Get on a Disney Channel Show – Tickets for ANT Farm, Jessie, So Random! and more

See your favorite stars LIVE!

Get tickets for a Disney show for free!

Be on a show and get to see it from the audience instead of on TV.

Tickets to be in the studio are usually free and are given out on a first come first served manner.

Do you want to go to a live taping of the Hit Disney show ANT Farm and watch the show being taped live? If so tickets are available for A.N.T. Farms and many popular shows when they are in production.

Tickets to be in the audience are free and allow you to see your favorite stars live on stage

ANT Farm Tickets

ANT Farm
China McClain stars in this new comedy for Disney Channel as middle schooler Chyna Sparks, a music prodigy who gets into a gifted program, Accelerated Natural Talent, at the local high school. Co-starring Sierra McCormick, Jake Short and Stefanie Scott.

See the scheduled tapings here and see if the show you want to see is available

More ANT Farm?

Other Disney Channel shows that are taped live and give away tickets are Jessie, So Random!, Pair of Kings and others

Here is a partial list below:

Disney's Jessie

This new Disney Channel series follows a starry-eyed teen (Debby Ryan) from rural Texas who moves to New York City to explore life outside her small town. She soon finds herself living in a multi-million dollar penthouse as nanny to a high-profile couple’s four children.

Kickin’ It
A Disney XD comedy set at a martial arts academy where a ragtag crew of lovable misfits welcomes a hotshot skateboarder named Jack, who teaches a group of neighborhood goofballs about life, karate and how to just plain kick it.

Pair Of Kings
Disney XD’s hit comedy about two fraternal twins who were living a typical teenage life in Chicago when they discovered that they’re the successors to the throne of The Island of Kinkou. Starring Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw with Geno Segers, Kelsey Chow and Ryan Ochoa.

Shake It Up
The hit Disney Channel buddy comedy centered around a teen dance show starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya. The show features two high-spirited characters, best friends CeCe Jones and Raquel “Rocky” Blue, whose dreams of becoming professional dancers are realized when they become background dancers on a popular teen dance show.

So Random
An ensemble of talented young actors in original comedic vignettes parodying pop culture and a wide variety of everyday life, big and small – bring viewers into the audience of “So Random!,” the hit comedy TV show for kids and tweens.

State Of Georgia
Raven-Symone stars as Georgia in this ABC Family comedy. Georgia, an aspiring actress with a larger than life personality, and her science geek best friend are trying to make headway in New York City. Co-starring Majandra Delfino and Loretta Devine.

The Disney Channel tapings can be a lot of fun and group tickets are also available. If you have a group of people like a church group, school, large family or any other group of 10 or more you will need to call the audience casting company to make arrangements for your group.

For more information about group tickets and reserving your space at the Disney Channel studio please go here.

104 thoughts on “Get on a Disney Channel Show – Tickets for ANT Farm, Jessie, So Random! and more

  1. mirakle

    Hi my name is Miracle and I need 3 tickets because I always say to myself that I will follow my dreams.

  2. Ashton Wagner

    I’m Ashton Wagner, I’m 10 years old and I can dance and sing. My favorite character is Luke because he is funny.

  3. jerlmyer brooks

    I want ant farm tickets. I already act. You may know by the name jerlmyerbrooks, the famous actor.

  4. Sammie Hawkins

    I have aspired to be on that show ever since it started airing on September 30, 2011 and have caught every episode. I love Debby Ryan, she is my Idol and it would be a dream come true if I could meet her. -Sammie-

  5. yimary

    Call me superstar, I am amazing.

  6. D'Avionne Hill

    I whould really love to love to be on the Disney show jessie it whould change my life and I whould be very grateful for any part that I may get. I am 13 years old and very experienced with acting. I want to because I love to make people laugh or anything and I always try my best. I guarantee i will not let you down.

  7. michelle

    Hi I’m Michelle Desouza. I’m 11 years old and I’m a huge fan of the show Jessie. My mom and I tried getting tickets for my birthday but, it was sold out, I was so bummed. If I won it would be a dream come true. I would be happy jumping up and down with tears on my face. I’ve also kept trying to find it but its all sold out. It would be a dream come true to see my favorite actors and show live, just keep in mind that day would be the best day of my life!

  8. liana

    I like you Cameron Boyce.

  9. liana

    Can I have tickets to be on Jessie, Sam and Cat, Ant Farm, Shake It Up and Let It Shine?

  10. liana

    Can I get some tickets so I could get on Jessie?

  11. Haley

    Hi, I am Haley Jones, I’m 17 and live in Colorado springs. I wanted to be a apart of Disney because I grew up with it. I love everything on it… well mostly. I am really funny and thought that I would be a good person to work with.

  12. Glenis Ulloa

    My daughter who is a child w/DD is in love with the Jessie show, especially with Jessie herself and wants nothing more than to be able to meet her. She dreams and talks about it all the time. Please consider giving us 2 tickets so I can take her to watch a live taping of her favorite show in the whole wide world as she says. A desperate mom that wants to grant her daughter birthday wishes which is coming up on Feb. 2.

  13. Pilar

    I would like to surprise my 2 daughters (9 and 11) with tickets to Jessie, it´s their favorite show and we enjoy it very much. Please send information because we would have to travel to get there…Have a Wonderful 2014!

  14. Breanna Paicely

    I would love to see a live taping for JESSIE. I want to become an actress so I love seeing all the behind scenes.

  15. Breanna Paicely

    I would love to see a live taping for JESSIE

  16. Denise

    I would like a visit for my 5 yr old grandson or be on a taping of Jessie. He watches 24/7. Loves it. Only child, very intelligent, wants to be on Jessie or disney shows.

  17. Tristan Taveras

    I would like to see Jessie live in person, it would be a dream come true to see them perform and I also want to actually audition for Jessie too so if you pick me, I would be very grateful. Thank you

  18. T. Grace

    I am looking for tickets to surprise my daughters. They love Ant farm and we will travel to California for the taping. Please send any information to get them. Thanks

  19. Andrés

    I want to see a shake it up show live and I want to go to an audition for a disney channel movie or show, what ever.

  20. alexander

    I want to watch so random live…

  21. melody beers

    I would like to meet the cast of Jessie because I enjoy the show and wish I could be on the show. That’s my dream to be on your show. I had the opportunity to be on commercial but they wanted me to go to hollywood but I had a weak car so I couldn’t go. I still have the same car but it’s going good well that’s all I have to say.

  22. anjrew

    Any auditions for jessie? It has been my dream to be on it.

  23. Heidi

    I really want to go see Jessie. Seeing Jessie in real life would be awesome. I love watching it all the time and I don’t want it to end. I always wanted to be a character and know I want to see my favorite character in life.Thanks for reading this and I hope I get to go see. Love Heidi

  24. DeVante Williams

    I love watching Jessie and I wonder If I can audition

  25. kayla

    I what to be in jessie. I love the jessie show.

  26. Cassidy Hornby

    I want to go to so random so badly, I am ten years of age, a girl and I really want to go. I love all the cast please, please, please?

  27. Will Peterson

    I am a big fan of shake it up. So send me tickets please.

  28. Alexis

    I want to see Jessie but I’m already 14. Am I too old? It is my dream to see a live taping of Jessie.

  29. I was wondering if I can be on the show JESSIE.
    hair color: dark brown(so are my eyes)
    The reason I want to be on JESSIE is because it’s so funny. Also I always wanted to see all of the guys.I WOULD BE SO VERY HAPPY IF YOU PICKED ME!

  30. Kiara

    I really want to be on Jessie. Every time I see it, I feel depressed because I want to be one of those kids! I love acting but I am scared I wont get an audition because I am from the UK. I feel like I wont get to live my dream. I hope I get an audition!

  31. Nakhia little

    I would like to get tickets for the tv show Jessie. I will need 4 tickets for I think she is so cool. I am a big fan.

  32. Rachel Elizabeth

    Name Rachel Elizabeth
    Age 9 – Height 4 foot 9
    I would like to be on Jessie and be the new girlfriend of Luke and if I get the part, I would like my name in Jessie to be Sasha piers.

  33. HI! I live in phoenix AZ and I need to be on Jessie because I think Karan Brar is a great actor. I need 4 tickets and if I was on television it would be a miracle, with Karan Brar of course. He is so cute and funny. I am nine but if I wear heels and hoops I look 13 or 12. I have a picture of him in my room and a television that I never change the channel from disney. I <3 Karan Brar 🙂

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