Major Record Producers Casting teen singers for Possible record deal and TV

Brand new boy band for a major record company holding audition for teen singers.

Are you a teen with a passion for singing, dancing and performing or do you know someone who is. A major record producer is now holding auditions for teen boy band members for a project that is described as having a major record deal and TV project associated with it.

Auditions will be held in Atlanta. The producers are looking for talented teen boys who are 13 to 17 years old. You need to be able to sing, dance and perform… plus be good enough to convince the shows producers that you are perfect for this new project.

Do you think you have the talent and stage presence to be part of the next 1 Direction? Well, read on.

This is not for a show like X-factor or American Idol. This is not a contest. These are auditions for teen singers for a large possible TV and recording contract.

If you have always had a dream of being the next huge singing sensation and part of a music group that may get national exposure, this may be a great chance to show music producers who you are and what you’ve got.

Some of the biggest names in music are supposed to be associated with this. The company can not say who they are. They only state that they are huge in the music business with 100’s of millions of records sold.

The company is looking for Boys between 13 and 17 years old, only (sorry girls, this is for a boy band).

Auditions will be held on  March 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. Those selected will need to get to Atlanta Georgia on their own. Travel expenses to the casting call will not be covered.

Auditions are by appointment only and you will need to follow the below instructions below to submit your information. If selected, they will contact you with the date and location to come try out in person.

Record company responsible for 200 million records sold and a major television network are looking for talented male singers for an upcoming project that includes a record and TV.

There is a minimum of A $10,000.00 signing bonus for each boy selected for this major new talented group of male singers for an upcoming project that includes a Major record deal and be on a Major Network Television show

You Should Sing And Dance with Dedication and Passion!

  • LINKS of yourself
  • your group (if you have one)
  • Very brief Bio
  • Current pictures of what you look like (cell phone pictures are OK, they do not need to be professional) – please do not wear hats, glasses, etc when taking the photos.

EMAIL this address ONLY: Atlantaboyband14@gmail


Please note that only those selected from email submissions will be given the audition details such as time and location to come try out.


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  1. Morgan

    I want to be in it. I am a GREAT actress! PLEASE!

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