Gymboree Casting Call

Baby modeling for Gymboree

Gymboree hires models, kids and babies to use in their commercials, catalogs, ads and internet campaigns. Most parents love the Gymboree stores. The stores are brightly colored and taylor to kids ages birth to around 12 years of age. Gymboree also offers other services within their stores such as games and music.

Gymboree offers affordable casual looks for babies and kids. Their spring 2012 collection is filled with brightly colored shorts in vibrant prints, adorable frilly dresses, sandals and many beach inspired looks for both boys and girls. Most of their clothes are made from bright cottons and easy to wear and care for.

Gymboree also has a franchise of  play centers around the world. Gymboree has expanded to over 30 countries including Bogota, Colombia; San Paulo, Brazil; Hangzhou, China; Hyderabad, India, Saudi Arabia.There are also about 300 Gymboree Play & Music centers around the globe. Often times they even hire music teachers and others for their stores and play centers.

Gymboree operates the following stores:

  • Gymboree which has 629 retail outlets
  • Gymboree Outlet has 139 locations
  • Janie and Jack has 119 retail shops
  • Crazy 8 has 220 stores
  • Shade Clothing (Ladies and Maternity wear)

Gymboree normally does one large casting call for kids and models every year. The stores representatives normally contact child modeling agencies and the agencies send potential baby models and their parents down to the casting call location.

Gymboree ad

Parents have claimed that the big Gymboree cattle call serves to choose the kids and babies that Gymboree will use all year long and after originally being auditioned for Gymboree, the company will use the models and call them back when they are ready for them later in the year. Since the company has clothing for newborns all the way to 12 year olds, they need models in those age groups and hire many baby models, toddlers, kids and pre-teens.

Gymboree is headquartered in San Francisco so many of the Gymboree open casting calls take place in San Francisco. So if you are looking to get your baby or child into modeling, Gymboree may be a great fit and you can ask your agent to keep an open eye for the annual Gymboree open casting call and model auditions.

Looking for other opportunities for your baby? Check out the Gap and Baby Gap page.

Leave us a comment below and tell us all about your bouncing bundle of joy and what would make your baby the perfect baby model!

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  1. Anna Railian

    Please email me 2013 casting call information.
    Thank you .

  2. susana espinoza

    Can you please email me more info for Gymboree model search. I have two gorgeous boys that are 1 and 3 years old, THANK YOU!!!

  3. Danielle Cole

    When is the casting call for 2013???

  4. Shana Johnson

    My 10 month old daughter would be awesome as a gymboree model. Please email me with any casting call information.

  5. Felicia Robledo

    I have 2 beautiful girls, Everlee and Sophia, 2 and a 10 month old. Ready for anything! Please email me about casting calls. Thank you

  6. Latonya

    Please send me info concerning casting call 2013… I am a proud mother of such a charming little 1 year old girl, who I know would be perfect for print and commercials!! Thank you!

  7. ericka

    Just wanting to know about castng calls for 2013. please email me back with the information. thanks

  8. Jane kim

    Please email me 2013 casting call information!!
    Thank you !!!

  9. Mary Hohmann

    I have a 2 1/2 year old who is a dancer and figure skater. (Yes she figure skates. Skated by herself 2nd time on the ice) She is beautiful. I would like the information for the 2013 models. I can send pictures of her in your product, because I shop there all the time! Thank you for you time and consideration.

  10. linrymer

    Hi! I have a 14 month old boy than can’t stop dancing and smiling, I would like some more info or a form to fill out for the 2013 casting call pretty please.
    Thank you kindly,


  11. Samantha

    Hello! I have a 6 month old baby girl who is always smiling, head full of hair and dimples. Can you please email me the details to the 2013 casting call??

  12. Courtney

    I would like more information on the 2013 casting call. I had my beautiful baby girl in November and would love for her to model Gymboree clothes. Thank you!

  13. Allyson

    Hi, it’d be great if you could shoot me an email about your casting call. The beautiful baby girl is 11 month old. Thank you!

  14. Nancy Moody

    I would like to know when the 2013 casting starts. Please email me more info.

  15. Camry Caldwell

    Please email me back about your casting call. I would love for my son to be one of your models….he has what it takes.

  16. Emily Foster

    1 month old daughter. bright blue eyes and a headful of dark brown hair. everyone who meets her says shes absolutely gorgeous (stranger or family friend). would love to get more information. thank you.

  17. Ashley Mobley

    I would love to have information about your upcoming casting calls.

  18. Ashley Mobley

    I would love to have information about your upcoming casting call for kids.


  19. Stephanie

    Hi I have a 3 years old boy I would like to get him into the modeling world. Please email me some information on how to get him started. Thank you!

  20. Robyn Barber

    I have been told from day 1 of my 3 yr old son’s life that I should get him into modeling. Please send me any info on Gymboree casting calls! Thanks!

  21. Sydney

    I am Sydney. I love to sing, act and model! I would love to model for Gymboree. I am awesome! I would love you to consider me!

  22. Michelle

    I have a beautiful 18 month baby girl. I would love to put her in modeling. I see that she loves to model. Every time I get new clothes, she models to my family friends. I will love to put her in modeling. Please send an email with more information. Thank you.

  23. Tracy B

    Would you please kindly send me information about any casting calls or auditions for Gymboree. My beautiful little daughter, who has been in Gerber commercials and my little 1 year old handsome and adorable twin boys would also be great in your print ads. I shop so much at the Gymboree stores, the employees there know me by name! Lol

  24. Angelica

    Can you please email me with further information. Thank you!

  25. kathy gomez

    I have a beautiful 27 month baby girl. I would love to put her in modeling. Please email me with more information. Thank you.

  26. Griselda

    Hello! I’m a single mother of a lovely energetic 21 month old boy. He is a bundle of joy, very unique, and his karisma Is over the top! I would love to know more about the casting call. Please email! 🙂

  27. Kyleita Williams

    Please email me the details for the casting audition details.

  28. Julie

    Please email me the next gymboree’s casting call. Thanks so much.

  29. Mary

    Please email me the info for gymboree’s casting call. I live close to SF and would live to take my daughter…

  30. Robin Jackson

    Hello. I would like details on the Gymboree casting call as well. Please send details to my email. My son is 8 months old and is adorable. Loves the camera and very laid back. Thanks so much.

  31. Danielle

    Hi, I would like some more info about the casting call for Gymboree. I have a 22 month old who is very handsome, he has a great personality and he’s very good in front of the camera.

  32. Sharon williams

    Contact me with info on 2012 or 2013 casting call… Thanx 🙂

  33. Megan

    hi my daughter will be 12 months in July of 2012, everyone says she could be the next Gerber Baby and should do modeling. Please give me details of when a casting call would happen. We just had a gymboree open in our outlet stores, I LOVE IT

  34. Cherylyn

    I’ve been getting alot of compliments from friends, family and strangers that my 9 month old baby girl looks like a doll. Would love some info on the casting call! Thanks!

  35. kate colebourn

    would love to get the dates/place too.

  36. Selene M.

    Good afternoon, I am writing to request some more information about the casting call as Id like to enter my 2 yr old. He is very handsome, photogenic and has a very cute personality!
    -Thank you so much for your time!

  37. Quintin

    I live in Down Town SF and would like to get information on open calls at Gymboree for my 6 month old son… or When/where can I upload a picture so you can see him for yourself. He loves Gymobree clothing and we love how it looks on him.. so cute.

  38. Noel

    Please send me the information on any upcoming casting calls. We love Gymboree and would be thrilled to audition! I have a beautiful four year old daughter with blonde curly hair and brown eyes, and a gorgous 15 month old son with brown hair and blue eyes. They both have exotic features, everywhere I take them I am stopped. Please respond with the information, thank you!

  39. Nahkole

    Trying to figure out when is auditions, details, cities, dates and time please email me with info

  40. Maria Diaz

    I would like to know when you will have the casting call. I have two beautiful daughters and one son, they love to dance, sing as well as modeling, please let me know ASAP, thank you.

  41. Jennifer Fernandez

    Can you please email me info for submission info /audition
    I have babies (twins) and a toddler.



    I like to know when you will have the casting call. I have a 2 years old girl who loves to dance and sing as well and modeling.


    1. grace

      I have a 4 year old and a one year old. Can you email me info on when will they be having castings. They both love the camera and are a people person.

  43. Kisha

    Please inform me about the casting call.

  44. Monika

    Could you email me please. I want details for the casting call , thank you.

  45. Brandi

    Please e-mail me with the information on modeling for gymboree. My daughter is 3 months old and would make a great gymboree model.

  46. Fiona

    I have a gorgeous baby that I want to get into modeling. She is 4 months old and perfect for any brand. Gymboree is a great brand and their stores are fantastic. We go into the mall and the Gymboree stores all the time. They really have great things for kids and I want to see if my baby can get into one of their ads or commercials.

  47. Melissa Padron

    Could you email me please. I want details for the casting call , thank you

  48. claudia

    Could you email me please. I want details for the casting call , thank you

  49. paulina cardenas


  50. Catrina mitchell

    I shop at gymboree all the time they have great quality clothing and I would love for my 5 yr old and 18 month old to model for them please contact me via e mail.

  51. Jae

    Could you email me the date and time on this casting call? Thanks a ton!

  52. liz

    Please email me the details 🙂 Thank you!

  53. I would love to enter my daughter For the Gymboree casting call if you could please send me the info. That would be great.
    Thank you do much

  54. Adit Bansal

    I was wondering the same thing! If you could email me with more details I’d appreciate it! Thanks

  55. Niyoka

    gymboree casting call??? I would like details.

  56. Tyesha

    Hello I have an adorable seven month old who I would love to model . Can you please e mail me more information about any open casting calls . Thanks

  57. Tiffany

    Please email me with information casting call info

  58. Svitlana

    I would love to know more details about this! Please email me about it!! Thanks in advance!!

  59. Samantha

    I was wondering the same thing! If you could email me with more details I’d appreciate it!

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    Hi! I was wondering when the Gymboree Annual Casting Call is for 2012?? Please e-mail me back with the time, date and details. Thanks a bunch!!!

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