How to Get on Disney Channel

So you want to become a Disney Channel star? Actually, many pre teens and teens want to become famous and live the life they see their fave Disney Channel Actress living.

The road to a successful career on the Disney Channel is not clear cut and there is not any one correct answer to the question of  “How do I become a Disney Channel actress?”.

How do I start?

For teens and pre teens, the place they need to start is with their parents. Yes, kids can’t do it alone! If your parents are not behind you on this one then your dream of being the next big Disney Channel Actress can stop here. For kids that ask “well, why do I need my parents?”. The answer is easy, you are still a minor and you can not audition for Disney or get an agent without your parents present.

Once you have talked it over with your parents and you are positive they are supportive you and your parents can begin that long trek to super stardom.

How close you come to your dreams will have a lot to do with not only your determination, but also that of your parents. Most Disney channel auditions are held in Los Angeles and if you live elsewhere you and your family will need to travel.

So Whats Next on the Road to Disney Channel stardom?

Your first step is to get an agent. Most auditions for large cable shows like Disney Channel or Nickelodeon are not cast through open casting calls, they are cast through agents. Most agents will not represent complete novices. There are exceptions for kids that are more in demand such as twins and triplets, however, chances are you will need a bit of training and experience to get an agent.

Training and experience come from participating in school plays, community theaters and such. Those kinds of activities are great to develop your confidence and do some much needed networking in your community. Often times teachers and other parents can recommend agents and give you contacts.

Do your research, get in touch with the agents and casting directors that actually cast for the Disney Channel and try to get an appointment. Since you can’t do these yourself, your parents will have to do the talking with the Disney casting directors.

I am looking for an agent and Disney Channel Auditions, what do I do in the meantime?

Get prepared to audition. You should be working on your audition skills. These are not necessarily the same as acting skills. To audition well you have to be able to adapt to any situation, think quickly, improve your improv skills and know how to take direction without hesitation.

Taking a audition class may be a good idea as well. Many acting schools offer classes that teach audition skills. Honing your audition skills is much more important than mastering your acting technique. Remember, you can’t even try your acting technique unless you pass the audition and land the gig.

Stay on Path!

If you are reading this, you are already ahead of the game because you took the initiative to research the subject of Disney Channel Auditions and how to land a role in a  show. Stay with that momentum and keep moving forward. Remember that even though every 13 year old girl wants to be Selena Gomez, most of them will never follow through and take any initiative into actually doing it.

Planning is key

Plan your path and follow it. Know who you have to see, where you have to go and when to be there. Know who to call and set a plan to call everyone on your list.

Find out what you need to prepare

  • Do they want headshots or will snapshots do
  • Acting Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Acting reel

No fear! Hey, the worst that can happen is you wont be a Disney Channel Star – and, since you aren’t a Disney Actress yet, you really don’t have much to lose other than your time.

Becoming an actress for Disney Channel, Nickelodeon or any other TV network will take having the right look, some natural talent, good audition skills, persistence, determination, a clear path to follow and a lot of luck! Even though luck is one of these things that is out of our control, the others are not and just like the lottery, your chances of winning depend on how many times you play.

Keep on auditioning and hopefully you’ll get lucky one of those times.

34 thoughts on “How to Get on Disney Channel

  1. Kaci

    Hiya my name is kaci, I’m 12 years old. I have experienced what it’s like to be a leader, and I have also experienced being a leader, I have a lot of confidence. I also like to mix with other people, and make new friends. I have, had a lead role, and I have participated in shows. I always got a role. This has always been my dream, to be an actress, especially on Disney Channel, and all of my family say I’m a good actress.

  2. Shiquan Gray

    Hi I’m Shiquan, Disney is cool. But I really want to be the funny person on a show. I do it all (dance, sing, act) you name it and I have probably done it, any position is fine. Thank you for your time.

  3. Mariam

    Hi I am Mariam. I am 10 years old. I think I’m a good singer! I would love to be on Disney it would be A dream come true. I would also love meeting new and wonderful people, getting to see what it is like to be a Disney star. I just would love to be a Disney star, please let me know ASAP if I could be a Disney STAR!

  4. tayler freeman

    Hi my name is Taylor freeman I love in Gloucester VA. I’m 14 years old and I would love to be a disney star. I love watching disney channel and when I was younger I auditioned for disney. I made it but we did not have the money for all of the activities. I love to sing, I think I’m pretty good, I’m learning how to play guitar. I would really like it if I could be on TV. Most people who start on disney become big time stars. I would like to be one of those people.

  5. Agapi

    Hello, I am Agapi, 9 yrs old. I love acting, especially in comedy. My mom had me doing background work but I don’t like it. I want to be like Carol Burnett or like I love Lucy. Funny and Silly. I enjoy a lot of your shows. My dream is to become part of The Disney Family. Thank you

  6. Afram Zelfo

    My name is Afram Zelfo. I am highly interested in Disney Channel and I would love to be a part of the society of Disney. I live in Chino Hills, California at the moment. I consider myself a great actor, singer, and dancer. I take dance classes at my high school and I am in a Drama class to improve my acting skills. I sing very often around my friends with a guitar and they say I am pretty good. I can play the piano as well. I love pop music the most. I also love to make songs for little kids and I can make really good ones. I present my skills to the public whenever I can, especially in auditions at my school, at birthday parties, and at festivals. I am 15 years and a half at this moment. My weight is 119 pounds and I am 5’7 feet tall. I love Disney and I am really motivated to be involved in it. I always dreamed for that moment to come since I was a kid. I have straight A’s in school and I play sports like Track and Field, Baseball, Basketball, Dancing (Hip-Hop), and Wrestling (for one semester only. I love Volleyball and really, any kind of sport or activity. I am active all the time. I am confident, I do know how to act, and I would love to do any kind of acting you ask me to.
    I take hard classes but still make time for other activities. I do not worry much because I always get things done, but really I have a lot of free time on the side. I am well-respected around my friends and I treat each one of them with respect and friendliness.
    I was born on December 23, 1998 and I speak three languages: English, French, and Arabic, where I am fluent in all of them. I was born in Israel and lived there for 12 years where I learned English, and got introduced to dancing. I came to the United States on April 2012 and I was fluent.
    Also email me so I can send you my picture (headshot) if you want to see how I look.
    Please get this message, thank you….

  7. Chiara McNerney

    I really want to be on tv but I live in coos county Oregon and I don’t even think my parents will be interested in traveling all the way there.

  8. Trinity White

    MY NAME IS Trinity, I’m 14 years of age. I love to Sing, Dance, Act & Model. I live in los Angeles but I’m from victorville. I did an audition recently for an agent and I approved it 😀 so now my next step is to be A Disney Channel star… I get really GOOD grades in school. I’m on HONOR role and also in LEADERSHIP[?]…this will mean SO much to me if I get an part in Disney Channel & I promise, I will NOT let you guys DOWN. Thank you for your time, BYE have a GREAT DAY 😀

  9. Amanda

    Hi! My name is Amanda and I am a teenager. I have dreamed of becoming a star on Disney Channel! Who hasn’t ever had that dream enter their mind? I can dance, act and sing. I have done many singing competitions. I have a HIGH soprano, but can sing all ranges. I am not very shy and easily get along with people! I live in AL, and I hope I can see you in Atlanta!

  10. Anzhelika

    Hi there!
    My name is Anzhelika. I’m 14 years old and I live in Toronto. I’m so inspired by Disney projects because they motivate me to dream big and set an example to follow. I speak French and Russian fluently. Since I can remember, I was always a part of something creative. I started singing when I was 5 and I was always involved in acting, dancing, fashion. I was a host of a TV show for kids for 4 years. I’ve had an experience of photo shoots.

    As I was growing up my favourite shows were “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical.” At school I would put my music on and imagine myself in a musical. Now I’m ready to become part of the next Disney adventure and become a new star on my favourite channel!

  11. Yareth Meléndez

    Hello my name is Yareth Meléndez. I am 13 years old. I’m from Puerto Rico. I want to be an actress and a dancer on Disney Channel. My dream is to be part of disney channel. I speak Spanish and English. I really want to audition but I’m from Puerto Rico and I can not go to where they are auditioning. Please answer my message and what can I do.

  12. Patrícia Silva

    Hello. My name is Patrícia, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Portugal. I’ll never get the chance to become a Disney Channel actress, would I?

  13. Glynnis

    I want to be an actress because I love acting and dancing, but most of all I want to help inspire kids of our generation and the next, so that I can show them that a nobody like myself and others can make it. If I could ever make it I would be so happy, it would be fun and I could help make money to help my family and charities. I might not be as good an actress as Selena Gomez right now but one day I hope to be.

  14. Patrick

    Can we audition online?

  15. i really wanna meet all the stars

  16. Amy Pham

    I’m in San Antonio, Texas and I don’t have supporting parents. I’m also 13 and not very talented. I try my very hardest, and yet I have no one to support me. My family think’s it’s ridiculous. I’m in love with acting and get inspired every time I see something related. I want to show people that I’m not just an ordinary girl. I want to show that I’m different. But I’m an Asian. What now? How can I be shown to the world? I need desperate help.

  17. Tiffany

    Hi my name is Tiffany,
    Who I am: I am a music girl and a dance girl. I play piano and know how to play couple of songs and a easy learner. I <3LOVE<3 to dance. Dancing is my passion and I am in A dance school called Dance Dimensions. I take African and Tap dance and am very interested in Hip-Hop and any other dance. I love creating my own dance at my home in Los Angeles. I am a 12 year old looking forward to anything. I am also into acting and I can easily learn lines.
    How I look: I have brown eyes and used to have very long brown hair.I cut my hair up to my shoulders because I like trying different things. I might be short for my age, but I am filled with energy. Haha :). I'm skinny and tan and have brown eyes.

    I am looking forward to anything that is available.
    Thank you so much. 🙂

  18. you dont need to pay for a stupid agent

  19. payton

    ok i dont understand why we have to have agent,some people are really talented and can’t afford one.i have a video on youtube its called “if i ain’t got you “by payton

    1. admin

      An agent does not charge you! There is nothing to afford other than the gas and time in doing the legwork to find one.

  20. Waseem Abutalib

    Hi i am Waseem Abutalib and my dream is to be famous, i would love to get the chance to at least show disney or Nickelodeon that i can act.

    i can act and sing.

    i would love to be part or Disney or Nickelodeon. 🙂

    1. Waseem Abutalib

      i am also a boy by the way, i am 11 years old lol 🙂

  21. kimberly

    u guys will give calls t the kids who got in the gig?

    1. i want to go on disney real bad

      1. disney is the most amazing thing ever!!

      2. my mom wants me to go on disney?!!

        1. i just need to figure out how to sighn up 4 it

  22. Desiree Anderson Whitley

    Can someone please tell me how to get a Disney Channel audition. I am Desiree, a singer, actress and dancer from Philly. I love Disney Channel and need to find out how to get on a show. I went to a casting call last year with my family but did not get a call back and it was very crowded. I would love a 1 on 1 audition with the casting directors so I have more time to show them everything that I can do which is a lot. Really, I can sing very well, dance very well and I am now acting and have been acting in some school plays that my teacher says I did great in. My family also says that I am a star and I just want my chance to be famous! Someone help me become famous or point me in the right direction, PLEASE!

    1. leslie

      ratews i understand what you mean thats what i REALLY want maybe we could be friends and become a disney channel star together 🙂 ????

      1. when i ever get on it will be the best day of my life then i can meet all the stars and everything that would be the coolest thing ever!!!??

  23. Deasia Timmons

    Hi im Deasia Timmons and all my life ive wanted to to be an actress on Disney Channell.Im taking Drama at school so when i graduate ill have a certificate to take to you guys so yeah thats me…Deasia Timmons

    1. Ellie

      Hi my name is Ellie. I want to be a dancer on Disney channel and a singer and even a actress but, I’m shy. I always like to dance and sing in my room so if you see this please answer me back but the problem is I live in Miami Florida and its far from were you are holding auditions.

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