Get in Ant Farm audience – TV show tickets for Disney

Get in Ant Farm audience – TV show tickets for Disney

Would you like to see your favorite Disney Channel stars live in the studio? Here is your chance. The popular Disney Channel show A.N.T. Farm is now filming in the Los Angeles area and the network gives away free tickets to fill up the studio audience at the live taping of the show.

This Disney Channel comedy revolves around Chyna Parks (China McClain), an 11-year-old musical prodigy who attends a high school as part of the prestigious ANT (Advanced Natural Talents) program. She, along with her fellow ANTs, Olive (Sierra McCormick) and Fletcher (Jake Short), must find their place and make the most of their high school experience despite the decidedly lukewarm welcome from some high school students, including Chyna’s older brother, Cameron (Carlon Jeffrey), who overcompensates to avoid his sister’s shadow, and overachieving Lexi Reed (Stefanie Scott), who doesn’t appreciate the competition that Chyna represents. Co-starring Alexandria Deberry and Aedin Mincks.

The show tapes at the following location:

Eventhough the tickets to ANT Farm are free, people who attend will still need to pay for their own transportation costs to the studio in Hollywood as well as any parking fees.

The minimum age to attend the show is 12 years old and all people under 18 will need to come with an adult. Tickets are free and you will need to request them here.

Tickets for the shows are available up to 30 days before the taping date and many popular shows like ANT Farm sell out quickly.

10 thoughts on “Get in Ant Farm audience – TV show tickets for Disney

  1. Sally Pham

    Hi, I’m Vietnamese and I live in Moncton Canada NB. I love acting and I want to improve my English. I can’t sing or draw or remember but I can dance. I need tips for remembering lines.

  2. Tatum Barksdale

    I Tatum would love to be in this be cause this is my dream to become an actor and meet all of the twilight cast. I support anyone who has to be in a tv show and shares their dreams with me even if they beat me at something. I support anyone because I want it as bad as they do or a little more. BTW I am 10.

  3. Blessing

    I would really love to get a ticket audition for ant farm although I don’t know if I can sing, paint or remember things. Being on the same set with china is my dream.

  4. Brit

    hi I’m Britnee Auston
    comment: I love the 3 heart beats omg, I just saw some paparazzi pics of them at school and going home there was also one were bridge was walking home by herself she looks so pretty I think she is the pretties out of all of them so does my brother.I think she is a great singer also.

  5. Ashley Taylor

    Hello, my name is Ashley Taylor.I am a big fan of A.N.T Farm.And my favorite actress is you China Anne McClain! Your the best! I think that u should pick me, because it would be a dream come true and a blessing! I am also a good singer, and a fantastic actress!

  6. princess jantjies

    Please let me know if I got the part, I am so exited.

  7. princess jantjies

    I would really like to be on ANT Farm it is my favourite show on tv that I love. China Mcclain is my idol. I can sing and dance, I’m 14 years old im a girl it is my biggest dream to be an actor and singer but I live in South Africa. I really even though I don’t know how will I get there. I don’t have that much money but I really want this job.

    1. princess jantjies

      I am also a good actor.

  8. Roe Diaz

    One of my daughter’s dreams is to be part of the live audience of the ANT Farm. It will be a great experience for her. She loves everybody in the show.

  9. Cynthia Jackson

    Me and my brothers really want to get tickets for ANT Farm. Ant Farm is my favorite Disney Channel show and we watch it all the time. I love the story and I think that the show is really funny. I would like to be an extra on ANT Farm, but if I can’t do that, it would be so cool to be able to go to the studio and see the show live. I want to be an audience member and laugh at the jokes. It would also be great to be in the same room with the actors on the show and see them in person. I have never seen any stars in person and seeing the ANT Farm cast would be such a great experience.

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