 lbs.I want to do this for my family not me. thnx for listening.

  6. Norma Sepulveda

    Age: 22 Height: 5′ 7″ Weight: 110
    Body type: Petite
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Bust: 34

    About Me: I believe when you have a dream you should go for it. Don’t ever let anyone put you down. I LOVE being infront of the camera. It helps me to express my feelings and mood. When I am angry, I like to dress up in dark colors and most of the time natural face and no makeup. I’ll dress up with sweatpants and a graphic tee with crazy curly hair, and capture myself having my moment. Sometimes I LOVE to get dolled up and make myself look sexy, hot, beautiful, cute; I have many looks, and these are moments I would like to keep with me for a very long time. I want to show my family as it grows the style of before and after. I don’t only want to create an inspiration for my family but as well the world of ARTS & DESIGNS/SWAG, This is why I AM AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

    Short Resume: I led The children’s fashion club working at the Police Athletic League in the Bronx Fall 2010 – Spring 2011.
    Beauty Pageant Girl 2001 – 2005
    Salsa Dancer 2001 – 2006
    Baton Twirling – 2003 – 2005
    Ballet – 2000 – 2002

  7. michelle marnell

    My name is Michelle and I’m writing on behalf of my daughter Kelsey Marnell. Kelsey is a freshman in college and also a waitress at our local Olive Garden. She is energetic, outgoing and eager to be the best she can be. Growing up everyone around her would tell her how beautiful she was and that she is model material. Kelsey is 5’11 and legs that go on forever! I may be her mom, but I can honestly say ..WOW!! Please consider her as your Next Top Model! I know she has what it takes. I know that if she wasn’t so busy with school and work that she would have written this herself. Hope to hear from you… I have video and Pictures that would stun you and make you laugh too! She can wear camo and even look good! A natural!

  8. Joann Richards

    Hello! My name is Joann 🙂 I am a plus sized model with no experience what so ever, lol. I’ve wanted to model since the age of 15 ( I know thats a pretty late age to want to pursue modeling.) I am currently 21 turning 22 in March and have high hopes of being in Rip The Runway 2013. Im standing at 5 feet 11 inches and my weight is 226 . I know posting this message will not get my feet in the door but maybe someone may look over these comments and find this post interesting. If there is any information available at the moment for RIP The Runway 2013 PLEASE reply back it will be very helpful and absolutely appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  9. Laurie

    I want to model.

  10. La'Tiffany James

    I have to be on the runway #ITSINME

  11. La'Tiffany James


  12. Lyric Freeman

    Hi I’m Lyric I am 16 and i am 5″8 and my weight is 110. I have some modeling experience but not professionally just like a fashion show at my school and I really really want to be a model this is my dream. I am willing to do whatever difficult or easy models should be able to put up with anything because being a model is not easy.

  13. donyai williams

    i would love to be a model, hope i get chosen .

  14. tara flores

    I’m Tara and I am 21. I am from Las Vegas NV. I always wanted to do plus size modeling. It’s my dream im 5’8 and I weight 189 lbs. I am Belizean and Guatemalan. I’m curvy and beautiful with a great smile, curly, long hair and I love to take pictures and wearing fashionable clothes. I love TORRID. Torrid is awsome!!! I beleive when you follow your dreams you are motivation in self because thats what is in your heart and in this world we do what our heart says, before mind. Follow your dreams girls and never give up. Tyra Banks once said if you can’t get though the front door, go though the back. One day I will get that audition from Torrid. I can’t wait to become Torrid’s new model.

    thank you! xoxox

  15. Maranda Joseph

    Hi my name is Maranda,and I very intrested in being in the modeling industry,Im 5’8 weith very long legs and a great smile.Just looking for the right chance to show off my talents.

  16. Jennie shinas

    My question is I want to do plus size modeling how to I apply & does it matter what size or weight you are?

    1. admin

      plus size models are typically 5’7″ and above and a size 10 to 14

  17. Jaylen Ware

    Hey, I’m jaylen, I’m 5,4 and 125lbs, brownskin. i wanted to do this because i’ve been trying everything to be a model. I love modeling and i just need a chance to prove it. I’m only 18 and wanted to do this my whole life. I got scammed by many modeling place. I just want something thats really not fake for once.

  18. lenette blackshear

    Hi there my name is lenette blackshear and im submitting this to inform you that i would be a great asset to the modeling industry. I was born not to do this. Not only do i have the look i have the personality and attitude to complete the package. I’ve done exposure shows to market & promote myself. I’m 5’3″, 128lbs,darkskin, petite and determined. If given the chance i can show and prove. Being in the spotlight is my life its what i was born to do its my purpose in life itself. I can go on & on but im going to stop because actions speak louder than words. Please do believe there is nothing shy about my world.

  19. Riana xx.

    Hello, i am 15yo and everyone always says i should be a model.. I am really unique, confident, down-to-earth, out there teen’ and willing to try anything (: I am 5’10.9″ (about 180cm) and would love to give this career path a good try.. If you are interested in helping me achieve this, or would like more information about myself, feel free to contact me Xx

  20. charnae

    Hello ,
    My name is Charnae Chriss, Im 5’8 slim with a personalty and goal and a dream. my personalty shines brighter than a comet. my goal is to become one of the worlds most influental models. My dream is
    to be a inspiration and to serve as a ROLE model to girls all over. I WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD through my work and through what i love to do. My passion in modeling will be what changes the lives for many beautiful young ladies all around the globe 🙂

  21. Danielle Mavrak

    Hi i am Danielle, my nickname for myself is Dani Mavs. I live in Lockport, New York. It’s a pretty “ghetto” community, and all my life i have just wanted to get out of here and be discovered. Also, i have always wanted to be a model, pretty much since birth. I have been obsessed with the show America’s next top model ever since i laid my eyes on it. I know i have what it takes. My only downside is my shyness but i’m working on it and it would never get in my way, i can always smile and make the best of any situation, and overcome anything. All in all, i just wanted to say Tyra is gorgeous, i love the show, and i will be featured in it as soon as i can, i know it! Thank you!

  22. Sydney French

    Hi My Name Is Sydney.I Am 16 Years Old.I Love To Act And Model,Ive Act And Modeled Before And Made Them.I Love To Act And Model And I Would Love To Have This Oppotunity.I Am Very Talented When It Comes To This And Smart.Im Petite And Beautiful.I Would Love To Have My Opportunity In Doing Both.

  23. soleeta morton

    Hi this has always been a dream of mind I will really be greatful for a chance to show my talent

  24. jahni daniels


  25. hello. my name is doneisha lindsey, i’m 21, and i’m from louisiana. modeling has been my dream since the age of 11. i’m 5″11. 134 lbs. my measurements are 34-24-38. i have black hair and brown eyes. my shoe size is 9. i’ve done fashion week in new orleans for three years. this year i’ll be in baton rouge. in june i plan to go to nyc and fulfill my dream.

  26. Cheekeana Smith

    I really want to sign up for america’s next top model please send me to the correct site to do so please.

  27. blanca chavez

    hello i am blanca chavez i am 21 years old and i am 5’7 i been modeling for 3 years in this clothing line name i have experience in modeling and runways .. this is my third time applying for torrid and hopefully i have a chance with you guys this year ….love you guys and to all thick girl around the world


  28. Donnisha M.

    Hey there! Im Donnisha,but everyone calls me Nisha. Im between 5’3_5’4…yea I kno thats kind of short,but so what.I definitely have what it takes to become the next top model.I have the ATTITUDE,PERSONALITY, and lets not forget my sassy CATWALK…I lived for this opportunity for so long,and now thats its here,im ready to bring all of my A game..I always say GO HARD OR GO HOME…and im bringing it all to the table…

  29. Abigail B

    Hi, I’m 19 and have always been on the chubby side. I’m 5ft 5 and a half – got measured recently. I’m size 16 and some times 18. I’d really love to make it as a plus size model. If there’s any tips you can give me I’d love to hear them 🙂 x

  30. Elizabeth D.

    I am 11yo turning 12 this March. I’m 4’5″ weighing 68lbs. I’ve got dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and It’s always been my dream to model. I’ve never been the “pretty one”, or the “popular one”. 🙂 Thanks for reading

  31. i am an aspiring up coming model, im 21 yrs old im 5’11 im multi mixed i have a slim waist but hippy and my hips get in the way of a lot i really hope this is a good opportunity for me and to show some of the women that you dont always have to look like a stick to be a model now im not plus size or slim i think i’m about average

  32. carmela estabillo

    hi ,, my name carmela ,i am 16 years old and my height 5’7 ,,in my age I ready to my dream career begun..

  33. candce simpson

    good day, im a 21 years old female, slim size 2, and iam ready for my dream CAREER to begain, i believe i have what it takes the drive and motivations to get the modeling job done, i have what it takes i love the fashion world:)

  34. Noriko Hooks

    I want to model im 5’8 128 everyone has always told me i should model i did at my college im 21.

  35. Alissa Pool

    I am 19. I really do not have any experience though many people have told me that I am very photogenic. I can walk in the tallest of heels as well in the mud in the snow whatever the weather may be. I have always had an interest in modeling but I have never had the money to start. Just like acting. I want to get my face out there. Possible be a singer. I am only 5’6″ and I weigh 120. I am a size 3 but 6 in dresses because of my bust. I would love to do anything with modeling or really anything to gain more self confidence.

  36. Tierra

    Hey I’m Tierra and my dream has always been for me to persue a career in modeling and get noticed. I have been in small things like i’ve modeled Jc Penneys, Mannequin modeled. I love fashion, im very photogenic and just love taking pictures. I would love to travel and explore the world by modeling one day, this is my life and I really want to make something out of it.

  37. Troylynn

    Hi my name is Troylynn,i’m 5’11,142pounds and i would love to for you to give me a chance i have always wanted to model and i fill like if anyone in 2012 give me a chance they want be sorry.cause i do have what it takes to keep carrie TYRAs torch for being the queen of the runway.

  38. Tatyana

    I have always dreamed about becoming a model,like thats all I wont to. I can’t imingine doing anything else but this. I just need 1 chance.

  39. I’m VERY interested in modeling, i’ve been told i could be the next Tyson Bedford. I have a unique body thats ripped and clothes fit perfect on me. It’s hard to find Male model competitions but every contest that i’ve found i’ve WON. Please any1 with information that could assist let me know, i also have a compcard avail on request.

  40. Blakelynn

    My name is Blakelynn and I am 16 years old. I have worked with a few local photographers learning the ropes. I have dreamed of being a model since I was a small child. It has proven to be a difficult industry to break into, but I refuse to give up. I have had many photographers tell me I have the look. However, I believe the best attribute is my outgoing personality. This would be an amazing opportunity so please consider me! I can be contacted by email, and thank u for considering me!

  41. I am a 21 year old that is trying to make it to the top in modeling .. And want to live my dream.

  42. Taylor Slade-Adjei

    Hi my name is Taylor, and with a little practice in my walk and confidence, I will be a TOP model. I am only 17 so I have room for practice, my dream is to be a Top model with a story to tell. I can’t wait to get my time to shine, and allow people to learn more about me and my look. I too will learn more about myself. I am a little timid, in the beginning , but I have a whole lot of personality and attitude that will shower over after I am comfortable, which doesn’t take much time. All my life I have been told I have long beautiful legs and a models look. well it has reached that time I become a model. I am going to push until I am there, rejection will only motivate me. Consider reading over this, and a reply. I was born to be behind a camera.

    1. Elle

      You mean IN FRONT of a camera. Behind would mean you’re a photographer. Also, 17 is a bit late to start fashion modeling. Most models start at 13-15. But, good luck anyways!

  43. Jocelyn

    My name is Jocelyn and my biggest dream is to become a successful top model and I have always wanted to be an angel ever since I was a little girl. My mom tells my friends and I all the time that Im a natural born star just waiting to be discovered!!

    With love,

  44. Hello, Dear Sir/Madam,

    my name is Daria and I am interested in modeling and acting. I have an experience in Russia and Florida State, USA. I will be happy to hear from you and to have a chance to work hard. You can check information about me and my portfolio at my website. Hope you will like the pictures!

    Thanks for your attention!

    Best Regards,

  45. Elsie

    Also, modeling is my dream and I hope that someone will notice me to help make my dreams into a reality.

  46. Elsie

    I really want to model and I think I would make a great plus size model since I am not a skinny girl. Right now I am not really a plus size but my older sister is and I think that I will be very soon. I really want this opportunity and will apply to the modeling contests.

    1. Good luck Elsie. There are many great modeling opportunities out there. Always believe in yourself.

      Laura Grace
      Miss USA Top Model

    2. Lynn

      Although I’ve never modeled “professionally”, I believe I have what it takes to go far in this industry. I feel it within my entire being; I was born to model. Since a child, I’ve always felt this burning desire to be able to get in front of a camera and produce these artistically phenomenal photos; I honestly even used to watch marathons of ANTM just hoping to better prepare myself for what to expect.
      People have doubted me, but my self confidence is too great to allow anyone or anything to slow me down or even change my opinion on anything it’s already set on. Whether I make it on the show someday, or find another efficient way to work my way up, I WILL make it somewhere some day, and no matter how small or how big, I’ll still be content knowing I’m finally in my element and I’ve fulfilled my biggest dream.

      I will be 20 this April.
      I am 5’8 and 105 lbs of pure determination and ambition.
      I have natural deep brunette hair as well as my eyes.
      As I believe entirely that beauty comes from within, I have a beautiful heart and I use it for my makeup. I really enjoy saving the whole cosmetics’ mess for more special events than just the average day. Nothing in this world can ever shake my amazing outlook on life and inner drive to better myself and acheiving my every goal.
      As I am pretty small for my height, I’ve learned to turn the seemingly constant criticism into motivational comments. Hearing how “too skinny” I am simply makes me a little more confident in my abilities to go far in modeling.

      It would be a dream come true to appear on ANTM. I’ve been to many modeling agencies who want all this money, this would be an amazing opportunity to get my face out there.

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