Gerber Model Contest – Baby modeling

Baby model contest – Gerber

Do you think your baby is cute enough to be a Gerber baby? Maybe he or she is! The Gerber baby model contest and baby search is an annual baby model search where proud parents submit pics of their too cute for words offspring. One of the submitted photos will win the competition and end up on the Gerber website as the winner.

Baby model search
Baby model search

In 2010 Gerber got over 200k adorable and probably not so adorable baby pictures to add to the collection of photos.
The prizes in the contest are really good. The Grand Prize is a 50k scholarship and a chance at a photo print ad. The runners up also get prizes and last year it was Ipad 2’s. The 2012 prizes and baby photo contest have not yet been announced but we hope they will be soon. Last year Gerber ran the baby contest in the spring from late March to June 1st.

Here is Gerber’s description:

Is your baby just the cutest thing?  Gerber wants you to share your child’s picture-perfect pose for a chance to win big in the Gerber Generation photo search!

The Gerber baby is a child that can be anywhere from 1 month or birth up to pre-school age. The judges are looking for visual appeal, expressiveness and consistency with Gerber’s heritage.

Last year Gerber not only picked a grand prize winner, but also 6 milestone winners that also got some prizes.

Stay tuned for updates about the Gerber baby model search for the year 2012! Your baby may be the next Gerber baby and that may give you and your family bragging rights for many years to come.

The 2014 Gerber baby model search is going on now, check it out!

78 thoughts on “Gerber Model Contest – Baby modeling

  1. racheal

    I would like to know hwo to enter my son in the contest.

  2. sheba byrd

    HI MY NAME IS SHEBA AND MY DAUGHTER’S NAME IS JOURNEU… I JUST HAD HER NOV.22 2014 and she is gorgeous. I understand that everyone has their best interest in their child but I’m here to say that a’journey is the golden ticket that every one is grabbing for! I’m coming to you today as a parent of for my 3 sons and my first daughter. I want her grow up and always know that she is beautiful no matter what they say….s o at least can you give her at least one audition.

  3. David

    Our children live and type in the “middle of nowhere” also – I recently have to travel further because of their modeling careers.

  4. Adel Corona

    I just want to share with everyone my son’s beautiful smile. He is a gorgeous chubby 6 moth old Latin baby, with an awesome personality. I think there should be more variety in different culture. My baby is a Latin baby boy with the whole package, great looks, great personality, smart and always has a smile.

  5. cynthia

    Baby boy name Ayden, he is 5 Months born on April 6 2014. He is a chubby light skin boy, his eyes change color, breastfeed till today, happy lovey little boy. I know my son would be perfect for this contest.

  6. Tameka Cobb

    Rayleigh is the sweetest, contest, most adorable baby you will ever lay your eyes on. She deserves to be the Gerber baby winner because she is truly a miracles baby.

  7. Roger Julious

    I would like to no more information on how to enter my son in the contest.

  8. Gabriela

    Julian is a beautiful 6 month old baby, with big brown eyes, long eyelashes and a beautiful smile. He is half Brazilian and half African, has a beautiful face. Please send me more info on contest.

  9. Angela

    hello, my daughter is almost 5 months old, her name is haven, she loves to laugh and smile, blonde/light brown hair, big beautiful green eyes, she is a model baby, she is perfect.

  10. Vicky

    Hi my name is Vicky, I have two beautiful little babies. A baby boy of 10 months and a baby girl of 1 month. My 10 month old looks like the actual gerber baby. He is always laughing and loves to play. Both my babies have the perfect round head. My boy has blue eyes and my 1 month old has green. I think they would be the perfect baby models.

  11. Katrina

    My baby has everything you guys need, this my first born. I’m proud to be a mother of a beautiful lighte skin baby girl with dimples and lots of emotion and laughter. So give Ma`lana a chance. Her eyes change like the season even though it’s not about my baby’s looks it’s about their personality.

  12. Katrina

    Hi my name is katrina this is my first born her name is Ma`lana, she is beautiful, her eyes change with the season. She has two dimples and is a very happy baby, loves to talk. I sing to her so she thinks she’s singing. She is 3 months old with jet black curly hair. She will be amazing for this great event.

  13. Jessica Mendenhall

    Mamas blue eyed boy…Karson is 3 months old and was born December 28, 2013. He’s always smiling and laughing. He would be the perfect Gerber baby. People are constantly stopping me saying how gorgeous he is and asking if they can hold him. I think he’s really got a shot at this. More pics are available per request…thanks!

  14. Kendill

    My name is baby kendill and here’s what my mommy have to say about me. She carried me 9 months in her stomach, my favorite place was golden corral while I was in her belly. She told me my favorite music was Pandora because I kicked in her belly all the time when she played that music. And now I’m here and here’s what I have to say about me. I’m a 5 month old baby. I like to play peek a boo and dance to music. I’m a very happy baby and have smiles for everyone to see. I’m a happy baby even when I’m sick I have a smile that even a million dollars couldn’t buy most of all O look like my mommy( mommy’s twin but a boy instead) This is what I look like. I’m a very healthy baby, with pretty light brown eyes not to chubby but a little chubby with light curly hair.

  15. Melissa penado

    Baby girl, Iris Destiny is 7 months, light brown hair, blue green eyes, Light skinned, With dimples on her cheeks. She loves to dance, she’s a happy baby, she crawls and stands up.

  16. Wendy

    -baby boy
    -5 months 1/2
    -colored eyes change blue,green and grey
    -size 12 months clothing
    -breastfeed since born
    -black hair
    -light skinned
    -always smiling

  17. Heavenly Nelson

    Hello, I am Heavenly Nelson , I am from Philadelphia pa I have a son named “Kanye Poland” he is a very smart baby . He will be 1 January 13th . He loves taking pictures and smiling but most of all, he is a happy baby .

  18. Christina

    My daughter would be absolutely perfect as the 2012 Gerber baby. She has the perfect face and beautiful smile. Please send more info about contest.

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