Dr. Phil Casting Call

The Dr. Phil show – One of America’s favorite talk shows – is now casting for audience members.

Do you want to watch the Dr. Phil show live? If so, you can get free tickets to the shows filming in the Los Angeles area. The Dr. Phil show tapes in Hollywood at Paramount Studios on Gower.

Dr. Phil McGraw has galvanized millions of people to “get real” about their own behavior and create more positive lives. Dr. Phil, his syndicated, daily one-hour series, is the second highest-rated daytime talk show in the nation.

The show has been making headlines and breaking records since its September 2002 launch, when it garnered the highest ratings of any new syndicated show since the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Dr. Phil uses his “get real” approach to help guests solve their problems by stripping away their emotional clutter, and providing them with the tools they need to move confidently ahead in their lives. Dr. Phil also champions those who suffer from such silent epidemics as domestic violence, child abuse, depression, racism, substance abuse and other health issues that are prevalent in society, but go largely undiscussed by their victims.

During its seven seasons on air Dr. Phil has introduced such ground-breaking series and themes as “Dr. Phil Now,” “The Dr. Phil House,” “The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge,” “The Dr. Phil Families,” “Relationship Rescue Retreat,” “Anatomy of a Divorce” and “The Brandon Intervention.” Dr. Phil is also the author of six #1 New York Times bestsellers.

AUDIENCE INFORMATION / DRESS CODE: For most show dates this season YOU will get a DOUBLE DOSE of the Doctor. YOU will see TWO Dr. Phil shows back to back. and be out at approximately 1:00 PM. The audience will be on camera and appropriate dress is required. Business/Casual preferred. Please, NO jeans, tshirts, solid white shirts, tank tops, hats or clothing with large photos, words or logos that may appear on camera.

PARKING: It is very important to allow extra time for parking. The Dr. Phil Show does not provide audience parking and there is no audience parking available on the Paramount Pictures Studios Lot. Parking may be available in the neighborhood adjacent to the Dr. Phil Show studio. Please be aware of all parking restrictions. READ ALL SIGNS!!!


click here to apply to get into the audience on a filming of the ‘Dr Phil’ show. Please note that the show is filmed in Los Angeles and audience members are expected to get to Paramount Studios on their own.

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