Kandi Factory Tryouts 2012 / 2013

Bravo is now casting for the new Kandi Burruss show “The Kandi Factory”

Kandi Burruss of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” just got her own spin off show. Kandi’s new show is called “The Kandi Factory” and the special (pilot) episode of the show aired on Bravo just a few months back.

The Kandi Factory first appeared on TV as a 90 minute special. In the special Kandi Burruss and her team of music producers, engineers and stylists took 2 aspiring singers, a male and female, and put them through a 6 day boot camp that was supposed to turn them into superstars. The winner of the 2 got a professional single recorded and a music video created for them.

The Kandi Factory special premiered on March 4, 2012 (Series Special Preview). The show was successfull and Bravo has now ordered a full season of the show.

The Kandy Factory auditions
The Kandi Factory Tryouts 2012 / 2013

The Kandi Factory will take aspiring pop stars, and attempt to transform them into pop superstars, fairly quickly. If you have 1/2 the talent, she has everything else you will need. She really does. Kandi will set you up with image consultants, voice coaches, stylists, sound guys, producers, and choreographers. All you have to do is bring it!

Kandi Burruss is taking her knack for creating hit-makers to reality television. It’s somewhat like Making the Band, but with a different twist. Kandi will be using her niche to take 2 pop-stars, one male and one female, down the path to stardom. She has enlisted her key liaisons in the entertainment realm to help her out.
The potential pop-stars will go through a boot-camp of sorts, with her choreographer, image maker, and her producer friend Vito. Kandi has given herself one week to do all of this. Once the the newbies are chosen, only one of them will release a single along with a music video. Yes, all this will go down in Atlanta. The spin-off, “The Kandi Factory” premiers next week, Sunday, March 4, 2012, at 10:00pm ET.

Kandi and her crew are looking for aspiring pop stars nationwide. You supply the drive, ambition and at least some talent and Kandi will supply the rest.

Are you ready for the pop star bootcamp? Here is your chance to audition for The Kandi Factory.

The show is only interested in adults at this point so you must be at least 18 years old to apply for the show. You do not need to have any experience or any special training. Mostly, the show is looking for raw talent, drive and ambition, plus, since it is a reality show, a great outgoing personality worthy of reality TV.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it in the music industry, audition for the show and find out.

The show has setup a website where they offer more information on auditions as well as an application for The Kandi Factory – Click here

Kandi Burruss is an award winning song writer

Kandi was previously part of Xscape and in 1999 her and her bandmate got a number 1 hit with “No Scrubs” for TLC. The single received a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group.

Kandi has written songs for such stars as Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Da Brat, NSYNC, N-Toon, Solo, Usher, Fantasia, Mýa and many others.

57 thoughts on “Kandi Factory Tryouts 2012 / 2013

  1. michael taylor

    when is the next audition mikecain yeah.

  2. michael taylor

    I want to know when is the next audition

    1. michael taylor

      hey this is mike cain again. I have a rnb singer you really need to hear. We wont fail you kandi, you need to hear him.

    2. Endia Barnwell

      Good Evening Staff,

      To Whom this May Concern: I’m inquiring about the next Audition.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Ms. Endia M. Barnwell

  3. LaKesha Albright

    Hey Kandi, I’m LaKesha but I go by Shay….I’m a 29 mother of 2. I do not know where to start….but I’m from Memphis TN. I am first soprano and have been singing all my life, but my life took a turn after I had my baby boy. He has health issues, he has a track.. which is a track and a tube in his stomach which is a Mikey button…..my mother can’t walk. I have been through a lot. I sing with all my heart, this is what I do. I love it… my kid’s sing…..just asking for one shot to prove that I have what it takes to give me and my family a better life, please give me a chance, thank you!!!

  4. Jada Johnson

    Hi Kandi, I am 13 years old. I am a talented singer who dreams of a acting and singer career. I am originally from Orlando Florida but moved 4 years ago to North Carolina. I have tried out for john Casablancas and another audition, they both accepted me but we declined. I am in love with singing. My mom loves the show and watches it every time it comes on, even replays! I make a’s and b’s in school and I am in honors classes. I am very athletic. Can you give me a chance, I can handle it. I want to make my mom and dad proud. Thank you for giving other people a chance you are really a blessing to many.

  5. Amy Martin

    Hi Kandy:) My name is Amy Martin and I am a 36 year old single mom that also takes care of my mother with severe alzheimers. I grew up with a musical family on my mother’s side as she, her sister, and 2 brothers would play the guitar while all the brothers and sisters would harmonize. As a kid I thought it was the most amazing thing and would jump right in to sing with them. Music has been such a huge part of my life! Whether it is to dance or sing to…I love my music and even enjoy writing my own songs. I also grew up hearing from the family that my mother was offered a country music recording contract after singing a song that she had written at 17 years old, but turned it down to marry my dad. Thank goodness or I wouldn’t be here, but I don’t want to go my whole life thinking “what if” too! I would love to have the opportunity to stand on stage and make my mom proud before she no longer remembers who I am. I lost my father to cancer 8 years ago so I know that he would be watching down smiling as well. I just finished having my 12th and 13th surgery on both hands for severe carpel tunnel, but just like after any other surgery I pick myself back up and I am ready to go again. I will always try to be the best that I can be every day because we only get one chance at this thing we call life. While I love all types of music I tend to feel the R&B and Pop music much more. Xscape was one of my favorite groups back when I was in high school. I can’t express how much this would mean to me in words, but the thought of being in a recording studio would make this life so much brighter:)So I am asking for one shot PLEASE Kandi!!!! I am ready to shine. I was part of an American All Star Dance team 2 years in a row as I got to dance in London and then at the Peach Bowl when I was younger. I am quite the determined person when it involves things that I love and of course music is my world (Well besides my kids and mom). Would love to hear back from you!
    Thank you and big HUGS.

  6. Hey What’s Good Kandy!

    My name is Joy, I’m 19 years young from the bay area Oakland CA. I’m a female rapper. The problem is I’ve never been in a studio but I love to freestyle and I’m pretty good at it, since I was 11 yrs old.

    If you pick me, nothing is holding me back..no relationship, no kids..nothing. I’m willing to travel and be in the studio 24/7.

    Girl, I know I have what your looking for!
    I have the look, personality and talent. I think you can make a nice song for me to rap to. I have a couple videos on youtube of me free styling but if with your help you can make my dreams come true so I can become a real rapper. They need a new female rapper in the game! I’m willing to do or try anything! If your interested in me you can hit me up on email. I really hope to hear from you:)

    I can bring Joy to the rap game!


  7. Betty Hodges

    Hello Ms. Kandi I’m 37 years old and I love to sing. I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I was brought up on Denise Williams, Stephanie Mills, Anita Baker. As a child my step dad always told me he wanted to take me to star search, he’s told me regret that he put it off and never got the chance. I’m a mother of 6 kids that tell me daily mom you should enter into a singing contest. We know you would win. My career as a patient care tech at Flagler Hospital in St Augustine Fla. I’ve also taught dance for 20 years, mentor students in middle and high school.

    Betty Hodges

  8. Hello, miss candy I’m Travis Gardner, 26 yrs old, from Columbus Georgia. My stage name is Yung Travis
    I sing R&B and I would love advance my music career.
    I just need the right person to acknowledge my original style and talent.
    I’m on YouTube, Facebook, and more…
    If you consider simply email me…
    Yung Travis

  9. Katrina

    Hey kandi, my name is Christina Frazier. I’m 17 years old. I would love the chance for my sister which is 20 to come on your show. I really do think she is talented but she don’t think so. Email me for more information about my sister.

  10. Chris Jordan

    I am a mom just supporting my son’s dream. Chris is a 22 year old aspiring hip hop rapper who do not use cuss words. He do not wear his pants below his bottom however his flow and messages are inspiring and meaningful. He has something new and different to offer. Please listen. He was bullied as a young boy and was very shy. Rapping and expressing himself is an outlet he uses to be heard. Please take the time to listen to his music.

  11. Vonshea

    Hey kandi, first off I want to say that I love your music and I enjoy watching you on atl housewives. You have inspired me to become the best artist I can be. I’m a singer from Athens, Al. I am a young, ambitious, talented singer who just loves music and is determined to make it to the top. I have a wide range of vocal skills and I would love to be a contestant on your show. Only if I had the chance, my wish would come true.

  12. Shy

    I want to be on Kandi Factory. I really want to go to the casting call for Kandi Factory and be part of the cast in 2013 or 2014, whenever the next season will be. I am such a good singer and I have been singing in my church for 7 years. I can reach the highest notes and sound like a professional singer even though I have never had any formal training. I am 47 years old. I have 4 children and 3 grand-children. I really want to succeed at being a professional singer since I never had the opportunity before because I was raising my kids. This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be able to audition for Kandi and show her how committed I am to finally realizing my lifelong dream. I know with some coaching I can be great and I will amaze everybody. I am very committed and will do anything to get a shot.

  13. Tierra Renee'

    Hey miss Kandi, my name is Tierra and I’m 19 years old. I came out singing and I wanna go out that way. I have one of the most rare brain diseases in the world and i don’t want it to take me out before I get the chance for my voice and my story to be told. I can’t wait to come on your show and blow you away. I’m waiting on the new season to start so that I can come meet and work with you. I hope you really read this because I would be so happy to be able to work with you. I love your attitude, your beautiful smile, and most of all, I love that you’re a lyrical genius. I’ve never heard a song you’ve written that I didn’t like. I’m signing off now but I cant wait to meet you!!!!

  14. khari

    I am 22 years old. I have ben singing my whole life. I dance in a dancing group called Animosity. We have performed in many places , I have been wanting to get on the Kandi Fatcory but again I am not able to contact auditions. My grandmother died who was just like a mother. Whenever my mom struggled she was there . Also my aunt who was always there for us. We have lived in a shelter due to my us being unable to live in our home. I have worked really hard but never seem to make it. My little sister has talent to but there is no way for us to get out of Rochester without money. My sister is 13 she acts, runs track and is a poet make her own stories but they will never be read she need help we both do. We want to find a way to let this talent out. I don’t want my mom to struggle anymore. Please respond this show would help me.

  15. LaTavia

    Hi Kandi how are you. I have been watching you for a while and I am interested in auditioning for you. I been singing for a long time and its apart of my heritage besides my mom and dad started me singing at 3 yrs old and unfortunately they are no longer here and I would love to do in memory of them. Thank you for your time. God bless.

  16. Lisa from Florida

    Hello, I am writing on behalf of my son who wants to be a rapper. Asking that he’s afforded the opportunity to prove his ability to perform. Thank you

  17. SOWUT


  18. Joyce Rodgers

    I’m writing on behalf of my son (chico), his stage name. He is a great rap artist as well as songwriter, and I’m not just saying that because I’m mom and his number one fan. I feel if he had a chance to audition for you that you would be pleasantly surprised.

    Thank You

  19. Luvinnia Flowers

    Sorry for seeming stalkerish but I really want a chance which it seems far fetched with the ratio of having a chance but I’m praying and stay prayed up not perfect but I believe. I wanted to say search itspunkinbitch on YouTube to see some of my work and hear some of my songs also I make beats. Music is my passion, if it was my job it wouldn’t feel like a job because I love it so much. Will there be castings in Charlotte or a place to send a tape to? Choose me!

  20. Luvinnia Flowers

    All my life I have known I’m supposed to be famous. I have done a lot of foot work but fail to meet the right person b/c in this world sometimes its who you know. I watch your show and other shows that show how famous peple make it and daydream. I’m a female rapper from n.c. I know you think n.c she’s country but there’s only one way to find out and I’m amazing lol but I want you to be the judge. Give me an opportunity and I promise you are going to want me on your team. I work in mental health but my dream is to be famous so I can help financially with kids stuck in the mental health system. Choose me I won’t let you down…ps ItsPunkinBitch is my stage name

  21. Taylor

    Hey Kandi my name is Taylor, I’m from Arkansas. I would love to be apart of the next season of the Kandi Factory. I just need to know when are the next auditions.

  22. Tiara

    When are the next auditions for the upcoming season????

  23. kenya

    I would like to audition for the kandi factory show. I ready for my turn to shine. I’m in a new space in life and I feel this show would be great for me! See you guys soon.

  24. fatin alquddus

    Hi Kandi,
    I am a 34 year old mother of three. I have been dancing and singing every since I was able to talk and walk. I think that you are a great example of what can be accomplished when you focus. I have been tryng to get into the business for a long time. I have a real void in my life because I have not had a chance to display my talents to the world the way I would like. If you gave me a real chance to perform for you, it would not be a waste of your time. Even if I’m not what your looking for, I can say I gave it a real try.

  25. Tiffany Arterberry

    My daughter is a star. She is has auditioned & been in numerous musicals, talent shows, etc & is currently in college . She is a part of the Butler College Headliners Show Choir and they are awesome!! She is 19 yrs old and a genuine performer/entertainer not just a singer. It would be fabulous if she could audition for the Kandy Factory.

  26. Sharon

    Hi Kandi Well let me start off by saying I’m a 56 year old young lady and I have been singing since I was about 11-12 years old, I would love to have the chance sing a song written by you and do a video.

  27. Corey Dewayne Vaughn

    The kandi factory, hi Kandi Burrus, my name is Corey Dewayne Vaughn and I rap & sing. I would love to audition for you and star in my own music videos. Corey d. Vaughn

  28. leandra hernandez

    Hi Kandi my name is Leandra and I am 13 years old. I can sing very well but would really like to be on your show so I can show the world that I am not afraid to be on stage or sing. I want to be a pop star and prove to people who that use to bully me that I am not afraid to stand up for myself and to sing. That’s why I want to come on your show Kandi. It would be a honor to express my feeling and story to people out there who also are going through what I have gone through. thank you for taking the time and reading my story. hope to hear from you.

  29. Irvin mccurry

    Hey kandi my name is Irvin McCurry. I’m from Humboldt, TN. I’m 35 with one child. I rap and I have done lots of tracks and shows. It’s just hard for a black man to get a chance at anything. I try to have faith but TN will kill your dreams, just this Lil town I’m from. I know you don’t deal with rappers… but that’s my thing. I would like to say that you are sexy as hell on housewives. I guess I give up fast when I should have more Haiti’s but I know I will never be on your show, but I still love you.

  30. Randy sims

    I am 37 years old and singing is my life. I can’t stop because I am a real singer and that’s what I do. I know god has me on this mission for a reason. I would give it all that I got if I had a chance.

  31. Randy sims

    Check my song out on YouTube the name of the song that I wrote is called All I need by randy sims. This is my life singing and writing, it’s getting to a point that I don’t even have to write anymore.

  32. My name is Dajea, I’m 22 going on 23 yrs old. I’ve been singing since I was four years old and writing since ten years old. I’m a proud mother of a four year old prince with talent and brains out of this world. Seeing your show inspired me in so many ways and I’ld love the opportunity to show you and the rest of the world my talent . I’m a hard worker and loosing isn’t a option for me. SO WHAT MUST I DO BESIDES PRAY THAT I GET A CHANCE TO BE ON TOP LIKE YOU I’M HUNGRY KANDI, STARVING !!!!

  33. Linda Joseph

    Hi Kandi, My name is Linda and I’m 31 years old. I love to sing my friends are always telling me to go and try out for American Idol. But I was always afraid. When I watch your show Kandi Factory it makes me want to try out this dream with you. Please help me with this dream.


  34. Deborah Black

    Hey Kandi you are an AWESOME person and I pray that God will continue to Bless and Strengthen your throughout your success. I am a 47 year old who loves to sing gospel. However, my passion is song writing. You can view my sisters and I on Youtube. Type in Producer 123. Pull up The Black Sisters. You will see 4 black women sitting around a table. The song I wrote is The Cure in memory of our deceased sister who died of breast cancer. I am the lead singer. Can you help me pursue my dreams. I will never give. Up!

  35. Amelia

    My name is Amelia. I’ve been singing since I was 8 yr old. I would love to for Kandi to take me to the heights I need to go. God Bless

  36. tukisha

    I want to try out….I sing…

  37. Lisa

    It’s Time!!! My Rosebud….or Miranda…….aka “It’s her Right to be who she is”…….sings 24/7. She owns her voice…when she was a munckin she decided that she couldnt sing in front of me…her MoM…we were driving in my Exploder…..aka Ford Explorer….without even thinking…….I said, “I promise not to listen”….She looked at me and busted out a song like she was singing to herself in the shower….she did that for years…….one day we were driving to her Hockey Game…….yes she was the “Goalie”…….looked at me and said…”OMG, you can hear me!!” No kidding!!! Would love to fill out an application to “tryout” for Your Kandi Factory!!! Please and Thank YOU, Lisa

  38. molly confidential

    Hey kandi, I am a 30 year old Singer. I’ve been singing all my life. I have successful people in my family who made it to the top but decided to take others with them. We, my family are in bad shape. I fell scorn and I need people to know God doesn’t stop blessing. Pretty sure it will embarrass some people but my hunger is more than any ego.

  39. Rosalene Lee

    Hello! Miss Kandi, I normally never do this because I am a very private person but I too had a dream of becoming a actress and or singer one day but now I can watch my children reach for those same dreams because they are all talented and have beautiful voices. My daughter is a very beautiful meek homebody that when on first meeting you’d never believe the beautiful music that comes from her strong but yet angelic voice. I could play around back in the day with hitting Minnie Riperton notes but she does it with no sweat! Stay Kandi, love your personality!!!

  40. Erica Jackson

    I just need one chance…. please

    -Black Diamond “The Story Teller”-

  41. E-REAL


  42. Aleshia Clark

    I would like my daughter, Jaquetta, to try out for your reality show. She loves singing. She has been singing since she was two but had never had any training. She gets nervous in front of people. She has other personal issues that I wish I could help her with. All I can do is pray.

  43. Tyler Stewart

    I would like to become a singer and I also play a little guitar. All I do is sing all day I’ve only been doing it for about 6 months, but I get a lot of complements. I’ve been in the army since 2009. Kandi please pick me, because All I need is a little break and helping hand to get in the industry. Thank you

    Tyler Stewart

  44. UnitedNation

    Hey we are United Nation a group of 2 girls that rap. We work really hard and we love what we do. We want to show the world what we can do. we are United Nation

  45. Gia Anderson

    Gia is like a daughter to me, in fact she is the mother of my 2 year old grandson. She is beautiful, talented and has a beautiful personality. She was adopted, but has now lost both of her parents so I have just accepted her as my own and would like to help her as much as I can. I see a lot of musical shows, but I think Kandi would be more encouraging and make her successful. Ms Burress on behalf of my grandson Isaiah and myself please help Gia live her dream and know that she is wanted and accepted. We live in Va Beach, Va.

  46. john biggrome crandall

    Hey kandi what’s up? I’m from battlecreek MI, the home of kellogg’s and post cereal. I was just wondering how come nobody show us rappers/producers any love? I would love to send you a demo c.d. and try out for your show but I always have bad luck with stuff like this because there always just lookin for singers and I don’t think that’s fair. I’m not a gansta rapper, I rap for my ladies and my home town. I think I got what it takes an I can show you my talent. So please show me some love and look past that I’m not a singer. Give me an chance to live my dream! Please make my dream come true! Thank you! Biggrome

  47. Markesha Sanders

    Hi Kandi,
    I’m 30 years old singing is a passion for me I put all my emotions into it in church, the shower walking down the street where ever I am. Singing is the way I release my emotions, I wont do it for myself, my kids, my family, and everyone in the world who looks for a song to relax to and hear to feel better. Please contact me, all I ask is for you just to hear me, just give me a chance to be heard, Thank you.

  48. cornelius evans

    I have a passion to sing but never went through with it. I prefer to sing gospel music and would love to be on your show or just to meet you would be grand.

  49. crystal

    Hello I’m a 32 year old woman that has flaws and is not perfect but I will say that singing has been my passion since I been in the church, about six years old. I love to sing, I will give it an 100%. I wont let anyone or myself down. Nc lady

  50. Jerica Felice Anderson

    Sorry about the question marks it was a picture of stars on my phone.

  51. Jerica Felice Anderson

    WOW! What a fun opportunity! I would be crazy NOT to give it a try.

    My name is Jerica (pronounced like Erica just add the J in front) lol
    I Am 25 years old, single and no children BUT I have a Huge family! We are called the superfamily lol ( lame) I know 🙂
    I believe with all my heart that I was born to be a star.
    I love to sing BUT I have to admit I do need vocal training. I used to sing so much when I was younger and I don’t know where that passion went but I’m glad it’s back. I’m NOT a terrible singer but my voice does crack and could be stronger.
    I have natural star quality! I love to perform and I love to dance.
    I have a lot to prove to myself that I can do this and I would love for this to be my first opportunity to show myself, Kandi and her team and of course the World!!!!

    Choose me you won’t regret it…:) Love, Jerica

  52. Trenell Peterson

    Hello Kandi , I am Trenell Peterson I am from Bryan Tx and I have been singing all my life my music teachers always gave me solos because my voice is so powerful , I would love to be apart of Kandi factory so I can show you that I can be a singer.
    Thanks, Trenell

  53. nerissa

    Hey miss, I am a 14 year old young dancer, who loves to sing! I also write my own music. I attend a performing arts school that gives me the drive to chase my dreams. I’m very much talented and I know with your help I will make it.

  54. tiara rippy

    Hey Kandi, I am a 24 year old female who wants to make it to the top. I so want to be a singer because it just seems that’s the talent god gave me and it’s not being heard. I need this, I want this, I can do this….. I need a chance.

  55. Samantha beynum

    Dear kandi im a 47 year old woman who had a dream
    @ age 14 of being a singer, but as a preacher’s daughter you don’t get that chance and coming out of 2 abusive marriages, I am still dreaming can you can help me with my DREAM. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, SAMANTHA BEYNUM.

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