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Mr. Young is a teen TV sitcom that films in Canada and premiered on Canadian television on the YTV network.  Mr. Young is created by Dan Singer, the same person who brought us ‘The Suite Life on Deck’ and ‘A.N.T. Farm. Mr. Young is shot in British Columbia and is currently in production of its second season which just completed shooting in January of 2012.

Mr. Young Disney XD YTV

Mr. Young stars Brendan Meyer, Matreya Fedor, Gig Morton, Kurt Ostlund, Emily Tennant, Milo Shandel, Raugi Yu and Paula Shaw. The three friends, Brendan, Matreya and Gig all go to Finnegan High School.


Mr. Young is about a child prodigy who finishes college at the age of 14 and goes back to his neighborhood high school as a very young teacher. In his new job, he reunites with his friends. His age prove a bit problem some at his new job as students show little respect for their new science teacher as does the staff and the head teacher that he gets into trouble with.

In Canada, Mr. Young airs on YTV and YTV announced that it was their #1 show during its first season. The show is currently producing season 2. In the United States and many other countries, Mr. Young airs on Disney XD with the exception of Latin America where the show runs on the Cartoon Network (CN).

Since the show just finished filming, you will need to wait until season 3, if there is a season 3 before trying to get into the show. To get on Mr. Young as a supporting actor or a featured extra you will need to have your agent send you out to audition for the part.

The show is filmed in South Burnaby and when Mr. Young is taping, free tickets are available for anyone 10 years old and over who wants to see the show from the studio audience. The show also has promotions for the studio audience which includes prizes, autographs and more.

The Second Season of MR.YOUNG is already taping live studio audience shows! This is a fun family friendly, educational, free event for all interested! (Ages 10+)

for more information about Mr. Young Tickets please email mryounglive@gmail.com or call 604-433-0779.

13 thoughts on “Disney XD Mr. Young

  1. Sierra leclerc

    Hi my name is sierra leclerc, I live in Vancouver British Columbia. I am a girl obviously! and I have been acting since grade 3 and I like making my own movies. I have brown eyes, brown hair and I am 5’7″ ish . I play lacrosse and love animals. I don’t mind traveling for auditions. I have been to one mr. Young filmings. I wouldn’t mind being an extra, and my dream it to become an actress, so i will do anything to achieve that. I have always token drama and school and plan to start in it. Thanks – sierra leclerc

  2. Diane Sevele

    I’m Diane and I’m 16 and I would love to join the Mr Young family cast, I’ve always loved acting and performing ever since I was a little girl and it would be a pleasure if you consider me as one of your cast. It’s a dream come true. thanks

  3. tabitha stiltner

    I’m a good actor and would love to be on the show. I hope you pick me 😀

  4. zara

    I live in Toronto, Canada and it’s very hard to find Disney Channel auditions up here plus, I love this show. I was kind of surprised when you said they will have a auditions. I tried to call but they didn’t even answer. I will be famous one day and I am determined to be an actress.

  5. sharla charlton.

    hi, im sharla charlton. i am 15 years of age and i have dark brown hair and eyes, i am caramel in skin color and i am 5’3. i really love to sing and act and it has always been my dream to act to disney channel but many try to push my hopes and dreams away by sayingit wont work since i live IN THE CARIBBEAN (jamaica to be specific) i speak perfect english. just because i live in J.A doesnt mean i wont travel far for auditions to become what i really want to be, and actor. i would die for an opppurtunity to atleast show you my talent and thati have great potential. please dont leave me out just becausei live far…and thank you for your time, i dont want to bore you with anymore words 🙂 thanyou.

  6. Sadia

    i like Mr.Young, and so does my sister. I’m entering as many auditions as I can, so I can beat my sister at our dreams. We always fight. I am 10 years old, and I love your show!

  7. bella here again submitting facts about me
    im:good at swimming playing guitar
    ballet dancing

  8. bella

    I really love mr.young.Because I really like the show I like acting I always pretend i’m
    in the scene like:I say the lines of every characters.so that in a nutshell is why I want to audition


  9. Jay Michael Smith.

    Hi, my name is Jay Michael Smith. I think I would be great for this show because I know what it’s like to be the really smart student people liked to sort of mess with. I also know what it’s like to mess with the teacher. I am 15 years old, Black and Native American, 5’10”, and have a lean muscular figure. Oh, and I am 14 years old. I know you wont regret picking me. Thanks!

  10. Tatyana

    Hi my name is Tatyana Johnson I am 12 Years Old Born April,11th,2000. I am very interested in acting so please just give me a message if your interested in having my resume and photo. Thankyou for your time.

  11. Maham Zubair

    And I like singing too!!
    Love Maham.. ! (again)

  12. Maham Zubair

    Hi, I’m Maham. I’m a girl, I am 14 years old and I like acting! I am really like to act. I have wanted it like forever! Hope I am something for you! I live in Denmark but I can come anytime! I really want to be an actress! Hope I get it ! I am 1,70 cm, have black/brown hair and eyes. I am full of energy and ready for challenges ! I am really good at English and I watch Disney Channel and Disny XD every day!
    Love from Maham Zubair..! Thanks!! 😀

  13. Bryn Nordmark

    Hello , My name is Bryn Nordmark. I have been interested in acting ever since i was a little girl. I am very outgoing and bubbly and love trying new things. I am 14 years old currently living in Canada, but am willing to travel for auditions. Im very hardworking and willing to do whatever you have open for me. I am 5’4 , blonde with blueish greenish eyes. I want to make a difference and show people that anyone can follow their dreams.. because my dream is becoming an actress.

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