Get on a Disney Channel Show – Tickets for ANT Farm, Jessie, So Random! and more

See your favorite stars LIVE!

Get tickets for a Disney show for free!

Be on a show and get to see it from the audience instead of on TV.

Tickets to be in the studio are usually free and are given out on a first come first served manner.

Do you want to go to a live taping of the Hit Disney show ANT Farm and watch the show being taped live? If so tickets are available for A.N.T. Farms and many popular shows when they are in production.

Tickets to be in the audience are free and allow you to see your favorite stars live on stage

ANT Farm Tickets

ANT Farm
China McClain stars in this new comedy for Disney Channel as middle schooler Chyna Sparks, a music prodigy who gets into a gifted program, Accelerated Natural Talent, at the local high school. Co-starring Sierra McCormick, Jake Short and Stefanie Scott.

See the scheduled tapings here and see if the show you want to see is available

More ANT Farm?

Other Disney Channel shows that are taped live and give away tickets are Jessie, So Random!, Pair of Kings and others

Here is a partial list below:

Disney's Jessie

This new Disney Channel series follows a starry-eyed teen (Debby Ryan) from rural Texas who moves to New York City to explore life outside her small town. She soon finds herself living in a multi-million dollar penthouse as nanny to a high-profile couple’s four children.

Kickin’ It
A Disney XD comedy set at a martial arts academy where a ragtag crew of lovable misfits welcomes a hotshot skateboarder named Jack, who teaches a group of neighborhood goofballs about life, karate and how to just plain kick it.

Pair Of Kings
Disney XD’s hit comedy about two fraternal twins who were living a typical teenage life in Chicago when they discovered that they’re the successors to the throne of The Island of Kinkou. Starring Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw with Geno Segers, Kelsey Chow and Ryan Ochoa.

Shake It Up
The hit Disney Channel buddy comedy centered around a teen dance show starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya. The show features two high-spirited characters, best friends CeCe Jones and Raquel “Rocky” Blue, whose dreams of becoming professional dancers are realized when they become background dancers on a popular teen dance show.

So Random
An ensemble of talented young actors in original comedic vignettes parodying pop culture and a wide variety of everyday life, big and small – bring viewers into the audience of “So Random!,” the hit comedy TV show for kids and tweens.

State Of Georgia
Raven-Symone stars as Georgia in this ABC Family comedy. Georgia, an aspiring actress with a larger than life personality, and her science geek best friend are trying to make headway in New York City. Co-starring Majandra Delfino and Loretta Devine.

The Disney Channel tapings can be a lot of fun and group tickets are also available. If you have a group of people like a church group, school, large family or any other group of 10 or more you will need to call the audience casting company to make arrangements for your group.

For more information about group tickets and reserving your space at the Disney Channel studio please go here.

104 thoughts on “Get on a Disney Channel Show – Tickets for ANT Farm, Jessie, So Random! and more

  1. alayna

    I need 4 tickets or 1 on television for Jessie ONLY πŸ™‚

  2. alayna

    I am in love with Karan Brar and I would love to see him in person so much.

  3. Skylar

    Hi, I’m in love with Cameron Boyce and I’d love to actually see him in person. Please send me any offers you have, it would be the best thing ever.

  4. Elle

    My 6 year old daugher has autism and thinks that the characters from the Jessie Show are real. She even tries to tell the TV to open up and let her in. She is beautiful and loves Skai Jackson and Debby Ryan. I would love to take her to a live taping of the show to show her that it’s all acting and not real. Her autism doesn’t allo her to understand. Does anyone know how I can get tickets to a live taping?

  5. Deborah Warshafsky

    Our Family will fly from Boston to Los Angeles on April 12, 2013. My grandaughter is six and has begged me to see a taping of the show. What is a Grandma to do but try, try, try
    Please-after flying 3,000 miles, I want to make my Arianna happy.

  6. Jason

    I have been on all of those shows as extras!!! I live in LA!!!

  7. Eddie

    I would like to be on the set of Jessie and probably if they accepted me, I could probably be the lost brother of Luke.

  8. Monica Wolfe

    We are really interested in getting tickets for my daughters 15th birthday…how do we get on a list? we want to see, shake it up, so random or jessie. thank you!

  9. Monica

    I LOVE Jessie I would love to see the show. I love CAMERON BOYCE HE IS SOOO CUTE!!!

  10. Reynold Gerard Mauro

    It would be great if Jake Short could come to my meeting at 9:30AM May 15 2012 at Saddle Rock Ranch at 41 corm swezeytown road Middle Island New York 11953

  11. Jennifer

    I would love to see Jessie I’ve seen every show and would do anything to see it live! I love Jessie and the whole cast! It is my favorite show and its amazing… Please read and if u could get me 3 tickets that would be amazing and my dreams would be fulfilled!

  12. ami

    I am about to travel to LA for June, from Australia, and love all the Disney show and would love to be able to go to any one of the shows.

  13. Dianna

    Jessie is my favorite show Disney and I would be
    so glad if I have a chance to be on that show.
    You wouldn’t regret me on jessie. I have many
    talents to show you. By the way,I am 12 years old and i am from the philippines..;)

  14. kiya

    I would really like to be on jessie cause i watch the show alot and its vool

  15. Giya

    I Love JESSIE show & would love to see this show in Person !!!

  16. Lauren

    HI i’m Lauren and I would love to watch the live taping of JESSIE!! I would die if I was a guest star! My dream is to become an actress on Disney Channel and once I saw this I realized my dream could actually come true! I love Jessie and would truly love to actually witness them in action! One more thing, you guys reading this may think I’m just an ordinary fan, but Im much more! I would love free tickets and would die to see the show!

  17. skyla

    I want to see luke TO SAY hello I LIKE LUKE πŸ™‚

  18. Ashley

    Me and my friend wana be on Jessie Because Luke is hot :] πŸ™‚

  19. Ashley

    Im a dancer,singer,model and actor i wanna be on JESSIE

  20. Ashley

    I want to dance and i like to talk to my friends and you guys πŸ™‚

  21. Ashley

    I badly want to be on jessie

  22. Esther Kim

    I Love Shake it Up , Shake It Up is the only reason i want to Dance, My Living room wall has pictures of Bella and Zendaya , i have there shoes and clothes … Well, i want there clothes , I go on Youtube and listen to TTYLXOX Something to Dance For Mash up and try to dance to it , Rocky and CeCe are my Iinspiratioons , i look up to them , I would LOVE to be on Shake It Up Chicago with my 2 True Heros .. πŸ™‚

  23. Alaura mohair

    I would also love to act on Jessie!!:) I would love to just meet new pEopLe and have fun! I will be happy with any response but would so gladly appreciate it if I could just have this moment. I also sing and will have no issue whatsoever being part of the team!! Thanks a lot, Alaura

  24. Alaura mohair

    I would love to go see a live taping of Jessie!!

  25. Alaura mohair

    I would love to go see Jessie live!! That would be a dream:):):)

  26. hannah

    im a big fan of shake it up please send me tickets

  27. caleb

    i would love to have the ticket

  28. Christian

    I would like to be on shake it on shake it up chicago it is my favorite show.

  29. Sarah

    I’m 17 years old and my little sister is 11 and we LOVE So Random!! How can I get tickets??

  30. hi my name is cheyenne and im 14 yrs old & acting and modeling is something ive wantes to do since i was 8 it really means alot to me an i would love to audition for jessie or shake it up or A.N.T farm it really doesnt matter to me because what matters is that your having fun doing it and i would put all of my effort in it i am the kinda person the keeps on and on about something and im looking forward to it (:

  31. Karla Lopez

    I would really love to take my daughter Miranda to the TV series Jesse. My daughter loves this series and she’s only 2yrs old. I would really appreciate some tickets.

    1. i love all shows<3
      it would be in honor to do any!
      call me 9085774658
      i can sing,dance,act.
      give me a chance to prove myself to the world

  32. mariah

    or just for fun

  33. mariah

    lol im so funny but serious about what i said so email me if u have tickets

  34. mariah

    hi i would love to get on the actual show and play in the show jessie they are so funny and i would love to be on there show or be on ant farm im a good singer and dancer i would love to meet china-ann mcclain and have fun please help me get on the showsss please email me and i will respond maybe byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

  35. francesca

    questo sito Γ¨ molto divertente.

    1. mariah

      can u speak english

  36. Hi!
    My name is Olivia Kerins I am 15 years old! I am from Boston Ma. Nickelodeon/Disney has always been a big part of my childhood! I sing daily, whether it be lessons, gigs, shows, volenteer work, auditions etc. I am a bubbly out going person and give me any sort audition and i promise you wont be dis appointed. Im a quick learner and i love taking on new challenges and if you give me a chance i wont let you down! Hope to hear from you soon!

  37. Lexi

    It would be my dream to get tickets for so random!! Please help!!!

  38. Guadalupe Godoy

    Hey I’m Guadalupe. I really want to be on the cast of Jessie it is my favorite show on Disney channel. I LOVE to act. It has been a passion since i was 5. Now i am 14. Besides from acting i also like singing and dancing. I am currently dancing and i am also a stepper. If you people can please let me audition to be on Jessie. I can be really dramatic. Please contact me THANK YOU if you choose me you will NOT be disappointed πŸ˜€

  39. my name is sally i would love to be on Jesse i love acting singing dancing and writing songs im fair i hv blk hair im afrikan and im 14 turning 15 oct

  40. robert adrian avelino

    im a huge fan so random and im audrey whitbys #1 fan i would love to be on so random please tell your director to let me audition and i love making people laugh pleas
    i live in chula vist california

  41. hannah

    my dauter is a big fan..of shake it up and she wants to be on your show

  42. I hope my recent message showed the one before the one I just sent

  43. Christine Kroma

    Hello, My name is Christine Kroma, I am aged 12 – 13. I currently live in the UK, London, but planning to move to the USA. I recently went for an audition for Britain’s got Talent. I am an experienced Singer/ Dancer/ Actor, AKA triple threat (I have been experienced from the age of 4). From the age of 4, I went to a well known after school/ summer performing arts school called Stage Coach, which made me stronger at my arts. I am also a bit of an artist. I have entered a few talent shows (came 1st place 3 times, 2nd place once). I have always been apart of my school choir and also did a solo performance at the Royal Albert Hall at the age of 6. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a comedy Disney show.

    I would highly appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thank you.

    Christine. K

    1. Mykel

      Hello I saw u on Britannic got talent very impressive

  44. Jenaiha

    I would do anything to go and see Jessie live and be a Guest Star!!!! I’ve been in the main role in the school play and auditioned for TV shows and YTT!!!! I LOVE JESSIE!!!! Tell. Me how 2 get tickets plssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. i would like to be on shake it up because dancing is my life,i also love to act.been on shake it up is going towards a life time for me i mean that it would be like dancing all the time and dancing is what i do would be a very good opportunity for me to show people what i’m good at and have fun doing it.PS i’m twelve.

  46. alexandra

    I love so random, jessie and ant farm their all my favorite tv show .so please read. O and my name is alexandra i am 12 years old but people think i act old then my agei am i the 7 th grade. and i LOVE to make my family,friends and teachers laugh!
    please please read
    and email back to me

  47. Lina

    Wou I love SO RANDOM It’s my favorite program on TV REALLY REALLY I will love to act at So Random Please My name is LINA FAGUA I’m 13 years old and I love make people laugh Pleas Read It Please

  48. Taylor

    It’s my dream to be on Disney channel I’ve wored super hard to archive this goal and just waiting for my chance. I’m 12 years old.

  49. Racquel Holder

    Please Please PLEASE!! I beg i wanna be on disney XD’s Kickin It. It’s my favorite show and if i was a cast member or just a recurring guest-star it’d be amazing! I wanna meet the cast, and it’s just my dream to be on kickin it and hangout with them in real life <3 My email even includes kickin it <333

  50. Racquel

    i also love disney everyday i come hope i try to find auditions but when i find them the show is already out sadly i luv disney channel its my dream to become an actress i hav starred in plays before but i really want to become an actress i search for auditions a lot

  51. Racquel

    hi I would really want to see the A.N.T farm live!! i watch all the episodes ever since it came out i love this show so much it would be a great honor to see a live taping of it and to meet the characters there! chyna is awesome and i like olive and fletcher! i love this comedian show if i was to guest star it would mean the world to me i would be so happy like i would be crying tears of joy please consider me to watch a live taping or to guest star!! omg i am so peppy right now bcuz of this

  52. OH YA! This is from MysteryGirl1821 my real name is Cheyenne but im not telling you my last name( personal resonses)!

  53. I would love to be on JESSIE I would do ANYTHING to get on JESSIE event if I had to tell my crush that I love him! I have been watching JESSIE for a looooooooooong time. Beleive it or not but I even watched the first episode before it even came out (YOUTUBE)! I WOULD DIE TO SEE A LIVE TAPING OF JESSIE OR BE A GUEST STAR! PLUS i have lots of experience I tried out for a show one time i didnt make it but it was lots of fun! and plus i can fake cry and event make it look VERY real. All I need is a GIRL agent. PLEASE HELP! I can PROMISE you that if you help me you won’t regret i. P.S. im 10 years old!!

    1. Madi123

      Jessie is a new show to Disney Channel. I have watched every show too. DUH. I’d love to see any show with my friends. I love them all.

    2. Anonymous

      I want to ask you how you auditioned for a show. I have been scouring the Internet looking for how to uudition for a disney channel show please tell me how!

  54. jen

    Hey! I would LOVE to see a taping of Jessie but I have no clue how to get the tickets at all!….its a dream for me and friend to see it!!! HELPP

  55. Daniel shakarian

    I really want too score some tickets to Jessie!

  56. Taisha Miller

    I want to know how to get on Disney Channel. If anybody knows where the auditions are please tell me. My dream is to be a Disney actress.

    1. hello,Im 10 years old and now live in Nigeria,ever since Ive loved to act,sing and dance,I also enjoy fashion.Ive been in a leepfrog commercial before and I enjoyed it,I wish to have an acting experience,I always thought if Im in Africa how am I ever gonna make it to the USA?that’s why I decided to wright this message(I always dream to star in a disney channel show…)it would be a life oppertunnity.

      PS:I live in Nigeria,Lagos.(I always say to myself Im adorable for the camera,hope it will come true…)

      1. Karina Wright

        I really want to get tickets to go see Jessie live! I love the show so much and I love the characters.

  57. Lora Lynn

    We would like tickets to any of the shows! I love everything Disney or Nick and would love to see a Disney Channel show taping live in the audience.

    I wish that I lived in Los Angeles so that I could go more easily. Right now, I asked my parents and they say they can not just go to Los Angeles so I can see a Disney show live.

    It sucks, but I hope they change their mind or we go on vacation to Los Angeles soon.

  58. kayla

    i would really love to be on shake it up. and the only reason is because its my favorite show and it would be a lot of fun and if i dont get to be on shake it up i will get really upset cause i really want to be on the show cause i love it so much its the only so i watch and i will prove it i have seen the one where rockys dad comes to visit and the one where cece and rocky get the spotlight dance.

    1. anjrew

      My dream is to be on Jessie. It’s been that way since I heard about it.

  59. Taunya

    I would really like to see a taping of Jessie. Being in the audience sounds like so much fun. My friends and I would love to go.

    1. Joel De-Almeida

      I Really Want To Go On Jessie. I am 11 Years Old. I am Like Luke’s Long Lost Brother, Religion Christian. I come From The Uk and I am So Desperate to Be On My Own Tv Show. I Really Want To be On Jessie So I Can Show Off My Talent To The Whole world, hope You Give Me A Email.

    2. star hadida

      Hi my name is Star, I am 14-year-old, my hobbies are playing guitar, drums, piano and flute, I have experience in being an actor and I hope you send me a email

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