Fear Factor Tryouts 2012 & 2013

Fear Factor is casting – Do you have the guts, or lack of, to compete on Fear Factor?

Some people remember the show from some years ago and the host then Joe Rogan. NBC is bringing back Fear Factor with a new set of contestants and many new stunts.

NBC’s Fear Factor is back and looking for contestants for the new season.

Fear Factor is a reality TV show that puts contestants through crazy stunts and physical tasks that will make your stomach turn all at a chance to win the grand prize of $50,000 for being the most fearless of the bunch.

The show is coming back with a lineup of brand new stunts. The show originally aired for 5 years in the early to mid 2000’s and is now coming back on NBC 5 years later with new twists and daredevils.

Fear Factor casting directors are now searching for teams of contestants to compete on the show. To be considered for the show you must apply online at http://www.fearfactorcasting.com/

232 thoughts on “Fear Factor Tryouts 2012 & 2013

  1. Ashley Jones

    Hey I’m Ash. I’m from Detroit, I have watched the show but I always feel like why watch it in you can be on it if you try. I’m not afraid of anything. I mean unless my mind tries to get the best of me lol. I would love to show my family I’m not afraid I can do it.

  2. Jessie

    Hey my name jessie, I am 24. My birthday’s next month, can’t wait, each year I get more prettier . I am a big fan of fear factor. I have what it takes to win it. I am better than the best. Pick me and I’ll show you.

  3. germin

    My name is Germain, I have 25 years, I’m Dominican and I would like to participate, I can do this.

  4. Jonita Parks

    My sister and I have been talking about coming to fear factor for years now. Well it’s time we put our talking to the test because I know we have what it takes to be a FEAR FACTOR champion.

  5. Giovani Stprix

    My name is Giovanni St. Prix. I am 24 years of age. From Saint Lucia, I’ts an island in the Caribbean. Nothing in this World fears me. I would love to try out for fear factor.

  6. James Claybrooks

    I’m a single Father that would love to be on your show. It’s my favorite show and I know that I would have a nice chance at winning. Please give me a response… Go Fear Factor where fear should never be a factor if you plan on winning!!!!!!

  7. Joshua Hill

    I Love Fear Factor show. I want to be on this fear factor show so bad. When I was 10 years old I would play a game Like fear factor and It was not good. Now I and 25 years old and I tell people that I want to be on this show. People say you can’t read but what does that have do with me.

  8. Dakota Partain

    Fear Factor is a show I watch all the time. I will eat anything and I will do any stunt you throw in front of me. Me and my dad want to go into a father and son one and we are up to the challenge! Email me telling me where and when auditions are and we will be there We can handle it. Lets go!

  9. Arter Harris

    I really want to be on the show. I remember watching this show with my sister back when it first aired. I am 18 going on 19 and would love to have my chance to say fear is not a factor for me whether it be by myself or with a sibling!

  10. Omar reneau

    I’m not afraid of much. I’ll give it a try.

  11. charlette francis ugarte

    fear factor is my favorite show. Nothing scares me, noting.

  12. charlette

    I’m a Nicaraguan and I believe that I can do it like the rest just give the opportunity to do it. I am not afraid to eat anything. I love to try something new, just curious and fear factor is my favorite show. Also my 2 sons love it.

  13. marry

    Hi,I’m a 25yrs old lady and I’m South African. I would like to join the fear factor. I’ve always liked competing as it keeps me going and I’m sure I will make it. I’ll be grateful if it’s possible for me to compete.

  14. rosette mcabee

    I’m a big fan of fear factor show and would proudly join to challenge against others.

  15. Claudia Medina

    Love Fear Factor, we a love challenge. We would definitely try it without a doubt. Would love to play along with my son, keep us in mind when you have a family game.

  16. Phillip Mimms

    I am a Florida national Guard solder who has done everything from flying to Military Police. I have an extremely competitive spirit and I push harder than anyone else I know. I live by my motto “Beast Mode”! I love Fear Factor and want to show the world what I’ve got. Please let me know when I can go to a casting call.

  17. jamie

    I’m Jamie I’m 21 years young and I love facing my fears. I know I can win fear factor so let me show you.

  18. Carissa

    Fear is not a factor for me !!

  19. Carissa

    Fear is not a factor for me !!!

  20. Sabrina self



  21. Jovan Sam

    I want to compete and complete the challenge of fear factor .

  22. jabari

    20yr old New Orleans native, ready and willing to take on and complete Fear Factor. By Any Means ..

  23. Michael Foster

    Hi, I’m Mike, I am 26 and I love your show. I’m sure I have what it takes. I wouldn’t disappoint you because if I did my kids would be to.

  24. Ashley Green

    Fear Factor is my favorite show. Water, heights, darkness, fire, unstable surfaces, small areas, animals, they donโ€™t scare me. I would love to be on Fear Factor. Iโ€™ll eat ANYTHING. Please email me telling me where and when auditions are. Iโ€™ll drop everything to go. I’ll go with a team or alone. I can handle this.

  25. Ashley

    Fear Factor is my favorite TV show. I’m not scared of anything, water, fire, heights, the dark, ect. I’ll eat anything you give me. I’ll go alone if I have to. I have the guts.

  26. Eric Rose

    I would love to be on fear factor, it’s a dream of mine. You can email me where auditions will be held and I will be there, just tell me when and where.

  27. matthew cohen

    I have always wanted to be a Fear Factor contestant, let’s see if fear is a factor for me and show the world. If I need a buddy I got one for it. I’m 21 years old living in New York and up for any challenge, bring it on!

  28. danielle

    Love the show. I know I got what it takes to win, not scared of anything. I am army girl, been through everything, if army can’t break me no one can.

  29. Jaylin

    I DO NOT CARE, WHATEVER COMES IN MY WAY I’M DOING IT. I can sanitize myself after all of the disgusting things are over. I want to win!

  30. haley

    I would love to be on the show!

  31. Eryn ebbert

    Dear NBC,
    My name is Eryn, and I would be honored to be casted for the show. I am 20 y/o and don’t fear animals, atrocious yet edible foods, heights, small spaces, darkness, water, unstable surfaces, swift moving objects, bodily fluids, and I have a high pain tolerance. I am quite a persistent person. I am a adrenalin junkie, and will do what ever it takes to win. If you were to cast me as a contestant on the show, I swear I would not be disappointed.

  32. Mason Lindsey

    Hi my name is mason Lindsey aka Chasin. 18 years old from the ATL and I have all it takes to show you that fear is not my factor. Pick me if you want to see the ultimate fear factor champ.

  33. Julia DuPre

    I’m Julia, I’m 18 and I’m not scared of anything. I have what it takes to become a fear factor champion. I need the money for college, you will not regret picking me!!

  34. Steve Mikhael

    Hi my name is Steve. I’m 24 and can handle anything you throw at me. I live in Sydney, Australia and will happily fund the ticket to get on your show. I’m a true blue Aussie and nothing is too hard for me. I’ll eat anything you give me, jump off any height, and hang off anything anywhere. I’m good to go.

  35. terry bowen jr.

    My name Is Terry, I’m 38 years old, in shape, healthy, and can eat anything. I’m a fierce competitor, and love competition. I’m not afraid of heights and I’ll try anything. Fear is not a factor for me.

  36. Anna Z. Boyles

    I don’t know if this will get my husband and I on the show but I am willing to try anything. My husband and I are very hard headed when it comes to competition. We both think we can to better than each other. So I’m begging you to please contact us to be a part of the show and bring our two hard heads together and bet some major but. Please.. Southern couples always have whatever it takes to win!!!

  37. Taylor

    I love this show and know I can win, not afraid to do anything!

  38. Andrew

    I wanna live life to the fullest. I am willing to try anything. I am from Belton, a very small town in South Carolina. Give me a chance to win 50k.

  39. Jessica Candelas

    I love the show and think that I can win. I am willing to try anything once. I’m 25 from California.

  40. vincent mepham

    I’m Vincent and today I’m applying for this to show people what I am capable of. I’m a dare devil and hopping this gets me a shot of this, thanks for your time.

  41. kaila ward

    Hello! My name is kaila. I would love to be on your show because all my life I have been this prissy girl that everyone says I would never be able to compete like this. I would honestly like to show everyone that I am capable of this , especially my boyfriend. It would be really cool for a couples show ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Elizabeth Bradt

    My name is Liz, I am 20 years old from Albany,New York. I am very confident, competitive, and up for a challenge!

  43. gary

    I love fear factor, I’m 15 and think I have what it takes.

  44. Blake brookshire

    My name is Blake brookshire. I’m from Clarksville ga and I want to see if fear is not a factor for me.

  45. Humphrey Vives

    My wife and I just got married today after 16 years of knowing each other from previous marriages. We are an outdoors and recreational type of couple, very competitive in nature. We would love to be contestants and challengers on this show! We want this opportunity.

  46. richard gutierrez

    My names Richard, am 21 years old and me and my cousin are looking forward on being in your show this year also very competitive. I know we got what it takes.

  47. Mark Halse

    My Wife thinks she is so tough , I’d like to see her on this show … Lol yelling at the TV saying oh I can do this, I can do that , lets see how she goes when she is really faced with fear ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. Letty Jolley

    Hi my name is Letty and I am 31 and me and my fiance Edwin who is 29 would love to be on fear factor. We live in Bethlehem, PA and we always wanted to be on your show. We both are risk takers and dare devils ready for any challenge anytime.

  49. Simone

    I have watched this show ever since I was little. I have an ULTIMATE ADRENALINE RUSH and I love pushing myself to the limits. The money if I won would be a bonus. I just want to have fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Tim Willett

    I am putting my husband out there. He does stupid stuff at home.. Like eating moths, maggots, other people’s snot, and so on. We watch the shows and I think he could win the money and we could sure use it. Ty for reading and god bless.

  51. Paul Washington II

    I’m from a small country town and I think I got what it takes to get the job done! If I was on the show and won I would use the money towards my son! So please fear factor give me a shot and make my dream come true!!!

  52. Paul

    Besides getting the ultimate adrenaline fix, I will pay off all my child support and really come out ahead because I will be able to keep my drivers license so that I can go to work and keep the insurance on my vehicle. Thank you for the opportunity to apply on Fear Factor.

  53. Takisha

    Hi my name is Takisha and me an my son would love to get on the show. We look at it ever Sunday.

  54. Matt

    I am confident I have what it takes to win. I am a former Marine and very athletic. Would love to get on the show, so pick me.

  55. Maegan Stanley

    My name is Maegan Stanley. I am a 19 year old college athlete from NC. I am ready to fight some fears and be on fear factor. I always give 110% no matter what situation and would make the show interesting.

    Love always,
    Maegan Stanley

  56. Tareek Hakeem Hazel

    I love the show fear factor. I feel as though it’s the perfect thing to give me a challenge it requires doing that thing that you don’t want to do but anything for the money and I can take anything I mean anything that this show got to give.

  57. My name is Alexander Osborn Keith. I’m an employee of a parts store that goes by the Name of “Automatic Appliance Parts”. I’ve been a Fan of this show since I was 11. God, these challenges are ridiculous… But I love it. It’s not just physical but it has it’s mental aspects as well.
    As we all know the economy is practically at a stand still. Moneys tight. So tight that I’ve been forced to put my education behind me. Lost my car and my license. Have had to crappy room mates, and constantly look for a ride to work so I can make a meager living.
    I’m not one to beg, HOWEVER I am one to fight. So I haven’t given up yet. If you all would allow me to just TRY to win. I would be grateful.
    Pain, fear, and Excitement are all similar emotions. Let me show you all the true competitive spirit. Especially when the heavy guy takes the win. No doubt.
    Sincerely yours,
    Alexander Osborn Keith

  58. Natalie Ritter

    The only thing to fear is fear itself! I may be “Minnesota nice” but I will do what it takes to win!!!!

  59. Constance Shanks

    My twin and I know we have what it takes and we are also sexy.

  60. clayton coppage

    Hey y’all! Look I ain’t trying to beg nor impress, all I’m gonna say is that me and my buddy from Va will go on fear factor and show’em how to git r done! We’re a couple of backwoods rednecks, both tough and a bit crazy!!! Well show them other pansies how to do this thing. We are fear factor! You pick us for the show and it’ll be the best damned episode you’ve had yet, y’all got that!!!!! You other wannabes on here, give up now me and my buddy got this.

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