Disney XD 2013 New Shows Casting

Disney XD is gearing up for 2013 and are casting Zach Fox for 2 new shows coming in 2013.

Disney Auditions 2013
Disney XD New Shows

Disney XD is the boy oriented Disney Channel Network which broadcasts in many countries across the globe. Producers have just announced 2 new shows that will be in production soon. YouTuber Zach Fox has been cast for the lead in both shows and the shows were created with him in mind.


In one of the shows Zach stars as himself, a younger version of himself that is. In the show Zach plays a on air personality on a student TV channel. The show will combine some improv and scripted segments that parallel Zac’s current YouTube persona and include much of what he currently does on his YouTube shows.

Zach Fox is a YouTube star that is now moving into mainstream TV. His YouTube videos caught the attention of Disney execs. Zach’s YouTube channel includes skits, parodies and other comedic segments. Zach is also well known for comedic man-on-the-streets type segments and interviews. In some of those he stands on the street, sometimes in costume and does some improvisational interviews.

Zach has some hit YouTube web shows which include Limelight, The CHeeSe and Stoga Gone Wild.

Besides the above pilot, Zach also has a Disney XD hidden camera / prank show in the works. The show will be a Canadian Disney show. The new Disney XD show is called “Just Kidding”. The show centers around a ‘kids prank adults’ theme in which Zach and others on the show pull pranks on unsuspecting adults. Zach will host the show as well as perform many of the pranks on it.

Another Youtuber has also been given their own show. Fred of YouTube fame also got a nice TV deal after being noticed by execs who watched his YouTube skits.

Here is an episode of one of Zach’s Man-on-the-street interviews:

Zach’s new show proves that YouTube can make you famous. Zach Fox was cast for his own shows by Disney execs without even having the huge subscriber base that other Youtubers have. Some of his videos have a moderate amount of views but Zach is very funny and his comedy is most likely what gained the attention of Disney XD.

David Nickoll and It’s a Laugh Productions will be producing the new comedy series and production and casting of the new Disney XD show will begin shortly. The show will be filming in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more info about Disney XD shows and any audition, casting or casting call information for them.

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  1. carol wong

    I would love to star in a show with zack fox because he seems like a fun, nice, down to earth guy. I would love to work for disney in acting because acting is my dream and I will strive for it. I remember my lines quick, take my acting to different levels. I like to take challenges and try new things.If i get a chance, I will be very grateful.

  2. Valentina

    I also have hazel eyes and a great personality from what people have told me. I LOVE meeting new people and making new friend. I have been told I am very nice and fun to be around please all I am asking for is a chance thats all I need and I will give all. I’ve got to reach anyone’s expectations THANK YOU.

  3. Valentina

    Hi , my name is Valentina, I am from Englewood NJ. I am 12 years old I have dirty blonde hair. I love acting it is my only passion. I have been acting for about 4 years. I really want to act professionally and I hope this website can give me many opportunities. I am not in this for the money, I just want to act.

  4. Oreayeni

    Hi 13 years old and I love to act. I acted in many of my school plays. I live in New Jersey so there are not many auditions near me, but it would be great to get any part in Disney. I work well with others and I love meeting new people. I would work extremely hard to come to the demands of Disney. Thank you

  5. Kelsi Noles

    Hey I’m 20 years old but people say I look 16. I say that’s nice. I love Disney since I was like 5. I always dreamed to be on Disney. I love singing, acting crazy, love shopping, dance, crazy just for fun. My height is 5’1 or 5’2. I have red hair, green eyes. I had lots of solos in the past so I did a little acting, but not much. I love just being different and having fun.

  6. I am 15 years old and love to ACT. I have a beginners Acting Class this semester at Mililani High School in Hawaii. A Military Child who was born in Germany. I can adapt to and situation, love meeting people and work well with others. I am a hard worker and very dedicated. I believe in getting the job done. I always put my best foot forward to accomplish all my goals and fulfill my dreams. I am 5’5, 122 pounds, slender built, black hair and dark brown eyes. I am Afro-American (Black). If you give me a chance I would give you back 100% plus 10 to the 10th power. I would work extremely hard to meet the demands of Disney. I am a serious fan of the Disney. I understand it’s quality work not quantity work. I deserve a chance.

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