2015 kids and Baby casting

Here we go with a brand new year and a brand new year usually means that the annual Baby model search for some major brands may be just around the corner!

Is your toddler, baby or child the next ‘It’ kid in the world of baby and kids fashion? If you are sure they are then the Baby, toddler and child model searches may be your way to prove it to the world. Many retailers have annual baby contests, whether your child has a gap in her teeth, a full set or no teeth at all, they are still adorable and may be able to win a contest.

Most proud parents may disagree on whose baby, infant or toddler is the cutest, but most do agree that landing a spot in one of America’s top child fashion brands would be the opportunity of a lifetime and maybe your bundle of joy may just fit into that perfect gap.

Every year for the past 6 or so years, many name brands have done a baby model search as well as a search for toddlers and young children. Babies grow up fast so there is always a gap that your child may just fit into.

Last year a well known brand held a baby model casting and a child model casting for their respective brands, Baby and Kids. Hopefully there will be a baby open casting call in 2015 as well as one for child models.

The  baby modeling contests are usually held in early spring. Last year the events took place in April with 4 kids being chosen. The 4 children represent 2 lines of baby and child clothing. A boy and girl are picked for the Baby infant line and a boy and girl are chosen to represent The Kids, the clothing line for toddlers, pre- schoolers and elementary school children.

The tag line for last years event read as follows:
Does your baby’s giggle light up the room? Does your toddler say the cutest things? Does your child like to be a big helper? Kids and baby clothes are brighter than ever as begins its coast-to-coast search today for the brightest babies (ages four and under) and kids (ages five to 12) with its sixth annual North American Casting Call contest.

The children involved get their pictures uploaded to the companies site and public voting takes place. The large group gets narrowed down to semi-finalists and finalists and ultimately the 4 winners get chosen. The winners get….

baby casting call
baby casting call

some great prizes which include gift cards for The company as well as a photoshoot and a spot in their advertising and website.

2014 will bring the 8th annual infant, baby and child casting call with a new group of kids that will be chosen to adorn the companies website and take the role of being one of the cutest kids in the U.S.

The company is a huge clothing line which also includes other brands.  The brand has over 14 billion in sales annually so being chosen to represent them is a really big deal. The baby modeling contest is very popular and many thousands of babies and kids get entered into it.

So do you think you have the next Baby Model? the superstar toddler that can melt your heart and everyone else’s?

Here are some tips to give your kids a better chance at the title of cutest kid:

  • Take great photos! Do not upload a cellphone pic or anything that is only OK. Make sure you take lots of pics and use the BEST one.
  • Keep it well lit.
  • Make sure your child’s personality comes through.
  • The contest is all about OTHERS loving the picture, not just you. It actually is a popularity contest.
  • Wear comfy, casual clothes and don’t use costumes or large props that take away from your child.

By doing the above you are already ahead of the pack since so many parents upload dark, blur ry or irrelevant images that never win.

Baby, toddler & kids modeling


Yep, if you enter your child, your child has a chance to be featured in an ad like this one:

The winners get to take part in a very fun day of photos and they get to get dressed up in the cutest kids clothes furnished by some company. The ads are cheerful and embody the spirit of childhood fun as well as good fashion sense.

By the way, the company does have a weekly photo contest that is part of their Facebook page. Aspiring babies and toddlers can have their photos uploaded to the fan wall for a chance to be in the spotlight and baby model of the week on the brands page. For more info you can check out the photo contest post.


162 thoughts on “2015 kids and Baby casting

  1. Monique King

    My baby boy Quintin is 5 months old. He loves to laugh and play with his big brother and mommy. He also is a silly, lovable, and happy baby with so much personality.

  2. Tina Smith

    My son Laurence is a year old and he is the cutest little dough boy, lol. He loves to pose for the cameras. I would love to get him into modeling.

  3. anthony

    i have a grandson Jordan, he’s 2.5, let me know what to do to get him involved.


  4. Deziree

    Please send me more info on this event. I have a daughter named Imani, age 15 months that would be great for this role.

    Thank You!

  5. Deziree

    My daughter would be great for this.. Her name is Imani, she’s 15months and she is very smart for her age. Please keep me up to date on this event and thanks for your time

  6. Bertha


  7. Sarah Navarrete

    I have a baby, he is 8 months, if you can give me more information that would be great, thank you!

  8. Sonal patel

    How do I submit baby pic for 2014?

  9. Hillary

    Interested in more information for my daughter.

  10. shenika

    I have a beautiful outgoing and lovable 4 year old daughter. She loves posing and taking pictures and also such is a joy to be around. Her humorous attitude lights up any room and I’m more than interested to show her off to the world…..more info please.

  11. Monica

    I have a daughter Alexa she is 18 months, dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, tall, wears size 18 months/24 months. Alexa would be interested in magazine ads, TV commercials for Gap as well as other large brands old navy. Everywhere we go people compliment on how her eyes are so beautiful, and how cute she is. Alexa is the girl that you are looking for.

  12. My

    I have a 7 month old that’s very outgoing, loves to take pictures, also loves to interact with our babies and kids. Can I get some information on how to submit her picture.

  13. Erika

    My Daughter Nala would be great for such a great company like Gap, she’s constantly posing for photos on the iPhone or takes pictures herself. She is 18 Months Old. I am a single mom to this beautiful girl, and this would be a great opportunity for her future.

    You may find most of her pictures through instagram,

    Please Consider My Daughter

  14. Kiara

    I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Kalyn with a bright imagination, and I know she will do great. She loves taking pictures, can you send me more information on the next casting calls.

  15. Kennecia Burrell

    I am interested on how to enter my 2 yr old daughter for the baby gap contest. Can you please email the information that’s required.

  16. fidaa

    I have a 4 year old son with big brown eyes and his hair omg!! don’t get me started..:) I need more information, please for the next castings.

  17. Kimberly

    I have a 9 week old little girl! Please give me more information! Thanks

  18. Mei Wong

    I have a little one who is 3 years old. She is beautiful. I think she is a fit for the contest. Please send me more info about this. Thank you.

  19. michelle

    I have a super cute 3 yr old son… His name is Genesis.

  20. Dev b pillai

    A unique baby boy, 11 months old Indian baby with very big shining blue eyes. Always got a cute-itude in his smile, his favorite addiction is posing for cameras.

  21. Rita Lawrence Cueva

    My son, Britan Cueva will be 1 year at the end of December 2013. He is absolutely adorable, as all say. He has a bright and beautiful smile, showing his 8 teeth. He can also do the good serious stare 😉 He is full of personality and wears basically only Baby Gap clothes. I take monthly photos of him myself and he already does so well and they are not professional, so imagine! He has a great complexion, beautiful big brown eyes and long lashes. He is half American, half Peruvian, so he is a good blend of cultural backgrounds. He is unique as they come, his name is both his mother and father’s name combined, Rita & Brian, makes Britan. We would be honored for him to be a Baby Gap model.

  22. Yvonne Dennis

    I have a 6 year old that loves the camera and has long beautiful hair.

  23. Yvonne Dennis

    My daughter is 6 year, she loves the camera.

  24. Antonette Gray

    How do I enter my 7 year old twins for Gap or other store’s modeling/casting calls?

  25. Peter

    My son is 6 months old has the purest blue eyes and greatest hair. He loves to laugh, smile and having his picture taken.

    Everywhere we go people stop and gawk over him, actually every time we go into a gap store the staff there tell us to keep an eye out for this contest because he would win hands down.

  26. You have to see my baby girl Tenley aka “Gerber baby” ( that is what everyone calls her) she is a pageant supreme title holder and the happiest baby ever! She is always smiling! I worked at the G.A.P. in college and I KNOW SHE IS FOR YOU! Baby G.A.P. was one of my favorite departments! She wears the clothes, has the face and used to pictures and at 8 months old can go so far with a chance! Please consider my daughter!! I have tons of pictures!! Thanks, Heather F

  27. crystal

    Please email me soon! I would like to know how to enter my baby thank you!

  28. Amber

    When and where do I submit my son’s photo for the 2014 Gap casting call??

  29. Jennifer

    I have a 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter. We are always told they should be Gap models. I would like some more information.

    Thank you!

  30. Melene

    How do I enter my daughter into the contest?

  31. Steven fiorenze

    I have a daughter that is 15 months old. Her presence and smile lights up every picture we take of her. She has a great personality and loves people. She is smart and loves to say cheese. Can you please send info about the baby gap contest.

  32. Lauren

    Interested in submitting my sons pictures & info for the contest…please send me information. Thank you!

  33. Tammy

    I have a 2 year old daughter with a great smile & awesome personality! She was born to be in the spotlight. Please send me more information. Thanks.

  34. Mia Lopez

    I am Interested in the Gymboree casting call, could you provide me with more info please?
    Thank you.

  35. Gerusa

    Hi my name’s Gerusa, i have a lovely son 2 year old, i would like to take him to a
    casting agency to get some jobs, he’s so beautiful, and also very friendly, he has curly brown hair, he has nice pictures i can send it to you, please give him a chance. thanks

  36. vanessa


  37. Alexandra Icart

    I will love to enter my 5 months girl to the gap contest 2013. She is beautiful like a flower and also my 6 year old son he shines like a diamond.

  38. Mary

    How do I enter my son?

  39. Teresa

    How to enter my son for 2013 or 2014 contest?

  40. Monica K

    How do I enter my daughter to be the next Baby Gap Model.

  41. Christina

    How do I submit my son info?

  42. Danielle Broussard

    Hello I am interested in entering my daughter. How do I enter her for the modeling call?



  44. Ambrastarr

    I’m very interested in entering my daughter in the gapkid open modeling call.

  45. Karina G

    I am Interested in the gap casting call, can you provide me with more info please?

  46. Sukhy Dhamrait

    How do we submit pictures?

  47. Dyasha

    My son Simeon is so handsome. He have a great smile and his green eyes just take your heart away. People tell me all the time he needs to be modeling, he is so cute. I would like to download a photo of him.

  48. Adel

    Hi! My son is 8 months old. A mix of Asian and European. He got expressive big brown eyes, big lips, spotless brown skin and beautiful smile. Everyone says he’s so gorgeous.

    Where can I send his picture?

  49. Brooke

    Interested in gap casting call, can you provide me with more info.

  50. Motu

    Hoping to enter my daughter and son. What website am I able to go to?

  51. Saniylah

    My name is Ashley and my daughter Saniylah would be a great kid model for gap. She has an adorable smile and she is so full of life. She loves the camera and whom ever would not regret choosing Saniylah!

  52. Julissa

    Please send me the information I need to enter my daughter to 2013 casting.

  53. sarah

    Did the call already happen? Where can I upload pics and submit an application?? Thanks!

  54. Brienne Gonzales

    Can you please send details regarding the 2013 BabyGap casting call?

  55. Bree

    Please send me information regarding the 2013 contest. My beautiful daughter would be a perfect fit! Thanks!

  56. Vikki

    I am very interested! Please feel free to email me with more details! Thank You

  57. minyana bishop

    Hello I am a new mom as well as a young independent designer targeting in on children apparel designs and forecasting high in trends. How do I enter a photo of my son?… and can I please get more information sent to me. Thanks

  58. Ashley

    Obviously it has not even been announced people. Calm down. You cannot submit your photos yet because the contest is not even open yet.

  59. Lilia

    I have a 3 year old daughter as well as a 6 month old baby boy. They would both be great. Please email me information regarding the next casting.

    Thank you

  60. Jane

    I have 5 year old and 2 yr old boys!
    Please give me more info!

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