Gerber Model Contest – Baby modeling

Baby model contest – Gerber

Do you think your baby is cute enough to be a Gerber baby? Maybe he or she is! The Gerber baby model contest and baby search is an annual baby model search where proud parents submit pics of their too cute for words offspring. One of the submitted photos will win the competition and end up on the Gerber website as the winner.

Baby model search
Baby model search

In 2010 Gerber got over 200k adorable and probably not so adorable baby pictures to add to the collection of photos.
The prizes in the contest are really good. The Grand Prize is a 50k scholarship and a chance at a photo print ad. The runners up also get prizes and last year it was Ipad 2’s. The 2012 prizes and baby photo contest have not yet been announced but we hope they will be soon. Last year Gerber ran the baby contest in the spring from late March to June 1st.

Here is Gerber’s description:

Is your baby just the cutest thing?  Gerber wants you to share your child’s picture-perfect pose for a chance to win big in the Gerber Generation photo search!

The Gerber baby is a child that can be anywhere from 1 month or birth up to pre-school age. The judges are looking for visual appeal, expressiveness and consistency with Gerber’s heritage.

Last year Gerber not only picked a grand prize winner, but also 6 milestone winners that also got some prizes.

Stay tuned for updates about the Gerber baby model search for the year 2012! Your baby may be the next Gerber baby and that may give you and your family bragging rights for many years to come.

The 2014 Gerber baby model search is going on now, check it out!

78 thoughts on “Gerber Model Contest – Baby modeling

  1. lexie roland

    My son is 6 months old. He is absolutely adorable and loves to smile and laugh. He has blue eyes and reddish blonde hair. He is a delight

  2. Danielle

    Hi, my son is 22 months old and he would make the perfect Gerber Baby. He gets compliments everywhere he goes. Please give me details for entering him in the contest.

  3. Elsa

    My daughter Kamdyn is 9 months and loves to smile and pose..she would make a perfect Gerber baby

  4. Jennifer

    Hi, I would like to receive more information regarding the Gerber casting call 2012. Thank you.

  5. Dasha Smith

    My 4 month old baby Kaitlyn has often been referred to as, “The Gerber Baby” so much so that it seems only natural to enter her into this gerber baby contest. I’m confident she would win it all. She’s got a beautiful face and bright sparkling, inquisitive eyes. She’s very alert and very pleasant and her smile just brightens the whole room. I would love to get some more info on how I can enter her. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to share this gorgeous little baby with the world.

  6. Chelsea Bourke

    My son is almost 11 months old, and he has blonde curly hair, blue eyes and dimples. Everyone has always told me he looks just like the gerber baby or that he needs to be on a box of pampers, this really interests me, and he always knows when there is a camera around and poses. Hilarious

  7. Jamie

    Can’t wait to enter my son! Everyone tells me he’s “the next Gerber baby”

  8. kristine miller

    My daughter Alivia is THE most perfect, beautiful, adorable, bay girl, that would make a great Gerber baby. All i can say is “look at that face”! i cant get enough of her.

  9. Twanna Peace

    My daughter Nevaeh is two years old she’s very adorable and turn heads every where she go everyone always tell me she should be a gerber baby and that she looks like a walking babydoll. She has big pretty brown eyes and she is very smart! She knows her body parts she sings her abs’s she is so cute! I know she would be the perfect candidate! I would like to know when is the next contest. Thank you.

  10. Twanna Peace

    My two year old daughter Nevaeh is very adorable she turn heads every where she go everyone always tell me she should be a gerber baby and that she looks like a walking babydoll. She has big pretty brown eyes and she is very smart! She knows her body parts she sings her abs’s she is so cute! I know she would be the perfect candidate! I would like to know when is the next contest. Thank you.

  11. Svitlana

    I would love to know more info about it!! Thank you so much!!
    My daughter is a very adorable, smart, cute, has a big cheeks and the most adorable smile!!:)

  12. Svitlana

    People always tell me that my daughter should be a Gerber Baby because she has a beautiful smile and big cheeks. She is very observing and always happy. I know she will be the next Gerber Baby!!:)

  13. nina olympia

    my son Jibjib is so cute, very playful and happy baby… please let me know the details to join the contest…thank you

  14. Elizabeth

    My daugther Valentina is 18 months old.She is cute.Everybody said that she looks like a doll.i would like to know how she can participate.Thanks

  15. Vicky

    My baby boy is instantly loved by all who meet him he is a happy and gentle little soul who laughs when he is being captured on camera. He is 15 months old and the most gorgeous little angel with perfect features

  16. Sonia

    My daughter Giselle Dayanara would be perfect for the Gerber 2012 and I am very interested in knowing how to go about it please let me know when it starts

    Thank you

  17. Kristen

    When will the 2012 Gerber Baby Contest start? Also where do you go to enter in the contest?

  18. Amy

    How do I submit a photo for the audition

  19. Tyerian Roberts

    Ta’Miyah Renee is that Gerber baby, she is 3months old and her smile will touch your heart. Just a simple conversation and she will give you all the baby talk you want. I would love to hear back so she can be that new Gerber baby to catch of others!

  20. Alysse Maryland

    Aliyah Monroe, is more beautiful than her name. She will smile and speak baby languageo when you talk and sing to her. Looking forward to hearing from you. She could be your next Gerber baby.

  21. samantha

    We always get told my son is a gerber baby. He will win. He has the gerber look and personality everyone loves

  22. saima

    To whom it concerns,
    My child is 3yrs, and i don`t just belive that!but can honestly have faith to say that he has a model look!because u can see to belive like others that say it as well.
    i be grate full if a chance was given.

  23. Cathryn S

    Please inform me on the next upcoming auditions

  24. yajaira rivera


  25. My son is 2 months and hes so beautiful i know he can win and be a Gerber baby he has so much potential can’t wait for him to enter this contest.

  26. Twanna Peace

    My two year old daughter Nevaeh is very adorable she turn heads every where she go everyone always tell me she should be a gerber baby and that she looks like a walking babydoll. She has big pretty brown eyes and she is very smart! She knows her body parts she sings her abs’s she is so cute! I know she would be the perfect candidate! I would like to know when is the next contest. Thank you.

  27. Jasmine espada

    hello i have a 2 year old daughter named Dailenny she is a very energetic and happy baby she won the mall model search with a 1 year contract and im looking for gigs i have her proffessional photo shots and willing to send i am very interested please get back to me as soon as possible

  28. Renee

    Please send Gerber Baby contest. Thanks.

  29. yajaira genao

    My daughter Victoria is five week old. She is a latina baby with light brown hair and big light brown eyes. She is very photogenic and i would her to audition for gerber. please emai me more information about the casting. Thank you

  30. Carmelita Cidro

    My son is adorable,cute and his eyes is like a doll he is turning 5 mos pls.sent me info on the baby gerber contest Thanks!!!

  31. Rachel

    I would love to be sent information on the baby gerber contest! Thanks so much.

  32. Kelsey

    I would love more information on the baby gerber contest!!

  33. Marissa

    We would love more info on the baby gerber contest! Everyone who has seen my son says I should put him in modeling! He is just a doll and loves the camera! He is very photogenic! We would love the opportunity to show him off! He is the next gerber baby!!! Please contact me with more info! Thank you so much!!

  34. Jennifer

    My daughter jelisa is 8months and very active. Everywhere we go people tell me I shuld put her in a baby contest cause shes beautiful. He loves to playand laugh.

  35. Racheal Wagner

    My daughter, 6 months old, is absolutely perfect for Gerber. Everywhere i go, and I do mean EVERYWHERE, people tell me how I should put her into Gerber modeling. I would like to have her model for your company. Please contact me through the e-mail I provided to further discuss my daughter being a Gerber baby model. Thank you for your consideration.

  36. Hillary Milbrand

    My daughter Claire Avery is 14 months and everyone that sees her says she is the gerber baby. She is the cutest and sweetest thing. She loves the camera, poses and makes the cutest face like she knows she is the cutest thing. I can email you pictures of her or you can look on my facebook.

  37. Kashe Morris

    I Have A Very Adorable Son Name Kingston, but every one call him King. He is 1 years old. He is very smart and love dancing. He is so handsom you will have know choice but to love him. I know King will make the perfect Gerber baby.

  38. janice tutuwan

    I have a handsome and strong 9 month old cutie pie who is the perfect example of a healthy baby boy. His multi-racial roots give him a unique look that will definitely sell.His name is Harmen. Please keep me updated on the auditions and photoshoots. Thanks

  39. Kathleen

    My daughter is 4 months, and smiles all the time. Very pretty smile. Where can I sign up? Thanks

  40. Karla

    Please info me the next contest, thanks

  41. Mahe

    My daughter Mya is 26 months old. She loves the camera. She is an independent baby,rarely lets me help her when she is stuck. Last but not least she has beautiful big blue eyes.

  42. stephanie

    I habe a 9 month old baby boy named carlos and a 2yr old girl whose name is bryhanna both of my babies are very happy and giggly and woulld be great f to model for gerber and both babies are just the cutest

  43. Brittney Lafitaga

    Our 4 month old son Keanston is a perfect represenitve for your Gerber Baby Brand. He has big beautiful brown eyes and eyelashes to die for! Keanston has beautiful olive skin and an amazing personality, when he smiles you cant help but smile back. I would love some information on your contest. Thanks Brittney

  44. Audra

    I’ve always been told my baby girl who is now almost 13 months could be the gerber baby and I always get stopped in every place we go in because of how beautiful she is! She has so much personality and is always so fun! Shes working with a media production company in hollywood as well. Please let us know when auditions will be! Very excited!!

  45. melissa jenkins

    Everyone tells me my son looks like the gerber baby he is 9 months old

  46. Ms.Terry Anderson

    My daughter is 34.5 months and the cutes funniest thing ever she like to dance and has a great memory and good verbal skills to be so young.

  47. Daniela Sada

    Hi! Can someone please tell me when will the auditions be?
    Thank you!

  48. Janelle

    Yay! I’m excited about the auditions, can’t wait.

  49. Sherefa Green

    My child is a pinnacle that exemplifies true beauty. Antoine Smith, my son, physical features are aesthetically pleasing to every eyes that has been blessed to look upon him. Bragging is not in my nature, but when you are blessed with a child of such quality, you are almost entitled to share him to world. He is one years old, light brown with dark curly hair and sparkling dark brown eyes. If you have any available spots on your Baby Talk Magazine, it will be highly appreciated and benefical to your remarkable company. My number is 786 261 3671, my cell number. An alternative contact is 786 439 5346, my brothers number. Thank you and hope to hear a response.

  50. Jamie

    Please inform me of the next upcoming auditions. Thanks!

  51. Kirstie P

    I have a 4 month old baby girl, with those adorable chubby cheeks and “gerber” eating body! she’s full of laughter and such an amazing baby to be around! keep my posted! (:

  52. Gina A.

    My baby girl is 5mths going on 6mth on the cute and loves the camera email me and ill send me shes the 2012 Gerber baby..all the way!

  53. Eva Baez

    Well it was sheer luck that I bumped into this. My boys, ages 3 1/2 years old and 6 months always turn heads every where we go. They love to pose for pictures. They make the atmosphere so pleasant wherever they happen to be. Everyone tells me that my 6 month old looks like the Gerber baby, the only thing is that he has green eyes. Please keep me posted I would like for my boys to have an honest chance at this if possible.

  54. Wendy

    My grandson Kevin would make the perfect Gerber baby. He is six years old so he may be a bit too old to model for Gerber, but he is still adorable and I am looking for auditions for kids his age so that he can get out there and get noticed by casting directors or people who book kids and babies for modeling.

    I also have a granddaughter who is a newborn. She is only a few weeks old but I hope in a few months she can be considered to be a Gerber baby. She is very cute but cannot smile yet, so I guess I will wait until she can smile and try again later in 2012 or maybe even next year in 2013 she will be old enough to take great pictures.

  55. Felicity Martin

    Please inform me of the next upcoming auditions. Thank You

  56. LaShawn Thomas

    My daughter is a 5 month old BEAUTY. I will not say much, but you don’t want to miss out on this cutie with lots of personality.

  57. Brittani

    My daughter is a 9 month old baby she is full of smiles & giggles when she smile she brighten up the whole day,she very playful & smart she understands alot too be 9 months

  58. Brittani

    My daughter is really adorable and very active I think she would be best for the job

  59. Kimberly Hobbs

    My son is an adorable 16 month old. He is so full of laughter, smiles and he always makes you laugh. He loves to do new things. His favorite thing is a car or a truck to play with. He is so much spritual life in him.

  60. Kari martinez

    My baby is 13 months old really cute and handsome he will win 1place

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