iCarly Auditions

How to get on Nickelodeon and the iCarly show on the Nickelodeon Kids Network.

iCarly auditions and tryouts

So you want to become a child star. iCarly is a popular show on Nickelodeon and many kids would love to tryout for the show and land a recurring or even a one time walk on role – Find out how to get iCarly auditions and casting call information for Nickelodeon.

So how did Carly get on the hit show iCarly? well, she had to go and audition for the part. Yes, even kids that are very talented need to audition and ace their auditions to actually land that career making part in a hit television or cable network show.

iCarly is one of the most popular shows on the Nickelodeon network and boasts some great child talent in the show.

So what is the iCarly show all about? well, it’s about a very talented young lady named Carly Shaw.

iCarly is about Carly Shay. Carly create her own web show called iCarly with her best friends Sam and Freddie. iCarly stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, Jennette McCurdy as Sam, Nathan Kress as Freddie, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and Noah Munck as Gibby.

iCarly is shot in the Los Angeles area. Actually, the show is taped at Nickelodeon studios that is on Sunset Blvd. in the city of Los Angeles California.

So where did Miranda Cosgrove start her career and where was she before she landed her audition for the iCarly sitcom? Miranda Cosgrove, is an experienced young actress. Miranda actually starred in her first commercial when she was only 3 years old. At the young age of 9 she got a recurring role – actually a co-starring role on , Drake & Josh. Miranda also has experience as a child actress on the big screen. She had a role in the movie School of Rock with Jack Black.

So when Miranda landed that gig with Nickelodeon and iCarly, she already had a good amount of acting experience behind her. If you want to star in your own Nickelodeon show like iCarly, you too will have to get some acting experience like Miranda. The way you get acting experience is by going to auditions, blowing the casting directors away with your talent and landing a few roles.

To get to see casting directors and actually tryout for great roles you will need to get an agent. Without an agent, Hollywood casting directors will not see you. There are no open casting calls for iCarly or any Nickelodeon series. You will need to get inside information on new shows in production and only a Hollywood agent that works with the iCarly show and Nickelodeon casting directors will have that information and be able to send you out to see them.

So first things first, before getting that audition for iCarly in 2012 or any other Nickelodeon audition in 2012, you will need to find a good agent.

You will most likely have to have some experience like Miranda did. Maybe a small movie role or a commercial. You will need to have a resume that has a few credits so casting directors can look at what you can do, know you have done it before and have some faith in your abilities to perform under pressure and in front of the cameras.


icarly auditions in 2012

Here is the cast of iCarly:

  • Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is the host of her own popular web show, iCarly, which she produces with her two best friends, Sam and Freddie.
  • Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) is one of Carly’s best friends and co-host of iCarly.
  • Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) is also one of Carly’s good friend and neighbor. He is the technical producer of iCarly.
  • Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) is Carly’s eccentric older brother and legal guardian.
  • Gibby (Noah Munck) is an odd friend of Carly, Sam and Freddie.

Other charecters that appear on the Nick show iCarly:

  • Marissa Benson (Mary Scheer) is Freddie’s overbearing and overprotective mother.
  • Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley) is the doorman for the building in which Carly, Spencer, and Freddie live, characterized by his annoying, protective behavior and a large wart on his face. He is often being pranked by the kids on iCarly.
  • Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander) is a critic who runs the nevelocity.com website, a site that reviews other websites, including iCarly.com. He is Carly’s nemesis and has constantly tried to sabotage iCarly in exchange for a kiss from Carly.
  • T-Bo (BooG!e) is the manager at the Groovy Smoothie. He often annoys customers into buying random foods (i.e. bell peppers, bagels, tacos), which are always impaled on a stick.
  • Guppy (Ethan Munck) is Gibby’s younger brother and often tags along with Gibby.
  • Chuck Chambers (Ryan Ochoa) is a child in the Shays’ apartment building who constantly torments Spencer.
  • Principal Franklin (Tim Russ) is the principal at Ridgeway Secondary School, the school where Carly, Sam, and Freddie attend. He is very fair and is a big fan of iCarly.
  • Ms. Francine Briggs (Mindy Sterling) is a very strict English teacher at Ridgeway Secondary School who shows an obvious dislike for children.
  • Mr. Howard (David St. James) is a strict and unenthusiastic teacher who hates almost everything including his wife.

All the above parts where filled by actors that auditioned for the role and landed the job because they did a good job or casting directors had faith that they fit the role and would do a great job on the show.

So create a good resume, get a few credits under your belt and show the Nickelodeon and iCarly producers and casting staff you are capable of handling such an important role as a star in your own sitcom on a kids network or cable TV channel.

41 thoughts on “iCarly Auditions

  1. Rania Chawiky

    Wow I really love this show and I think I have a funny personality to get on this show as an extra or any role available. I love all the actors in this show, and yeah I am 13 and smart. My hair is brown and curly. I am looking really young but people think that I am cute. I take drama classes and live in Philadelphia, I just wanna know where the casting is gonna be.

  2. April Rene

    Hi Nickelodeon. My name is April and I am 12 years old. I live in Dagenham Essex Britain. I really want to be on iCarly because I love it and I really want to fulfil my dream and develop my talents. When I was 8 I was asked to perform in a Broadway musical show Ring Around The World. I have acting skills and I really want to prove it! I love you Nickelodeon and I pray that you give me a chance. 🙂

  3. Tara

    I love icarly and I’m much like Miranda, she inspires me to act and I am very experienced in acting and dancing. I also sing. Please contact me some way for pictures videos and auditions thanks!

  4. genesis

    hey Nickelodeon. I love all of your shows and I really want to be an actress! I can play any role that is given to me, and I can cry on cue! I am a mixed girl. I am 12 and I love acting ! I am very nice, I can play a mean person for any role 🙂 and I have some experience with acting ! please email me asap ! thank you !!!:)

  5. george harris

    i have been a fan of iCarly since the beginning and love it now. I have always been in love with acting and nick since I was 5 and being on the show would complete a lifelong dream.

    1. george harris

      also i am 12 years old
      height 5:8
      hair color black
      skin color african american’
      gender male

  6. Jacqueline

    Hi my name is Jacqueline I live in Los Angeles and I am 12 yers old. My dream has always been to be a movie actor and a singer. I would realy like to be on the show. Everyone is such a great actor and I want to become one too.

  7. Jacqueline

    you are really funny, I really want to be on iCarly!

  8. Tako

    Hello. I am from Georgia,tbilisi I want to act in iCarly . I have brown hair and eyes, its my dream to be actress and help me please, I have some experience, believe me i am the best candidate.

  9. jessica odonegan

    Hey icarly cast i love icarly so much i will love to be on there please say yes i watch every single icarly. Im juzt like sam i love zayn malik in one direction. Thank you please make my dreams come true.

  10. Izzy

    I’m not the smartest girl in the world but when i’m acting or singing i feal so powerful i’m really funny and i love to laugh i’m 10 almost 11 and have been adutioning for 2 years almost 3 please get back to me ASAP!
    PS. I think i carly is the best show in the world, oh and i’m 4,5 and have chesnaut hair

  11. Genesis Kelley

    My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver Washington. I have dirty blond colored hair and I am 4’7 1/2. I am currently waiting to see if i have gotton in a peforming arts school, (Vancouver School of Arts and Acedemics)for Dance and Acting. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more. When I was younger watched the Nick and Disney stars having fun on camera, and to live that would be amazing! I am looking foward into hearing from you. Have a nice day.

  12. Samantha

    I love iCarly and I gone to stage school and wish to be on my fav tv series I am 10 years old from ireland so please contact me back 7/4/12 is the date

  13. kobe hawkins

    I luv icarly I would luv to be on it but auditions like never happen at sedalia missouri its a small boring town to me

  14. Syrena

    Hey nick i live in a group home and i love to be on a show with the icarly cast. I just want to have a good start so i can get out of my group home. ive been in the foster system since i was five now im 15 it has not be going well. This could change my life for real this time. I love to act model and sing!!!

  15. Erin McMillan

    i would love to be on icarly but i dont have any experince but i still would love to be on the show!!!!!

  16. I wanted to tell you all that I have the same Dentist as Jennet Macurdy!!! I would want to get in touch with her but I can’t see her because we never get to go to the same apointment as her because I don’t know her.

  17. I’ve grown up with you Nick, now I am 13 and I live in London although travelling is not a problem. I am Black, Slim and have brown hair. I’ve been Singing and Acting since I was 7 and still doing so. I’ve had experience Singing and Acting in front of audiences so I am a confident person and I’ve had experience in learning lines before so it won’t be a new thing for me. My inspirations are Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy and Victoria Justice. They inspire me to try get a role on Nick as they did so before and now they are amazing actresses themselves. I’m looking for a start and I think this could be it. Im a bubbly, Hardworking, Polite and Friendly person so you won’t be disappointed. Get back at me if interested. Thankyou for your time nickelodeon!! 

  18. Armond Lloyd

    Hi I’m Armond I’d love to audition for I Carly i absolutly love the show.im very out going and im not very shy .also i live in alabama. I don’t have very much experience but I have auditioned for a commercial once but I didn’t make the cut. But I do have experience in plays and choir. I am currently in show choir where I sing and dance. Thank you for the opportunity.

  19. Breondra barney

    I would love to cast in iCarly i absolutely love the show and i enjoy having fun, acting &singing.

    1. Breondra barney

      I would love to cast in iCarly i absolutely love the show and i enjoy having fun, acting &singing. I am 15 years old.

  20. my name is Joshua mcgirt and i have my own experience i have head shots and my father is also an actor so thats why i want to be an actor. i am 12 i live in river dale GA

  21. Kathrin Thurner

    I am an 13-year-old Austrian girl and I would love to spend time in the U.S.A. My English is pretty good. I have plenty of experience and most people think i´m a great actor. I have already played in two musicals.My eyes are brown and my hair too. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.
    PS: I am an big fan of ICarly.

    1. Talia DeWolfe

      My name is Talia DeWolfe. I am 11 years old. I have been in several plays. In 4 of them, I was the lead. I have a good quality singing voice and have had 3 years of dance. I can pick up lines, songs, dances (ect) quickly and I am also currently involved in the Gloucester Stage Company doing plays. I have my own headshots if those will be needed. Please contact me, thank you!


  22. Valentina

    hola soy latinoamericana y sueño, pero es el mayor de mis sueños estar en uno de estos shows y viajaria hasta la luna para tener cualquier papel. hablo un poco de ingles tambien. por favor les pido comuníquense con migo si lo necesitan. tengo 16 años y soy buena para esto.
    i am LatinoAmerican and dream, but is the largest of my dreams to be in one of these shows and would travel to the moon to have any role. I speak a little English too. Please ask Communicate with me if needed. I have 16 years and I’m good at it.

  23. Haley

    Hi I’m Haley! I live in Alberta Canada!!!! I am 12 years old and I have been in plenty of my schools performances and have had many singing solos although I have not been an tv it has always been a dream of mine and to even have a small line or even an extra on icarly would be a big step forward!!!!!!! I have a bubbly personality and I’m Funny and very nice!!!!! My height is 5’2 my eyes are blue and my hair is curly and brownish blondeish and sorta reddish!!!!!!!!!! Well I hope you respond!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  24. Hayley-Marie McGuire

    Hello I am 12 years old I live in Quebec Canada. I’ve always been interested in acting ever since I was 3 years old. When I was 5 I was tv with my mother. I’ve auditioned in a spot to either be an actor or model. I have been in figure skating for 7 years. I would try my best to impress you guys and I hope I could land a part.

  25. Hayley

    Hello I’m 12 years old and I have brown hair and green eyes. I have auditioned for acting school and I also have been on TV. I have been doing figure skating for 7 years. I’ve been watching nickelodeon shows ever since I could remember. I live in Montreal QC Canada. I do very well in front of large crowds and in front of cameras. My few talents are dancing,skating and doing flips both front and back. I am 5’3 and I am 112 pounds and I am slim.

  26. Guillermo Aviles

    hello my name is guillermo and i always dream of coming out on the icarly show because when i see the tv shows i always thought i could act like the actors in icarly and think i could act the same as the do on the icarly show and try my hardest to audition for the icarly show

  27. Megan Nicole

    Hi Nickelodeon,
    My name is Megan and I love the show iCarly! I am 12 years old and i love to sing and act. I am an As and Bs student and I’m in my school NJHS program. I have been casted in several of my school Drama programs and I work well with other people. I also try to do my best in everything that I do. Being on iCarly would be a dream come true and I have been a fan of the show ever sense its first episode in 2007. Please consider me to be on the show iCarly.

    1. Nickelodeon

      HI Megan I think you would be perfect for the show if u leave a reply i could discover you!
      – Nick

  28. Zoe Gaunt

    Hello my name is Zoe and i love iCarly i am 12 years old i would love to act on your show with you i have blond hair i am only about 4,10 and i watch your show all the time please wright back to me i would love to talk to you

  29. Genesis Kelley

    My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 12 years old, almost 13. I live in vancouver washington. I have a dirty blond colored hair and im 4’7 1/2. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more.

    1. genesis

      omg my name is genesis too !!! 🙂 and im 12, almost 13 !:)

  30. i think i should try out for i carly because i got what it takes.i am funny, i can sing, and i can speak spanish.

  31. Racquel

    i am thirteen years old and i live in the caribbean my hair is dark and very long i am about 5’8 and i am slim built i can sing and dance i am an actress as well i would really like to be starred on icarly i luv carly and sam and the comedy on that show. i hav alwys wanted to become an actress so far i am on the looking for auditions path plz consider me thnk you

  32. Naomi

    1 am 10 i want to be in this because i want to show what i can do and what i try to do i live in North Carolina Charlotte i like to sing and dance but i’m not really good at dancing i’ave been in chour for 3 years maybe 4 and in school recitles contact me this will be the best thing ever

  33. sandra

    I am an 11 year old girl. I live in the nations capital. I do not have any experience with movies or commercials. I performed as the leading role in my schools play at 7 and at 8 9 & 10. I also performed at the Kennedy Center for presenting a speech written by Fredrick Douglas in 1883. I have been dancing at since I was 4 years old and I reiceved a plaque for singing. I have no fears of performing in front of people. I love it because it makes me feel good that I can make someone else laugh. Anyways feel free to contact me. Bye

  34. meagen

    I love I carly I live in sa but I will travel to usa for the audition I’m 14 please get back to me mmeagen I love acting

  35. Desiree

    I love iCarly and I want to know how to audition for iCarly or any other show. I am a very good actress and can do any emotion like crying very very well. My dream is to be cast in a good show, or any show that needs a good actress. By the way I am 13.

    1. star hadida

      Hi my name is Star, I am 14 year old, my hobbies are playing guitar, drums, piano and flute. I would like the auditions to develop my talents and fulfill me dream.Bye the Way I have experience in being an actor and I want to prove it , hope you’ll get my post and send me a email (:

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