Kids and Baby Casting Call

Baby Auditions have begun!

Do you think your child, baby or toddler is cute and photogenic enough to be the next baby model? Β Here is your chance to prove it! The Photo Contest is on!

A large apparel retailer, has opened up its online child modeling contest.

Every year the clothing chain runs a modeling contest for kids, infants and toddlers from newborn to 12 years old. The Baby model contest is open from today through April 22nd and allows proud parents to enter their child online for a chance to become the next face of the Kids clothing line.

Does your child have a smile that just lights up a room? Here is your chance to get your child noticed and win some great prizes. The grand prize this year is a photo shoot for your adorable kid, a $1,000 gift card and the chance to be featured in ads and advertising campaigns.

A total of 25 winners will be chosen from the online contest submissions. Four grand prizes that include a $10k grant to a charity, 5 winners that will get a gift card and photo shoot and 16 runners up that will also get a gift card.
Baby photo contest

Here is the list of prizes below:

FOUR GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will receive a professional photo shoot, a $1,000 GiftCard, and the opportunity to be featured in a marketing campaign.
Gap will also give a $10,000 grant in each of the four winner’s names to Communities In Schools, a nonprofit that surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Nationwide, Communities In Schools partners with nearly 3,000 public schools, assisting 1.25 million students and their families.
SIXTEEN FINALISTS will receive a professional photo shoot and a $500 GiftCard.
FIVE WINNERS will instantly receive a $500 GiftCard for casting their vote during the voting phase.

Once you enter your child in the contest (you can have as many as five entries), the submissions will be up for voting and a winner will be chosen by the end of July. The entry deadline is April 22 2012 and voting will begin afterwards. The voting for the finalists will be held in late May and everyone will be able to vote for their favorite child.

In recent years The retailer had multiple categories and a winner was chosen for each. The categories were based on age. This year they have a baby girl, baby boy, boy and girl category setup that you can browse to view the competition.

The contest just started today, and already you can see 50+ pages of entries.

To increase your child’s chances of winning, make sure you upload a great photo that was not taken with a cellphone or webcam. Make sure the picture is well lit and really shows off your child’s personality. Do not use blurry or dark pictures. If there is something I have learned from following the Baby Gap model contest it’s that blurry photos NEVER win. Remember, the baby modeling contest is based on votes and having a clean, sharp picture can go a very long way in getting strangers to vote for your cute kid, especially when many other proud parents just upload a cellphone shot.

The company has also setup a way for you to tell your friends to come and vote by entering email addresses and integrating their contest with Facebook.

To register your child please go here – Good Luck and let the cutest baby win!

54 thoughts on “Kids and Baby Casting Call

  1. sandy sanislo

    More info please like dates, times, places etc.

  2. Estrella

    When and where will castings be in 2014?

  3. Morilaine Benice

    Hi my name is Morilaine Benice. I am 12 years old, I’m turning 13, please contact me. I have the Energy to work with you guys. I promise I won’t let you anyone down.

  4. Caitlin P

    When will the gap baby casting call be for 2013?

  5. Katie Fender

    Please contact me regarding my 8 month old son! Thanks

  6. Tabatha Miller

    I have a 2 year old who is great with a camera and has a very happy/sassy personality. She’s such a ham on the camera! Would love more info!

  7. Bia Sandhu

    I have a two year old daughter who is extremely photogenic. I Would like her to model. pls let me know how to go about this. Thanks.

  8. Ana Stokes

    My name is Ana, I have a girl who is 5 year old, she is such a beautiful girl, always happy and she LOVE the camera and clothes!
    Also I have a 9 month old boy who is full of happiness and so cute!
    You would not believe my kids are amazing for camera and always with a big smile! Please give me the opportunity to show you some pictures of them! Thanks!:)

  9. Stasha

    Hello I have a 6yr old son who would love to be a gap model. Everywhere we go people ask me if he models. He has the look and the curly model hair. My son would be awesome to work with. He is very energized and funny. He is fun to be around and has personality for days…Please give him a opportunity to show you what he is about.

  10. Shawna Elliott

    Hello I have a gorgeous 8 month old please contact me with details.

  11. Lina

    Hi I have a beautiful 9 moth old girl .

  12. Rochelle Rock

    My daughter is signed with (). She has the best smile you will ever see. She is loved by the camera in every angle. You will not be disappointed. Oh, she is nine but able to appear younger or older.

  13. Brianna

    I have 2 terrific little boys that love photo shoots. Jerry, 6yrs old and Justin, 5Years old !! They would love this opportunity.

  14. esmeralda

    I have two boy’s. Who would like to be the new face for the gap. They are six and eight years old.

  15. Ashley


    I have two photogentic children. A 5 year old son that loves the camera and a 1 month old. I’m not sure how old babies have to be in order to enter the contest.

  16. Lavon R

    Hello I have a 5 year old daughter. She loves the camera….

  17. malou

    Hello,still available to join the contest?Thanks!


    I have a 2 year old daughter who is a very happy, sweet little girl. I believe that she’s gorgeous as many people tell me. Every time we go out people get her attention and say that she’s so cute and beautiful. she looks like a living doll and she loves taking pictures of herself.

  19. Nidia

    I have a 10 month old boy who is very photogenic . I would love for him to be the face of baby gap . Pls contact me

  20. GEORGES Johanne

    Hello, I have a beautiful 4 year old mix daughter. She’s got beautiful curly brown hair, and unique brown eyes. She’s so out going and she loves being on the spot. She loves to pose in font of the camera. People tell me all the time I should try to get her in to modelling. We are from Haiti, and we are living there. Can she enter? Please reply!

  21. Jade

    Can I enter if I’m from Canada?

  22. Maria Diaz

    Hello, I have 3 kids , they love to dance and modeling, they are so cute, I would like to know more information about casting dates, and where I can send please, Thank you so much.

  23. Stephanie cavazos

    Hello I am a mother of a beautiful unique 16month old boy his name is Andres. He stands out he has a natural tan glowing skin tone and light brown hair to go with it he his half Thai and Mexican. So he has diversity to him and he has a gorgeous smile.

  24. cynthia

    Hey i have 5 year old diva she will be walking at the ct fashion week she speaks french. loves to take pics

  25. kathryn cusson

    my daughter is sixteen months old and absolutly the most adorable little girl. She is filled with personality, she is always laughing and showing off, dancing to music, she is quite the little performer….if ur interested I have some amazing pictures taken of her

  26. toola

    Anyway I can submit a photo? You won’t regret it!

  27. Blaccbeauty

    I know my son has what it takes to be a model for baby gap

  28. amber

    I have a 3 yr old daughter and a soon to be 2 yr old son both r very photo happy. They all love this chance. I’ve submitted their pictures.. if need more please contact me. Thanks.

  29. Vicky

    I have a 15 month old baby boy who is so gorgeous that we cannot walk through any shop without being stopped by people who want to talk to him he is friendly and does not stop smiling he would be a perfect gap model as that is all I dress him in please let me know how I can submit a picture because when you see him you will definitely be interested in significant g him up you won’t be disappointed x

  30. Ashley Dillon

    Missed the cut off date πŸ™

  31. Jane

    We’re finalists chosen already? One of my fb friends announced today that her son was chosen. I didn’t think we’d know until tomorrow or later

  32. Anna

    Is this comp open to kids in Australia ?

  33. Carola

    My daughter Carola, is very pretty, tall ,with very curly hair, she has always wanted to be a model, it would be her dream !!!

  34. helen

    Hi there, I submitted a pic of my 2 year old daughter and it’s showing submitted but doesn’t appear in the gallery photos. It’s been a week now…has this happened to anyone else out there?

    1. jackie

      Helen–the same thing has happened to me! I have tried resizing the photo as much as possible. Still nothing. It’s been a week today. This makes me sad πŸ™

  35. heather

    giavanna hailie morenzi is 8months old shes very bright sweet and photogenic she is currently a model and has experience

  36. Danielle

    I entered a couple of pictures of my daughter a week ago and it still didn’t get accepted, but my son was accepted two hours later. Is there something wrong with the picture of our daughter?

    1. helen

      Hi Danielle, same thing happened with me. And I tried another pic because I thought there might have been a technical error…but…the second one is also showing submitted but neither appears on the gallery list. πŸ™

      1. Lolo

        same thing happened to us, picture number 5 shows up but the first four entries are not in the gallery, even though it states they were accepted and gives me a link to see them there. Weird, I’m bummed because the 5th picture is cute, but is not a close-up like the rest and you cannot see his big dimple like you can in the others…any luck with getting this resolved?

  37. Justine Lacio

    Hi. My sister Mia, is 2 (almost 3) and Loves taking pictures. I have pictures.

  38. helen wilkinson

    do you have a Gap in Australia?

    1. Anna

      I was wondering that too

  39. kayla reynoso

    my daughter name is kayla reynoso she is 11 yrs old and she went to school for modeling acting and is looking for opportunity in life.please contact her agent katie Rausch

  40. joan rivera

    I want to know, if that casting includes Puerto Rico.

  41. jennifer

    My twins would be perfect for the Gap Kids or Baby Gap line. They would look great on any ads or in any commercials for Gap. I want them to attend a Gap casting call in 2012 or maybe next year in 2013. The boys love to wear Gap clothes and I shop in the GAP Kids store for all of their outfits. I know that they can win the GAP baby modeling contest and they have perfect features, hair and outfits.

  42. Cekenna Rogers

    rianna loves taking pictures. She is very photogenic and has a lot of personality!!

  43. Jamira Diaz

    Hello I have a 2 year old son that is very cute and photogenic please email me if interested

  44. Tanay

    I have a 8yr old son thats very photogenic and wants to model plz respond back

  45. jackie robertson

    I would love to enter my 7 month old daughter into the contest.tell me how

    1. admin

      The information for the kids Gap and Baby Gap model search 2012 and the Gap application link is above.

  46. Dylan

    I would be very interested in modeling for Gap and others. I have two agents in Chicago. Please contact me for my professional photos, resume and stats.

  47. Jasmine espada

    hello i have a 2 year old babygirl that did the mall model search and won a 2 year contract now im just looking for jobs for her i would love to get her into modeling for gap also please respond to me as soon as possible i apreciate it oh ps. i have proffessional photo shots if needed to send to you thanks

  48. Jessica O,Donegan

    Hello my name is Jessica and im a model for talent management and im very photogenic. Everyone tells me to apply to model for catologues please contact my mum on the email above then she can send a photo of myself to you thank you.

  49. Erica Cowart

    would like to enter the contest.
    Erica Cowart

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