Kids and Baby Photo Contest

Kids and Baby Photo Contest

Do you have a Baby? Join the photo contest!

We have all been waiting for them to announce their annual Kids and Baby casting call for 2014, but until they do, proud parents can still get their kids photos onto the very popular website by uploading their kids photos to their Fan Photo section.

The clothing company will then choose some kids photos to feature on their very popular Facebook wall.

Here is the contest announcement:

Fan Photos: Kids & baby
Our teeny fans are stylish from head-to-toe. Simply share your photo on our wall for a chance to be featured next week.

To enter your child’s photo in the contest, go to the Facebook page at, go to the wall, click “Add Photo/Video” on the left hand side and then upload your photo.

The Company does this fan photo contest every week and posts the winning pic on their main Facebook page weekly.

If everybody tells you your child is cute enough to model, get ’em dressed up in their best outfits, snap the shot and add it to the page for the world to see! While this isn’t the annual Baby modeling contest, it most certainly is a way to get your bundle of joy seen by thousands of people. Since this isn’t the annual baby modeling contest, you will not get the great prizes, but you will get a week in the spotlight for your cute baby, toddler or kid.

Here are some tips to getting a great photo of that cute kid:

  • Make sure your kid’s photo is very well lit. Avoid bright lights and windows as those can cause shadows.
  • Keep it well lit.
  • Make sure your childโ€™s personality comes through.
  • Take a look at the winning photos and see if your photo is of the same quality.
  • Keep the photo seasonal. The winning photos are usually just right for the season.

The Company is large worldwide clothing retailer that also has a Kids and Baby ย line. The retailer has stores worldwide and also operates five of the most recognized apparel brands in the world.

The Company has one of the most popular kids lines of clothing on the planet. With adorable outfits such as this girl’s fall promotion, it’s easy to see why they is so popular with parents.

You can also check out past Kids and Baby auditions and tryouts for other information on the company and the online photo contests that they hold.


43 thoughts on “Kids and Baby Photo Contest

  1. Rico

    I would like to have more info and email where to send photos for my son to be the next Gerber baby.

  2. Lucia Roberts

    Our daughter Khaleesi is 5 months old with a huge personality. We can’t take her anywhere without at least 5 people stopping to talk to her! She was born Nov 30th, so we just missed the cut off for a Gerber competition we saw advertised. Please let us know where to send photos for the next one! We have a few favorites we know everyone will fall in love with too!

  3. Anggie

    hi, My name is Anggie. I have a beautiful daughter named Qaia Pribadie Trubachev (Indonesian-Russian mix baby) 1.5 month old. If you have info about baby casting, please let me know through email. And also I will send some of her pics.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ashley

    I have a gorgeous baby boy. He is 11 months old now. Very petite and lots of dark brown, straight hair with big BRIGHT blue eyes, super red lips and just two little bottom teeth. Gets mistaken for a girl sometimes, even final blue! Name is Stetson. Please contact me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ashley

      *Even in all blue…

  5. Stephannie

    My son Tyler is 8 months old and absolutely perfect for modelling. Everyone is always complimenting his appearance and saying he should be a baby model. The moment you turn the camera on him, he lights up and starts posing . I do home photo shoots with him regularly. Please contact me to get him started, can’t wait and thank you !

  6. Erica Rivera

    I have the most adorable little boy Weston! he is 16 months old and truly light up a room! He has dark brown hair we love to spike, Big brown eyes with extremely long beautiful eye lashes. Everywhere we go he seems to draw a crowd with his looks as well as bubbly and friendly personality. I am constantly being told I need to enter him into baby modeling. I just was not familiar with many websites. I hope you guys take a few moments out of your day to check my son out. He is currently entered into the 98PXY cutest baby contest. We are trying to find other contests to enroll him in as well! I wish I was able to post a pic of him because I know you guys would truly fall in love with him!

  7. Ebony

    I have a 6 month old son.
    He has beautiful brown skin, long eyelashes, dark brown eyes a good personality and the most heart melting smile.
    I think he is the perfect age to be entering this competition as he is very content.

  8. Mylaida Torres

    I want my daughter Irie Simmons to become a Gerber baby. My daughter is 3 months old and will already have a baby conversation with you. She is always smiling. She has red hair and is beautiful.

  9. Mylaida Torres

    I want my daughter Irie Simmons to become a Gerber baby.

  10. lily

    Hi 7 month baby girl, friendly, beautiful… we are interested.

  11. Savita

    Waiting for the 2015 contest to open

    Can you please update when its time to upload the pics. I have a 5 month old and she has the most beautiful smile.

  12. Celina

    My daughter had green eyes, long beautiful eyelashes.. She is full of smile.. Everyone notices her cat eyes and her long eyelashes.. Everyone says she’s the perfect model.

  13. zeberah nates

    I will like for my daughter to sign up.

  14. Joe'l Butler

    How do I sign up and submit photos of my baby for the Gerber contest or any of these contests, my daughter is adorable and everyone else thinks so as well. I can’t walk outside without someone telling me how beautiful she is and she looks like a Gerber baby please help

  15. Mariama

    I would like to submit a picture of my daughter for this contest.

  16. Jose

    My Daughter Jazmyn is a playful 1 year old. Family, friends, and strangers are always saying she should be a baby model and how beautiful her eyes are. Please contact me so I can send some pictures of her.

  17. Melissa

    Vote for Ashton! His pic is uploaded on the Gerber site ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Tenley franche

    Tenley is the cutest baby you have ever seen. I don’t say that because I am her mother, we get stopped on the street and comments online from people saying they normally don’t find babies cute, but she is just so cute, the cutest kid they’ve ever seen. She’s a toddler now, about 16 months, a social butterfly with an amazing personality, always so happy, a gorgeous smile and so so smart.

  19. Amber

    My daughter Sunnie is almost four months old, she is beautiful and vibrant! She shines…she naturally takes good photos and loves to smile.

  20. Grace Cheong

    Grace is 7 yrs old. She loves to wear pretty fashionable clothes especially the gap’s.
    She’s Asian and funny thing is that she looks and fits good with any kind of clothes and any colors. Lots of people around say that she’s born to be a model. So.. as mom, I kinda wanted to try to give her a chance to be a model.

    Please let me know about the GAP contest and send me some information.
    Thank you!
    Grace Mom

  21. Tina Smith

    My little boy Laurence

  22. sandy sanislo

    My daughter will be 5 months on April 14th 2014 and she is the cutest little butterball ever. You are going to want to put her in your pocket and keep her with you all the time.

  23. Britney Gomez

    Hope he gets the chance …

    His pictures speak for themselves.

  24. Shaniqua

    Hi I have a very beautiful, very alert & friendly 3 1/2 month daughter.. Everyone tells me I should put her in modeling she’s loved by a lot.. Her smile is what wheels them in. I would like to sign her up asap.

  25. Kari

    My son Channing is a very busy and active 8year old. He has been loving the camera forever. He would be a great model for Gap Kids!

  26. Ashley

    Hi, I have a beautiful 2 month old baby. Wherever I go the people just go crazy with him. He has soft cinnamon color skin and beautiful big brown eyes. He can style everything. And it’s a happy baby. I believe that my son will make a good baby model for the Gap.

  27. Melissa Larson

    I have seen and heard about the Gap Casting Call for years. I am finally a mom of a two year old little girl named Emma and I would love for her to be selected. She is always smiling and such a happy little girl. She also loves Gap clothes and I love the way they fit. I would love any information regarding casting call whenever it becomes available. Thank you.

  28. israa adel

    I have a 8 months boy who gets comments everywhere we go…I am interested in getting him to modeling. .

  29. Nivaska

    I have a 3 years old and a 4 years old son, the 3 years old, has the most beautiful blue eyes with a black stroke around it curly hair, big beautiful smile, big eyelashes and a very outgoing personality. Plus he understand Spanish and speaks some too. My four years old is fun, funny, big blue eyes, blonde hair tall and very cute he also understand Spanish and speaks some too! Please contact me if you would like to see some pics, Thanks

  30. Monica

    I have a daughter Alexa she is 18 months, dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, tall, wears size 18 months/24months. Alexa would be interested in magazine ads, TV commercials for Gap as well as other large brands old navy. Everywhere we go people compliment on how her eyes are so beautiful, and how cute she is. Alexa is the girl that you are looking for.

  31. Camille

    Hi there! I have a 5 month old beautiful baby daughter with an amazing personality. We are stopped wherever we go and always receive compliments on her looks. She would be perfect for any baby ad! Please email us with instructions on entering the GAP contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. measha

    My daugher Morgan would be be a perfect model for your company/brand. Not only is she beautiful her look is unique. Whenever we go anywhere people always compliment her appearance. She is full of personality and would be easy to work with. Please feel free contact me for photos. We would truly be grateful for the opportunity.

  33. Jessica

    Would love for my photogenic 5 yr old to at least audition for gapkids. Please email with info as to how.

  34. Crystal Garza

    My baby is 2 Years old and would be perfect. He is so adorable. He has dimples, long eye lashes and lots of personality. Please contact me for photos.

  35. Deepa

    My son is 3 yrs 5 months, he is very cute and I would like to see him on the pages of modeling pics and kids at gap shops. He loves to shop in Gap Stores. If you want his pics, I will email his latest pics. I will be waiting for your call.

  36. Deepa

    My son is 3yrs 5 months, he is very cute and I would like to see him on the pages of GAP kids and at gap shops. He loves to shop in Gap. I really want him to get in for the 2014 casting call. If you want his pics will email his latest pics.

  37. Samantha

    My daughter would be perfect, she has so much personality and energy and she is so beautiful. Please contact me with casting information.

  38. Darrieal Sullivan

    My 2 kids are a 3 year old boy and 8 month old girl. They go by the name MITCHELL & MACI. They are perfect for this please contact me with the info so I can send in the pictures.

  39. Cece

    My baby sister would be perfect for this, please email me so I can send someone her pictures so you can see just how cute she is.

  40. Desiree

    I have a beautiful baby girl named Tasha Michelle. She is just gorgeous and has the biggest eyes. She is such a happy baby and always smiling. I would like to enter her in the Baby Gap modeling contest. So I need some help in finding out when the Baby Gap auditions will take place or how can I enter her online. I would like her to do this before 2014 and while she is still a baby.

  41. Emily Walker

    My son is only 6 months old and already he loves the camera and playing for the camera. He can smile on cue and rarely fusses. I would like him to try out for Baby Gap. I would love to be able to go shopping on and see him on the pages modeling baby clothes. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, he really is a living doll and I know everyone would agree with me if they saw his pictures. I also have a 2 year old son who is also very cute. He is too old for Baby Gap but he would be great for Gap Kids or maybe Old Navy. I am going to upload both of their pictures to the photo contest and hopefully one of them will win.

  42. Tocasa

    I have been waiting for months now to enter my baby into the baby gap modeling contest. My baby will be a toddler soon if I don’t get in. Savannah is the perfect baby model, she is 14 months and full of smiles and energy. Everywhere we go, someone always comments on how I should get her into modeling for BabyGap or Gerber. I really think she would do great at it because she is too cute and has a great personality to match. All she wears in Baby Gap because I love their styles and colors so much. I really want to get her in for the 2014 casting call.

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