Fear Factor Tryouts 2012 & 2013

Fear Factor is casting – Do you have the guts, or lack of, to compete on Fear Factor?

Some people remember the show from some years ago and the host then Joe Rogan. NBC is bringing back Fear Factor with a new set of contestants and many new stunts.

NBC’s Fear Factor is back and looking for contestants for the new season.

Fear Factor is a reality TV show that puts contestants through crazy stunts and physical tasks that will make your stomach turn all at a chance to win the grand prize of $50,000 for being the most fearless of the bunch.

The show is coming back with a lineup of brand new stunts. The show originally aired for 5 years in the early to mid 2000’s and is now coming back on NBC 5 years later with new twists and daredevils.

Fear Factor casting directors are now searching for teams of contestants to compete on the show. To be considered for the show you must apply online at http://www.fearfactorcasting.com/

232 thoughts on “Fear Factor Tryouts 2012 & 2013

  1. Johnny Smith

    I would love to have the opportunity to show my skills on fear factor and do what it takes to win.

  2. Jason Weaver

    I want to be on Fear Factor to show my kids you can do anything you put your mind to. Also to win it all and take home $50,000. If I was picked to do the show, it would be a life changing event so pick me Fear Factor, I won’t let you down!!!!!!

  3. Ebone Johnson

    Hi my name is Ebone Johnson from Corsicana Tx, Fear is not a factor for me!! Put me on and let me prove it.

  4. Chelsie

    Hi I’m Chelsie and I’m 15. I would love to be on fear factor with my friend. It seems really fun!!

  5. diamonie

    I was wondering how to get on there. Is it single people or two people? I really wanna try it, I’m calling from DC.

  6. chelsea

    I’m 13 years old and want to be on family fear factor where is fear factor at??? 🙂

  7. Jasmine

    Me my step dad would love to give a shot at fear factor it would be awesome to try out, we ain’t afraid to get a lil dirty!!

  8. genesis

    Hi me and my mom would really like to be on Fear factor, so it would be so nice.

  9. jorge larrazabal

    Hey my name is Jorge Larrazabal and I’m 19 years old. I would love to get a shot at ‘Fear Factor’. I’m atlethic and I would do what ever it takes to be on the show for me and my girlfriend, fear is not a factor.

  10. Allen Shepherd

    I have been a big fan for a long time .. I have a happy go lucky personality, and a strong will to take on anything.

  11. Amy

    Where do you send an audtion tape?

  12. Albert Bailey

    Ok, so when and where are the casting calls for Fear Factor? My fiancé and I would LOVE to try and compete for a position and chance to be on the show. We live near Detroit in MI and are willing to do whatever it takes to get a shot to try out for the show.
    Best regards,

  13. James Cleveland

    Hello I’m James a 31 year old male from Austin Texas, single father of triplet boys and a baby girl. I would love to be on fear factor because I have what it takes to be on the show not only that I could use the money for my kids education, that’s is what I’m doing it for.

  14. Lacy

    I so want to be on fear factor. My name is Lacy. From Appleton Wisconsin.

  15. Quentin Peck

    I am a beast when it comes to competitive sports. I miss Fear Factor and I want to be on the show. I am 18 years old, and ready for a challenge.

    1. Quentin Peck

      I’m from Huntsville, AL

  16. Earnest Johnson III (Trey)


  17. reginald levison

    This has been my favorite reality tv show from the start. Me and my fiancé are very competitive in everything, we’re from fla and would love to be on your show. thanks

  18. Brooke Roberts and Leonard Gordon

    Hey my name is Brooke my fiancé name is Lee, we Love the outdoors and we are very spontaneous. He’s a licensed contractor and I’m a retired Dancer. We both want to do this so very bad because we are very competitive and we want the best for each other. We’ve been together for almost 5 years and we believe our Love can pull anything off! Fear Factor you won’t be disappointed 😉 P.S we would really like the money for our wedding in old orchard beach Maine. My mother use to bring me there every summer until she past away July 1st 2008.. I’d Love to get married to my soul mate there in Maine in my mothers memory… Thank you.

  19. Alonzo Sanders Jr

    My dad and I will annihilate any contestant that wants to compete against us. I’m am a Super work out freak and my dad is a retired First Sergeant in the Army and we aren’t scared of ANYTHING.

  20. Juliana campos

    I’m 12 and want to be on family fear factor with my dad.

  21. Ashley

    My girlfriend and I would love to be on fear factor. We are always watching the show saying we can so do that. We would love to have the chance to win the money.

  22. Dennis glover

    Trying something out of the ordinary, I’m from Pittsburgh pa and I’m 20 years young. I never been able to get a chance at many things so I’m stepping to the plate and I’m gonna hit a home run for 50 grand!

  23. Ladonna

    I love fear factor… I would love to have a chance to win it help me pay for college and help a unemployed mother take better care if of my kids. I would love the opportunity thanks.

  24. chamika jackson

    hi my name is Chamika and I am 19 years old. We both are from Cleveland Ohio. My girlfriend is 20 and we both feel that we could be your next fear factor champions because we are not afraid to do the task that we may be given. We are ready and not scared. We are ready to be on your show so please, fear factor give us the chance to prove our selves.

  25. mariana santos


    My name is Mariana. I love your show! I am from PORTUGAL, is there any chance to participate in tour show?

  26. Brenda

    Me and my son Cesar want to go to Fear Factor.

  27. Ebony

    I’ve been watching the show and said I wanted to come on the show since, I was so young that I couldn’t get cable in my room. lol, Now I’m grown and I still watch the show! My boyfriend and I would be great for the show. We work hard together and are very competitive.

  28. John Shrout

    Hello, I’m John Shrout from Texas! I’m 19 years old and recently enlisted in the US Navy. I have done many stunts/dares for my friends entertainment and they all recommended I apply for Fear Factor. I’ve been watching the show since I was a young lad and I know for a fact I have what it takes to stand up to ANY challenge to win that coveted prize of $50K. I think it would be extremely fun at the same time. Get back to me!

  29. Sam Brinegar

    My name is Sam Brinegar and I am 18 years old. I play QB on Varsity and am a lifeguard. I believe I can eat just about anything and am in great shape to handle the physical competitions. If I come on to the show the 50,000$ is mine.

  30. Danielle

    Look my cousin and I are scared of everything, but we both feel like if we have each other in our ears we have the strength to win this!

  31. tim birch

    I am 26. I will do anything and make the show a very interesting show.

  32. louwelden singleton

    My Name Is Louwelden and I am very competitive. I would like to be given an opportunity to be on fear factor so I can prove to everyone that Ii can come out on top with ease. I would really appreciate if I would be given a chance to be on Fear Factor.

  33. Lena Jones

    I would love to have the opportunity to show America that fear is not a factor for me!! I am a huge fan! I have a bubbly personality a friendly face, great upper body strength and a strong stomach what more do you need? pick me!

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