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Get Tickets for HOW TO ROCK – Nickelodeon

Are you a huge fan of Cymphonique Miller, Nickelodeon How To Rock and the Meg Haston books called “How to Rock Braces and Glasses” ? If so then you can get free tickets to a taping of the Nickelodeon show.

How To Rock is a new Nickelodeon comedy starring Cymphonique Miller as Kacey, a girl who was very popular until she had to get braces and glasses which lowered her popularity points. After getting glasses and braces, Kacey needs to find other things to do and one of those things is her love of music. Kacey loves to sing and becomes a singer in a band.

Many Nickelodeon and Disney shows are filmed in front of a studio audience and getting into that audience is normally free. What you need to do is apply to get tickets and when the show gets filmed and tickets become available you may get your wish.

How to Rock also stars Stevie (Lulu Antariksa), Zander (Max Schneider) and Nelson (Noah Crawford) as her band mates. Her former best friends also have a band going and a rivalry begins. The show also stars Samantha Boscarino and Halston Sage as her former bff’s and rival band members.

Cymphonique is the daughter of Percy Miller, a music producer also known as Master P. Cymphonique has performed with various artists including Romeo, JoJo, Wonder Girls, Raven-Simone, Ashley Tisdale and the College Boys.

Nickelodeon auditions and castings

Cymphonique is not new to Hollywood or Nickelodeon shows. She has was in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush as well as other Nickelodeon shows such as True Jackson VP, The Troop and Just Jorda. Cymphonique also did a voice for the series Phineas & Ferb.

How To Rock is filmed at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. Please note that if you get tickets you will need to get your own transportation to the studio and pay for parking.

The studio address is:


To get free tickets to the Nickelodeon show please click here and follow their instructions.

Show dates are posted 30 days in advance so if show dates are not posted, it means that the show is not filming in the next 30 days and you will need to check back at a later time.

Please note that some shows have age restrictions and you must be at least 10 years old to go on How To Rock.

11 thoughts on “How To Rock – Free Studio Tickets

  1. Laurie Evans

    My daughters would love to see this new show they are all long time Nick fans! I even watch it myself when up late or early! We will be moving soon and what a way to start our California lives with an amazing experience like this! I hope you have a lot of tickets I’m sure I am one of many hopefuls!

  2. Derrick Pope

    Hey my name is Derrick Pope. I have always loved to act, be funny, and make people laugh. I have also always wanted to be on a tv show. I am a hard worker. I am easy to get along with, and I am more than willing to help the nickelodeon company with anything I can. I also have an idea for a brand new comedy that could be on teen nick. It is a bout 4 college students who get get put together to help council other students. They do this by putting on plays,and getting into just about every bit of trouble they can. If you want to know more e-mail me.

  3. judithyana

    Hi my name is Judithyana and I’m really talented. I could act and dance and could pick up choreography quickly. I want to start in the entertainment industry and I think how to rock will be a good place for me to start.

  4. jacquia warren

    Hi I’m Jacquia. I’m 16 and I want these tickets so much. I audition for so many tv shows so I can help my family out because we are going through so many things. I just want to make it right so my family can be happy again. For once in my life I want to be the person who got everybody on top and not at the bottom….:)

  5. Ida Karawan

    Hi. I’m Ida. I’m 13 and I’m Polish . I love How to Rock. I want to be an actress in USA. I know I have little chance , but I’m trying.;***

  6. Caren Lasota

    I am 12 years old i like to sing, dance, hang out with my friends. Last year was the worst year of my life because my mom got in a serious car accident on Friday the 13th. I love Max, he is soo funny and i am just like Lulu. Cymphonique was awesome on Big time rush. KEEP RAPPING AND ROCK ON!!

  7. Trisonia Smith-Kelly

    I am 10 yrs old and i love how to rock i just got braces i love to sing and i have lots of crazy friends i have been cymphonique’s biggest fan since her first video on youtube in 2009 little miss swagger i also have my own fashion

  8. Alexandria Pratt

    Hello I Love Cymphonique am a nice beautiful caring kind funny type of girl i love following directions because it’s fun and kacey you are beautiful in god eyes and my eyes i want my dream come true you inspire me am a hard worker never back down or blame anybody else for my mistakes girl my grade point average is:3.98 love you guys make my dream come true love: Alexandria Pratt your biggest fan

  9. andrea1121

    hi my name is andrea and i really have a gift at singing dancing and acting i really wanted to audition for a show like how to rock but i dont know how so pliz pliz make my dream come true and it is true u can tell anyone i know that i have talent and i guest star in a show called h20 as a extra so wish me luck thanx uuuuu……

  10. Elsy

    Nickelodeon How To Rock seems like it will be a great new show. Cymphonique is a good actress and a great singer. I really like her and China Anne McClain. My dream is also to be a singer / actress in a Nickelodeon or Disney series. I am looking for an agent so that I can go to auditions and follow my dream of being on TV.

  11. Akyra

    Hey, I am Akyra . I am 14, I love singing , I am an okay dancer. I am a very charismatic, fun loving out-going ,love to make people laugh, I’m also a caring person. I always wanted to be a singer from the start, everyday I come home and irritate my little brother and older sister. My grandmother inspired me to be a singer, since she wasn’t able to complete her dream I wanted to finish it for her. Singing is my gift, and I want to show the world why I say that . When I was little my mama told me “Kyra your a little character”, looking back on my past I see why she said that. I recently went to the X factory auditions, I wasn’t picked out of the hundreds of us, so I look at that to make me work harder. I really look at this as my big opportunity to become who I always dreamed to be. I feel I was put on this Earth to sing and be the somebody who makes history. Please, please, please contact me back I would really love to do this show.I like acting I just love to make people smile and that is why I want to be on here. Thankyou for reading this.

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