Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire

Audition and casting information

The casting calls and auditions for the Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire will be coming soon. The Hunger Games was a huge success at the box office and the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire is currently in the works.

Hunger Games 2 Auditions and Casting
Catching Fire

Producers are wasting no time in getting the ball rolling on this one. The Hunger Games came out in 2012 and Catching  Fire is set to be released in 2013. The script for the next chapter of this post apocalyptic saga is being written right now and casting will begin soon to keep up with the 2013 release.

Catching Fire continues in the story of the survivalist teens, Katniss and Peeta. The trilogy continues and follows the events of the original movie and the nation of Panem. In Catching Fire events have unfolded that bring about an uprising and a rebellion against the oppressors has begun. Katniss returns to the Hunger Games arena one more time.

Catching Fire, brings back the all-star cast with Jennifer Lawrence coming back as Katniss Everdeen. Joining Jennifer will be Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark and Liam Hemsworth. Hunger Games 2: Catching fire will be directed Francis Lawrence and the screenplay will be written by Simon Beaufoy. The film is based on the novels by Suzanne Collins.

casting call catching fireCatching Fire continues the tale of our teen heroine Katniss Everdeen. Katniss and her friends live in a futuristic world where the everything is broken up into districts. Katniss returns to District 12, her home after successfully completing the Hunger Games. In the original movie, the cast is forced to participate in the “Hunger Games” a game of survival that is televised in other districts and the participants fight for their lives for the entertainment of a wealthier class. Now, after winning the games, Katniss embarks on a Victory Tour at the same time a rebellion is forming. During all this, The president Snow announces that a special edition of the games is coming and the special edition will bring back the victors of previous games. Katniss must go back to the Hunger Games as the tribute for her district, District 12. The rebellion quickly spreads through all districts and Katniss becomes the rebellion posted child as she battles for her life in the games.

So far in 2012, The Hunger Games has been the box office leader. The film opened up in March of 2012 in over 4000 theaters and has grossed over $357 million so far. The film was so successful that it kept the top spot for about a month after its release and is still going strong.

The movie has surpassed all estimates and predictions:

The first of four “The Hunger Games” films, about teens fighting for their lives in a post-apocalyptic world, may generate $200 million in domestic box-office sales, according to Matthew Harrigan, an analyst with Wunderlich Securities in Denver who recommends the stock. The movie opens March 23.

The film actually made $152,535,747 in its opening weekend in the US and the momentum has not slowed down yet.

We are sure that the second installment, Catching Fire will do just as well if not better.

Just like the original Hunger Games, Catching Fire will need many extras giving many fans a chance to not only watch, but also participate in the movie they love so much.

The Hunger Games is turning out to be a huge franchise and 3 more films are scheduled to be created. Hopefully 2014 will bring us the Hunger Games 3 and the following year we may see a Hunger Games 4!

The Hunger Games is the #1 movie of 2012 and Catching Fire may take that spot next year in 2013. The film is set to be released in theaters in November of 2013 and filming will begin later this year.

We will keep everyone updated on the latest casting calls and Auditions for Catching Fire, Stay tuned and you may have a chance to tryout for one of the most successful movies of all time!

37 thoughts on “Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire

  1. Juliahana

    Hi my name is Juliahana. I know my name is weird but that is not of importance. I would like to be in the Hunger Games:Catching fire or on Mockingjay because I want to be able to know if I could do something else rather than being in my room locked in and drawing a flower on a scratch piece of paper, oh and I already read all the books I know them by memory.
    Like katniss says ” thank you for
    Your consideration”

  2. chloe

    name: Chloe Gidney

    age:14 (can look 17)

    gender: email


    weight: 6 stone


    hair colour: brown

    eye colour: brown

    body type: average

    hair length: medium length

    live: Newcastle upon tyne (England)

    I am very interested in auditioning for the hunger games 2 catching fire. I have some experience in acting as I attend theatre school and have been in many plays as the main role. I have also been an extra on T.V shows.

  3. Armani Nunez

    Hello my name is Armani Nunez. I am 17 and I would like to be an extra to begin my acting experience either in this film or in the next films that are bound to be made soon.

  4. Heidi

    Hello my name is Heidi and I’m 14 years old. I live in California. Hunger games is a good movie. I watched it more than 4 times. I though I wouldn’t like it but I saw it and I loved it. I like the movie because it has A lot action. I love watching movies that have action in it. Being on Hunger games would be awesome.
    Skin color:Tan
    Thanks for reading this.

  5. dionne

    Hi my name is Dionne and I’m a girl. I love the movie hunger games. I would be excellent for this movie. I love it so much. I love to act and I love to just have fun. I really want to be famous and just work with such a talented and gifted cast. Please contact me at my email. I would be so blessed and honored if you were interested in me. Thank You!! 🙂

  6. saige

    hey I seen the hunger games catching fire preview and I would love to be in, but if you don’t pick me that’s ok. I will be watching. You can contact me on my email.

  7. Brianna

    I love hunger games. I loved everything about it. It was very nerve wrecking not knowing what would happen. I would love to be a character in catching fire thank you for your time 🙂

    1. Brianna

      Hello Brianna again, I forgot to tell about my self…
      skin color:white
      eye color:blue
      hair color: brown

  8. Anna

    Love the books and the movie and I’m crazy about everything to do with the hunger games.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5ft4
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown Medium Straight
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Skills: Musician (Plays drums, guitar, base and piano) Acting (Been in a few shows)
    Size: Medium (Not fat or skinny just slim)
    Origin: Britain (British accent but i can pull off a northern american accent)
    Language: English
    It has been my dream since I read the books 2 years ago to be in the movie and unfortunately didn’t know about the first one ’till it had been released. I would love to be involved in catching fire even as a extra.

  9. Sotaar Kokoih

    I know I can do it because I’ve played a lot of plays like my fair lady, bye bye birdie and twilight, different version written by me and a lot more. I’ve had a lot of acting experience and I live in L.A.

    Age:13( can look 17)
    Height: 5.6(inches and feet)
    Eyes: brown
    Race: african american
    Hair: long brown curly hair
    Gender: female
    Skills: acting, singing, acrobatics, dancing
    Weight: 35k (not to skinny not to plump)

  10. Marlena

    I am addicted to the hunger games. Once I saw the first movie and read the book. I have experience acting in many plays before and hope with all my heart I could be an actress one day. This opportunity would be so great for me:)

  11. Alicia

    I would love if I could get an audition, please contact me if i can get any part. I wouldn’t care which one as long as I can get a start in a movie.

  12. Maria

    I haven’t read the books, neither seen the movie but I’m sure their great and I’m obsessed with acting so it would be a great change to attend in that movie.

  13. Rosalia Sydney McIntosh-Prentice

    Age:14(can look 18)
    Hair: long dark brown
    Eyes: Blue-green
    Height: ‘5’6′ (feet & inches)
    Authenticity: White

    I would love nothing more than to be in the hunger games 2, I loved the books, the film and the first script (read on internet) and being an extra or more would be a dream.
    I have been to acting classes, summer schools, in panto’s ect. the only thing is, I live in Scotland, but am willing to fly. please and thank you. (but it might be too late, but if not then please let me know, thanx)

  14. Sydney

    I am Sydney, I can sing and act very well! I would love to be in the movie Hunger Games 2 “Catching Fire”. I wouldn’t let you down! I am blonde, 11, sporty and dramatic. I would love for you to consider me!!!!!

  15. Makayla

    Hi, my name is Makayla and I’ll be 13 on October 20th. I love The Hunger Games, I saw the movie and LOVED IT and I have read the first book. I’m in the middle of reading the second book and I love it so far! I would love to be in Catching Fire.
    I have medium length, brown hair, hazel eyes, some freckles, medium height.
    I’m very athletic and I love acting! I dont have a ton of acting experience, my first commercial was when I was 5. I am Canadian and I am white, I am very good at making people laugh and I can make myslef cry. I am very dramatic in a good way. I weigh 92 pounds and I am skinny and very strong. I am very athletic I can do backflips because I used to be a competitive gymnast. I do martial arts and play soccer. I am also on my schools veolleyball team!

  16. Hi my name is Marylou Kokkori and I love to act . It is my dream to become a famous actress.I live in Athens,Greece. I love to laugh. I’m professional in my job and my dream. I love making people around me happy.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5″
    Birthday: 7/2/1992
    Age: 20
    Race: white
    Hair: brown, Long
    Eye color: Brown
    Skills: Acting and Making people laugh
    please send me call casting

  17. manjot

    age: 13
    height: 5’3
    Lives:canada surrey b.c
    Talents: Acting
    Gender: Female
    Body Size: Skinny
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Size: Medium
    Hair Type: Wavy and kind of Curly
    Eye Color: brown
    Skin Color: medium brown
    Language: english
    please email me as soon as possible

  18. Selena Alves

    Name: Selena Alves
    Age: 12
    Hight/weitght: 5’8?/99lbs
    Location: Houston, TX
    I am brunnette, long hair, white, brown eyes, skinny, active, I love the Hunger Games, I have a little of an Brazilian accent because of my parents, but i can speak english, I like running, swmming, in general, I like being active. If I was accepted in the “Catching Fire”, it would be my first movie. I am trilingual (spanish, portuguese and english). My dream is to be an actress, since I was 3 years old. Im really focus, smart, and I can memorize lines really fast, i am a visual learner.
    Thank you for your attention.

  19. Personal Statistics
    • Height: 5’6, 167cm, 1.69m
    • Weight: 9stones, 60lbs
    • Age: 15 9 months.
    • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Clothing Size: 8-10
    • DOB: 19/09/96

    Sports & Hobbies
    • Baseball, Trampoline, Gymnastic, Softball, Volleyball and Cheerleading. I like to go out with my family and friends. I like to watch movies. I love to visit the big city in west London once a while.

    Why I want to be an actress is because it’s what I love to do, it calms down and it’s something I know I’m good at. There aren’t many films and casting roles in the UK since Harry potter, but I’m hoping I can get my big break in Hollywood and leave my mark. I also just want to live my life meeting new people and acting. This is my dream and it’s the only thing I have that I call support because I don’t have anyone to support me, no father, my mum doesn’t have a permanent job to pay for acting classes and to barely feed me. But that’s why I need to help her, to show her I’m not a mistake and I can be become big in life, and I’m hoping you see it in me to.

  20. Sydney Givan

    Hi! My name is Sydney, and I am 12 years old. I could easily pass for 15 or younger. I have a nice fit body, brown curly hair ( I can dye it), brown eyes,I have had LOTS of acting experience in drama, for I have gotten the main role in 4 large plays. I do lots of martial arts so I am fit and I can handle the training situations. I am very out-going and well spoken. Have extremely good memory (for memorizing lines) and I am a fantastic singer and dancer. I would like to play the part as Johanna Mason, Or Wiress. Please contact me ASAP because I would like to give me, and my family something to be proud of.
    Thank you for your time! Sydney

  21. Esha

    hi i would love to play an extra i’ve seen the hunger games im 11 almost 12 soon though please contact me soon and let me know

  22. Charlotte Granville

    Name- Charlotte Granville
    Gender- Female
    Age- 16 (can look about 20)
    Height- 168cm
    Weight- 48kg
    Hair- Long, Curly, Dark Brown
    Eyes- Green/Brown
    Skin- white with freckles
    Origin- English (british accent) and can speak perfect french

  23. Paige

    i am 13 turning 14 in a few months. i do private acting lessons and i would love to be in Catching Fire! i have a birthmark on my cheek and i am wondering if Bonnie and Twill will be in the movie i want to be Bonnie and/or an extra in the Arena or just as a extra. i would cry i would be so happy. anyone have anythoughts please reply to this comment. also if anyone can find a audition near chicago maybe one day i will meet one of you in the movie….. 🙂 I LOVE CATCHING FIRE!!!!! <3

  24. Natalie Woodson

    Hi! My name is Natalie Woodson im 13 years old and I have brown skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair. I’m 5’1″, and weigh 119 pounds. I’m a beginner, although I have Experince in local theatre, school plays, and small skits. I’d love to be in such an amazing movie because I’m an aspiring actress and the books are absolutely amazing.

  25. Jenaya

    hi iam Jenaya and i want to be in this movie

  26. Gracie

    Hello! My name is Gracie, I am 14 years old, and will be 15 in December 2012. I would absolutely love to be a part of Catching Fire or Mockingjay, even as an extra! I have no professional acting experience and no agent but I have been the lead in many school plays, and I am also a singer. I live in Los Angeles, so getting to an audition site would probably not be too difficult. If anybody has any information, please contact me! Thank you so much!

  27. Hi, my name is grace and I would absolutely love to be in catching fire!!! I have seen the first movie, the hunger games and completely fell in love with it!! I would like to be a role in the movie because It would be a big Oppertunity for me. I have been to several acting camps and have been in many plays. I am 12 years old with brown hair,brown eyes and olive skin. I have also searched the web at least a thousand times trying to find auditions and I finally found a few. If you have any information about catching fire, the auditions or casting calls or anything, please contact me right away!! Thanks so much

    1. Grace robichaux

      Just to let you know, I would travel the world to be in this movie!! That’s how important this is to me!!

  28. Amber

    hello, i am a 13 year old blond with blue eyes girl, and will be 14 in 2013. I watched the hunger games and just thought it was amazing! I love acting, i act at school and go to a performing arts drama and love standing out from the crowd. It would be the greatest thing ever in my life if i got to be in a movie. I am english and from Surrey! please contact me asap, i would love to be apart of the best movie ever!

  29. Setghi

    Hunger Games was a great movie and I also read the book which was great. I would love to play any role in Catching Fire. I just want to be a part of the whole thing because I such a big fan. I don’t really want to be an actor. I just want to be cast as an extra in Catching Fire or some other type of small role so that I can say that I was in the movie.

  30. kaitlyn henderson

    I would love to audition for catching fire as a extra or one of the important characters in this movie. Yes I do theatre at school and all of my friends think im good at it too. Thanks for reading!

  31. Aubree

    I would love to have a chance to audition for a part in Catching Fire or even just be an extra! I have read all the books and I’ve fallen in love with the story. Please let me know as soon as possible where and when the auditions are. Thanks

  32. CiCi

    I want nothing more than to be in the next Hunger Games movie. I just read the book and would love to be able to play one of the characters or even be an extra in Catching Fire. It would be my dream. Please let me know when the casting call is because I so want to go and be in the movie.

  33. Joshua

    I just saw the Hunger Games and I loved it. It is the best movie I have ever seen and I ca’t wait for Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire. I have read that Hunger Games 2 will be better than the first and it’s too bad we have to wait a whole year for it to come out.

    I really want to play a part in the movie and go to the casting call. I would love any role or part in Catching Fire, even if it is just as an extra. It seems like it would be so much fun to take part in something like that and I hope that they have auditions for other parts in the movie. It would be great if I had a chance to tryout for the movie casting directors because I know they would love me if they met me in person.

    1. Joshua

      BTW, I also read the books and they are great.

      1. Hi my name is Marlei, I hope you get the part. I also agree that it sucks the 2nd one is coming out next year. And it comes the 11th year of the month. Which is november 23rd, 2013. But I also really want to see it too!

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