Model Casting Calls and Auditions 2014

The next big Model Search may be coming our way soon.

2014 is now here and new modeling opportunities are just around the corner. America’s Next Top model is now holding nationwide castings for the 2014 / 2015 season and this time will hold modeling opportunities for not only female models, but male models as well.

Yes, Top Model is now casting male models for cycle 21 which will be a co-ed edition of the show. This is the first time in the shows history that men will be allowed to audition and get to be part of the show’s cast.

Besides Top Model, the new year will bring many other modeling opportunities, competitions and contests. Many companies have held model contests in previous years. Those companies include The GAP, Baby Gap, Gap Kids, American Eagle Outfitters, Torrid and other retailers.

ANTM past models
CW Promo for ANTM

Professional modeling is big business with many models wanting a piece and retailers have come on board with annual model searches that give unknowns a shot at stardom.

To the retailers these types of modeling contests and auditions offer a great PR opportunity and a chance to make some new fans of the brand. For the models, they offer a great job doing a photoshoot for a coveted ad spot.

Unlike high fashion modeling which is normally cast through agents and has height requirements, these modeling opportunities are more commercial oriented and do not have the same requirements.

Some brands have run contests for ‘real women’ to star in their ads as opposed to super thin and tall models.

Also, the new year will bring more baby modeling contests. The GAP runs the most famous one but other brands run them as well. These usually allow cute kids nationwide to enter and the winners are usually picked by popularity. The last Baby Gap and Gap Kids contest allowed proud parents to upload photos of their kids to a community type site where the public voted on which kid was the cutest and deserved to get the top prize and the ad spot.

Modeling contests are great in that they allow people without agents to tryout in the hopes of being picked. We know 2013 will bring us many new models that are waiting to be discovered and the opportunities which will give them their big break.

Here is the America’s Next Top Model 2013 Audition schedule. If you live in or near any of those cities all you need to do is attend the open call for your shot at modeling stardom.

So if modeling is your dream, never give up. The next opportunity to be a famous model may just be around the corner. We will keep you updated on the new contests and modeling competitions that come our way in 2013!

12 thoughts on “Model Casting Calls and Auditions 2014

  1. franka samson

    Hi! My name is franka and I’m 18. I’ve always wanted to be a model ever since I started watching Americas next top model. It is my dream to be on that show. Never done modeling before but I am willing to learn. All I need is a chance and when I really want something, I don’t give up! My Instagram is @jazmineforever123. Thank you!!

  2. Lianna Jones

    I would like to register for this competition.

  3. Evan ray

    My son is interested in modeling American eagle clothing he’s 15, 6’1, beautiful big eyes, awesome personality and bright smile. I’m the parent of Evan, if you think he had a chance please contact me.

  4. Zoe sone

    I would like yo know more about Américas next top model. I’m gonna be 18 and I’m very interested.

  5. jennifer

    Hi I have a two beautiful mixed children ages 2 and 3 months. I would love to have them begin a modeling career and everybody tells me that they should. Anybody have any suggestions for me?

  6. Kimberly Frazier

    Hello, I have a 5 year old boy who has a unique look. He has almond shaped blue eyes and auburn hair. When I think of Gap Kids he would be a poster child. Please tell me who I need to contact.

  7. shelly hogan

    How do I submit photos for my 10 yr old daughter that wants to participate in modeling for gapkids. thanks

  8. John & Mike Salazar

    Hi, We are a team! Brothers John-7, Mike-6. We have been in lots of commericals and a few short films. We have so much fun together. We would love the chance to show you just how cute we are. Thank you, John and Mike

  9. Kristine Gumera

    I’m already 18 years old, & I am very much interested in this kind of opportunity. please do help me explore such things. thank you.

  10. Kristine Gumera

    I would like to be one, please contact my account. thank you!

  11. courtney narcisse

    Hi my daughter is two years old and truly a interesting two year old. She would surprise you. please can someone contact me.

  12. Catriona

    Hi, I would like to hear about any kids modeling
    competitions that are advertised for my 12 year old
    daughter. D.O.B 15/05/00.

    Thank you

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